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  1. Born and raised by two immigrants in Trenton New jersey, Warner lived a pretty simple life. Always trying to make a living and stay out of the constant trouble his mouth seemed to get him into. Instead of pursing education or an average job, he began a career as a truck driver for a cargo company. Being good at his job he was offered a chance to make a lot of money driving overseas.....this is where his story begins.
  2. J3sse

    Alba 19-Getting the old crew back together {Open}

    *Garret takes a deep puff of his cig then holds down the ptt button* "Hell yeah! Ill be there for sure. Its about time to get the boys together again." *Garret Sits down and begins searching for his white armband*
  3. J3sse

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "unfuck yourself" - every NCO
  4. J3sse

    Survival Games Event

    Forum name: J3sse Forum profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-J3sse
  5. J3sse


    *Blake holds down the PTT* "If its more trained personnel you need, Id be willing to help. Im damn near qualified in terms of medical training. I was an EMT for three years so I can definitely help treat the common ailments of this god forsaken place. If you decide you want my help, Ill be monitoring this frequency hourly." *Blake releases the PTT and takes a long drag from his cigarette*
  6. *A man goes to switch on his radio shortly after stitching up the battered man before him. He holds down the PTT* "Hello? Can *static*.... *static* h..... me? *The man slaps the radio* I hope this piece of shit still works. To anyone out there who is still listening, It seems you cant go ten feet without seeing someone riddled with bullet holes of various calibers. Since it is obvious that the violence will never end, i've vowed to at least help those who are lucky enough to survive." *A man can be heard screaming followed by a women trying to calm him down* "That being said, Im offering my services to those who need it. I was never a certified doctor, but I am a very skilled EMT. If you have an infection, or a .308 lodged in your back ill try my best to get you back on your feet. Im also looking for others to assist me in this en-devour. I know its dangerous work but one more person saved is one less walker. " *The man on the radio is urged to help hold the patient down* "Dammit Rav calm down, Sedate him!" "I dont care what brought you into my care but if your ever a patient of mine, your care will be strictly confidential. Your past or future actions will never sway my obligation to help those in need. My name is Blake by the way and if you need me ill be monitoring this frequency hourly. Good luck out there, judging by the man before me,..... you'll need it." *the transmission goes to a static and ends*
  7. J3sse

    Bounty Hunter Needed {open}

    *Garret pulls the car over after hearing the transmission* My boys and I can help you find someone if need be. We are well equipped, and have the numbers to make an effective search. We also have a working off road. Ill be monitoring this frequency. You can call me Mr. Lewis. *Garret turns the car on and continues the drive*
  8. J3sse

    DayZRP 4th anniversary

    happy birfday!!!
  9. Damn, was actually having an amazing time in berinzino hiding from the hordes. GG
  10. *There is a small office with a radio placed neatly on a desk. The desk is covered in documents and charts. A man in a uniform with "Harbor" written clearly across the left chest, walks in and takes a seat. He begins to hold down the transmit button* "Good morning people of chernarus. My name is Corporal Harbor, communications specialist for the Patriots PMC. I am broadcasting to all you wonderful people today, in hopes to find new candidates to join our proud organization. Do you want four square meals a day? Hands on weapons training? A friendly environment? Or maybe you just want to be apart of something that gives you direction in a world ravaged by death, disease, and hardship? Well then Sir or Madam, the patriots want you!" *The corporal pauses as he takes a sip of water and clears his throat. He continues* "We are currently looking for willing applicants who will gladly give up their old life and ways, to adopt a more disciplined lifestyle. Each new recruit will go through rigorous training, not just physically but also mentally. Each new recruit will be eased into a more disciplined lifestyle and learn to respect fellow soldiers and officers. If you wish to join the best PMC organization south of Russia, here are a few requirements to keep in mind: All applicants must be at least 20 years of age, able to lift up to 75 pounds, have no health conditions that would render simple tasks difficult, and must be willing to follow orders." *He stands up with radio in hand as he watches out the window. The morning sunrise, pierces the horizon and shines across his desk* "IF any of this appeals to you, please feel free to contact me at any time and ill get a hold of you as soon as I can. Thank you all for listening and god bless." *The transmission cuts to static*
  11. J3sse

    S2 KOS/No Value for Hostage

    my pov: Hello, I was the gentleman in all black (lance harbor). The story begins when we first met outside of novy sobor when myself and two others, (bob cannon and tommy wilson) were running from what I presume is your group. You manage to take our friend Tommy and we lose contact with him. (he disconnected from ts since you confiscated his radio, and I have 5 witnesses to prove so). Moving forward, myself and my father (bob cannon) search a nearby town for ammo for his rifle when we come across two men, these gentleman's names im unsure of but i think one was Elliot. I told them what happened and they agreed to help us track down our friend and save him. About a half hour later, after looking for supplies and doing some casual rp, we come across a man with an M4 in Novy. (This gentleman I believe to be jake, who for the record I have never met before, agrees to help us as well. Before we head out towards where the report takes place, he hands me an In game radio since I had a battery on me. We tune in to the same channel which i believe is 96.6. After we arrive at the small summer camp area which this event takes place, we see you all there by surprise and that's when i began to ask about the whereabouts of Tommy. Elliot and I run into the cabin to take cover AND AT THIS POINT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE JAKE OR MY FATHER RAN OFF TOO. I presume to get a vantage or run away, as we barley new jake and I didnt trust him too much. While in the cabin, he begins to talk to me over the in game radio (which is the only way we have the ability to contact at this point, and asks me if he should do so, to which i reply "no they can hear you". I was aware you guys could hear the radio and I wanted to as to avoid this kind of situation. As we are filed out of the house and told to keep our hands up, jake begins to shoot. I DID NOT ORDER HIM TO AS YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD ME SPEAK BECAUSE MY INGAME RADIO CAN BE HEARD IN DIRECT. After he opens fire, I receive an order to tell the person or whoever to stop shooting or we will die. I plead and plead that whoever it was stop because I did not want to die. I also told the gentleman pointing a gun at me that he can have my radio and i even game him the frequency. Shortly after the first shots, I hear nothing over the radio and pressume that jake, or whoever was shooting, will stop in order to preserve our live. But, to my disbelief, someone opens fire. THIS IN NO WAY shows that I have no value for my life when I did nothing but plead for the shooting to stop. Perhaps elliot or someone else had direct contact with jake but I DID not other than the physical radio ingame which I could not have been talking over because you would have heard me. I even offered to drop everything in hopes to save my life. I was cooperation at the fullest extent. For my last bit of info I would like to point out that when we were first told to drop our weapons, we were shot at maybe 3 seconds after we were given the order. Elliot and I yelled to please give us a chance as we were complying. I was even heard in game telling him to cooperate because we have no chance due to the fact that we were surrounded. Sorry for the long post but Im here to help get this solved and I have 3 people who were watching my stream via steam who can support these claims (My actual father, and best friend. Names can be provided if need be) Thank you for reading this and for your time.
  12. *lance clutches his radio and presses the talk button* Of course.... *he releases the button and the transmission fades to static*
  13. *Lance switches on his radio and clears his throat* "Good morning People of chernarus. My name is Pfc. Harbor of the Patriots. Who are the patriots you might ask? We are a militarized organization who has been operating in the region for more than five months now. Our organization has been on hiatus for some time now, but I'm proud to say we are back under new leadership and a new banner. We are currently accepting contracts and are looking for new members to join our ranks. For more information contact me on this frequency." *The signal cuts out and static is heard*
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