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  1. Sasha

    The House

    It is done friends
  2. Sasha

    Hello I am Jannik

    dig away denmark welcome back jannik
  3. Sasha

    The House

    Nice, now we're ready for a review. Just gotta wait these last few painful days.
  4. Sasha

    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    Whatever reason Dew had to let you go is his business, I wasn't aware of it when I ran into you and killed you. You were a participant in the firefight, and I engaged you as such. You initiated on us and was fought down as such.
  5. Sasha

    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    Your own lack of communication is not a problem of ours. You were spotted with the initiating party multiple times, you're also a "public figure" of the kamenici and I recognized you as such. The fact that Dew decided to send you off doesn't mean I'm going to let the hostile party, which I run into armed and dangerous live to attack any more of us. Or me. I killed you for initiating on us and being part of a group with a very hostile history with us. The only roleplay that would've come from not killing you were to kill you later when you undoubtedly return to kill us. You were a danger that got dealt with. Full POV: We spot Kamenici in Stary fields and later run into them in Novy where they initiate on us. A few of them attempt to inside man and comply to their own initiation which didn't work out, clearly. A firefight ensues during which I kill three Kaminici.
  6. Another question - OP, you've made the claim of not being part of the Benjamins party multiple times now. This is clearly an obvious lie as you've listed him as you ally in all of your numerous reports. This along with the behaviour shown by DMing involved parties this shows the kind of community member you are. This kind of behaviour is toxic and leads to a hostile environment and shows that the reason behind this report is dubious at best.
  7. Thus making yourself a lethal threat. You were responsible for hurting multiple people in our group at that point and thus you were put down. The non compliant act of arming yourself for revenge does not at all help.
  8. Decided to attempt to talk to the OP despite his track record to no avail. As such we'd like to push for badrp and KOS on his parts as he went from dying to saying "no, I'm completely fine I healed faster than I thought" In game. We also feel he didn't particularly value his life or show any fear by deciding to stay, loot and arm himself to attack a group vastly out numbering him and his accomplice. As I'm on my way to work I am unable to provide more details at this point in time but will do so either after work today or tomorrow after we deep clean the restaurant. And again, he clearly brought this on himself due to his own choices by rushing to arm himself to be able to join his friend in attacking us. Within a minute or two.
  9. @Unknown Entity @Cpt MacMillan I agree, tons of fun today. Eugene, it's been a very very long time since I ran into you last. I didn't even recognize you.
  10. Sasha

    Changing group ownership timer

    The rule feels arbitrary by nature. Maybe a limit on maximum two groups in a time period. It allows one switch before this cool down hits. Allowing one seamless switch but not an excessive amount. If you need a contingency if things become an issue.