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  1. you are pissing me off

    1. Ducky



  2. KOS zones are bad, however I am all for a faction war system, something that actually prevents groups from being invincible and prevents endless wars.
  3. Lore is fine, CDC would be busy dealing with their own infection in America as the infection is world-wide and not isolated in Chernarus. If you want to play a CDC-Esque styled character I suggest talking to @DrMax about possibly joining HARO, either as a dynamic or fully, or alternatively work with the Loremaster team on a local chernarussian disease control agency, I am sure if you follow a path as such you will find great success. In regards to an accent, fuck accents. Never let your accent turn you away from a certain style of roleplay, as long as you make an attempt I guarantee you that everyone will have your back, you do not need to be a professional voice actor to imitate a foreign accent and it should not be the determining factor in deciding your roleplay. Work with the lore, not against it, and be open to try something different and new.
  4. @GaryCash I think what the staff team is trying to say is... You should pitch the group idea in it's entirety to the loremaster team, meaning not just snippets or parts, but the full scope of the group, influence, lore etc so that they can clear it, because at the moment things seem way too vague and way too up for interpretation, thus allowing you to claim pretty much anything.
  5. Those are the dirty beige pants. They are made by us but I suppose it was all the way back before we streamlined the itemshop process. What I'm trying to say is. It isn't on the itemshop but could be. We just need a transparent image of just the pants. As for the Adidas variant that's from MSFC so no itemshop.
  6. ^^^This Megacorporation Potius Craz 2.0 has me worried if it is lore friendly, especially given previous cases of Massive Oil Rigs, Bunkers, Nuclear Submarines, Cyborgs and such.
  7. Basic stuff is not scarce at all, you are simply hitting a very unfortunate stroke of bad luck with finding what you are looking for. Unless your definition of basic stuff includes an M4, plate carrier and full military kit.
  8. Ah yes, throwing random percentages around like candy with no basis is something I can always approve of. In light of my sarcasm however, let me state a fact and an opinion. The fact is: There is a lot more civilian clothing spawning than there is military clothing spawning. (As can be seen when reading the loot table, which granted only developers have access to.) My opinion is: People choose to wear military clothing anyway because it has more slots and/or just think it's cooler. (Which is an opinion based on what I have seen in this community during my time here.) The same can be applied to ghillie suits, quite a few relatives of Chewbacca in the first two weeks of the lorewipe, and quite a few military larpers but hey, can't expect people to be 100% true to their character when there are gameplay limitations to not wearing bodyarmor and picking clothing that has less slots, how else are you supposed to carry your grandfathers M4 and 700 rounds of ammunition?
  9. Hello, Developer-On-Break Ducky here to answer some very brief ingame mechanics. All-Retextures/re-names of medical items inherit the ingame properties of the original item in question. What that essentially means is that things like Glucose Tablets are functionally the same as a Vitamin Bottle, it just has a different name. The same goes for any re-named version of the blue painkiller box, they all functionally reduce your pain state by 1 tier. Bottled medicines such as Ketamine have no functional use and provide no benefits (to my knowledge) and is merely an RP item. The only medical item which has a different function to the rest is Dexamphetamine which is essentially 50 epinephrine sticks in one tiny bottle. With all that being said, it was my understanding and still is that at some point the development team will look into providing differing effects to these medical items, and possibly different textures as well, however like most development cycles it's just the kinda thing that one day we might decide to just do. (Like when I went through and renamed all weapons & attachments & descriptions along with @Watchman because reading KA-M instead of AKM started to annoy me.) EDIT: @Whitename you beat me to it you slut
  10. Cool concept however not feasible in the scope of things. -1
  11. How do you perm someone for posting a hypetrain on a group page.


    Someone explain this insanity.

    1. Combine


      The fuck?

    2. Blisna



    3. Jannik


      wtf hvem blev permed for sådan en lille grund ??

    4. Para


      This has been taken care of 🙂 

    5. Challenger



    6. Ducky


      @Para Appreciated, I couldn't believe this happened to begin with.

      Thank you for handling it

  12. You have learned well young one, spread your graphics
  13. To add onto this, having a patch that can be attached to the pistol holster slot on a plate carrier or some other vest would be absolutely grand. Should be more than possible
  14. Zlatko was born and raised in Serbia to a Russian-Serbian couple, his early childhood was fairly simple, he went to school, had a part-time job while he studied and eventually graduated with a higher basic education. Shortly thereafter he joined the Serbian Police and worked with them for a couple of years however he found Serbia to be rather limited and so he decided to try ventures elsewhere, what he ended up doing was moving with his Russian father back to Russia, working small jobs on the side while looking for something bigger. Eventually he was approached by a recruiter for Lynx-Group and he ended up signing a contract with the Private Military Company. He was then trained further to make sure he was up to speed with the other contractors and then shipped out to work security detail on Chinese railroads and transport stations in compliance with a contract that Lynx-Group had written with major Chinese transport companies. Somewhere around 2018 he was re-tasked to Chernarus where a new contract had been written, here he was tasked with working security on an arms factory in Lopotevgrad, he did this for roughly two years before the infection broke out, leading to overall chaos. He along with some of the other contractors there ended up fortifying the factory and eventually other Lynx-Group contractors on the western border regrouped with them. The rest is to be discovered.
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