"You can't commit murder if communists aren't people."

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  1. Nice read, waiting for when he met us.
  2. Pretty cool looking group and I know the quality of RP most of your members can provide. Excited to see you in hostile RP most... good look with not getting into too many firefights,
  3. @PatZ Let's kill the fucking traitors! @Oisín & @AFT3R_8URN good job keeping knives away from me. @Doc Holiday Go back home. Rest of Nasinec y are too many to tag but rp is great lately, cheers to all of you... not elmo tho... fuck that guy.
  4. Hail!
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    The moment you realize you are at a disadvantage... 


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      Doc Holiday

      Quick, better go and eat some live octopus to prove my courage

  5. A raised gun is a valid threat too. Meaning "Stop there" plus the raising of a gun would be a valid initiation.
  6. @AFT3R_8URN thanks for the best RP I had tonight, it's really hard getting used to my new character and it was nice to have someone to interact with it. @SmartyyZ Always the same... I am sorry @Doc Holiday @Oisín stahp the trolling. @Tewudin was nice rping with you, not having our hands up
  7. When I read your post I was like “Hell no“ first, but you got some valid points I just don't like the way you worded it. I am playing racist chars for a while now and I agree there are too many people who have no idea about racism. Many people are just racist for the sake of humiliating their hostage. I have RPed my racists as racists in all aspects. Starting with explaining white genocide to fellow whites, having a certain “hirarchy“ of the races and knowing the common knowledge terms and ideas. So yes, you are right in a way there are many people not playing a fully racist character. I don't know if I really have an issue with it, since I still think it is realistic though if you just use racist slurs without being a massive history nerd. What people often forget is that racism works both ways, hate for other races but love for the own race. About all racist char players being racist irl... well I've heard that a bunch of times. Can't really do more than explain to people that I am not a racist irl. Even if there are irl racists here who play racists what is the problem with that? They have their opinion and even if many don't like it it is still their opinon.
  8. In my opinion, there is no "TOO FAR" for racism ig as long as it is realistic. Rules-wise it is pretty much okay as long as it makes sense and is in a serious and realistic manner.
  9. IC is IC and OOC is OOC. Those characters didn't insult you they insulted your character. I played a lot as a racist and called people things a racist would call them. A racist IRL wouldn't just say "Asian", "black" or "near eastern" they would use a kind of language many people find offensive. It is all IC everything you hear IG is a character talking to your character. We all know that there are a lot of mean people out there and if you happen to run into them they will treat you accordingly. It isn't necessary to go on after you have proven your point, but why not? It is fun for many people to humiliate others and if you are my hostage and at my mercy, I will do whatever I want to you as long as I want it.
  10. Where the bylaws at?
  11. Yes @PatZ less salt would be great, maybe you would stop yelling at people then. Good interview I guess, even though some of the stuff you want to happen won't happen.
  12. I thought they do it already since it seemed to me as if Chief comments on quite a few of them. I meant rather, give them the means to delete it if they see something too stupid, but yes I guess as long as some staff member has the rights it works fine.