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  1. Team Name: The Teenie Meanie Greenie Zeenie Bro's ESP Player 1: @SexyPutin Player 2.3: @Jsesse White Backup: We'll let our brother's use our laptops if unavailable Condition; I'd like to demand that we spawn and play wearing our v cool logo on 80% cotton/20% polyester blend T-Shirts. @Watchman Please contact me on discord #7954 for the non-watermarked version. You can never be too careful. Last time I posted a commissioned piece like this it ended up on TeeSpring within 12 hours. ((I paid 500USD for this design, the low-quality print will hopefully leak into our skin during this strenuous event and hopefully let us pass away from ink posioning before we ever see true violence.))
  2. Bouncing off what RiZ said - there's also a lazy boy USB variant of the AT-2020 which I bought like 4 or so years back, I've never had an issue with it and it's really high quality. 50 or so dollars more expensive - but it's ideal for being lazy and just having a plug and play professional sounding mic. Good if you travel a bunch and use v cool LED alienware laptops to play and do taxes
  3. Congrats on the approval guys, I know there'll be some amazing RP coming from this group. Love the acknowledgement of the fallen WP in the lore, strong ass roster of people who've been through a lot, I'm excited to see what the future holds. Good luck all! the blue and white colourscheme would look nice on a suit just fyi.
  4. Wish I could have sorted IRL stuff and spent longer w the pack over the last year - proud af for what it became and helping out in those early months. I've got over 600 hours of memories from this group and helping to form it during my first 'proper' week on the server - proud of what it grew into. It's bitter-sweet seeing the decrepit and disgustingly old Hutch actually having the formal title of alpha now - but I hope the group overcomes this and flourishes with whatever new direction the leadership will take the group. Hope to see you around, for old time sake @PhoenyxxRP <3. @RiZ You know I love u, even tho ICly hutch has been avoiding Darwinism for a couple hundred years. Good luck with the future and hmu if you need someone to PK u x. ((I'm still awaiting my payment of $500 USD for the new character picture you requested, third time contacting about payment - please, v average commission price and took v long time to match the physique tied to your character's canon.))
  5. Had some really fun 'voluntary' work with you guys today - was a nice intro back into the server after a few months. Really glad you guys prioritise being attentive/interesting to hostages - Keep it up lads/lasses xo. P.S ; you still owe me a dog for my log carrying labour.
  6. I guess it’s time to put on the fur suit again
  7. Really strong roster of RP'ers. GGs on the approval and overall poppin' looking group. Excited to see/hear what you gals get up to.
  8. Hey guys, I’ve had an absence from roleplay since moving away for university - however I want to get back in full swing. I wanted to reach out to ask if it’s possible to swap steam IDs that my whitelist is locked to - as before I moved away I shared my account with a family member and recently I’ve invested in Livonia for my new(er) steam account. If possible I can provide the correct ID and any information needed to prove I’m the owner of both accounts. Cheers - I’m available for a while if you need anything on discord or in pms!
  9. @Mademoiselle I owe you more than I can say for keeping me involved and gripped by roleplay on the server. The dynamic we had between Lawrence and Yelena will always be up there as my favourite character relationships standing xoxo. We haven’t spoken much since you had a lil’ break but discord DMs always open if you wanna shoot the shit again! Miss u papi. (Also that jail cell be poppin)
  10. Honestly a modern day Shakespeare. I don’t know how you do it.
  11. Nice to see someone else qualified for such a vital role to make a healthy/happy group. Good luck with this lads - looks good!
  12. I’ll wait for the community audiobook rendition of these chapters as I cannot read
  13. This group taught me to roleplay, so much love for it, Glad to be home. also congrats on the demotion @RiZ x.
  14. @PhoenyxxRP You don't ever have to thank me for anything. It was incredible fun roleplaying with the character of Phoenyxx and we had some intense/funny/sad times over the months. I used to play a week on the server as Lawrence, then quit for a year as I didn't think I fit in with serious RP. But meeting you, forming the wolfpack and heading down that path let me learn how to RP, so thank you for the 12 hour sessions, fucking our sleep schedules and still managing to have really good RP even when there was like 10 people on the server. Proud to call you a close friend now, good job on the interview papi xoxo. P.S. If I ever have to go in a prison cell with that decrepit, necromanced' looking fuck @RiZ I'll take the electric chair plea deal.
  15. Had amazing fun with the Undaunted lot and a couple of strangers, even though OOC I've been real sick and lost my voice the other day - we still manged to have a damn good time! Apologies for drinking literally all your water and almost died three times. Hopefully I can get my voice back soon and give you guys better RP, but I'm so glad I stumbled into you all! Incredibly approachable and never breaking character - I went from feeling threatened at the beginning to feeling welcomed near the end. Keep it up! (( @DookieCS, @McLeranth, @Expresso, @AlanM , @Jonaaaaaas, @Cartman ))
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