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  1. Bruhstice

    European Air Group

    Good luck, looks good!
  2. Bruhstice

    Custom Settlements

    Implement it already... It shouldnt even be a question or a suggetion, it should just be done as soon as they saw it.
  3. Bruhstice

    Leon's Editor Extravaganza

    All this, be good shit.
  4. Bruhstice

    What do you listen to ?

    Only lads remember this one.
  5. Bruhstice

    Base Raiding improvement idea.

    I never said you werent allowed, you can break in all you want, as there is no rules against it yet. But you cant destroy the whole base, as that would be griefing. So break in all you want, just try to destroy as little as possible, so that you dont end up in a griefing report. EDIT: If you have an RP reason to of course.
  6. Bruhstice

    Base Raiding improvement idea.

    Right now you need a sledgehammer to destroy any kind of wall, no matter if its wood or metal. And i think a suggestion was already made, where people wanted to make sledgehammers more rare, but i dont know if the devs actually made them more rare. You shouldn't be discouraged from making a base, since with the new update we got logs for destroying bases, so if someone comes by and destroys most or all of base, you can report them for griefing. Sure a report wont make up for all the lost work, but hopefully a potential ban should discourage anyone from destroying your base. Other than that we just have to wait for base rules. And according to staff, they will come as they are needed.
  7. Bruhstice

    Group/Clan Base Building

    This shouldnt even be a question, it should just be added immediately.
  8. Bruhstice


    To appeal the warning points. Also you have to remember, that the staff is busy with a bunch of bts stuff, and reports. So it usually take a bit for them to get to them, but even if they dont get to it before the ban expires, it will still appeal the warning points you got.
  9. Bruhstice

    Development Blog #1

    Looks fucking great! Also i would like to point out what a great job Shane is doing.
  10. Bruhstice

    Spawning with a Flashlight

    I spawned in the forest while it was pitch black, like i could literally see nothing. Giving us a flashlight wouldnt impact gameplay that much, but it would improve the enjoyability. Because i didn't enjoy just running into the dark with no way of knowing if you are running into wolves and such.
  11. Bruhstice

    The House Media

    Better than them, that's for sure.
  12. Bruhstice

    The House Media

    https://plays.tv/video/5becdd73a5d120e2f5/this-is-my-gun Some mexican person trying to say my gun was his. He quickly found out that it was indeed my gun.
  13. Bruhstice

    Reading Reports

    You bet, everybody does.
  14. Bruhstice

    Bullet stun lock

    Its too much, literally makes everything unenjoyable, a flinch would make sense, but a 2 second stagger just makes you sad. I vote for removing it.
  15. Bruhstice

    The House Media

    That's what happens when you don't wear a seatbelt.