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  1. Ducky

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    I can work with this
  2. Ducky

    Toxic zone mod gone...

    AFAIK if you go there and are caught by someone without appropriate protection you will be found guilty if reported. That was how it worked before the toxic mod was added, I vividly remember a report where someone was indeed punished for badrp.
  3. Ducky

    S.S.S. Media Thread

    >when they declare independance
  4. Ducky

    Server performance issues

    It shouldn't be? Can you take a screenshot?
  5. Ducky

    Server performance issues

    Im not sure how you tried to spawn one in, as you physically should not be able to, the Black GP-5 is part of the Toxic Zone mod, or MMIO, however at the end of the day it does not really matter. What matters is that the Black GP-5 is not on the itemshop, how exactly did you try to spawn it in?
  6. Ducky

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    While playing in the Odezva group CP, I, @Ducky sign over all rights to my character Ambroz Ctvrtnik to the Group Leadership, any kills under any circumstances by Group Members or Group Leadership will be considered valid so long as I am actively within the group CP. As long as I am playing a Odezva Character that is employed, working or affiliated with the group, or being is placed within the group CP, I sign all rights for my character to the group to be handled at their discretion.
  7. Ducky



    @Stannis shit man... I still miss it.

    1. CocoMii


      I dont miss your yelling.. I swear you destroyed my eardrums! 🤣😭

    2. Ducky


      Tends to have that effect 😂

  8. Ducky

    Group Armband's

    I hear orange is pretty popular these days, same with red and black. There are also some very nice chernarussians wearing their flag on the armband as of late. Other than that though I think most of the default ones are not in use, just pick a colour and roll with it, people will be quick to correct you ingame if someone else already has a reputation with that.
  9. Ducky


    You will not get permabanned for speaking your mind, unless you are in violation of the community guidelines. You can very easily express your concern, distaste or otherwise disagreements without needing to insult, mock or otherwise harass the other party or the intended recipient. Your thread was closed with the reason being: What does this have to do with censorship? Your thread was not censored, your opinion was not ignored and the post was certainly not removed, it was simply closed because the issue has already been tackled and dealt with. Moving on to your comment on Amnesty, if you believe paying for your crimes is what amnesty is fore, then you have completely missed the point. You aren't paying for your points or previous history to be omitted, forgotten and forgiven, you are paying for a second chance in a community where you failed to uphold the same standard as everyone else, and because you failed in the first place, extra restrictions are placed on you, to remind you not to return to your previously problematic behavior. And if you consider the tendies light-hearted infractions then you really have the view upside down. Those people posted despicable things, nasty personally targeted comments at several members of the community, including photoshopped pictures with grossly inappropriate content. The content and behavior of those who decided to 'tendie' can best describe as bigoted and racially motivated and overall violent/destructive. You are entitled to your opinion, and you are perfectly allowed to voice it as long as you stay within the community guidelines, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.
  10. Ducky


    It is not that I do not see things from your point of view, I very much do. I just disagree. I understand why you may feel that their contributions heavily outweigh their final wrong-doings that led to their exclusions, despite understanding that, I still disagree, I do not believe we should pander to emotion and use the good to justify the bad. I hold no ill will towards you, I simply disagree with you. I did state active players. I am sure that we can both agree, if a player is actively playing and invested, they will surely voice their opinion on a poll, if at the very least cast their vote, and should they not then perhaps the vote itself is redundant? And no change is warranted in the first place?
  11. Ducky


    I genuinely believe Rolle has the communities interests at heart and that he very much does care about our opinions, so long as we are able to properly articulate them and argue our points. So far I have not seen him make a decision that the majority of the community disagrees with. Lets talk about that fast travel poll shall we? I've yet to see it implemented, so far it has not been added and no change has been made that has gone against the majority of the community, and it doesn't seem like it is going to be put through any time soon either. Do you posses a link to a poll where the majority of the community argues against a change, and rolle went ahead and did it anyway? And just so we are clear here, and on the same page, lets define what a majority vote is. Is it fair to say that, in order to get a majority community vote, you need at least 51% of the active player base at the time to vote in favor or against? I'd like to think that is a fair portrayal of a majority, a statistical majority representing the current playing populace of DayZRP. As of this week, 901 users have visited our game servers, a poll created this week would need to reach at least 451 votes for, or against in order to reach majority. Agreed? EDIT: I assure you that this is not an act, I do not see a problem with the amount of permabanned people, however I am unpleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people incapable of expressing their concerns and wish for change in a manner that does not involve violating the community guidelines.
  12. Ducky


