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  1. Bruhstice

    Re-introducing the roadblock rule

    +1. Definitely needed with all the cars driving around.
  2. Bruhstice

    Logging in issue

    I had a simular problem at first when the new patch came out, and what fixed it for me, was unsubscribing to the DayZRP mod, uninstalling the game, and deleting the DayZ folder in your steam folder. Then just install DayZ again and subscribe to the DayZRP mod again after. Also make sure your parameters are set according to this guide: https://www.dayzrp.com/join/
  3. Bruhstice

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Love the logo, one of the best ones i have seen so far. Serious props to the creator!
  4. Bruhstice

    Change Clothing Inventory system

    If possible, then for sure +1.
  5. Bruhstice

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Good shit, keep up the good work!
  6. Bruhstice

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    Looks amazing, cant wait for the campfire collection to drop.
  7. Bruhstice

    How to save the community

    Where the "delete all rules" step?
  8. Bruhstice

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    +1, should be required for all initiations vehicle or not, considering how buggy voip is atm. Also +1 to this.
  9. Bruhstice

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Gear my dude. People wont admit it, but its their precious gear that they don't want to lose. That's the number one thing. it's the fact that people nowadays are acting like and probably are millennials. They are used to everything going their way, and never any resistance. So it's hard being held up, in a video game, with imaginary gear, that you can get within minutes again. Other than that, it might be that they maybe 1 out of 10 times experience some bad hostile rp, and now they focus on that one time, and blame every hostile group for it.
  10. Bruhstice

    Post your battle stations

    Just wasnt expecting that
  11. Bruhstice

    Post your battle stations

    Wtf is that shit
  12. Bruhstice

    Post your battle stations

    Oh ya bet. If you dont have a bowl of pebernødder during christmas, you are doing it wrong.
  13. Bruhstice

    Post your battle stations

    Finally cleaned my table, so heres a pic.
  14. Bruhstice

    A-Z of Video Games