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  1. Is it possible to make a currency?

    In terms of ammo, I'd say .22 is probably the most viable to be using. Stacks up to 50 while only taking up one slot and isn't ridiculously hard to get. Depending on the availability prices can obviously change.
  2. Character damage system

    Looks cool, all for it. Not sure how you will enforce people roleplaying their wounds though. And I'd also like to hear your opinion on the amount of deaths needed for a forced permadeath. And when the topic of permadeath is here, would dying by the hands of other players be the only deaths that count upwards? Or will zombies, bugs and glitches also count?
  3. Half Life, Closure.

    If any of you are fans of the Half Life series, you may be delighted to hear that the retired lead writer Marc Laidlaw has released his version of the Episode 3 plot overnight. Valve have no interest in finishing the Half Life Series, and considering Marc Laidlaw literally wrote the script for the previous half life games, it makes sense that whatever his interpretation of Episode 3 would be, will be the closest to closure or an ending. He wrote it with certain names and nouns replaced, however someone has taken their time to replace all the censored words so that you can read it in its entirety. Ill provide a link to Marcs website and the translated website, so that you can make your own assumptions and perhaps finally distinguish the burning fire that is, waiting for the end of the Half Life series. I know that I myself am saddened that Valve ever decided to discontinue the series, and that we'll never truly see Half Life finished in terms of games. If you, like me are fans of the Half Life series, feel free to discuss your thoughts and opinions on it. Marcs original post on his own website: http://www.marclaidlaw.com/epistle-3/ Corrected Version located on the github archive: https://github.com/Jackathan/MarcLaidlaw-Epistle3/blob/master/Epistle3_Corrected.md
  4. Some things just stick @marianosvc.
  5. 599ec69c42601_imaginemyshock.PNG.938bde23c89fcf183fa946d6ba3bfd5c.PNG


    I M A G I N E     M Y     S H O C K

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      Been talking for a while now, seemed like it wasn't doing it.

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      imagine my shock when you didnt care about the warning you just received and proceeded to do the exact thing we told you not to

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      I acknowledged the warning didn't I? I ain't starting shit.

  6. When you go to report an abandoned vehicle to the police and they hang up mid transfer.


  7. Chernogorsk today in a nutshell.



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      Calling @APTerminator to post his POV.

      "I swear to god I'm about to REEEEEEEE."

  8. I'm glad you all enjoyed it, it was relieving for me to really all-out after a long break from RP.
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  9. *Jiri smirks as he pulls his knife out of the rotting corpse, he then chimes into his radio.* "O vremeni, vy, sobaki." ... "Your interference has caused nothing but trouble for the people of this country." ... "Ne vozvrashchaysya, suki." *Jiri turns off his radio and proceeds to rummage through it's belongings.*
  10. What Makes A Good Character Page?

    Exactly, 'supermodel syndrome' is kind of a made-up term, but all it means is that everyone and their mother has had professional pictures taken of them and all look like supermodels. I'm not a big fan of that, but it's a minor thing.
  11. What Makes A Good Character Page?

    @Nebbstar Great backstory and great formatting, it's short but to the point and describing the basics of your character so I see no issues with that, however I do have a slight pointer. In all the other fields where you fill in things like hair and eye colour remember to capitalise the first letter. So instead of it being Eyes: brown you make it into Eyes: Brown. Let's you read over it easier and is just a pleasure to the eyes. Besides that there are a few spelling errors like 'Suppresor' and 'Hopefull' but they are easily edited. +1 for effort though, looks great overall. Edit: As a personal note, I mentioned 'supermodel syndrome' in my previous post and I still kinda stick to my opinion on that, but this isn't over the top like some other characters.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but perhaps opposing opinions should be met with verbal communication rather than a hammer.