    I'm afraid I cannot agree with that, because I find the statement to be a pretense. The number of permabanned users does not directly imply or even suggest that there is an issue with the system, the only factual piece of evidence it can suggest by itself is that a high number of users are unable to follow community guidelines repeatedly and end up getting excluded from said community. When you propose that the system is flawed, and your argument is the number of users being punished then you are misrepresenting that statistic to support your opinion. Please remember that these permabanned users were validly and not invalidly permbanned from this community. If your argument that the system is flawed would have any merit, it would have to imply that they were invalidly or unfairly punished. Just because your intentions are good does not mean your actions are excusable, if you want to make a change you need to go through the proper means, not call for revolution and set things on fire. In a community we tend to solve things based on a majority, this is the way democracy works in real life too. A certain percentage either votes on a decision, or a person to be put in charge of making that decision, and the majority vote wins. It is important to note that a majority means a majority of the whole community, I had another discussion not to long ago about how to achieve a majority vote, and the requirements you may need in order to statistically prove that you have the majority which I encourage you to read up on if you want to make a change, it shouldn't be too far back on my feed.
  13. Ducky


    Their prior status does not justify their actions. It doesn't matter if you were previously in staff or not, you are held to the same rule-set and standard as everyone else, and if you disagree with the system or the way things are run, there are ways you can make a change that does not involve breaking community guidelines. If you want to make a change, and you want to do that by protest, there are ways you can do that, such as a mass exodus, or a well formed petition, or other forms of peaceful discourse, there are ways to voice your concerns and show your numbers without breaking community guidelines.
  14. Ducky


    Some people don't learn from punishments, and some people don't rehabilitate or change their behavior, despite punishment or attempts at teaching them to behave differently. We have community guidelines for a reason, it is to keep a sense of order and structure, a certain level of safety in the community, where no one is afraid of saying whats on their mind with fear of being flamed to death or witch hunted for an opinion, something that, even with the safety net we have still isn't completely possible. Users who continuously violate the trust and rules that they are asked to follow to play here, and continuously given chances to learn from their behavior with no sign of changing need to be dealt with accordingly, as it becomes painfully obvious after the 6th, 7th and maybe 15th report verdicts/violations that the user has no intention of actually following the guidelines, let alone keeping the level of respect towards others that is required to be part of this community. Why should they be allowed to stay? Why should we waste time and effort giving these people yet another chance to disappoint and ruin it for everyone else?
  15. Ducky


    If your ram is fucked, buy new ram. I recommend getting a minimum of 16gb. As for memory optimization, literally nothing we can do about it.
  16. Ducky

    Anyone know the trick to curing toxic poisoning? Or is death unavoidable?

    Calling in @Dmitri_Medeleiv to post his POV (Mod creator)
  17. Ducky

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    I think the idea of removing the prison is laughable over-all, however I have always supported adding a bridge to it. As for making a prison inland, that would not be a bad idea, but in no way should it mean we delete Prison Island.
  18. Ducky


    I just figured I'd point it out, Deer Isle is very much still Chernarus. Anyway, the graphics are amazing and the concept is sound, a few spelling mistakes and typos can be found though, particularly in the bottom of the backstory section, other than that it looks great and I wish you luck.
  19. Ducky


    Deer Isle is a chernarussian island to the east coast of South Zagoria, the translations are not direct and some are completely new Im not angry its just a minor pet peeve that people use Izurvive names rather than the names we specifically created for the lore.
  20. Ducky


    Stonington? It's Kamenogorsk for christ sake https://www.dayzrp.com/deerisle/ There is a map with all the Chernarussian town names, please use those
  21. Ducky

    Chicken wing debate

    only viable answer is A anyone who picks B isn't living life to the fullest
  22. Ducky

    Removing/Altering Woodstorges

    I did have a small attempt at fixing this around two days ago, however I've been a little pre-occupied lately. We will for sure fix this issue however, so for anyone doing this at the moment, it's best you move that stuff over to tents, otherwise you may suddenly find those items missing.
  23. Ducky

    Bleed mechanics suck

    Love it when bohemia hatemail is sent to dayzrp I rate this post 30 out of 30 new whitelists.
  24. Ducky

    VPN Detected

    I can, however switching to a VM was the bad move in my opinion. I would have rather recommended you kept your rig and bought a smaller, cheaper laptop for work, but then again it depends what work you do. But it really is a moot point, hindsight never helps anyone. If the only thing you play on the VM is DayZRP, I'd say you are still spending your money in the wrong place however.
  25. Ducky

    VPN Detected

    Small price to pay to prevent permabanned players from returning on new accounts with VPNs, among other problems associated with VPNs. However, see this as a joyful step in the process of upgrading into a proper rig that is actually intended to run the games, rather than a VM.
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