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  1. *Lawrence finally let's out a sigh of suppressed stress and anguish, leaning against a car with all doors un-necessarily open, the song calmed his soul - and he looks down to the construction light and sees it glisten with magic. Or sunshine. Probably magic.* *This magical moment halts to a stop - then the moment is tarnished by the crackling of another transmission - Lawrence listens as his face drops and he slides down the sedan he perched upon* "Excuse me, lady who just talked, I... I nee.... I" *Lawrence covers his mouth and speaks into the radio at the same time* "chhhhck... you.... breaking... chhhk.. can't hear... chhhk... Alpha things. Gotta go... Sorry bossy bird lady." *Before letting go, Lawrence lets out a small - pathetic howl in defiance before standing up and placing two yellow arm-bands firmly into his pockets.*
  2. *The sound of occasional chicken clucks and painful silence is suddenly disrupted by the transmissions, as Lawrence sits up, closing the battery pack on the radio and wrapping himself in a dark jacket and shivering quietly.* "W... Wa...Wait, what?" *Genuine confusion can be heard, Lawrence's eyes widen and he stands up, carefully avoiding the glow-sticks littering the barn floor. He's audibly agitated and flustered by the chernarussian's response* "I beg you're pardon? God no, I... I just want to turn him on so he can come back and we can do gang gang stuff. I miss him, lady. He's the smartest person I know and he was probably almost certainly getting married before he vanished - he had like loads of wonderful women... no homiesex, like... each to their own but nuh-uh." *He audibly recoils whilst speaking, then pushes his bodyweight against the main barn door - shifting it and peaking his head into the deafening silence awaiting outside.* "I just wanted him to respond, I've tried everything, even... even asking people and all they say is random shit about generators and bulbs and I just don't understand. Maybe turning him on will like release him like a hologram or the real him - I'm getting tired carrying him around and getting no answers." *He lets out a loud sigh, then slides his radio back into his pocket whilst muttering to himself - looking over to the stolen construction light - forcing a small smile out, again.* *Lawrence walks over to his hat - then gathers up his glow-sticks and picks up the construction light before brandishing his radio again* "Also, Mr Church man - I'm not a huge, huge, huge fan of the fire and brimstone talk, however thank you for the... defence? I don't know how... like much I'm meant to say about the group... Even though I'm totally the big boss alpha. I didn't really know speaking to Kane would be spread across the world like this so I may have... like... spoken too much. I'm sticking up near Camp Oasis until I can find someone who's good with wires or tools to turn Kane on - then I'll be around. Maybe we'll bump paths and... and talk or do other leader stuff. *Lawrence lets out large anxious breath, his hands shaking - causing him to lean back on the cool barn wall for stability.* "Um, anyway. Guys I didn't mean for you to like get weirded out - if you met Kane you'd understand but like... maybe over walkie talkie you can't hear him very well" *A forced nervous and sad chuckle is echoed into the radio* "I'll maybe, possibly see you around - my name's Lawrence. Lawrence Pierce the... the second. I didn't mean to confuse - just wanted to try to talk to my friend. He's here but I... I miss him." *A final, deep sigh can be heard before it fades into radio static - Lawrence places the radio on his hip, and attached a glow-stick to his bag before forcing the barn door fully open. He looks back to the now empty barn, construction light in hand before turning and heading out into the fog.*
  3. *Lawrence leans against the door of a barn littered with glow-sticks, sheltering from the harsh weather outside. He slides batteries from his flashlight out and into his radio before pushing it close to his mouth* "Kane... Kane, oh goodness I don't know what to do. I thought I knew but I don't know. I've tried to capture your spirit in an Oasis capsule of light - but I don't know if it's big enough for your brain... you're the smartest person I know and I'm sure you'd know what to do or how I can get you back..." *A couple of isolated sniffles can be heard - followed by a deep sigh and the crunch of Lawrence laying against hay* "I'm just scared... I don't know where to go. I'm going to turn you on Kane. I know you'd want it, even if you don't tell me. I can feel it when I hold you. You don't speak to me like someone like Chance when he's in the glow-stick - but maybe bigger ships and people with bigger brains work differently. Maybe you can only hear me on the walkie talkies" *Lawrence takes his finger off the transmit button and fidgets to get in a comfortable position in the hay.* "I'll find a way to find you, we've got chilly boy activities to do. Also Russian men are looking to throw you off a roof, apparently you go round doing drugs and punching women? I mean .... like that's really gangsta and I respect it but Jesus, ok, my goodness. I'm leader of the Wolf Pack now, like the real alpha dog so i'll be able to protect you - no matter the amount of bossy ladies who live in graveyards you punch. Real gang shit" *A small (ghost-like) wolf howl can be heard before the radio is pushed back against his face* "ok I probably shouldn't have said the last bit. No-one is looking for you trust me like zero people, only the ones who miss you and that's like everyone. Sorry for the monologue by that's the world we live in i think - these glow-sticks look like a campfire and it's like a trigger for these stories. I was 18 years old when the apoca-" *The radio battery dies, cutting the transmission off. * *Lawrence sighs, looking over to the large construction light set up facing him. He forces a smile then lays back down to rest.*
  4. Always nice to see a new old face around! Red seems like a really interesting character and I wish you the best with amazing RP interactions.
