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  1. Ducky

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    @Banshee This t-shirt is the same as a twitch t-shirt for me
  2. Ducky


    That's not how boxes of nails work. A certain amount of boxed nails will spawn on the map, as soon as they are picked up that box is removed from the overall total and a new box spawns somewhere else after a certain amount of time. The current amount of boxed nails in peoples stashes does not affect spawn rates. @Cedrea keep in mind the reason you may not have found any is because the distribution of nails is not necessarily fair, it tries to place it away from where players are, but has no further balancing in terms of checking if there are too many in one area. As an example, in theory, there is a chance all boxes of nails will spawn in the berezino docks, and they will stay there until someone finds them, picks them up, and a new box spawns elsewhere.
  3. Ducky

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    "In actual fact, we have nothing to worry about. According to our research the next emission will not occur for at least, two months, four days and seven hours." - Young Ecologist moments before the incident. I see a Clear Sky inspiration and I raise you a toast, good luck Stalker.
  4. Ducky

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    Not trying to poke a hole in anything here, but from a standpoint of statistics I don't see the relevance in keeping track of how many people are indifferent, surely if you are indifferent you dont care if it stays or is removed? So why is that vote important? Like if it is there as an option, people will still vote yes and no, and the results would be judged on those votes anyway, not the "I dont care" votes.
  5. Ducky

    Suggestion: DPM Camo

    Ratnik-2 you say? Be patient
  6. Ducky

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    I mean... It just kinda breaks the 4th wall? And who the hell would RP as a twitch streamer?
  7. Ducky

    GMAK Staff Application

    Shouldnt this have been posted here?
  8. Ducky

    Suggestion: DPM Camo

    Yeah but why do that when we already have a full set of BDU ingame? It seems like extra work for superficial variety when it's gonna look no different on a raincoat than it will on an M65? Don't get me wrong, I would love to make more variety, but the fact that we already have BDU ingame means there really isnt a reason to make a second set of BDU. I could maybe see a reason when it comes to DPM, but then again, I refrained from making MTP and OCP versions of the CUU jacket because they are almost identical to the MultiCam, it's superficial variety at that point and it honestly is gonna do nothing but clog up the mod pack and make the download bigger.
  9. Ducky

    Suggestion: DPM Camo

    Pretty sure modern day BAF use Multicam if I am not wrong? That will be added soon enough. As for DPM or BDU, we already have BDU clothes in the game, and I don't much see a reason to add more of it when we already have it.
  10. Ducky

    Military bases

    From a CDF Government standpoint, those bases have definitely been left and abandoned in South Zagoria, and claims as to who owns them doesn't really matter except on a superficial level. @Fuhqnugget The people you met were likely nationalists, and like nationalists tend to do, they rationalise and justify their actions based on a variety of factors. Blaming you for going to their countries abandoned military bases and reaping the rewards is one way they justify the evil-ness of foreigners But in any case, Combine did put it best and I suggest everyone reads what he had to say on the matter. As for western weapons in Chernarus, most of them likely fall under these categories. 1. Left over Surplus equipment from the Civil War (M4, M16) 2. Left over Surplus equipment from UNFORT (SCARs and FALs) 3. NATO/US forces based in Chernarus during and after the outbreak (AWM and any other modern western weapons) 4. Internationally sold hunting rifles or recreational rifles. (M14, M1A, Winchester Model 70) Of course these arent entirely accurate, but it helps justify why they would be there, and in terms of balancing, eastern weaponry already is more common than western ones, and you are more likely to find them over an M4.
  11. Ducky

    Celebrity Characters

    I personally like to believe that we have all if not most A-List celebrities just sitting with a filled out whitelist, waiting to get ingame Jokes aside, if Will fucking Smith joins the community he can play Will fucking Smith
  12. Ducky

    Rape RP

    Trauma is a great story-telling tool. A post apocalyptic story wouldn't be that without dark and gritty themes right? With that said however, I don't think anyone should be actively raping anyone ingame, but contacting someone OOC and pitching the idea as a way to progress a dark and gritty story-line, and the F2Bing it having happened is the way to go.
  13. Ducky


    @Watchman tagging my man because he has the most experience with it.
  14. Ducky

    Hearts of Iron 4: Project South Zagoria

    Forgot to mention, there is also a discord so you can communicate with Levi as well https://discord.gg/tvpt5Gx
  15. Ducky


    Project South Zagoria



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