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  1. The Traveler

    Interview with a Community Member: Karma!

    In all seriousness great interview ^_^ Much personal learning was done, very good, 10/10
  2. The Traveler

    New computer

    It depends on what they want to use the SSD speed for? 2 ish games that need it + boot up is what i used my 120gb for. + Upgrades for SSD's are expensive. And the 2GB hard drive is more than enough Assuming you want the price roughly the same: The 212 EVO is actually bae. Probably one of the most reliable, easy to fix + satisfyingly quiet cpu coolers I've ever used in a build. I almost always suggest people buy that one when they ask me to build P.C's for em on a budget ^_^ DDR4 is nice, at least you're keeping up to date (still stuck on a DDR3 board) and, going back to the CPU it's a good mix with your graphics card! Only thing I'd suggest is forgeting the wifi card and getting wired internet set up around your house if that's possible using cable clips to attatch em to the walls / ceilings (Or even run em under the edges of the carpet). The effort is well worth the reward! Oh also shit a few cable nettings in there if you have the cash. Zipties are great but untying em afterwards is a bitch...
  3. The Traveler

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    I'm sure between you and the Sanctuary peeps you could shit out a few Medical RPers to help out fill the numbers for this event
  4. The Traveler

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    My humble aplogise Stewie lad. My original point was we shouldn't wipe until the problems with the community / rules were solved, make use of the lul in populaity to boil down the issues you know? Make a lore wipe stick this time round I got rebutted by staff saying my point to do with the topic was moot and void as there are no "massive issues" in their eyes, which is fair. But I think , when talking of wiping the slate clean, it is also as important to discuss what that slate looks like when it's clean, and if it's good enough at the current time to be worth cleaning ^_^ According to said staff, it toats is so my point has been explored and rebutted. Such is the way of discussion! With that I believe we are done now ^_^ Peace be upon you my duder Hope you get your wipe / it all works out! As a note.... HEY! Conglomerates arn't bad y'know!.... infact their pretty cool... especially when hanseatic .
  5. The Traveler

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    I think the main issue with the little sign ups is the need for medical personell. As (EDIT: @Karma ) can tell you , medical RPers at the moment are a very rare resource in the community. Perhaps you and her could get talking and see if you couldn't convince some of the Sanctuary folks (who from what I have seen all have a decent knowledge of medical RP through knowing the Doc) to make some medical alts for your event! ^_^ The Traveler: Suggesting OOC collaboration since the preemptive Tavern Karaoke night of 2014
  6. The Traveler

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    I mean I dunno man. I think Shazzam has summed up Rolle's points really well (as shown bellow) and, to be honest, I'm chill with it I'd have deactivated my account if I wasn't. So I am gonna put 110% into RP in game and have fucking fun. No more ranting from me. ^_^
  7. The Traveler

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    That is 100% fine as I said, you do you dude. Infact I'ma make that my new signature (or if I have room add it to my current one) just so everyone knows this Nostalgia and sentiment to the community is the main driving force for why I stay around , can't speak for others but hey. As you've said, your house, your rules. I've said all I can about 6.1 and 6.2, the subject has reached it's natural end. With this in mind I will continue to push forward on stuff I consider bad within the server, but only if I hear the same complaints from others first. But , as state above, it's your house, your rules. Not much anyone can do about that apart from hope a million dollar idea of how to fix everything and make everyone happy shits itself into existence. :L
  8. The Traveler

