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  1. Ducky

    This is odd

    I think we might have differing opinions on what constitutes a "decent" explanation mate. I've gone ahead and color coded it for ya to help reflect a bit. What I've marked in red is the dismissal of the claim, an attempt to invalidate any argument against why it would be wrong, followed by an apology. Would we look at the situation differently if he tied someone up from behind outta nowhere? Even if he would have done so and untied the person afterwards, it's quite obviously frowned upon and not okay. To try to dismiss the claim with such a poor excuse as "Well it didn't harm him." and then afterwards hit us with a 3 word apology seems disgenuine. Maybe that's just me though. In this example we have not one, but three dismissals of the claim. If I remember correctly, yes Psi wasn't the one who started punching but he sure as fuck joined in on it. On top of that, even if the person was stream sniping (He was clearly btw, I'm not defending that.) this isn't how we deal with those kinds of situations, just because of harassment or stream sniping we don't throw all the rules out of the window. What could have been done? Could have initiated on him, call him a perverted stalker and beat the shit out of him afterwards, that sounds like RP to me? Gassing a hostage without further ado is a big no-no, I personally am against the rules of hostages being protected by an invisible rule shield, however those are the rules for now and I do my best to follow them, so should anyone else, including streamers, as far as I remember Psi only briefly skimmed through the rules without a care in the world. Psi starts off by saying that the rule isn't on any other community he plays on. I stated earlier that Psi has primarily played Arma 3 Life for a majority of his career, I believe he even said so in one of his own videos. If it is a matter of adjustment then fair enough, I welcome Psi to please play with one of the approved groups so he can get a feel for how roleplay is done here rather than be followed by stream snipers and people trying to be funny on stream, but given his lackluster response and comparing A3L to DayZRP it didn't really seem like his intention is to adjust. I might be wrong though, I do recommend you go and actually play with one of the approved groups Lewis. Since we are on the topic of gassing hostages though, the second excuse is commonly used in reports about this specific scenario: 1. Hostage is taken. 2. Friends of the hostage engage. 3. Hostage is gassed. Personally, I think this is a reasonable scenario, if you really cared for your friend you wouldn't light up the hostage takers because you know that they might kill him any second if you fuck up the assault. If a hostage is taken, switch that safety on and roll diplomacy. The last part is kind of a half apology. There is an acknowledgement of fucking up which is good, but after that there is a dismissal of all the points before this one, which again kind of invalidates the apologies you've said earlier. I won't bring anymore examples as I feel it is unnecessary at this point, and for the record @PsiSyndicate I don't want you to take this as a personal attack, I just want to reinforce the point that roleplay on DayZRP is a different level than A3L, and that some adjustments need to happen on your end; this whole situation just like last time is looking like a huge fuckup rather than something beneficial for all of us, both your stream and the community. Thank you for reading to anyone who made it this far.
  2. Ducky

    This is odd

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe the people who have issues with Psi's level of role play did not encounter him because they specifically chose to avoid him? He clearly wasn't here to do anything but frag and fuck around like he does on A3L, and the people who defend him saying "Lmao none of the victims reported it chill" should try to think about the overall picture and message that he is sending. Arma Life and DayZRP are two levels of roleplay, one being at a significantly higher standard than the other. Psi's stream does not reflect that, infact it puts DayZRP at a simillar level rather than an elevated level, and it drags us down into the mud which is "drop weps 10 secs" and all the other failrp/badrp scenarios we all hate so much. How can you possibly defend his actions? Like genuinely?
  3. Ducky

    This is odd

    Agreed, it seems problematic to blindly ignore rulebreaks simply because the OP was not involved. There were quite clearly several rules broken in the video provided and even so report was closed.
  4. Ducky

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I'm sure some people find it hilarious to KOS as well, should we allow it because it is funny? Had it happened to anyone else, and was it done in the presence of anyone else it would have had a BadRP tag slapped onto it followed by a hefty amount of points.
  5. Ducky

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    You don't think his grotesque level of RP has any relevance at all? You don't see an issue with every person they run into, it is the same scenario? "Hey lets rob him." over and over, no reasons provided, minimal RP and no regard for the person what so ever. Psi's idea of roleplay is very heavily influenced by his years of Arma 3 Life experience. That shit should not be allowed to fly here, not even the slightest and it honestly sickens me that it is being disregarded because he brings in new players.
  6. Ducky

    One Group

    Zbor is an obvious bet, but then again I am biased. Here are a few other honorable mention in no specific order: Cerna Liska, Blackwood Militia, CLF, RSM, Volki, Dveri, Alba 19, The Grey Fangs, The Watchers, Alcyone, DUTY, Chernarussian Movement of The Red Star (ChKDZ), Droganzu Too many groups to pick from, they're all great.
  7. Ducky

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Any variant of 6b13 or 6b23 would be greatly appreciated, both in TTsKO, Tan, Olive, Digital Flora and EMR. And since we are talking about helmets: 6b47, ZSh-1-2, Altyn + Visor Vests: V95, Grad and of course 6sh117 to go with the russian body-armor. I'd also like some different gorka styles like EMR or TTsKO. And a base russian combat uniform wouldn't be bad in EMR and Flora either.
  8. Ducky

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Watched a few clips, genuinely unimpressed and I'm wondering how this man was even allowed back into the community. Put an OOC hat on me or whatever you like, but there is a standard of role-play to be upheld, and the type of shit you can pull in an A3 Life community shouldn't be able to fly here. Just remind me real quick how we define the community again? Is it Serious Roleplay? Semi-Serious? Public with rules?
  9. Ducky

    Accents are kind of lame?

    *hearty chernarussian laugh* Accent are great, however everyone has to start at 0 at some point. Takes time to develop a well rounded, believable and easy to pull off accent.
  10. Ducky

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Don't necessarily take my statement the wrong way. I'm with the rest of the people who say no to restrictions, it's just that I don't quite believe it is going to be as free as claimed.
  11. Ducky

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I'm very on edge about this. As much as I want to believe that these things will be allowed to be roleplayed out I can't help but be skeptical. Like lets take the topic of "Anti-Antisemitism". I'm sure you all remember 2015-2016 and how things went down when people decided they wanted to engage in that kind of roleplay. Something-something and entire group idea being banned permanently because of one or two messed up individuals in said group. Idk, maybe it's just me but even this vague ass explanation probably says more about why I'm on edge than anything. Ever since then I've been half afraid to touch on the subject.
  12. Ducky

    In game Premium poll

  13. Ducky

    Execution rights

    I find it to be pretty weird that you'd have to demands for shots to stop "Or the hostage dies." Rather, if a gun is pointed at the hostage, it should be assumed that if you engage the hostage takers they will execute the hostage. If however the window is open and no one is directly threatening the hostage at gunpoint then a chance could be taken to take out the hostage takers. But the whole. "Demands shots to stop" before shooting the hostage is pointless, as you should expect them to shoot the hostage if you try anything funny.
  14. Ducky

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Hey did you know they let you serve even if you are colorblind?" ~ Radovan Janousek jokingly responding to his squad mates while defusing an IED in Takistan. Awful jokes in nerve wrecking situations are great.