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  1. Goodbye for now!

    -User was warned for this post-
  2. Settlement rule suggestion.

    I'd rather have the tradepost back than offer the same kind of system but giving all the power to a group. I definetely don't want the tradepost back. Currently, nothing is forcing someone to comply to an initiation inside a settlement, everyone has, and should have, a choice in the matter. The rules listed on the settlements page allows a lot more liberties for the host faction in how to deal with that, for good and bad, and I don't want to turn this into yet another get rid of the settlement rules however much I don't think a group that doesn;t have the actul capability to defend itself on equal ground should have access to training wheels and a handicap I will have to say that I don't think going another extra mile into pudding a padded bubble around them is going to do any good.
  3. Sure. In the future kindly do not make reports against us, or anyone else for that matter, when they have no ground to stand on. It's tiresome to be required to file out paperwork every time someone loses some gear due to their choices. In the future, kindly talk to us first so we can explain to you why the course of action that was taken was chosen and won't have to waste time.
  4. Mostly was comlyin? The only thing you complied to was putting your hands up. From there on you did no such thing and did not value your life. Also, what exactly are you reporting here? There is no such rule as gear RP. Clarify what we did wrong, what rule you feel we have violated and justify your feeling with something concrete. And think through whether you wish to keep this up or not.
  5. Clarify the multiple reasons you were killed if you could. Please list all of them. Also, what exactly are you reporting here? There is no such rule as gear RP. Clarify what we did wrong, what rule you feel we have violated and justify your feeling with something concrete. And think through whether you wish to keep this up or not.
  6. Well. This is false and skewed, you leave out quite a lot of very important information. Before we post our PoVs we'll give you a chance to come clean and offer the full story with all the important information that you're leaving out. Update me on whether you want to keep pursuing this report while withholding the information or if you've decided to add it. We'll give you about an hour before we post our PoVs and request this be treated as a false report as it is, in this current state, intentionally misleading and leaving out information that make a drastic difference and is what lead to your death.
  7. Execution Rights

    At this point, yes. However when they were first put in effect there was no notice or announcement which is what I stated in my comment. At this point obviously people have figured out that some rules have been edited.
  8. Execution Rights

    Yeah. But there was no notice that the new rules were in effect. That's what this was about.
  9. "Not following template"

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It was a follow up and clarification to the feedback previously left, following the template. Not new feedback. It would not make sense to add the template onto that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I leave a piece of detailed feedback and get a response. I then answer the replies received with clarification and explanation. It would not make sense to add the template onto that. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get the issued points removed and post restored. What could you have done better?: Not left feedback in the first place and as such not responding with further clarification.
  10. Oh, sorry. I completely forgot. I thought I did already. I hear that Post is talking to some questionable people and I move over. I stick around the bar for a bit before they initiate then move over towards the barracks to the south of the six hangars to get a bit of ammo from Covert. I then move in to the firestation where one of the men in the report initiate on me. I kill him with the SKS and shoot the person who had gone up the tower before being killed by him. Can't really add much to the violation in question as I went into action after Post had already been shot and killed.
  11. DayZ Text RP test run

    but i wanna Overall though. I don't know what I feel about this concept. Interesting enough for a trial run though, definetely. We'll see how it's used.
  12. DayZ Text RP test run

    So how do I kill them for non compliance when I initiate on them through the chatbox?
  13. S1 - NWAF - RDM

    Talked to the accused through PM's. With the current reports open against him he'd risk getting 30 active points. This definetely isn't anything to risk getting perma'd over. This has nothing to do with Bruce's passive aggressive status update that backfired, but this can be closed none the less. I'm expecting something really romantic, Joshua. You are my valentine after all.
  14. S1 - NWAF - RDM

    I'll entertain you - If I had said I'd shoot you if you didn't leave me alone. What danger would you be put in by leaving me alone? Would the absence of my charming personality harm you? In regards to the NVFL claim - Null. For one, I only told you fuck off and leave me alone. Wouldn't grant you KOS to begin with, even if I had said to leave me alone or I'd blast you. Second. 1 v 2 is not considered NVFL unless there's very specific circumstances. This would not have been one of those circumstances.
  15. S1 - NWAF - RDM

    As can be seen, no demands that hurt them would've been made and I jogged along calm and dandy. Had I threatened you in a way that would allow retribution I wouldn't be so careless. And If I wanted to initiate on you can cause you harm, I would've gotten the rest of my people and we would've done so. It's unfortunate that shadowplay would switch input device from my Blue Snowball to my line in as that would prove the lies in this report. Instead, we'll have to be satisfied with what we got and I'm confident the staff team will agree that while it's not enough to prove you're lying, it is enough to justify a ruleplay verdict.