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  1. As a note, In the 2 months I have been back, I have witnessed only 1 group .... 1 ... actually do this rule and do it well. Everyone else I have met that has been put into this siuation (if they lost and died) don't RP out the wounds and come back the next day in full force to do it all over again, or better yet, finding someone who is RPing out their wounds a day or 2 after they won a fight... and then demanding the follow them / run 10 mile to super secret torture place, and when said wounded person tries to explain their legs have been shot to hell and that's why they are sitting around doing nought, they get a swift "No comply bullet" to the happy sacks More over to the fact, I sometimes browse the reports section, we all do. But I cannot remember the last time this rule was used in a report (And that includes reports that could very well take this rule into account). Is it some sort of awkward 3rd cousing twice removed of the rules that staff and players pretend isn't there most the time?... genuinely curious.
  2. Will never report if I had a good time bud
  3. Apologise, I put at the begining of encountering the group that if I put "//%" it meant I was typin a big descriptive rp thing, to avoid the awkward silence y'know? Thought I'd try the idea out Obviously didn't go well And now you're here... WHAT THE UNHOLY HELL WAS ALL THAT?!?! I need context!
  4. Between then and 27 minutes was the most surreal and amazingly hilarious experience of my entire DayZRP gaming
  5. It was certainly something Also maybe. But that face when you do something to show u r typing something long, nd not only do they still do the awkward "you gonna answer buddy?" But also take the piss oit of me trying to make type rp less awkward Either way I enjoyed it
  6. Neither do I bud, neither do I... I am still trying to figure out what they were actually trying to do haha
  7. DISCLAIMER: I have no ill towards the gentlemen in the video, if I did this would be a report thread, not a general discssion on, I just read and you'll understand why i simply couldn't keep this to myself... This video is without a doubt the oddest hour of my DayZRP life... Infact so odd, and amazing that I couldn't even edit this... I want to show this in it's full, raw footage glory! Timestamps: 1:54 : First contact with the group I spotted on the airfield 8:40 : We meet again 10:00 onwards for a bit : Shoe swapping? 18:00 : Oh god... here we go... 20:00 : Ok this is getting odd, I swear he was with these guys 22:45 : Wait, he killed a dude who ran... guese this is legit... 23:21: WAIT WHAT!?! 23:35 : We saved? 25:25: We not saved? WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?! 26:10:.... what? You have to be frigging kidding me... were they trying to bait me into fighting against an internal group initiation or something? Like I cannot think of an RP reason for any of this? "Missunderstanding"? The fuck? 43:30 onwards: Info exchange. Oh wait... you're leaving? Ok... Like legit if anyone knows who these guys are tag em in here, because to whomever it concerns, this is the funniest, oddest, immersion breaking (But in such a confusing manner way I don't even know where to begin processing it) encounter i have ever had in dayzrp ... and truly made my day fellas... <---Hence why I am not looking into this further / reporting... because legit this shit was just too funny / surreal... hell if I was a knob and I actually did report this, I wouldn't even know where to begin.. hell , I wouldn't even know what to frigging call it 0_0 And if by some divine act there is some context to this video's odd events, I would absolutely love to hear it, cause that is bound to be a story worth telling
  8. Worst bit is I see this as a half truth, it is a foundation... but of opportunity, not the player base's RP... If you spend a month or 2 filling in every nook and cranny of the universe an RPG takes place in, then your players will be so restricted when making characters... This includes DayZRP Keep lore simple, but interesting. Easy to understand, but enough layers to be able to create some brilliant gems of RP / characters
  9. Simulation of if@Tony's idea is shot down + his following breakdown : :P 


  10. -User was cautioned for this post!-
  11. ... You have summed up what Cheif and pals have said quite nicely.... I reject the point completely... Chief and pals, not Tony , is the Loremaster team... if they cannot take a bare bones Idea from the community and develop it themselves... then I genuinely have lost all confidence in this LM team... This post was perfect... bare bones idea, but the CONCEPT of the idea was there... it gives not only the LM's a feel for if we want this concept in the lore.... but gives them waaay more than enough wiggle room to also do their own thing whilst also appealing the players. And as for you @Chief. I am hella dissapoint... backing up this ideaology that people should just PM you / the team ideas... you know better than anyone an important factor in a lore suggestion... nay... every suggestion, is public opinion... a pm, or a reply in a thread will never get the traffic needed to see if it's a good idea or not... But considering @Tony has gotten more beanz today than I got from the last week, and the poll still shows the idea has a 78% acceptance rate (And it's been a good 12 hours since he posted this) then this is clearly a concept we wanna see. But we trust you guys to take our bare bones ideas, and make it something we could never write ourselves... that is why YOU are the LM's... your lore itself is not infalible/ not the reason we love you, but your ability to flesh out your own / other people's ideas IS what we need to see from you guys more... This post is ridiculously simple and has gathered up a storm.... Tony had an idea ----> People like the idea in droves ----> ??? ----> Profit? Yeah, it sucks starting some stuff from scratch... but the community are behind you all the way... Braveheart Chief, Braveheart... Keep the Lore Simple, keep it fool proof, take this idea into futher consideration with the revelation a lot of people like the idea. EDIT: Talked to Chief in TS, we chill , but the sentiment of this post still stands
  12. Giving a straight "no" before even seeing a day or 2 of this thread being up (Which even now has overwhelming agreeance with Tony's idea considering it went up just an hour ago) is the exact attitude I wanted to not see when it was announced we were getting new LM's... It's why I wanted Chief on the team so bad, cause I knew he listens to his people before making decisions... If ya'll are gonna say no, even in the face of public desire to see this implemented... just because a few weeks work will go down the bog + a bit of effort would be needed to make this idea stick... then I for one think that's a bit of a poor excuse... Beta is months away... MONTHS.... you guys have time to slow it down, listen to more public feedback before writing it... I think I speak for most when I say that we want the lore done right, we want it done with a lot of community feedback on it every step of the way ... we are a paitent bunch... we waited a damn long time for new LM's, we can wait a damn long time for new lore too... Whilst a microcosm of this situation, I GM Rpg's, and I will always take player consideration into a background lore for a campaign before running it... because it's their campaign too... And the same can be said for DayZRP and it's new backstory... Not happy with this response Joules mate... not happy...
  13. -1 mate, I think threads like this should be encouraged. Ideas that so fundamentally change the route the LM's wanna take cannot be confined to a single reply on another thread... the only way such a big U-Turn could even be considered by LM's is if the Community agrees it's a good idea. And that simply would not be shown in a single reply to another thread, and would get lost in the million and one other good ideas on said thread you are referring to. There is a reason we have a suggestion section rather than a suggestion thread... As Tony said, people have concerns, and it is already showing in the polls and in the replies. Tony came out with good idea --- > Community so far is liking the idea ----> ??? ----> Profit? Genuinely see no problems with that
  14. As an added point, unless the LM's @Chief @Major @Joules wanna correct me or add, I am sure they were a bit hesitant as it would mean scrapping what they'd worked on so far. Personally? Im not too fussed either way. I've once scrapped week's worth of coding for my uni assignments when someone else has pointed out an easier way, and it sucked, but by god did it make the end result better <3 Either way i am in favour of the idea of chernarus being the last resort as opposed to the country of origin. Maybe even have it be that the reason it's last is due to tight borders after the Chedaki civil war, and then once literally everyone and their mother comes to 'russ to seek haven, the depleted resources of the government finally collapse. The influx of refugees + the virus spreading here causes a catostrophic event that kills 90% of the refugees and Chernarussians alike. <--- Distain for foreigners rationalised, reason there arn't that many people left + more of said people are foreign explained But yet even after the great tradgedy occured, there are still hopefulls who, before the power went out in other countries, heard tales of Chernarus, knowing it was one of the last "havens" in the wastes Also as a note : I've Gm'd for a lot of years in RPG's and, if there is one thing I have learend is that players love good backstory... but keep it simple, keep it fool proof and fun. No player want's to juggle all of the tiny little details such as flight numbers or types of aircraft ect ect Ya'll in the lore team are great people, use your talents to keep the server fresh, don't waste it on the little things people won't read as much. Keep our lore simple, keep her foolproof Love you all , and you Tony for posting this thread so I didn't have to (And get flak... for writing another rant thread... )
  15. Yo people... you are missing a good point. Forgetting full text rp... what about derscribing facial expressions, body language ect ect This could be a good way to not have an awkward pause whilst you write out something important RP wise. Hell a great example would be a character trying to do something like walking after torture RP ... I mean imagine "Hurry up, why are you standing there" from a hostile rper whilst the hostage is trying to emote the agony they are in after having been tortured... A simple symbol or some universal thing would be great