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"My tongue shall become iron and my words the mighty roar of war."

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  1. Vaclav Bezdek

  2. Svoboda Brigada

    Nice SSong and cool lyrics. Congratz
  3. Grimnir


  4. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @fletcho1 fuck off you are making things weird! @Razareth need more hot foreigners to turn you into a liberal tbh @Hellspawn REEE read my text stuff @Majoo and @derNils everyone thought it, I said it. Sorry, not sorry. @VodkaWolf that poor gun of your's... seen things no gun should ever see. lol
    • Grimnir
    • Majoo


  5. Grimnir


    • Grimnir
    • Spartan

    You are my role model!

    1. Grimnir


      Forgot that :trolle:

      Don't want people thinking I am actually serious.

    2. Spartan



  6. Community standards: A critical discussion

    It was overdone a while ago, but the tides have changed. Now everyone you meet is either a cookie cutter standard survivor guy or some boring soldier who wants to regroup. Say what you will, but what you want can't happen that easily. The sheer amount of luck that is necessary to meet people like that multiple times will drag any hostile rp out for months and I am not talking about the positive kind of dragging out.
  7. Grimnir

    @Solo soontm? :trolle:


    1. Solo



  8. Dog names

  9. Svoboda Official Propaganda Thread

    Slava Battalion Azov! I mean....ehm... Slava Svoboda! Lit screenshots No clue how that mistake happened...
  10. Cya

    • Grimnir

    I go to your profile and instantly get ear raped by music that sounds like someone recorded it through a 5$ headset.

    Not disappointed. ;)


    1. Hellspawn

      There's no such thing as too much distortion.

  11. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @fletcho1 best bodyguard ever tbh @Doc Holiday be wannabe bodyguard ever @Conor not sure if our chars like each other or hate each other @Darra was a short but sweet encounter, maybe we'll meet again. @dimitri was a surprise to meet anyone up there, but glad we did.
  12. Svoboda Brigada

    Děkuji bratr, now onwards to victory!