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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    This is a hard question, that I am very conflicted about. On the one hand, I think the way the report was handled wasn't good (I am saying that as a member who has no clue about the stuff going on in admin chat). I think the best option would have been to just wait for the video evidence and then perm then. I don't really doubt that it was trolly rp from what I've heard, but if it was that clear would it hurt to wait another hour and present the evidence for it? I think a lot of problems could have been avoided if that would have been done. The second issue I have is the fact that @Aiko did it herself, sure now we know that it wasn't her decision alone but it just looks really bad. It really looks like she promoted herself to judge, jury and executioner even if that might not be the case. I think if any other admin would have passed the verdict people would have an easier time accepting it (again with video please). At the end of the day, I somewhat agree with the decision though and I am saying that believing Aiko did tell the truth. I never was a fan of Somali pirates in Chernarus and I can indeed see the described actions as trolly, so to some degree, I can appreciate the heavy-handed punishment. My main point of criticism is the fact that no one waited for the video, if it really was that bad they could still get rule 4d after and everyone would be happy, at least as happy as they could be given the circumstances.
  2. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Your goals seem a little outdated from what I saw IG the other night, is the bar in Poveglia still a thing? Other than that I had fun rping with you the other night, even though I was slightly confused. Sad thing that we can't be friends now that you kicked my big brother out.
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    I'm angry

    1. Solo


      I've had enough of these people

    2. Doc Holiday

      Doc Holiday

      They're a bunch of Christian murdering scum

    3. Grimnir


      that run giant death factories 

    4. Beni


      Keeping baby's alive

    5. Doc Holiday

      Doc Holiday

      And selling their body parts

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      moms spaghetti 

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  4. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    There is a nice book called Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters. White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast and Italy 1500-1800 by R. Davis about Muslims enslaving whites by the dozens. Also yeah that's it enough derailing this thread, sorry staff.
  5. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Actually, my statement earlier wasn't accurate. There is a difference between being pro-white (white pride) and being a white supremacist. I am not hateful just because I love my own more than others. So yeah love instead of hate.
  6. Grimnir

    It's okay to be white, friends. Don't listen to them. :) 

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      I am white and also edgy

    3. Grimnir


      We still gotta get you that present we talked about. @Galland come back and do it already...

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      You're not wrong...

    5. Beni


      " Hey Chewy... Merry Christmas " 

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      *distant saluting noises*

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      @Grimnir why are you forsaking me?.. to be honest office is hell at the moment so ja... give me a bit while I come up with a 5 year plan to fund zhis operation.

      The least we forget this financal horror that was born out of a meme... for you and @Chewy watch the propaganda freqs there is something coming your way

  7. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    What about a white pride thread then? Only a minority of people are white supremacists, so we should definitely do that now... No clue why you would create a thread like this, not because I am triggered but because I know this won't end well. Also to answer what I am, I am a straight white male.
  8. Business Opportunity (12.6Hz Open)

    *Alex frowns at the familiar voice coming through his radio, first he listens to Charlie and then to the other man. He shakes his head at the Irish guy, barely able to understand him.* What the fuck are you on... he literally introduced himself... *He shakes his head slightly before pushing down the PTT button of his radio, speaking with a Chernarussian accent.* Hey Charlie, why didn't you fucking tell me about that sooner? Or have you...? *He shakes his head.* Yeah whatever... I can be your bartender as long as I don't have to mix some gay ass umbrella drinks. *Alex releases the PTT button.*
  9. @Galaxy @PCJames @Prince @Centurion @Henning that was a cool event you guys set up, thanks for making our night interesting after we ran around for like an hour without finding anyone. Sorry that you met two of the most commie-hating people. @Solo you are a god
  10. @Oisin @Doc Holiday @Solo That nearly went bad... @Mademoiselle great painrp, hope everything was resolved now.
  11. Government Fucked Us [Open Frequency]

    *Alex nods slowly while pushing the PTT button down.* Zelena Hora... dobre. *He pauses for a moment.* Jmenuji se Alex. *He lets go of the PTT button.*
  12. Government Fucked Us [Open Frequency]

    *Alex lets out a sigh and pushes the PTT button of his radio down.* Look... you can't really show me without place and time... *He rolls his eyes.* I get you are upset, but I ain't going to start shit without seeing for myself. So if you could get me a place and a time I'd love to meet you, ano? *He lets go of the PTT button and taps his fingers on the table impatiently.*
  13. Government Fucked Us [Open Frequency]

    *Alex picks up his radio and pushes the PTT button down. He is speaking with a Chernarussian accent.* Wouldn't be surprised if they did, but do you have any proof like bruises or cuts? Everyone could just accuse people of shit, ano? *He pauses takes a swig from his whiskey bottle.* You want people to fuck up some rapists? Show me proof and we got a deal, but I can't be asked to risk my life if your story is bullshit. *He smirks and shakes his head.* If you agree on showing proof tell me where I should go to meet, I'll come alone if that helps... *He releases the PTT button.*