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  1. Imagine trying to apologise for going ott and then being blocked because you tagged them in the apology. ^ This sort of in the moment blocking is why blocking should be Admin approved
  2. I mean tbh I didn't know block was a thing. And tbh now I know it's a thing, it really shouldn't be.
  3. Oh aye because meeting said person in game after blocking them and having no way to show annoyance at said person apart from in game is such a good idea. I truly believe people are good at heart, but boiling over frustration always ends up coming out.... if that frustration towards the offender can only released in game... Well I Dunne wanna see the results of that.
  4. -1 Tight knit communities such as this cannot benefit from the ability to 100% blank people without any other reason than not liking them. OOC hate is already an issue in game, being able to erase anyone from.any part of dayzrp apart from in game will only worsen this issue. Tl;dr: I believe that the block feature should require staff approval to be used, let alone be able to 100% erase someone from your own dayzrp bubble.
  9. I present you with the following image and statements to go with it: The council had a clear and precise purpose. That purpose has not been utilised in the month or 2 it has been up. Furthermore, the first time a member has posted there, with the purpose of discussing implementing one of the reasons the council was made, it was shot down after 2-3 comments, seemingly with the general concensus agreeing with @Terra's point. As such, the Council seems to be nothing more than a waste of space on the website, and I suggest immediate removal of the feature. Alternatively, I think there needs to be a major discussion between the council members about what they want out of the council idea.
  10. Finding certain loot in certain spots (most mili being in NW area) is a good thing as it induces a location economy and gives a reason to have trade routes / trading posts in multiple places. Make mili even more easy to find anywhere and we get an even more exaggerated version of the "everyone goes to where the 'RP' is at in a big 60-70 player cluterfuck" problem we've been having already...
  11. I mean.... Chat shit get banged... Like that's not even a joke though, I have seen a decent ammount of "peaceful campfire Rpers" talking the big talk as if they are the illegit lovechild of Negan from walking dead and Jay from the Inbetweeners... If someone is constantly attacking a group over and over again, has no real RP reason to do so, has refused to build RP by talking OOC with the people he's attacking to see what each side wants out of the RP to ensure everyone is gonna have a good time... THEN maybe we can talk about the hostile Rpers being the problem... But let's be real folks, there's been maybe 1-2 groups in the last 12 months that have been like that, even then at a stretch... 0_0 Most this crap comes from people thinking that an "RP orientated server" translates to "I should be the biggest man in the room if I can come out with verbal comebacks and insults, as that's roleplay... these PvP folk are ruining me being top dog by shooting me when I keep shit talking em like a pro... what selfish pricks "
  12. And just like that you pointed out how poopy your argument is. Anyone remember the Walking Dead season 7? How the constant pressure of having to appease the saviours, needing to get triple the supplies just to carry on living... even then with constant fear, really freshened the story? Remember how fucking boring season 8 was when it was all constant war with no actual decent story? Complying isn't just rolling over and taking everything and staying quiet for 4 hours. It's coming to an understanding (no matter how biased towards one of the 2 groups) that leads to peace... sure it may be enslaved peace... but that in turn can be amazing RP IF YOU PUT THE EFFORT INTO EXPLORING THE THEMES OF THAT RP! However, it seems some folk see RP as this constant thing. They write their character with a certain story in mind... and if other circumstances ( Accidental death, other players effecting them etc etc) effect their story in a way that is not in line with the themes they originally envisioned, then they throw their metaphorical teddies out the pram... which leads back to what half the folk on here have been saying all day... You are NOT the hero of your story. That's simply not how roleplay works. But you can still end up writing a pretty decent tale if you go with the flow and themes presented to you, rather than trying to eradicate them with some overused rule. Sometimes you get shafted, but you make the most of it and get some bloody good RP with themes of tension, appeasement, constant fear of repercussion you would of never even dreamed of if you'd just shot back and then dumped 2.3 on their doorstep. And then, after weeks, maybe even months of planning, you strike back with a decent plan both IC and OOC that will give both parties a satisfying end to the story arc. Man I miss the days where 2 group leaders could go chat OOC about where they see a current arc heading IC, ensuring it was good RP for both sides. GODS WE WERE STRONG THEN!
  13. Low key hoping BR kills the RP all together so we can all get to what we really want to do. Shoot the shit out of each other and make memes
  14. We already do, it's called "This week's 'RP hub' area" Also Inb4 the BR server is honest to god, no memes, more popular than the RP servers.
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