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  1. I too put people in boxes and represent them as the devil incarnate. He wouldn't have to walk on egg shells if people didn't take every interaction ingame as some sort of personal attack. There used to be amazing stories on this community, involving the best of the best and the worst of the worst when it comes to heroes and villains. Today all we have is survivor groups, gang 1 2 and 3, and finally a bit of lore thrown in
  2. Left cause I got tired of SJW's and Political Agendas, I've always been here to roleplay and have fun but people focus too hard on little details and try to find moral high ground in every action simply for disliking you. DayZ is also an old game at this point, losing players and overall it just ain't what it used to be.
  3. Im enjoying this new DayZRP Twitter update.

  4. Damn bro forums really got a 2012 type beat to it now. What the hell happened to the layout

    1. Whitename


      at least we have forums 😎 a lot of servers just have a discord... kinda like... yknow

      boom roasted

    2. Ducky


      @Whitename Just you wait gamer

    3. Whitename


      im waiting, good luck tomorrow

  5. Hi I was just wondering I bought this weird white box called a Nintendo Wii and a game with some italian plumber on it but im not really interested in that. Is it possible to play DayZRP on the Nintendo Wii?
  6. Which were your best and worst moments?: 2014-2017, golden years of dayzrp, everything that happened during the ZBOR period was great, aside from the usual forum drama of course. Are you happy with your time spent on the server currently?: No, not at all, things have changed so much and I have less patience to deal with the bullshit at this point. It's just not worth the effort anymore. Would you like to see any shift or change?: Im pessimistic at this point, I don't believe people are capable of changing for the betterment of the rp as most people have main char
  7. Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of words? I have mad respect for you for accepting the RP you were provided and turning it into a longer story, something to drive motive for the people around you, rather than immediately jumping into the OOC and complaining about it, I wish so many others were capable of doing as you do, this place would be a lot different.
  8. Speaking some god damn facts. Can't do anything hostile because people always cry about consequences of their own actions. Instead of repeating the same bullshit your friends echo into your head, go have an interaction with the group and form your own damn opinion.
  9. "They are not like other groups like the Anarchist or the CLF that are PVP monkeys."


    Real classy, it's exactly this attitude that makes it incredibly tiresome to even play as hostile groups, because people like yourself who have zero interaction with us label us as something we are not.

    The only interactions we have had with the bar as Narodniks have been positive roleplay and showing up at the pub for drinks and food, so how you drew this conclusion baffles me.

    1. AlwaysGamer


      Not my fault if your group's actions brought that reputation. 

    2. Ducky


      No, but it is your fault speaking up on a matter with zero experience or knowledge.

      Just because your friends cry wolf doesn't mean it's there.

      Maybe if you ever left that echo chamber of a bubble you live inside you'll find different perspective instead of the same old crying over hostile rp.

    3. AlwaysGamer


      Well, when I hear dozens of people say the same thing about someone, it's because there's some truth in there. And instead of being passive aggressive, maybe look in a mirror and check you and your group's as to why people call you PvP Monkeys. I do leave the "Echo chamber". Just the fact that I changed my opinion about the Bridgewater shows that. And I did say that I am more than willing to change my opinion about the CLF. Just yesterday, I had some great interaction with Ester, which showed that at least some of you can provide great RP. Now, I'm hoping to see the rest of you prove me wrong! 

      I explained myself in a calm and civil matter in your group thread. Now leave my profile alone. I didn't spam you guys about it, I did one comment to defend the Bridgewater then one comment to explain myself. 

    4. Ducky


      I put effort into my roleplay, into my character page and into everything I do, I always give 110%, I'm not gonna sit here and have you dismissively throw shade at a group that I put my effort into because your 'Dozens of friends' can't take the heat they brought on themselves.


      I don't have shit to prove to you, especially not if your immediate outlook is negative because you can't formulate an opinion on your own.

    5. AlwaysGamer


      Well then get your group to prove people wrong, prove people that you are not PvP Monkeys. 

      Prove that to El Familia who you've been raiding over and over and over again and given them ridiculous demands even after they've had a Peace meeting with you. Prove that to everyone you've strong armed for dumb reasons other than hoping for a fight. 

      Prove me wrong and I'll gladly public admit it! I promise you right now, when I'll have proof that the CLF is NOT a PvP Monkey groups, I will do a public thread to change my opinion and apologize. 

      Until then, I'll ask one last time, leave my profil alone. If you have beef with me, take it into DMs. 

    6. Duplessis


      I don't think we, as CLF, ever roleplayed with you.

