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"Quit being a pussy, I only shot you like four times."

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  1. Kain

    • Kain
    • Ducky

    Honestly disappointed you aren't using U Got That for the profile song with that profile picture. Playing it while watching the profile picture just got me tranced, ngl.

    1. Ducky


      if you pay close attention, after the beat drops the avatar also fits with my current song 😉 

    2. Kain


      I know man, but like, that takes like 2 minutes to get to... Missed opportunity in my eyes man

    3. Ducky


      Hmm... I might come up with a compromise.

    4. Ducky


      @Kain Satisfied?

    5. Kain


      Very, now I can spend the next hour staring at that damned profile picture

    6. Ducky



  2. Ducky

    Any tips for Detective type characters?

    Just make sure you respect chernarussian customs. That's all imma say.
  3. Ducky

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    I think it depends entirely on the town. I've entered towns the size of my thumb and there has been 14 maybe 16 zombies. Other times there have been none.
  4. Ducky

    DaRsnn's Avatar Library

    My mans, consistent scaling pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
  5. Ducky

    False Report?

    It was an off-handed comment in regards to Jasper informing me he was disappointed and held me in the wrong light.. Maybe that would have made sense if I actually quoted him, apoligies for the confusion.
  6. Ducky

    False Report?

    Okay let's weigh up the situation here. 1. This guy is angry at me, he likely wants me dead. 2. I am starting to get annoyed with him and his friends. And yet still decided to punch him because you expected not to be met with the immediate consequence of death. In this specific situation, it makes sense he was shot on the spot, that's what I am trying to say, my opinion isn't gonna change no matter what regard people hold me in, I'm not gonna get shamed into changing my damn opinion.
  7. Ducky

    False Report?

    I did. And I still hold the same opinion. Dusty thought he couldnt get gassed for walking up and punching the guy, he thought he was protected by the rules. I see no reason he should be, I would have done the exact same thing, I would have shot him on the spot. In different circumstances, where people arent readily ready to fight, and are starting up hostilities it makes sense, but we're talking minutes of harassment towards eachother, things are escalating and getting heated, and you choose to punch someone who is ready to kill you? Really? Yeah, I remember that report, I didn't agree with the verdict.
  8. Ducky

    False Report?

    I mean, you punch a guy you are talking shit to while he is holding a rifle, and you expect him not to shoot you. That is NVFL, there really isn't a counter argument.
  9. Ducky

    Bring back the colored cowboy hats!

    Leather is cool and all, but the implication of adding in the previous stuff again.. ugh.. Neon coloured clothes make my eyes water. -1
  10. Ducky

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    How is peak hours defined? Is it based on European Peak Hours or is it based on American Peak Hours? Im retarded and cant read blue text pls my name is Nathan. Sounds good though, let's get it.
  11. Ducky

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    The complete and utter lack of consistent scaling makes me angry. But you're a danish bro so you get a pass take my beans
  12. Ducky

    Ducky's Gif Avatars

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I might have some stuff I was putting off, give me a few days.
  13. Ducky

    The Chernarus Space Program Wasn't For Me

    I remember getting in the new Olga and driving perfectly for a solid 30 minutes. Then I lightly touched a bump, and in exactly 1 frame I went from perfectly stable on the road to being 25km in the sky. I cried
  14. Ducky

    New Group Idea?

    Go for it bud, sounds like a decent time.
  15. Ducky

    Roleplay and you

    While I am sure the intention of this post was to encourage others to try to make unique characters, what it really ended up being was a humble brag and a dig at other people. What can I say..? Eh... Try to... Phrase it better next time..?
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