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  1. Why didn't you post the links to the mods...?
  2. @Hofer Get this man MVP rank NOW. Congratulations @RocJag, proud of you man, keeping it runnin'
  3. I believe we already have a ruble model that we could add. However it would be up to @Roland if he wants us to add it before the Season which adds traders.
  4. Okay, so I have found something in regards to these guns. The MSFC version of the Vityaz actually does take 9x19 instead of 7.62x39, however it is impossible to load it into the magazine. With this discovering, we will simply disable the MSFC version and re-enable the MoreGuns version, this effect will probably take place when LW hits.
  5. Hang on, I will test both guns and magazines.
  6. Automatic Rifles already have a pretty significantly low spawn rate, the only off-set is that they do spawn infinitely, just very slowly. Then again, in terms of balance, I have always been a fan of the metro-style of loot economy. Guns? Abundant, all over the place, no problem there. Now the ammo though, thats a different story. But truth be told, people will rarely ever agree on one way to balance it, and one extreme over the other is rarely a good outcome, so I think what we have now with a slow spawn rate while potential infinite supply is the best we are going to get to a middleground.
  7. Yeah no need. People just need to be more careful when they take hostages and properly cover said hostage, taking your eyes off of them or letting your guard down is what gets you killed.
  8. 5. Been busy with work and playing a couple of other games in my free time. Most of my focus on DayZRP leading up to the LW has been on development and assisting the LM team, which leaves little time to Roleplay in my case, especially when I have grown a taste for a few other games as one does every so often.
  9. I think you're all getting a little offtopic here. The thread was about pushing the lorewipe forward, and not so much PK politics. Lets get back on topic yeah? As for pushing it forward, speaking as a Dev, if we push this forward now and release early, it will be no different than one of those unfinished kickstarter games, half-assed half-done crap that doesn't engage the players with multiple holes in the plot. Now to some of those out there who don't read the lore in the first place. The lore obviously doesn't mean as much, since their character is rarely based off of any events actually present in the lore, but I'd say the vast majority of people definitely do read the lore, if not parts of it that are relevent to their character. I know for me at least, if I were to make a character, I'd want to know what happened to their own country as well as early events of the infection in the current country, that way at the very least one can chain together a narrative with that information. All I can say is to be patient and try to wait until June 1st, it is only 2 weeks away now and the wait will be worth it.
  10. Lets not jump to conclusions and start rushing things. If things are released ahead of time and before they are actually done, it will cause more damage than simply waiting. As for the low player numbers, get ingame losers.
  11. Recipe costs will be tweaked, and I am certain people using doors to create walls will be dealt some swift justice.
  12. sunrise-and-cross.jpg

    Sleep sound young one, for your fight is over.


    I'd like to think that I have always played Maxim true to his heart, true to his core beliefs, and as a firm believer that all executions should lead to a PK, I too have had to end his story prematurely, because at the end of the day, this character may be my creation, but he is part of a larger narrative involving family, fiends and feuds.

    It was a good run, and I enjoyed it, all the way until the end.


    1. Watchman



    2. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      Steven snoop dogg dancing GIF by Romy


      rip maxim

    3. TurkRP


      Probs to you mate, your RP in VMC was probably the best one ive seen in a good ass while..

    4. Malet


      A pleasure being part of the story. Maxim was for Jona always like looking in a mirror for what he could have become if live went a different path.


    5. Franny


      It has been a great journey. Laska is devastated about this but I guess we all knew it would end like that at some point. I'll miss Maxim.

  13. The only thing I gather from this thread is that there is a large amount of people who are unhealthily attached to their character. While this is getting solved and approached via the forum I urge you all to try making a new character instead of the same old one you've been keeping alive forever. After all if it opens back up you can always switch back to that character.
  14. Looks solid, good luck with this.
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