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  1. Grimnir

    Mak's uncool clips

    Never getting tired of seeing that car shot
  2. Grimnir

    Roleplay and you

    Sounds incredible, do you mentor people who are worse at rp than you?
  3. Grimnir

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    At that rate we'll get the family back together in no time. Slava
  4. Born into a family of fishermen after finishing school with 16 he went right into his families trait. Life was simple for him and the politics going on in the western provinces concerned him little, even when the iron curtain dropped the western influence crept only slowly towards the East. With 22 he got married and started building a family as well as investing his and his parents' money in a small ship so he could expand their fishing business. Life was good and he could soon hire a few more people into his business, a majority of them ethnic Russians from the Northern coastal towns. When he turned 27 he was able to afford another boat and step by step he managed to build up his own little fleet, in the end commanding 4 ships and owning a fair share of the shipping industry in the North Eastern area which to be fair was rather small regardless. Not following politics the troubles in 2009 caught him by surprise as he found himself confronted with ethnic Russians and Chernarussians in his business at each other's throats. At the height of the conflict in his fleet, he tried to end it however it must have looked to the ethnic Russians as if he took the Chernarussian side resulting in violence to break out. The Chernarussians were killed and dropped into the sea, he however as the captain was thrown in alive and left to drown. The following day left it's scarred as he had to try his best to survive, hoping for someone to find him in the open sea. He was later found by Georgians who helped him get back to shore. He immediately went home to his family who was told he went overboard in a storm and took them to the safety of Miroslavl. Radim, however, didn't have enough and joined Napa under protests from his wife. he fought alongside them for his birthright and for revenge, however the crew wasn't part of the Chedaki so he never got to fight any of them. The conflict passed and even though Radim had a close encounter with death his family survived unscared. The authorities shot or arrested most Chedaki they could find, however, Radims men weren't real Chedaki so they were never caught. It didn't take him long to find out about it, leading him to travel back to his birthplace, leaving his family behind in the safety of Miroslavl. One by one he tracked the men down who tried to murder him and killed them one by one. The bodies were found by the shore and a month later Radim moved back as if nothing has ever happened. He went back to his normal life, hoping the biggest battles he had to find were from now on with his business. In 2016 the Outbreak happened and Radim and his family went to Utes island on one of his ships, looking for a refuge from the infection. They stayed there until Radim heard chatter over his radio leading him to go back to the mainland to scout out the situation, hoping to find a place for his family with better conditions than Utes.
  5. Grimnir

    Ban Rape RP

    Yeah if people really wanna do that then maybe not in game chat.
  6. Grimnir

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Good luck with this, remember last time we were around. Let's hope you'll have an easier time setting up something.
  7. Grimnir

    Gerald's journal E1- Whats your business here?

    @Beni Interesting story
  8. Grimnir


    Multiple reasons: - Be able to fight without a hostage being in your way - Eliminate a possible threat - Make sure his friends won't be successful in rescuing him - Establish a reputation that you won't be pushed around, people will think twice about opening up on you if they know their friend will get sprayed down. Some at least do, not all ofc - A fight like that will be won by whoever gets more kills, so a free kill is a free kill Does it promote rp? Not really but that's how it works when it is allowed. For sake of rp I'd agree with this change.
  9. Grimnir

    • Grimnir
    • Phatal

    Do us proud

    1. Phatal


      Will do o7

  10. BIO: Recruited during the Chernarussian Civil War in 2009 after his actions as part of a local militia caught the Corporations eye. The Corporation agreed to support him and his fighters with weaponry in exchange for a long lasting work relation as Contractors after the war. Most of them agreed. The operator is efficient during combat deployments however useless when it comes to diplomatic operations. Anger management issues and insomnia need further looking into at a later date. Wife currently under Corporation care, possible weak point if needed in the future. No other known family remaining. Deployed in South Zagoria to assist the operators with the locals. Current Situation: Deployed to Eastern Ukraine to secure some of the Corporations assets before either party or the infection can claim them during the war. After the success of the operation, the Operator returned to one of the Corporations facilities in Eastern Europe. Reunited with his wife for a few months to remind him what he is fighting for before sent to his home country in an attempt to ease deployed operators jobs. He was transported to Miroslavl by boat in February and has orders to rendezvous with the rest in South Zagoria.
  11. Grimnir

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Why is Russia trying to influence a small country like Chernarus instead of fighting the infection and trying to keep their own country united? I assume they have as big of problems as anyone else. Is it possible to start lore sections on different safe zones to help people build character backgrounds for chars who spent time outside of SZ? For example an in-depth look at Belozersk, Novigrad, the UN safe zone in Primorsk (I think) and maybe other areas. Is a lorewipe planned for the not so far future or is the plan to continue with this lore?
  12. Grimnir

    Roleplay with your significant other

    Some things you should avoid: Don't show that you are married because people will use it against you Don't start punching random people if you don't want to get shot Don't expect the rules to change for you if you break one and get reported Don't be a white knight for her or people will target you on purpose Good luck to you two.
  13. Grimnir

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    I won't comment on the irl discussion but either way it says sex not gender. As far as I am aware there are 2 sexes, I thought it was only gender with the infinite options.
  14. Grimnir

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to the usual crew but also to the boys at GM, I don't think I've had that funny rp in ages. Can't add any of you but you know who you are.
  15. Early Life Mark was born in Novigrad hospital in 1991 to Hungarian parents who came over in 1986 during the times of the CCCP. His father was a businessman while his mother was taking care of the house, working in a library on the side. When the iron curtain fell his father was able to get a foot in the door of an Oligarch who took control of one of Chernarus major coal quarries. Life was good for the Kovacs' however Mark had trouble fitting in anywhere, to Chernarussians he was a Hungarian and to older Hungarians he was a Chernarussian. The other kids would use him as a scapegoat, however making him believe they were his friends for a long time until he started to realize. The bullied soon turned into a bully himself, adapting an eat or be eaten mentality. He made it through school and quickly learned not to trust easily and not to get attached emotionally to any friends he made. Young Adulthood And The Civil War Soon - Stay alive - Find employers - Establish a safe stash - Get a new satellite phone - Collect any information he can get - Be able to pay for his debts to Triumvirátus - Get enough resources to afford a flight back to Budapest Personal Items: - Rosary - Pictures of him and his Girlfriend - His CDF dog tags - Broken satellite phone - Silver Zippo lighter Tattoos: - Tattoo of a jaguar on his right arm - Laurel crown around his neck - Vegvísir on his left shoulder Collins Gang Triumvirátus Černoruská Obranné Síly
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