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  1. Hypocrite or not, it does not invalidate his point. That bunker should have been presented in screenshots and not kept hidden, and it is an addition which is also not mentioned in the lore, along with that the structure is incredibly easy to fortify and defend, and given the amount of gates from just that one twitch clip I think there is some merit in the argument that it is simply too strong. The difference between the prison and the prefab is this: One was tailored specifically for a group to use it as a base and defend And the other is a stock map addition that anyone had the rights to go and build in from the start.
  2. Okay, let me answer them. What is the harm in looting a town you died in, assuming you do not loot your body, and no harm comes to anything RP related?: Answer: This is a lot of effort to moderate for such an easily avoidable situation that you are personally responsible for. Basically, this entire thread is pointless and all you are doing at this point is flaming other community members who are telling you to calm down and try to prevent breaking the rule in the future, you know, like everyone else.
  3. Alright, im pretty convinced that you're just angry you got caught breaking the rules at this point. "Oh no dayzrp is dying, we're just gonna jump to the next community because we just cant help but break the rules" How about you instead own up to the fact that you broke a rule and try to avoid it in the future? Instead of trying to insinuate people are gonna jump to a different community because they got banned for something entirely their fault
  4. I already did, please refer to my prior posts that you dismissed. For the sake of it though I will try to go through what I believe again, just for you: 1. System is fine as is, majority of those caught are actual offenders. 2. We don't need special exceptions because it becomes much harder to moderate and is ultimately unnecessary, as there is never any reason or exception you should go back to your body or the area of your death in such a short time. 3. For those unfortunate souls like yourself who believe they are wrongly hit with NLR, you need to take better measures to prevent getting hit with NLR, because you did infact break NLR, did you not? Incase you need a reminder here is the rule: You read and agreed to this, the only difference is that it is automatically detected now instead of manually reported, you broke the rule at the end of the day. /thread
  5. That's where I disagree, it is being policed just fine, and for special cases like yours where you are unable to navigate properly, you can receive the help of staff to avoid breaking the rules. The rule was not even changed, just the way we detect NLR. Another argument you post is that if it doesnt hurt anyone then its not a rulebreak, and I whole heartedly disagree, as Roland already stated, this allows people to carelessly and fearlessly get killed over and over and just return to where they died or their corpse. In any case, you should NEVER return to your corpse, there is no reason or excuse to do so. Instead of targeting the rule because it hit you and you're upset, try to avoid breaking it in the future, take measures to avoid it instead of writing up an essay on why people should be allowed to break NLR.
  6. Because having 104 exceptions is much harder to moderate and takes up a lot more time than consistently banning people who break the rule. Speaking of breaking rules, you really need to take a step back and relax for a minute, there is no need to swear or curse and it doesn't help get your point across, people are allowed to disagree with you and the message of your post. Just because they disagree with you does not mean they "Didn't read the fucking post"
  7. 1. You have to do it this way because of the necessary change to the rules, as too many people were breaking NLR intentionally, call it a necessary evil. 2. Not everyone is inept at navigation, I think you will find the majority of people have no problems figuring out where they are, and how to avoid going in the direction of their corpse. 3. Staff are more than happy to help you and have already helped people with this issue, I am certain they are not overwhelmed by it.
  8. If you are scared of accidently walking towards or in the direction of your dead body, you are more than capable of recieving aid in helpdesk to avoid that. It is your responsibility to prevent returning to the area of your death, take measures into your own hands to prevent breaking the rules.
  9. If your loot is not important, then why return to your corpse and break NLR? There is never any reason to return to your body.
  10. Loot is not important, stop breaking NLR. /thread
  11. Sometimes issues arise after implementation that otherwise were overlooked or simply missed. This is one of those cases. To try to argue that the criticism is pointless because the structure is already ingame is ridiculous, with that same logic we had no right to complain about the old Wolfpack base since it was already added. Anyway as Roland already pointed out:
  12. Prefabs should not be compared to static map objects that come already built into the map. The difference between a prefab and that prison is simple. Prison can be claimed by anyone, at any time. Prefab is strictly just for your group. They aren't really comparable, and as for the argument of having 10 gates? I think the amount of gates was already forcefully reduced not too long ago, if its back up to 10 I suggest contacting staff about that.
  13. I honestly don't believe the council voting really solves anything, especially if details like this are either left out or go unnoticed, perhaps if base threads like these were public stuff like this could be called out by not just council members but anyone with that kind of knowledge.
  14. This change was made by @Roland so I aint gonna touch it. Maybe you can discuss it with him
  15. This, absolutely this, get out of here with your "Du-Caine". Also what the hell man? No love for the brothers in red and white?
  16. If it makes you feel any more at ease, I am currently in the process of learning the ins and outs of ObjectBuilder (Based on Oxygen2) which hopefully should make it easier for us to start implementing custom 3D assets, be aware that this is in a very limited capacity and is likely going to be restricted to smaller handheld items and generally speaking, pretty simple 3D models. As for developing on the website over ingame? That was a small meme Rolle put together, I doubt he spent much time on it, seeing as he is well versed in tinkering with websites. Lastly, you did mention comfort, and we can say that the item does indeed exist, but it is reserved for Loremasters to spawn in.
  17. "If you're reading this, I am 100 meters away and approaching rapidly." "Run." I actually don't mind meme notes, takes me back to my highschool days of writing whatever the fuck obscenities down out of sheer boredom.
  18. Zombies are fine. Taking them on one by one you can easily deal with them. Running into a group of several and dying is your own damn fault, you arent Jean Claude van Damme.
  19. The first person to post the entire bee movie script on notes ingame with screenshots to prove gets 20$ on paypal.

    1. Inferno


      fucking bet

    2. FaeRP


      isnt there a character limit


    3. Inferno


      Multiple pages

    4. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      So Ducky did the math with my help, 80+ pages.

  20. How old is your system? I.E when did you get the parts?
  21. Just hold Ctrl to hold your breath, the more stamina you have the longer you can hold it. As for the sway, all guns actually have this sway, but the longer your optic is the more "Apparent" it seems
  22. This is a funny thread indeed. While I definitely do think a rust-like sleeping bag system would be awesome, I have exactly 0 faith it could ever be implemented properly
  23. Monetization approved and will allow for plenty of uses in roleplay. Yes please.
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