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  1. Why is Russia trying to influence a small country like Chernarus instead of fighting the infection and trying to keep their own country united? I assume they have as big of problems as anyone else. Is it possible to start lore sections on different safe zones to help people build character backgrounds for chars who spent time outside of SZ? For example an in-depth look at Belozersk, Novigrad, the UN safe zone in Primorsk (I think) and maybe other areas. Is a lorewipe planned for the not so far future or is the plan to continue with this lore?
  2. Some things you should avoid: Don't show that you are married because people will use it against you Don't start punching random people if you don't want to get shot Don't expect the rules to change for you if you break one and get reported Don't be a white knight for her or people will target you on purpose Good luck to you two.
  3. I won't comment on the irl discussion but either way it says sex not gender. As far as I am aware there are 2 sexes, I thought it was only gender with the infinite options.
  4. Thanks to the usual crew but also to the boys at GM, I don't think I've had that funny rp in ages. Can't add any of you but you know who you are.
  5. Early Life Mark was born in Novigrad hospital in 1991 to Hungarian parents who came over in 1986 during the times of the CCCP. His father was a businessman while his mother was taking care of the house, working in a library on the side. When the iron curtain fell his father was able to get a foot in the door of an Oligarch who took control of one of Chernarus major coal quarries. Life was good for the Kovacs' however Mark had trouble fitting in anywhere, to Chernarussians he was a Hungarian and to older Hungarians he was a Chernarussian. The other kids would use him as a scapegoat, however making him believe they were his friends for a long time until he started to realize. The bullied soon turned into a bully himself, adapting an eat or be eaten mentality. He made it through school and quickly learned not to trust easily and not to get attached emotionally to any friends he made. Young Adulthood And The Civil War Soon - Stay alive - Find employers - Establish a safe stash - Get a new satellite phone - Collect any information he can get - Be able to pay for his debts to Triumvirátus - Get enough resources to afford a flight back to Budapest Personal Items: - Rosary - Pictures of him and his Girlfriend - His CDF dog tags - Broken satellite phone - Silver Zippo lighter Tattoos: - Tattoo of a jaguar on his right arm - Laurel crown around his neck - Vegvísir on his left shoulder Collins Gang Triumvirátus Černoruská Obranné Síly
  6. The time has come for the Kozlovs to go back to their families. It was a great run and I would have never expected for this group to go that well. @Beni @Spartan @Solo @cheeks thank you for taking charge whenever I couldn't, you are one of the main reasons this group didn't die straight away. @Doc Holiday you weren't always here but when you were it was for a short time. @fletcho1 you were by far my favorite member. @Chewy @Mexi @Phatal you all joined late but I like to think we had some pretty good rp, don't be strangers. @DrMax Not bad for a text rper. @Mak the angriest character I have ever met was a lot of fun to see him in action. @Combine @jason hunter @derNils @Greener161 @Razareth @Blackfyre you guys were the backbone, thank you for all your contributions. With that being said thank you all for making this as enjoyable as it was, we might be back one day. /archive
  7. I just wanna mention that it wasn't Kamenici who executed your guy, it was my group. I get it can be confusing to have two nationalist groups but we even introduced ourselves. We have never really talked to the FFL and we have no deal with them or anything. If you want to say they are guilty because they are affiliated with Kamenici and Kamenici is affiliated with us fair enough. I just felt like that needed clarifying before the wrong people are accused of things. I can't really comment on much besides that I enjoyed the rp with the two guys we had as hostages.
  8. Not sure if DEUS VULT or not. Good luck, it should definitely be interesting to run into you. I just got one bit of criticism, maybe consider moving those brands around the body depending on the sin. Gluttony brand on the belly, sloth on the back, Lust on the heart, pride on the forehead or neck maybe...
  9. That isn't quite correct but I understand that it must look to you like that. We deport every criminal we don't execute and since you were a Takistani it was only logical to send you to Takistan. That being said it wasn't us who had you in that situation it was @Ron and her dynamic, we split you two up and each group took care of one hostage. We handle Paddy what they did to you was mainly their decision however personally I would have probably done something similar in their shoes. Foreigners with minor offenses get tasks issued by @Solo but since you guys are worse in our eyes you get harsher punishments. Thank you for the feedback however, we will consider finding something besides bullets or deportation for the criminals.
  10. He's a busboy, what are you promoting him for? Don't isolate yourself now, that is the worst thing you could do. It really sucks and I hope you make it through it fine.
  11. Avarn has been removed and the other two should get ig soon. The goals are in works but a lot of stuff is happening IC right now so we first have to see how this group is evolving before we can make new goals. Thank you for the feedback and someone please give @Beni the thread.
  12. Glad you've made it, sad I can't make fun of you for not being an admin anymore. Good job! 

    1. DrMax


      Thanks Grim ❤️

    2. Terra


      @Grimnir just make fun of him being a shitty admin then? ?

      @DrMax Well deserved, I already told you! ❤️

  13. I have no clue if all of this is correct but if it is it's very well done.
  14. It's good to have you with us, enjoy the rp and pvp. Good job boys.
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