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  1. Born the summer of 95 in Novodmitrovsk's high rises Zdenek never had much to hope for in his life. His family was poor, there were barely any work and school was never anything he could put his mind to. Instead he managed to find love in one thing - football. However, this love quickly turned to hate as he ended up joining Chernarussian fascist nationalists intent on ridding Chernarus of what they called the scourge of traitors and undesirables, namely Russians and Takis, out of the country. So he would get his fist bloody beating up foreigners until one day he went to far and killed a Takistani woman. Caught in a media scandal, and a desire from the government to distance themselves from the fascists Zdenek was sentenced to murder and imprisoned for life with no parole at the Prison Island. With no future ahead of him Zdenek blended in quickly joining the local white nationalist group, often doing whatever he could to further their ideology. He never thought he would experience outside life again, but as fate would have it when the outbreak happened the guards fled off the island giving Zdenek opportunity to get away as well. Now he roams what's left of Chernarus, trying to survive and maybe see if he can find someone to recruit to his most violent ideology.
  2. Ryssen

    Post Election Discussion

    I know I am not American, but the "He's your president now so respect him" is pretty stupid. Just because he has been elected does not mean that people have to like him, or in fact respect him. Additionally it is kind of hypocritical considering that through the majority of Obamas terms Trump was questioning if Obama was truly American and calling for him to show his birth certificate.
  3. Ryssen

    Post Election Discussion

    I wish everyone could just chill. Even here at my uni in Sweden where I study to become a teacher I could not even say that I disliked Hillary as much as I disliked Trump without people calling me an idiot and most people don't even care for arguments, but just shout catch-phrases. So I don't really give a shit. But California fully legalized marijuana so that's cool.
  4. Ryssen

    Cool Kids Club

    Fixed it
  5. Ryssen

    DayZRP Staggs Interview LIVE STREAM! [Finished]

    I highly rrrrrrrrrrecommend it!
  6. "My Guitar". No wait, that is my guitar's name, trademark is pending.
  7. Ryssen

    Are Nolan and Jm Von Cat cousins?

    Aren't all Australians related though?
  8. Ryssen

    Brawlhalla Tourney

    Can't we just put it on the 17th (the friday) so I can play? Pls? ;-;
  9. Ryssen

    Brawlhalla Tourney

    Well shit. I won't be able to enter then as I am going away.
  10. Ryssen

    Brawlhalla Tourney

    Forum Name: Ryssen Legend 1: Orion Legend 2: Koji Legend 3: Bödvar
  11. Yeah do that! I've heard that only good things happen when you take hostages. :troll:
  12. Ryssen

    Brawlhalla Tourney

    What I can only choose three legends? But, I love them Ada... I mean all!
  13. No, there is but one Brock Anyway, welcome to the community! Hope you have a nice time
  14. I got a shoutout! MOM, I'm famous! Nice read Sofie
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