  5. Jsesse White

    Staff Feedback: TheMrGasMask

    Link to the situation: N/A (handled via discord) Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Situation handled primarily through discord - from start to finish was cleared in 10 minutes (help getting old account name back). Seemed nice and easy to talk back'n'fourth to. Two thumbs up papi. Suggestions for improvement: N/A (GIF of gas mask men dancing is v scare however change pls)
  6. This quote is going on the fridge. It's been so damn fun over the last few days @LagIsMyExcuse the dynamic between Lawrence and the boys makes it feel like we've been friends for years! Can't wait to see how the HUDS movement grows and I'm proud to play a small part in it! Kane is an absolute gem. https://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/cane-corso#/slide/1 Time for a monologue
  7. If I see that damn double denim again u better be read for some hostile RP sis >:( just kidding i'm sorry for Lawrence's behaviour towards you i bet you're a wonderful lady
  8. The last couple of days have been amazing for getting back into the community - thank anyone who crossed paths with Lawrence (and for not shooting him even tho it's scientifically impossible due to "Hands up, Don't shoot." I'm a method actor and RP a character with GOD AWFUL memory (so please don't set me on fire, all the people I missed); @LagIsMyExcuse - Kane was literally the first person I met after an hour of DayZ 'W' holding, the dynamic between our characters is amazing and I'm so impressed how damn funny and quick Kane is, good RP man - hope to have many RP moments in the future. Also, that list of suitable *second* wives is going to need a second piece of paper soon. @WindmillSmith - I'm almost positive you were terrified of Lawrence when we first met (Sorry about that). However, Johnny is such a solid character, I was consistently laughing at just how adamant the HUDS boys are around backpack/IQ ratios. Was a pleasure to bump back into you yesterday - even if you had to endure the song readings from Shakespeare whilst Katie was bleeding out. Meow. @MrMothmanz - Giggles is incredible, and your voice acting and balancing of Henry/Beethoven is equal parts impressive, terrifying and funny. Keep it up, the dynamic of you with the freaks who throw their hands up was amazing to play-out! Hope to see you around. @Sixy - Chance is always a pleasure to RP with. Even if he's got the IQ of a pencil eraser and only eats greens - he'll be protected by the HUDS boys for life <3. (( trust pls we do the protecting )) @Phoenyxx - I genuinely adored the pointless adventure we embarked upon with the wolf pack - unfortunately for you I think our overzealous IQs made us believe we’re honorary wolf cubs, so I guess we’re your first line of defence in any gang warfare. Hands up and howls at the ready boys @JMZIE - (hopefully tagged the correct angry Irish James) I personally love your character man, it's a perfect example of a character that just doesn't have time for the "Hands up, Don't shoot" movement. Even though you terrify Lawrence - I bet there's a secret Romeo and Juliet -esque forbidden friendship there you just can't see it. Oh, also thanks for not trying to shoot me (even if it's impossible). @Insight - I'm so sorry you got put on babysitting duty and had to deal with us in that castle interaction. You got a private show that Elijah can treasure forever, 18+ lyrics though so forget it ever happened. You were amazing fun though - pretty sure you saved us from getting shot lmao. People I can't find on the forums; I'll leave the names and small description in hopes you see this and show me your real witness protection names; Katie - Fresh bullet wound(clumsy), think we're married, v angry Logan - HUDS member, alarmingly high IQ, v handsome Bread - voice of an angel, quiet as to not make people jealous of that voice, has a chest gun holster I didn't have a single negative interaction in the 16 hours I played in the last few days - thank you guys for making me feel welcome!
