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  1. Monetization approved and will allow for plenty of uses in roleplay. Yes please.
  2. More native livonians, some native polish speakers could do this to perfection, im looking at you @Inferno
  3. Offline raiding threads are always fun to read. Your points are: 1. It doesn't further roleplay It does infact further roleplay, one way to effectively fight your enemy without having to engage them in combat is to run them dry of their supplies. Theft is a tool and drives hostilities, and sure, while the other party may not be acutely aware of who has raided them, they very much are aware that their resources have been stolen. Im certain there are people out there who consistently raid bases just for the hell of it, but hey, that's part of life too, if your place isn't well enough fortified, expect it to be raided. 2. It's powergaming. Im gonna go ahead and spit this out, if offline raiding is powergaming, then claiming your character is sleeping and therefore no one can take the supplies in his tent is also powergaming, you're forcing others to acknowledge your presence when you aren't infact there. Overall, I think we've had enough discussions about offline raiding, and at this point it's getting pretty boring, if you want to hoard gear, secure your place properly or hide it instead of complaining about it being stolen while you weren't there to protect it. Also this isn't exactly how it works, currently there is an infinitely spawning number of rifles on both maps, however it will only spawn very few of them at a time. Example: 2 M4s are somewhere on the ground, ready to be looted. Someone then picks one up, and another will spawn after an unspecified amount of time. Its a small amount in the loot pool that restocks very slowly, and it does not count weapons currently in use or stored IIRC.
  4. I think it is likely not very constant, I was personally sick just last night and I ran close to @Franny, sneezing and coughing on her for a period of about 10 minutes before I managed to cure myself. She didn't get sick at all. Again, this is just my own personal test, and compared to you, you seem to have a different experience. I'll look into the sickness, see if we can tweak the spread a little bit, but arguably you could avoid being sick by keeping your distance to the people that are, as well as make sure you have a steady supply of tetra. Taking vitamins will also increase your overall resistance to sickness
  5. Yes, indeed. My group is based entirely around that concept actually, we are all ethnically danish OOC (Aside from a few people) and can therefore act out our danish characters ingame by speaking our native tongue. This adds for an extra level of immersion, and as long as we initiate on others in english to keep things fair, there should be no issues what so ever.
  6. Are you cold? You should always try to stay within the comfortable temperature (Yellow on the temperature gauge), this can be achieved using heat sources like fires and heatpacks. If you go to cold (As in when it turns light blue) then you will develop a sickness fairly quickly
  7. Sickness is fine, find tetracycline and stay warm to prevent getting sick As for getting sick from others, keep a safe distance
  8. While it doesn't bother me, it definitely bothers @Franny with how often we bully her over not pressing R. That being said, no, I see no reason to change this at all, it's a nice feature.
  9. Just record it yourself instead of asking staff to. It's all evidence at the end of the day.
  10. @Zanaan shouldn't have made the votes anonymous, now we can't call out those pesky no-voters for voting no and not explaining why. I actually agree though, we should go back to vanilla lock cutting, it's a bike chain, it doesn't take a whole lot of time to cut through it, and as it stands with actual bike chains in real life. The chain isn't actually there to make the theft take longer, the chain is there to turn away easy-going thieves that do not carry tools.
  11. >14 year old admin makes comparison to banging


    1. Brayces



  12. What exactly is it you would like to achieve? This massive wall of text covers a lot of different things in terms of hostility, but the only real thing I can make out is that you want looser execution rules to allow for people to kill eachother, and the reason being that it creates better roleplay because you can play your characters in a more realistic way? I'd like to know if this is the actual thing you would like to achieve before I give my opinion on it.
  13. New goals look great, and I very much enjoy the aesthetic and feel of this group, however I do have one thing I wish to highlight with the Camp Joyce rules: I trust that, rules will still be followed, and while this may be a protocol used in the camp, you still follow proper procedure and actually initiate instead of just yeeting them.
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