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  1. Ducky

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    @ne_om appreciated lad. Don't forget our talented script kiddie @Kerkkoh though, his work may seem like it's behind the scene, but I can safely say he is way ahead of me when it comes to raw talent. As for external mods, there are very few exceptions because we require the following: 1. Mod Author needs to give us permission, which the majority usually say no (Seems to be an anti-monetization wave going on) 2. Mod cannot include any copyrighted material. (You will notice quite a few mods out there use stolen assets or assets ripped from other games.) 3. Mod has to be constantly updated and the author needs to have a quick response time when things do not work. MoreGuns was an exception, because we have @Misho in house, one of the Co-Authors, and ontop of that, Banana himself is quick to update it. Summer and Winter Chernarus were an exception as well, as they only change a few textures, and @Roland specifically got permission from the author to use them IIRC. CF is the Community Framework, it is in itself a good mod that allows other mod creators and general server features to work better. BuilderItems is a small simple mod that allows us to add a few small additions to our server in terms of buildings placed around the map, I cannot comment on the author or what agreement was made, but I don't think one was necessary.
  2. Ducky

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    So you tone down the attacks, and are not in violation of 2.3 So what exactly is the problem then? If they still wanna push for a 2.3 report, they can get hit with a big fat false report for it, and surely if you are not in violation of 2.3 that shouldn't be a problem?
  3. Ducky

    Let's Talk

    Appreciate the will to help, but these threads never accomplish anything and are usually a big target for flamebait
  4. Ducky

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    Pretty tired of people complaining about being threatened with 2.3 instead of going to staff and reporting the blackmail. It's a moot point and you only make yourself look guilty by whining about being 'falsely' accused instead of taking action and reporting for blackmail.
  5. Ducky

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Holy Necro @Voodoo Anyway here are some neato screens:
  6. Ducky

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    1. That isnt the case anymore, plenty of ARs, infact there is the same amount of ARs as on Chernarus, but only in a 9x9 map instead of a 22x22 map. 2. Its not dead, people are playing and more are coming
  7. Ducky

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Appreciated, however we find these things IC, not OOC
  8. Ducky

    94.6 Broadcast Across Deer Isle: Initiative News

    *A voice booms over the radio.* "What the fuck is a 'Stonington'?" *The voice fades*
  9. Ducky

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    All of the YES!
  10. Ducky

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    Diesal Plant or riot
  11. Ducky


    @DerrickStorm @andysuter Hold it in your hand and look DIRECTLY down.
  12. Ducky


    If your character acts in a manner that warrants death for her consequences, are you going to cross your arms when you are eventually caught? Don't you think that's selfish?
  13. Ducky


    Every execution should result in a PK, your story is not yours alone, it is a bigger story involving all of us. Much like in a D&D campaign, you do not control every aspect of your characters life, and you don't get to choose their death either, be reasonable and PK in a situaton where it makes sense and affects others.
  14. Ducky


    How to not get sick: 1. Do not drink from water containers that you have not personally disinfected with rubbing alcohol or chlorine tablets. (Seriously, any canteen or water bottle you find should be emptied onto the ground and disinfected before use.) 2. Check if the food you are attempting to eat has the status "Rotten", obviously dont consume it if it does. 3. Stick to drinking directly from wells to avoid sickness. There was a small part in the 1.05 changelog that described wild containers having a chance to contain cholera, so its really not worth the risk.
  15. Ducky

    New Map - Issues

    I mean, by technicality the lore did state that Jelenì Ostrovy was affected by a heavy industrial boom
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