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  1. Grimnir

    EliteRP series by Shanoby - How to RP

    Truly elite, from alpha to beta in 2 minutes.
  2. Grimnir

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Really good looking group you all made, wish I had time to play and run into you
  3. Grimnir

    Would you rather?

    We talked about this @Beni I would fully support your decisions so there's no need to lie. The second one since you won't smell it anymore after a bit, if you use any sort of aftershave you know what I'm on about. Would you rather travel back in time and kill Stalin or German dictator? <that got auto censored, should be obvious who I am talking about tho
  4. Stepan grew up without a father for the most part of his life, with his father losing his life in 2009. His mother tried her best however she didn't posses the amount of will it would have taken to keep a rebellious teenager on the right track. He soon made the questionable friends and jumped head first into a life he didn't realise the cost of. Taking part in illegal operations with a local gang lead to multiple close encounters with the law. He watched many of his friends getting locked up in jail, leading to him growing a distaste for the legal system. When the Outbreak hit he took part on an assualt that was orchistrated by his gang to break out some of their imprisoned members while they had the opprtunity. With little strategy the attack ended in a disaster with most either getting shot by guards while trying to get over the fence or getting mauled by the infeceted on the other side. Stepan panicked and decided it was best for him to part ways with his acquaintances. He now seeks for any opportunity that may present itself.
  5. Grimnir

    So DayZRP saved me from getting mugged

    Die die never comply tbh
  6. Grimnir

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Looks cool, I like the aesthetics.
  7. Grimnir

    Memorial Day

    Sad that my country treats soldiers like outsiders of society, nothing but respect for those who protect us.
  8. Grimnir

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    I couldn't agree more. This is an authoritarian community and I'm saying that without judging that as either good or bad. It's just how it is.
  9. Grimnir

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    @cheeks @DrMax @fletcho1 before they met us. @Doc Holiday when he sees someone with better gear. @Beni as Carlo during the Riffs time after holding his most infamous speech.
  10. Grimnir

    Community opinion

    Yes if I tell a stranger I am on bad terms with to fuck himself I am trash talking them, hence the reason we'd receive points if we oocly told someone "fuck you" on the forums. That is at least my understanding.
  11. Grimnir

    Community opinion

    Not trash talk people who have a gun to my head.
  12. Grimnir

    Group Feedback Suggestion

    I barely ever see negative group feedback work in the first place so either using a template and still not getting an answer or forcing them to lie to you both seems like a waste of time. Points should have been issued but I'm not surprised they weren't either.
  13. Grimnir

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    This is the standard excuse if people want to join Chernarussian groups but cba to do the accent. I don't know if you'll be let in or not with that sort of character but I'd advise everyone thinking about creating a char like this to stop trying to go the easy way and learn the accent. Even a Chernarussian with a shit accent is better than a foreigner saying he is Chernarussian. Also be prepared to be called a fake Chernarussian and also treated that way by the real Chernarussians.
  14. Grimnir

    current political stances?

    We couldn't conquer Europe by war so we'll just puppet it via EU, German efficiency right there. It's sad really, I hope they will either disband the EU (what they most likely won't do) or use it the way it was intended as a peace coalition and not as a globalization project. I am all for for good friendships with our European brothers but the countries should stay sovereign within it. Also, we need borders.
  15. Grimnir

    Mak's uncool clips

    Never getting tired of seeing that car shot
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