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  1. Ducky

    Svoboda Movement

    Aye when I gave my blessing I meant good luck and all not "Hello please steal my signatures"
  2. Ducky

    Svoboda Movement

    Good luck lads, you have my blessing at least. Make us proud yeah?
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you think my attitude is fucked up, but I still stand my by opinions on certain people and certain standards of roleplay, that has and never will change. I don't like to be vague or subtle about my opinions, I'd like to think I am blunt and to-the-point, and I've been told it comes off as brash and condecending, but that's a matter of opinion. Do you not agree that the standard of RP has fallen over the years? Has it not gone below the bar that it should be at? Is that not what we are all discussing to bring life back into this community? Apoligies Erik, didn't mean to turn this into a back an forth of mindsets, I just don't want to be misconstrued or left out, especially when the first reply I get to my opinion is "lolfaschist go away."
  4. Call me an elitist, I guess that's a better term for it. We may not have the same views as to what constitutes good rp and bad rp. But I've experience and seen things that I in my right mind just can't understand why anyone would allow or even agree to, hence why my attitude might come off as fucked up. There's a reason for that buildup.
  5. Is that how we de-value arguments these days? I'll be honest I was expecting something with a bit more bite. Regardless of any title people wish to put on me, I still stand by what I think. A lot of shit went down in 2017 and some of it is still going on today, and I'd wager that it is probably the reason DayZRP is the way it is.
  6. How does the game being in a bad state correlate with shit roleplay? The only shit roleplay comes from those who refuse to put any effort into it. Incase you aren't aware. I don't at all agree with OP's statement. I deeply believe there are certain individuals who are incapable of providing a standard of roleplay that this community needs. Shit roleplay comes from shitty people, I've always said this and I will always stand by it.
  7. The state of the game literally has nothing to do with roleplay. Even when armed to the teeth in nothing but letters on a screen, people join together and create stories and roleplay. If the demographic was dayz players in general I suppose that would hold some truth, but since the demographic is roleplayers, I think it is absolutely pointless to argue that the game being shit is a direct influence on the people wanting to roleplay. Maybe things has just gotten stale due to all the shit that went down in 2017.
  8. Ducky

    DayzRP Members as DOGS Thread.

    @Galland All it is missing is your beloved rifle. @Ghoozov I shall repeat myself. "blyaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" @Don @DeeBlack @Corry idk why, reminded me of you three. @Dingoz Just needs a pack of ciggies and a cap.
  9. Ducky

    DayzRP Members as Cats Thread

    @Ghoozov blyaaaaaat
  10. Harlow

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    >mfw I saw your profile

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      They are lovely aren't they.

  11. Ducky

    Plays.TV Issues #SaveRory

    The encoder should save after you do it the first time (Until you close plays.tv or restart your pc), so if you go into PUBG and set the priority you should be good for league too.
  12. Ducky

    Plays.TV Issues #SaveRory

    @Rory Be careful with setting it to realtime, applications sometimes have trouble when running at that level. Although recording should have no problems when set to realtime.
  13. Ducky


    Aside from the cheeky meme, looks great. I'd probably change the name from Dolg to something else though, the whole Dolg + PMC feels a little too close of a resemblance. Especially when paired together with the goal of curing/ending the virus and generally cleansing the undead. Just a little food for thought
  14. Ducky

    Plays.TV Issues #SaveRory

    Plays.TV has had a problem since an update that came out like 3-6 months ago. The problem is that windows tends to set the Plays.TV encoder to low priority, resulting in laggy/stuttery playbacks and videos and I'm about to teach you how fix that. Warning: These screenshots will contain Danish words instead of english but translations are provided. 1. First and foremost, open Plays.TV and the game you wish to play. 2. Tab out of the game and open up your joblist, you can do that by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC 3. Find Plays.TV Video Recorder and unfold it. 4. Right click on "Plays.TV Encoder Server" and go to details. 5. Then find and right click on the "plays_encoder_server" and set the priority to High This should fix the problem, you will need to do this every single time you start up Plays.TV, but if you play multiple games in one session you will only need to do this trick on the first game. Hope this helps.
  15. This seems more like a desperate PR attempt tbh. Say if I was the Blackfangs, I'd try to dig up some footage of this improved RP and maybe help my case that way.