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    You don't have the signature I made for you, you fucking cuck. 

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  1. Actually this is exactly the important part here. If you perma your character I might aswell chop her up in little bits and pieces since she won't survive anyway. He probably misinterpreted your accident with the permissions and thought you permad. If you would have permad she would have been gone for good and bringing her back would be a rule break.
  2. That should be part of the powergaming rule from what I know. A while ago one of my characters was collecting trophies from people he killed. This lead to him ripping out jawbones, something I obviously can't do if the person doesn't perma. It was kinda stupid, but you get the point. You can avoid this all by not giving perms to execute in front of 20 or so people tho.
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    Germans Kick some serious ASS. J/s

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      Agreed and let's not talk about those two things we lost. ;)

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      Did someone say Germans?

  3. To All VDV [Open Frequency]

    *Radoslav is sitting on his bed, cleaning his AK and listening to the radio, picking up the message of the man. He chuckles to himself and listens to the other replies, before answering himself.* Dobry den Brandon Donati, I don't care about your business with the VDV but something else about you is bothering me a lot. You are talking a great deal about order and the absence of laws. Let me make it clear to you, this is not a lawless land, this is not a land without government and most important it is not your country. You, Brandon Donati are a guest here, and guests will respect their hosts or not be seen as guests. *He shakes his head slightly.* If you decide to hunt for anything but animals, you will be met with the swift justice and nothing else. Shut up foreigner and know your place. Slava Vůdce Radek Slava Chernarus *He lets go of the PTT button, decides to take out his mp3 player and listen to some music instead.*
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    I found this gem. It's pretty much Thrash Metal, but it's interesting to know both members of the bands where friends at one time.


  4. Four is indeed a high number considering they are highly wanted terrorists who were hunted by an entire country, but hey... maybe they were too busy vomiting as they saw all the commie propaganda.
  5. Was just surprised that so many survived the man hunts for the Chedaki after the war and were able to live their lives after. I get that you need time to get more members.
  6. How come that everything is here then EXCEPT low-class soldiers? Good luck Majoo
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    “In accordance to rule 6.1 we had a justified reason to kill him as we Rped that we were insane cult cannibals.“


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      @Chewy Better tell him, before his appeal gets denied. 

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  8. Radoslav Valek

    Story Radek was born into a middle-class family along with one sister. His parents raised him to be a patriot and always put his country before him. They lived on the outskirts of Krasnostav and his father was a lumberjack and hunter. From an early age, Radek's father took him on hunting trips and taught him how to hunt. This lead to Radek being fascinated by guns from an early age on and him wanting to be a hunter just like his father. As the civil war broke out his father joined the Napa Guerillas to help fight the Chedaki. Radek was left behind and told to protect the family. As the war was over his father came back home and told his stories. Radek's father was never a very racist man, but after fighting the Chedaki and watching friends die he was full of hatred. Just like all his life Radek was heavily influenced by his father and started to distrust ethnic Russians from that day on. The strong patriotism of his father lead Radek to join the CDF after his 18th birthday and serving his country instead of becoming a hunter himself. He got assigned to the 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion and served with them ever since. After the Outbreak they got the task to head over to Utes and help with the refugees there. Radek was happy about the assigned task because it meant he would have the possibility to watch out for his evacuated family there. Weeks passed and Radek slowly started to get bored though. He couldn't stop thinking about his brothers fighting in South Zagoria while he is just sitting around doing nothing. After a few weeks, Lieutenant Jonas Horak got a call from Major Kuba Zavodny and the order to get back to South Zagoria.Radek was more than happy to receive those new orders. He made a safe way to communicate with his family and then got ready to leave. The same night they took the first flight over to Novigrad and started making their way from there to Chernogorsk. Characteristics: Radek was raised extremely traditional. He will frown upon women in military or police, not taking them serious and if he can get away with it even undermining their authority. At the same time, he won't hurt women or children as long as they are not a danger to him or his people. He has a general distrust of foreigners since he rarely came in contact with any during his childhood in a rather rural area. When he has the chance he will always prefer to sit among his own kind. There are only two genders and those are defined at birth. To stay sharp he won't drink any alcohol during possibly tense situations. He dislikes other drugs entirely and gets easily annoyed by smoking. He will try his best to stay as honest and loyal as possible at all times even if that means he will suffer through that decision. Radek dislikes soldiers undermining the morale of their comrades and won't hesitate to call them out on it as long as they are below or the same rank he is. His father taught him to show no mercy towards Chedaki or sympathizers and he will do just that as long as his orders allow him to. He enjoys rain, snow and fog, at the same time disliking people who complain about it.
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    The moment you meet a ChDKZ in Vybor


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      Doc Holiday


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  10. Random Vigilante Moments

    @PatZ delivering justice Lighting up criminals since 2017
  11. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I was confused by the poll above, literally asking if they should be allowed or not. Apologies if that assumption was wrong.
  12. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I don't get why everyone is so mad. It will increase chances of meeting people and I'd love to have good rp at the coast rather than running through the triangle. Is it ICly a dick move? Yes, they pretty much annaxed 3/4 of South Zagoria. I get that you are playing a peacful character, but now you want the ones with powerful characters adapt to your OOC wishes? That makes zero sense to me.