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  1. Grimnir

    RP Hubs added to 'Map'

    +1 Just let a staff member who is active ig (aka not @Spartan) moderate it so it doesn't look like a 3yo colored it with a box of crayons. I was always on the "No need, it would just be metagaming" side but let's be honest here, aren't most people asking their friends where to find rp anyway? I can see new members without any friends in the community benefit from that greatly.
  2. Grimnir

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I'm pretty sure this won't happen anyway. Tbh there is only one person I would like to see unbanned but what is a minor rule break? It's subjective, so even harder to do without drama. The old rules were nice but they got changed for a reason. Some people just like to abuse the rules as much as they can, so we can't have nice things.
  3. Grimnir

    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    If people tell you, you can't they are simply wrong. The rule is in place because there have been tons of cases of people not taking it seriously and meming around with it. If you want to play a serious racist you can and it doesn't always end badly. Just make sure you do your research on the far right aswell as act in a realistic way and you'll be fine.
  4. Spartan

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    • Grimnir

    Blue is greener than purple for sure

    1. Dino



  5. Grimnir



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  6. Grimnir

    • Grimnir
    • Brayces

    Nice to see you in red, don't overwork 😉 

    1. Brayces


      Thank you! 😄 I like the color pretty good!

  7. Grimnir

    More pvp for rp?

    PvP isn't always bad but the situations in which it encourages rp aren't that numerous. PvP is necessary to some degree to enforce hostile rp but in my opinion, it shouldn't be much more than means to back up a threat. Initiating in hopes of a firefight makes not too much sense in my eyes if I want to fight I play on public servers or a better game altogether. PvP in most cases leads to one party respawning at the coast while the other party is miles away, I'm not sure how that would encourage more rp especially if wounds are shrugged off for the most part. Future encounters would either lead to more fighting or one party preferring to stay away from the server (looking at a recent report quite literally). Should PvP be banned from the server? No, but it should be used for reasons rather than being the reason.
  8. Grimnir

    o7 folks

    You did some very good stuff while you were an LM, have a good one.
  9. Grimnir

    My Watch Has Ended

    Makes no sense in my eyes but alright. You did good, thanks for your work.
  10. Grimnir

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    • Dino

    Happy birthday, old man!

    1. Dino


      Even you joined in. I thought better of you 😀

  11. Grimnir

    Server characters getting predictable, and rather old and boring.

    Your great solution is a medical character... well that was anticlimactic. You realize you are trying to "make a change" by creating an "original" character but then you decide to make a char that has been made a thousand times before? Since you love generalizing so much how about: Any medical char IS NOT ORIGINAL Any char called Negan IS NOT ORIGINAL Any Bandit IS NOT ORIGINAL Any kid character IS NOT ORIGINAL Any American character IS NOT ORIGINAL In case you don't get it I don't believe in that, I just want to show you how flawed and ignorant your logic is. Maybe stop focusing so much on a story on a character page and start to let your char develop dynamically. There are so many things that can happen in RP and if you let them influence your character he or she will be unique after a while but that won't happen if you rather run around power game kissing people for no reason. Before shit talking others you should take a hard look in the mirror.
  12. Grimnir

    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    It was a joke based on a group before LIFE using Camp Hope as a concentratipn camp. Anyway glad you like it, who knows maybe we'll meet soon.
  13. Grimnir

    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    We are not a concentration camp.
  14. Grimnir

    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    Camp location was found when the goal was written, however now we are setting it up.