  9. Honestly I didn’t see a problem imitation is the best form of flattery(?)
  10. I had an experience tonight - so many amazing people who welcomed me back into RP for the first time since last year. @Cocomii, thank you for being the first face I saw in my anxiety fuelled walk up north - throughout the night you were nice and funny! Thank you for dealing with my ass. @Hefem papi, I've no idea how we ended up in the interactions we did - but thank you for being the nicest person to rob me - and I hope our story in that dysfunctional 'friendship' isn't over. I wish I knew the [@] for all the people who made tonight amazing, but everyone from Pogo the blood drenched clown to a fellow Brit who indulged me when i ranted about my backstory and was trying not to freak out over a 700 man raid on my first twitch stream back in 11 months Tonight has been incredible - and to anyone reading who met Lawrence Pierce the 2nd, thank you xoxo even those who took all the wheels off my car. *angry grumble*
  11. I can't begin to thank yourself and @JkpFrogenough for helping work and play off the event fluently! Both of you made it so easy to role-play and it was incredible fun to meet you both as Lawrence! Also, it was unexpected and awesome to see you again @Mace- I'm glad out paths seem to regularly cross and your text RP still impresses me! I hope to bump into you all again sometime soon! My nervous (and unfortunately talkative) character needs the anchors that ya'll supply. I'm also going to have a pretty gnarly scar from this day.
  12. I really enjoyed the interaction (good and then inevitably bad) between myself and @kimmylouwith @Vytis and @Emily Jones. I still need to apologise for my character insanity after being drugged, it got p intense with the whole chainsaw as he believed @kimmylouwas his wife and @Emily Joneswas his teenage son. It was definitely a new rp experience to act a bad drug trip - but you all made it so much easier, I cannot remember the names of some of the people who tried to help my character - but everyone there made it memorable and damn good fun.
  13. I don't want to spam this report more than is necessary - but I just want to make completely clear that myself and @kimmylou were travelling together, we heard that a friend was up near the prison and @kimmylouwanted to reunite - and my character developing feelings for her followed. We were brought to this camp on a hill and instantly felt uncomfortable and the sense of danger (better late than never?) so my character Lawrence tried to weasel and wait for the best time to leave this camp. I asked permission to cook by the fire - and did so for a few minutes. All of this was streamed on my Twitch and I'm not in any discord/teamspeak or external voice communicator (as I'm a newer role-player and feels it takes away from immersion a large percentage of the time). Klick There's no doubt that myself and @kimmylou were wrongly judged, especially with my un-armed and recently cooking character nervously looking at what was going on. I was not a member of their group or playing with them for an extended period of time - we first encountered @angry_skipperand the rest of the group at 4:02:05 and I was killed at 04:17:13. I barely got around to speaking to everyone - let alone was "in the loop" about someone going to be cooked and eaten.
  14. I was with a few people in this situation - I have a full POV and recording of the situation as I was livestreaming. My in-game name was Lawrence Pierce and I was travelling with a character called Selina. Video of whatever the hell went down: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedPlausibleHummingbirdDoubleRainbow
  15. (MAJOR W.I.P) Backstory: After Lawrence finished up with his private (and expensive) college studies he decided to travel with his author father throughout various European regions for writing inspiration. The pair travelled across Romania, Hungary, Austria and finally to Czechia - where the two had to stop for an extended period of time in Chernarus after Lawrence's father was attacked and infected (although this wasn't known at the time). After the traumatic death of Lawrence Pierce the First, his son gave up on trying to call home for help and took to the forests to flee their overrun refuge town. Lawrence II. was raised around hunting for fun and sport and is and avid bowman - favouring crossbows. He has learned to skin and survive off Chernarus wildlife - but like all life on the island, the number of animals is depleting meaning Pierce II. has to travel out of his comfort zone.
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