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  1. Nové Svatyne Tulaci sneaks out the backdoor with a bag tied around a broom
  2. savages without lads is only tribals
  3. Second one is pretty lit. Though there'd likely be issues unless you have an agreement with the people who created the artworks you've slapped on these shirts.
  4. Omw to help out in the third world during Christmas, wish me luck

    1. LeaveOrDieRP


      *wishes luck*

      Faith, Hope, Charity. Good on you.

    2. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      And we never heard from him again....

  5. man it's crazy you can listen to aesop on your walkmans in brazil now they're catching up
  6. Groupie to the notorious gangsta rapper Riff Raff he lived his life paycheck, to paycheck, in order to afford the newest merch and tour tickets, he works for a shady cracker designing websites for scrupulous car dealers. Got caught in Azerbaijan while partaking in Riff Raffs entourage to a tour in Baku. WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT AN ACTIVE CHARACTER. PLEASE NO DELETE.
  7. Work in progress, busy af at the moment, not an active character, please no deleterino no reasorino. Born in Azerbaijan, parents moved to us when very young, etc etc, dual citizenship, worked at numerous restaurants including alinea in Chicago, wanting to explore his roots he got job at embassy in baku as cook, wheee. pew pew apocalypse now
  8. Man, my choir boy, Mack, a few chitlins a day keeps the pastor tickling
  9. Yet you state you're too good to give people the time of day if you risk getting yourself killed. Might want to keep that ego in check, will prolly end up getting you killed in game. On another note to all the people fetishising torture as the pinnacle of roleplay. Not everyone is into that. Personally my characters tend to be simple, a beating or a bullet type of people. This led to a second place in group of the year, as one of the most hostile groups on the server for me and neszys chedaki. Only beaten by the more passive and friendly unnamed. Not everyone plays people obsessed with torture and that's not necessarily a negative, it's usually outdone and edgy. I give people chances, make it clear I'm not a degenerate and that I won't spend much time getting unreliable info from them, they can do what I say and leave largely unharmed or I can waste a bullet but save time. Time is always money. Also a lot of people hate not being in control, something I'm personally guilty of as well. I'm also not used to being on the other side of the barrel. Only been taken hostage a handful of times during my almost six years in this community.
  10. Stop this madness and finish selinkas story! Well written though, most captivating train conductor story I've read!
  11. Astronautalis verses here are sick i die at the don't talk to me or my sons again
  12. Sasha

    Force Multiplier

    Maksim is cleaning a couple duck breasts while simmering down an orange and ginger sauce. He hears the broadcast and let's go of the knife, turning to look at the watch. "Fucking idiot. He better not have." He pushes down the push to talk. Better be home soon. I'm only paid to babysit for so long. Get home soon. And good luck friends. Do me fucking proud and order something fucking good. Feed the fucking world. He releases the push to talk and stares at the now burning sauce.
  13. Usually staff jump in to stop it from turning into a long back and forth when new information is no longer being added. I don't think there's any malicious intent here. From the snippits I overheard you guys talking about this group Jim is taking it very seriously and is quite ambitious with how it's going to be run. To the point where it might even impede fun depending on how things play out in practice. Best of luck lads, have fun!
  14. Maksim is busy making a tarte tatin with thinly sliced pears and apples with brandy and cinnamon. The door bursts open and Mr Goldstein stomps in, a 17 page report in his hand. "This here is what I've had to deal with for the last few weeks. Look at this, LOOK!" He points at a section listing lost business opportunities and losses to the inventory caused by the constant interruptions in regards to the constant rescue operations. "If this continues we're going to have some real trouble maintaining a regular flow of income. The flow of luxury items are going to have to come to a halt, or you're going to have to cut these extracurricular activities. Harry is being very irresponsible with his pet project" Maksim looks at the bottle of brandy and sighs. "Guess he's single again." He gets the radio and starts a transmission. "It's sad to say that my dear friend Harry is currently mourning the loss of his fiancé. She died at the hands of a bunch of cowards. May she rest in peace. Her ashes has been spread into the ocean she so much loved. As can be understood he is currently a bit on edge but his family is here with him in this trying time." Maksim ends the transmission. "Now go find me someone with a couple bottles of Stolichnaya. We've got someone to pay."
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