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  1. Grimnir

    The Rock [Riff Media Thread]

    Brotherly love @Beni @Solo @Doc Holiday in therapy and @Beni trying to hit on me smh @Doc Holiday happy to be allowed on the Rock
  2. Grimnir

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Beni you should track your macros tbh @Doc Holiday fucking finally @DrMax it all started in 1944 tbh... @Kordruga try to not scare the children @Dr Brandon, the "Therapist" whose name I sadly don't know and the Freemedics thanks for taking care of Nikolai's daddy issues
  3. Grimnir

    Spread out spawns

    Add a poll so I can hit that +1 button
  4. Grimnir

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Watching the stream I doubt it will be for long...
  5. Grimnir

    The Company [BRKR]

    Nice group and nice rp tonight, looking forward to our future interactions.
  6. Grimnir

    A Call for Business [Open Frequency]

    *Mat pushes the PTT button down.* We conduct business in person and in person only. How busy is your schedule? *Mat releases the PTT button.*
  7. Grimnir

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to the boys, you know who you are. Nice try Brotherhood but we ain't paying taxes, good fight. Nvm you salty af.
  8. Grimnir

    hey goisss

    Welcome back
  9. Grimnir



    1. DrMax



  10. Grimnir

    To all Chernarussians.

    *Matej speaks into his radio.* Why did you take your fellow Chernarussians hostage then just a couple of days ago? At least the Nazis asked the German people before they declared total war... *Matej let's go off the PTT button.*
  11. Grimnir

    Save/Resting Points

    Isn't persistence a massive issue right now, if so that would put a stop to your idea already. I am against this, simply because of the possible abuse, it brings to the server. I know I know report it but it's not always easy to prove stuff that is actually happening. Apart from that if I can just respawn and grab shit from my tents it kind of nullifies the already small impact deaths have on people's playstyle.
  12. Grimnir

    One Group

    Obviously Zbor
  13. Grimnir

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    Welcome, Welshy and Circle.
  14. Grimnir

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Solo @Beni @DrMax @WhiskeyFoxtrot @cheeks @Razareth @Kordruga @AlyCat @Dr Brandon @Sam Fields thank you all.
  15. Grimnir

    Islamic State of Takistan and Chernarus

    Slava Chernarus, remove kebab