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    Gonna split this in to two as I know you are a busy as fuck dude and I feel it's unfair to subject you to a full "Traveler Wall of text special with extra special sauce" Yellow is critism of 6.1 and 6.2 and why I think saying all it does is "require people to RP before shooting" is a vast dilution of the implicatons and understatement of it's effect on the community. Red is a response to your claims I have "smear campaigned" you and how I personally have no issue against you, and perhaps the situation is more complex than you realise. Your 6.1 and 6.2 rules do a lot more than just make people roleplay before shooting. Banditry is a fundemental building block of status quo within any roleplay setting if done right. And what judges that should be judgement of badRP, not stripping an entire subset of RP to make life easier. Without banditry Trade RP is neutered to the point of "go to a place, sell shit, leave" . No risk, no need to hire body guards, no need to have routes patrolled by settlements to ensure protection of traders. No Highway men, Toll roads, thieves and brigands. I say 6.1 and 6.2 are one of the biggest evils of the server because it bloody is. It's cons do not outweight the pros (i.e. the solution to the problems it was designed to solve). But yet 100's of people voted and put forward that this very issue is the case and you stand by your guns of "nope, I aint gonna let polls change my mind, clearly they don't know what's good for the server". I even gave you the BOD and got in game myself the last 2 weeks and low and behold I am right. I have not been initiated once and that is a BAD thing. There is 0 risk for neutral groups unless you are literally a blundering arsehole to someone else and give them reason to initiate.. And that fundamentally is a problem for TradeRpers, who need risk in their proffesion to have fun + justify all the secondary roles mentioned above. After much talk with other people in a group of folks I have been hanging with we universally agreed the only way to made trading fun (both RP wise and game wise) was to do a weekly trade event that removes 6.1 and 6.2 , something we are still building now. But yet you use words like "smear campaign" because of my criticism of this ruling that, time and time again has been said (both on forums and behind closed doors, even by your own staff, but we'll get on to that) that it restricts roleplay to the point of not being worth it. I understand why you say it, I'm a vocal as fuck guy, always have been, this is the same dickhead who kept pushing for a piano in my student's union to be tuned for 2 years via weekly letters because it hurt my soul hearing the same out of tune rendition of "fur elise" every time I walked to my flight dynamics lectures. But I will tell you now that, whilst the most vocal, I am not alone and, tbh, I think the reason I am the most vocal is frankly a bit pathetic. Let me explain: "We would say something about it, but you know how Rolle can be" <---- one of your own staff members not too long ago about this very subject. You are under this impression that I am this inciter of a smear campaign, but I am gonna be 100% honest with you now and say that I'm really not. This "campaign" as you call it is happening all around, in hushed agreements in private team speak chats and PM's. People don't wanna say shit because they know this is the exact reaction they'd get mate. So I mean shit, ban me for being one of the few who doesn't complain behind your back dude, go nuts. But before you do understand I do it because: A: I fucking love this community and want to see every lick of RPer have fun in it, and it drives me nuts seeing so many people use the words "Bored" , "Pointless" and "not fun" over and over again. B: I truly believe criticism, no matter how harsh, should be made available to those that criticism is targeted at. And it's a dicky as fuck move to complain behind someone's back. If I have a problem with something you say or do, I will always tell you. And these posts arn't meant to "convince" anyone of the point, it's meant to encourage those who do complain about these very issues to grow a bit more of a spine and come forward and say shit. I'll conclude by saying a community unwilling to tell you when they are unhappy out of some belief that the endeavour is pointless harms both them and your server. I leave it up to you to decide what comes next y'know?
  9. The Traveler

    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    I agree with you in a general sense. But what I am saying is even with common sense there are still a plethora of 6.1 and 6.2 reports up each month. Frankly the pat down on rules of late has been borderline totalitarian . So with that in mind I would warn against playing a racist character purely because, in current state of things, warning points are probably prepared to be released even if he is a 9/10 racist roleplayer
  10. The Traveler

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    Doing the exact same thing again to make .63 more appealing to new players is not going to prevent the plethora of staff / rule based + game / mechanic based problems that has caused the community to crumble the moment DayZSA became unpopular. I stand by the ideaology that a community within a game can be popular and have full servers even if the main game isn't popular anymore. Sweeping all our issues under the rug to get a full server back for a few weeks / months at best is not going to help anyone. Not the community that wants to see this place thrive, not Rolle who practically needs full servers to keep wiping away his debt, noone.... Unless the plan is only to have the lore wipe be a temp boost in revenue for Rolle, allowing him enough cash to finish his Citadel project and shut down DayZRP
  11. The Traveler

    How harsh is the rule about racism?

    It's not?!?! Well... sorry I wasted your time. But in all seriousness I disagree. In a community where even Robbery for items has become a huge taboo through 6.1 and 6.2, it is clear the staff clamp down hard on anything not in their vision (or rather the big man's vision) for the server. In turn I would plead to anyone wanting to be racist to be a "pro RPer" as I bet you good money even a 6/10 racist character would end up getting points in the current regime
  12. The Traveler

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    I mean I must admit, I do agree with this sentiment. I mean hell I play a TradeRPer but, because I do dirty buisness on the side, I decided to go orange to be fair like. No point in playing a "risky" character if you're protected by the very rules you want to actively ignore :S But either way the group idea itself is exactly what we need on this server, no matter how much Rolle disagrees! ^_^
  13. The Traveler

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    Well here's hoping aye Eitehr way added you to a PM that's an event idea that might be up your guy's ally
  14. The Traveler

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    Again I need to, unfortunatly, point out rules 6.1 and 6.2 as they do put a massive damper in your ability to play a "bandit" character. So with that in mind I am curious as to how you are gonna make this work? :S Do not get me wrong, I want it to work, but I am curious as to your work around to these 2 rules :S
  15. The Traveler

    Going gentle into that good night

    And then there were 4.... Toodles Whitename, good luck with your school shit. ^_^