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  1. No, never again. - Mod is way too big and has way too much unnecessary crap that we will not end up using, just like munghards. - Mass just adds whatever the fuck people send him with barely any QA. + cool helmet or something idk
  2. yes due to the nature of rule 1.5 I am unable to express my fondness of this post in simple terms and thus I must unnecessarily further argue why I approve of this addition. scope very epic add please.
  3. New thread looks epic. And I see some spicy goals as well. Good luck
  4. @everyone in fucking cherno tonight Absolutely stellar RP from Lost Highway and all those who came to their aid. We hope to have influenced you in many ways, some turned against us, some towards us, and some perhaps remaining inbetween, our goal is always to provide a good experience, to provide an interesting and thrilling narrative and we certainly hope everyone else is enjoying it too. A special shoutout to the man of the evening @Griffin You took it like a champ, and you're an inspiration to many roleplayers out there, I can't even begin to give you enough beans.
  5. Events? Where? AFAIK they happen spontaneously and I sure as hell haven't been online when they happened.
  6. pkp

    pkp because is good gun

    Tiger Woods Lol GIF by NBC

    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      pkp is self explanatory

  7. Grilled chicken panini with baby spinach, green pesto and a touch of spicy mayonnaise. @Kase is banned from answering this thread, as Meatball Subs are not legally considered food.
  8. Exactly, I feel like I'm back in highschool and my english teacher is criticizing me for the length of my essay. Not every answer on a thread has to be an essay, especially not on a simple mood thread like "What is your favorite weapon." On actual discussions? Makes sense, but in this case? The name of your favorite gun completely answers the question, and yet its UP because of technicalities, stop policing things that aren't harmful.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: There are plenty of one word replies on the thread of which have not been punished, not to mention a one word reply is more than enough to answer the question at hand of the thread, which was. "What is your favorite weapon." Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It's a silly thread, simply for expressing what your favorite gun is, it is by no means a serious thread, I understand the need to police discussions but this is ridiculous. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?: give a longer answer for arbitrary reasons.
  10. Let's not get into that here, instead leave feedback on the thread where one can properly reply and explain why that's a skewed point of view as I firmly believe you have the wrong idea about Narodniks, often times the thing you are missing is the IC context for actions. As for the actual thread itself, SMART goals are dumb, we didn't need them in the past when excellent groups such as ZBOR, Clowns, The Kingdom and many more noteworthy mentions existed, what really defines the roleplay a group provides is the people in it and their willingness to provide a great experience not only for themselves but primarily to the opposing party. The SMART goals do not really accomplish much other than allow for more excessive metagaming, instead each group should be in contact with a Loremaster and work with them frequently.
  11. I am now forming a meaningful constructive reply to assure that I will not be hit with UP as has been seen via this thread. Anyway my favourite weapon is the PKP with the ACOG, works like a charm.
  12. Excellent rp from everyone tonight. Shoutout to the squad: @Watchman @Hennessy @groovy blisna @Clarence @Juice Hand @HeadKillz @MaybeleleLR And shoutout to @Dingle and all the other Spero. I think CLF was there too but it's hard to tell when you both use Yellow.
  13. ahead of his time, truly inspirational
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