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  1. Kind Of A Rant But Not A Rant

    Sticks and stones may break our bones... Pm or poke me if you have questions, I'll try my best to help you, especially if you are planning on playing out a mental illness.
  2. Joe McCready

    Name's Joe and my family is owning the best god damn shine brand in the whole of Kentucky, we are the McCready's. back in the prohibition era, my granddaddy started shinin' to make some money on the side. The kids loved it and he went full time because he was just too damn good at it. Anyway, so it began and since that day the McCready'S were shiners and shine we did. I was born in 1987 in the good old town of Bowling Green. From early on our daddy taught me and my little brother Ricky how to shine. All was fine until some fucking coon attacked me when I was 7 and got my throat real good. Ricky hit it with a shovel and killed it, but the damage was already done and I had trouble speaking. Mommy said we couldn't afford to go to the doc so I just lived with it, but I think something went wrong since it hurts when I talk now. Anyway, in 2001 I got into trouble with the boys in blue for beating the shit out of some yuppie mother fucker who talked shit about our business. I mean I couldn't know that first thing he would do is run to the cops, but hell he did. I sat for two years since it was kinda two-sided anyway. First thing when I got out was to call my brothers, get my shotgun and get that yuppie fuck. This time I made sure he wouldn't be running to no cops, I think he is still rotting in some old mineshaft. In 2017 my daddy told me there was some convention in Commieland where we could sell our shine and how he wants to take all of us with him. Two weeks later we were ready to take our flight, but those liberal faggots wouldn't let us open carry in the airport and we got into a bit of trouble. A while later we had to take a flight to some other country called Chernarus and move on from there.
  3. I knew I remembered this character from somewhere. Nice page and the rp ig was also pretty good. 9/10 german approves This one again: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3047/
  4. 7/10 I like the idea, but the page could use a song and some formatting. Also, +1 for wearing all white. This one please: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3047/
  5. The Vale of Shadows

    Looks pretty cool, good luck. In case you are not doing it already: Do yourselves a favour and emote out the cannibalism instead of using ig mechanics for it.
  6. A Warm Thank You

    Nice to read this. If you need help with textrp feel free to ask, people might be impatient sometimes since most prefer voip but you should be fine. Just don't let people rush you or panic.
  7. Role playing 101

    Alright, maybe I missed that in the OP or you forgot to mention it. Regardless thanks for the clarification, I thought since a GM posted this that it was more a rule statement than friendly advice.
  8. Role playing 101

    No. If I have you on your knees and tied up I can indeed hit you in the stomach, the powergaming rule says " forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow". There is no way ig mechanic wise that would allow you to dodge and it also isn't forcing any permanent status on you. It would be powergaming if you emote out *Hits him in the face, breaking his nose.* No need to make it even more complicated and get even more super soldiers who will dodge all your hits while being tied up.
  9. Erika Bezdek

    Chernarus, Ukraine, Right Sector, AZOV and the National Corps History, especially everything after 1900 Historic firearms of the Second World War Her family and keeping them safe Working out, paramilitary training, shooting and marching Helping people Sunshine, nature, camping, reading and cooking Non-whites Social parasites Chedaki, Russian Separatists and Putin Drugs and drunks Being lonely or not knowing what to do Meat Having arguments Find someone who can be trusted no matter what Find enough vegetarian food so I don't have to eat meat Stay in contact with my parents Be polite Help the party to succeed Keep the violent members in check Don't get hurt In the Summer of 1996 I was born in Mariupol, Ukraine. My mother was a Ukrainian, but my dad was Chernarussian who worked there for a bit. When I turned four, my parents, my brother and I moved to Novigrad in Chernarus, because my father got a better job offer. I was always good in school, but to be honest I didn't have too many friends there. Most of the other kids would make fun of me just because my parents are patriots and because I tried to be like them. Non the less I still made a lot of friends, but most of them at holiday camps organized by NAPA or like-minded organizations. In those, I mostly learned how to march, shoot and behave in general in case of a war. My brother, who is 5 years older than me, got into kind of a leadership position amongst the other recruits making them respect me more. I loved the respect I got compared to the constant shit talk in school, that was the first time I realized how important respect, authority and honor actually are. I didn't see any action in the civil war since I was living in Novigrad, but I heard a lot of things about it. My father told me that he did his part when I asked him if he would help, but he also told me that he can't say what it was that he did. I was only 13 but I tried to do my part as well, so I started collecting donations for NAPA with friends. The people loved our effort back then and we even ended up in the news, calling us "Young Patriots". I was so proud that day and couldn't stop smiling, I felt that I was finally doing something that made a difference. In 2013 I graduated school and applied for University since I wanted to study political science. WIP Credit to @Solo for gfx
  10. The Hounds

    Yes and thank you for your concern.
  11. Grimnir

    “At the time I was wearing a haunted mask that changes me into a childish psycho clown demon thing.“ - @OnionRingOfDoom

    Did you ever hear about something like this irl and if so can you please show me the source? Sounds pretty interesting.

    1. OnionRingOfDoom


      I was playing on the haunted stories.

      With zombies not being the most realistic, I thought this would be ok. I guess I was wrong.

      as I said - this shan’t happen again. 

    2. Grimnir


      Ye, you were wrong... good luck

    3. Galaxy


      Maybeeee the mentor system would be a better recommendation Grim ;) 

    4. OnionRingOfDoom


      The thought process was something like the Annabelle doll demon, in a form of a Maori mask. The spirit of a young and pure evil teenage boy is cursed into the mask. The true story of the Annabelle doll was my inspiration for this

    5. OnionRingOfDoom


      Hah, yeah cheers ;) 

    6. Grimnir


      @Galaxy he knows of that already, but thank you very much for the suggestion. I think the first time he was mentored the focus was more on other rules and how to avoid ruleplay. ;)

    7. Galaxy


      Who would ever ruleplay tbh :ph34r:

      Image result for Stitches tokyo ghoul gifs

      Cool profile theme btw

    8. PatZ


      We all were new to RP once, if people could chill out a bit that would be great.

    9. Marcunt


    10. Aiko


      I do agree PatZ, everyone is new to rp at one time. Everyone makes mistakes now and then.

      ^_^ I mean look at you Galaxy, shall I bring up the reports you been guilty in. For shame, bad boy.




    11. Galaxy


      I mean @Aiko, it was just the wrong crowd when I was innocent

      But I shall take the blame for my actions and move on better and more aware player of DayZRP

      Off I speed!

      Image result for Stitches tokyo ghoul gifs

  12. The Prophets

    What will be unique about this group? Good luck.
  13. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Non alc: Water Alc: Whisky straight, preferably Islay and the older the better for the most part Favourite TV show?
  14. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Fight Club. Hurting or getting hurt?
  15. RP against the rules

    All rape on the server is against the rules, yes. If you really want to do it get the other one's consent and do it in a third party programm, e.g. steam. No witness = no crime.