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  1. All I'm hearing is "I can't PvP anymore as when I fire shots zombies actually are a threat now| ? But in all seriousness I agree the y are a wee strong :S
  2. Praise fucking be! ❤️ Time to reinstall persis.png.3a13f3e6cb82806536578427b8af1810.png

    1. Falk


      Wall of texts incoming? ❤️

  3. I'll just leave this here. Good luck boys, hope I can be back on dayzrp soon ?
  4. New category ideas my guy: -Groups (In a more a factual Wiki form than an advertisement orientated group page) -History (Past events that have happened in game such as wars, peace treaties) -Settlements (Unless these are already counted in the "locations" tab) -Mods (To describe the mod, what it does)
  5. All the OG's seeing Morgan Returning: Might have to come back now just to be a merc, I think it's been like 2 years since i've done a proper hostile character ?
  6. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I hate to break it to you but we have had strict "no characters from old lore" rules in previous wipes... You know what folks did? Different name? Different town, slightly different backstory , but basically a knock-off version of their old character. Now unless you are gonna make staff do acceptance reviews on characters like LM's used to do with groups, that shit aint changing... As you said, it would be reading the same book twice guranteed.
  7. The Traveler

    Swapping to Namalsk

    Bubble popper Traveler here. Every side project fell and died regardless of game (hell , even the same game). If we do this on two separate maps it'd die faster than me on "through the fire and the flames" on expert. +1 for full change over. Also inb4:
  8. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Changed my mind. +1 if every single current / perma'd character is NOT allowed to come back in a "new form" for the new lore. New lore = New Characters yo ?
  9. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    *fixed ?
  10. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    There is a reason most staff apart from @Major (you fucking trooper you) burn out in the LM team. Noone should have the stress of progressing the lore in a way that is meaningful for the entire server... If the issue is the players only wanting endless firefights? Then maybe that's where the problem lies. And my question to use is, if the majority just want to shoot the shit out of each other on a non-KOS server, why in the ever living shit would anyone want to bust their arse off providing said players with amazing storylines? Staff are not unwavering forces of good for the community. They are normal blokes and lasses like you and me, who just want the game to be fun. They get overworked, they get stressed, and they certainly get pissed off and quit when a grand total of barely anyone gives a flying shit about lore progression that, god forbid, they themselves have to put effort into. ^Funnily enough, just before I posted Para added this, which perfectly sums up my point. This is not a completely unreasonable demand, but for 1 guy... hell a group of guys, wrapping up every group's story line would be taxing beyond belief 0_0 Players need to pick up some of the weight.
  11. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    ^ This 100% -Group Dynamics will stay the same 100% (New names , new decals, but the players will gravitate towards the same shit pre-lore wipe let's be real here. Maybe there was a slim chance before TS went down, but now most people have private discords for just their group like @MoodyOG and co, I doubt 10000% that they'd "break up the band" as it were if a lore wipe came knocking. -Beefs + alliances would be the same for the exact same reasoning , when everyone is in a microcosm social group, you can't expect a new story to read to change said groups. -Without groups pushing for lore to change, a new story aint gonna do shit for "freshness" (because I tend to agree with Rolle, Lore progression should be made by normal players, but then FACILITATED by staff: E.g: If a player group brought power back to a city, i'd expect the dev team to be like "shit cool dude! We adding a mod that makes it so within X radius of that city, you don't need power gens to power lights n shit") Doing a lore wipe, without players themselves nurturing the lore is like having a garden where, rather than caring for the plants and watering em and shit, you just add new plants to the garden every few months when the existing plants rot away. Because it got to the point where players expected staff to do all the lore progression and players were just here for firefights and shit talking?
  12. The Traveler

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    tl;dr: I stand by what i've been saying for over a year. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with DayZRP, but for the proportion of players you are trying to entice back through lore wipes, there are 101 things wrong in their eyes. And spicing up the lore, without addressing their fundamental problems they had with the current state of things, will not entice them back. -1 (too little to gain, too much to be lost)
  13. The only issue with "people should be able to protect their camp" is that there is no down side to a group getting all their boys together, having a big fuck off "if we all die" stash somewhere. Go in, raid the fuck out of it with everyone, get ganked on, do it again after NLR is up. Fighting off enemies to protect your base is fun... doing it again and again and again and again against the same guys turns it into the alamo... And lordy lord knows the moment the defenders lose this endless zerg-esque wave of attackers their entire settlement is going to be ripped apart piece by piece as it's technically RP to do so. This all comes back to the idea there is no long lasting effect of losing a fire fight. And as long as that's the case, no settlement is truly defendable. Worse still, even if all the defending group was on the sodding ball, clocking in and returning the moment the NLR lets them after they died, having stashes just like the attackers, getting online every single time an attack was about to happen.... your settlement may be defended, but suddenly it isn't DayZRP anymore.... it's fucking DayZ-tower defence... +1 for settlement rules, but with the caviate that there must be an RP reason to have a settlement other than "it's our home". Is it a trade hub? Farm? Car repair shop? Aid station? Traveler's rest stop? The main things people don't want from settlements to become are : -Unfun tower defence games -Places for groups to stay in all day and be decently protected so they can big dick over radio. Design me a ruleset that can stop both things from happening, and i'll be all for it.
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