      Please, before you go around on the forums calling us monkeys, give us the chance to prove ourselves. Come roleplay with us. Don't make the conclusion and put the responsibility on us to prove it wrong. Your conclusion is your responsibility to uphold or reject.

    7. Ducky


      Innocent until proven guilty, as it should be.

      Go experience it before you complain about it

    8. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      As former CLF, I can confirm that they are all indeed chimps. Especially @Duplessis

    9. Eagle



    10. AlwaysGamer


      Like I've said, I am more than willing to rp with you. I am open minded and ready to change my opinion about the CLF, just like how I changed my opinion about the Bridgewater's. 

    11. Rover


      disappointed kevin sorbo GIF

    12. Ducky


      You mean your friend's opinion, you know, the one you adopted entirely on their word alone, because if they are all saying it, it must be true.

    13. Rover


      I would hope community members are able to draw their conclusions and feedback from personal experience, and leave heresay and word of mouth to their IC roleplay, where their characters draws those conclusions based on word of mouth in game.

      That is how competent roleplayers do.

    14. Franny


      To be honest - it is very likely you have already roleplayed with some of us without even knowing. Not all of us are on the nose about being CLF. Not to mention that I, for the two months I have been with the CLF, can count on one hand the times I have been part in a firefight. 
      - sincerely, the lady that was reading your tarot cards last Saturday

    15. AlwaysGamer


      Well, if I am not aware that these people I RP with are CLF, how can I possibly make myself an opinion about y'all? If the CLF wants to have a better reputation, maybe showing just a hint that you are CLF, especially when you are doing good RP like Ester yesterday or Franny with the Tarot cards the other night, would go a long way in helping that reputation. 
      Now that I know that you two are CLF, it already helps me a lot in seeing the CLF as they truly are. Of course, I've only seen 2 of you RPing as far as I know, but it's a beginning.

    16. Hofer


      Then don't make assumptions based on what people say about other people. Experience it yourself. We won't go out of our way to announce to everyone that "WE ARE CLF AND WE ARE HERE TO ROLEPLAY". We have reasons to not reveal ourselves at big gatherings and other locations.

      Dolly and Franny showed you one side. If you had been present yesterday at our meeting you would see another sequence of three hour roleplay with no PVP.

    17. AlwaysGamer


      Alright, point taken.
      But then don't complain when what most people see or hear about the CLF are bad things because you hide your group's affiliation whenever good RP happens. You have your reasons to hide your names and affiliations, I get that. But it can also be a detriment since people won't always get it that it was the CLF that gave them nice RP.

    18. Woodzie


      kyle mooney dope GIF by Saturday Night Live

      I can suggest people to take appointments to roleplay with the CLF so they can see our softer side.

    19. Bryan


      Hold on, you say you had little to no experience in RPing with us and that's why you claim it cause people said it. How many firefights did you have against us tho? 🙂

    20. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      CLF even zergs on the forums man, you guys need to chill 🥰

    21. AlwaysGamer


      I got the message guys. I really did. Now could yall leave my profile alone please?

  10. During the goldens years of dayzrp between 2014-2017 I'd have to pick the obvious. The Nationalist Renewal Movement of Chernarus, V1, V2 and V3. Kamenici, Dalsi Stranka, Zdesji and honestly all the other Chernarussian based groups like Cerna Liska when it comes to last lore. This lore I gotta pick RF, even though it was short lived I had the pleasure of running it and I felt it achieved it's purpose amazingly, to imitate an actual military force, stranded from command and without orders, left only to do what they were last told, regroup and await further instructions. There are
  11. No, never again. - Mod is way too big and has way too much unnecessary crap that we will not end up using, just like munghards. - Mass just adds whatever the fuck people send him with barely any QA. + cool helmet or something idk
  12. yes due to the nature of rule 1.5 I am unable to express my fondness of this post in simple terms and thus I must unnecessarily further argue why I approve of this addition. scope very epic add please.
  13. New thread looks epic. And I see some spicy goals as well. Good luck
  14. @everyone in fucking cherno tonight Absolutely stellar RP from Lost Highway and all those who came to their aid. We hope to have influenced you in many ways, some turned against us, some towards us, and some perhaps remaining inbetween, our goal is always to provide a good experience, to provide an interesting and thrilling narrative and we certainly hope everyone else is enjoying it too. A special shoutout to the man of the evening @Griffin You took it like a champ, and you're an inspiration to many roleplayers out there, I can't even begin to give you enough beans.
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