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  1. Man sometimes I really miss the old times...
  2. OOC hate and toxicity are part of the community I don't think there's any real doubt about that. To be fair what can you expect from a game that pits groups of people against each other. People can claim they keep IC and OOC apart but by playing with your friends you'll form a group identity sooner or later. From my experience it helps to abide by some unwritten rules of the community to at least not be all out hated. Try not to take things people outside your group say to heart and never turn on your own.
  3. Welcome back Benedikt, I do hope you won't be too offensive. All this uni work over the last weeks has gotten me alot more sensitive to the issues of the lesser fortunate. I will be watching you closely, especially those private messages you are sending me.
  4. *flame baiting intensifies* Interesting idea for a group.
  5. Whomst has summoned the almighty one? I'd rather rp as a tree.
  6. Truly elite, from alpha to beta in 2 minutes.
  7. Really good looking group you all made, wish I had time to play and run into you
  8. We talked about this @Beni I would fully support your decisions so there's no need to lie. The second one since you won't smell it anymore after a bit, if you use any sort of aftershave you know what I'm on about. Would you rather travel back in time and kill Stalin or German dictator? <that got auto censored, should be obvious who I am talking about tho
  9. Looks cool, I like the aesthetics.
  10. Sad that my country treats soldiers like outsiders of society, nothing but respect for those who protect us.
  11. I couldn't agree more. This is an authoritarian community and I'm saying that without judging that as either good or bad. It's just how it is.
  12. @cheeks @DrMax @fletcho1 before they met us. @Doc Holiday when he sees someone with better gear. @Beni as Carlo during the Riffs time after holding his most infamous speech.
  13. Yes if I tell a stranger I am on bad terms with to fuck himself I am trash talking them, hence the reason we'd receive points if we oocly told someone "fuck you" on the forums. That is at least my understanding.
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