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  1. The Traveler

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    I would like to add that potentially the Free Medics who were on with us at the time may know who the 2 fellows who look frighteningly simmilar to the guys who robbed jack (minus the blue coat + helmet) as they were around when they came back. :S The fact the people who did this most likely have seen this report by now but have not come forward says a lot :S Note: The second guy (in the beret) had a very thick accent , so it further stands to reason why he didn't speak during the robbery as, if he had, it would of been very clear who he was even without the disguise on.
  2. The Traveler

    My thoughts on the Item Shop

    I think we all did. I am 100% pro shop but even I found this hilarious, I hope the big man has a sense of humour on this one
  3. The Traveler

    Tabletop Role Player interviews needed!

    I may not be available for an interview, but as a Guy who has GM'd games since 2013 I can tell you the one thing that pisses me off... Macros for dice rolling. They are clunky and take time... noone likes writing out /roll 1d10+2 or whatever everytime they wanna make a test, takes away some of the fun. Macros, or actual physical dice you can roll are the way to go
  4. The Traveler

    Free Medics Media

    You would see a few fliers placed around the homestead. The unmistakable sigil of the Lawkeepers, along with that of the free medics, the bold letters stand out to you as you inspect the smaller text: Big Props to @JesterInPeril for making this. And so everyone who it concerns sees it: @Sheep @unforgiven389 @DeadKiller
  5. The Traveler

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    0_0 yeah that isn't ok .... maybe this needs to be addressed....
  6. The Traveler

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    Perhaps a maturity rule is in order? If someone is seen to be too immature OOC or IC they can be reported (with evidence of course) Regardless I know 14 year olds with better maturity than some 30 year olds (Let's not even talk about the 25 year old I know who still has his mum bathe him... 0_0 ) so age isn't a big issue for me members wise :S
  7. The Traveler

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    If I may interject Jamie, and apologise I didn't add this to the PoV as it seemed anecdotal rather than a true PoV. The helmet was taken from a building inside the Homestead (one of the small huts as we had seen it in there before the robbery, it was gone afterwards) , seemingly used for the robbery, and then ditched along with the blue raincoat... so if moody's involvement was assumed because he was with a bloke with a helmet on an airfield, I doubt it was the same guy :S No doubt me and Unforgiven want to find out who it was, but we aint fans of no witch hunt :S
  8. The Traveler

    Lore progression

    Actually we hd a big discussion over this ages ago when the lore was being formed. And all in all we agreed in plague origin syndrome and the idea that, overtime the infected would decay 24 days later style... so the place of origin would be the most safe place in the world as it would be the first to have a reduced infected presence... and presence of people in general. So it would make sense to come here if you knew it was the origin, or at least in my humble opinion ^_^ And as for border things, I'll 100% admit the lore is good for the whole "how I got here" shenanigans... and explains it well. The issue is not the lore's content, but it's length. It is over 3000 words long... that's longer than my 2nd year essay... honestly I think the lore should be colour coded with the key facts (just like your original post) to make for better reading, and I am not surprised not everyone fully reads through the lore :S And as for Loremasters (sorry but people are already mentioning it) : Just do a Tomeran, have one bloke who , maybe every other month, plans a cool lore event, and have some major change from that event. (Big invasion event where, if players fail, zombie spawns are increased for a few weeks, radio event to get a long range radio working to get news of the outside etc etc).
  9. The Traveler

    S1 Homestead (near Myshkino) Bad RP/Combat Log

    I know it wasn't directly involving me, but I was around and I feel I could give some context. POV: I relog at the Homestead for a minute as I am glitched in the "walking when jogging" glitch... I log back on and John is muted and I can't get hold of him. I go investigate and find him standing in the forest nearby... I ask him what he is doing and he explains he got robbed. He then gets onto TS (now we are back together we figured it was prudent) and informed me of the bad RP / them ding dong ditching. We searched the area for them (me and a few free medics) and found 2 things of note... the blue coat and the knights helmet on the floor. (Maybe that is traceable if it's in the logs? A knight helmet is a decently unique item to drop during the time frame of the report) Whoever it was they had only put the clothing on as a disguise. It is clear these people didn't want to be caught in anyway shape or form (I am tempted to say OOC and IC as they did 0 text stuff with John at all (They even took his radio off him vocally, a very weird occurrence in this POV's opinion) ,and disguised themselves, i.e. making it near impossible to track them IC or OOC) . We brushed the whole thing off and got on with some stellar RP afterwards. Sorry I couldn't be more help
  10. The Traveler

    Old layout on posts or similar

    Don't, everyone knows the suggestion threads are here to make devs and admins suffer In all seriousness great suggestion. +1 from me.
  11. The Traveler

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Huge props to @RebelRP @G19RP All the Kamenici boys, @unforgiven389 @Kolya Vorona @Angima and of course all of the House boys (will put their leader @Cipher) for managing to get FM wrapped into such a diplomatic cluster fuck it nearly caused all out war and the burning of Homestead! (Jokes aside your diplomacy and chats today cause amazing tense and stresfull negotiations that have done nothing but progress the server lore in the best possible way, this has been without a doubt one of the most interesting wars I have seen in years!) Thank you all for the amazing opportunities for stellar RP!
  12. The Traveler

    The Traveler

    Just hail mary'd and applied for staff. 

    Worst they can do is say no right? 😛

    1. VodkaWolf


      Top ten anime redemption stories, hope it goes well!

    2. The Traveler

      The Traveler


    3. VodkaWolf


      You're gonna go far kid

    4. Falk


      Good luck, you have my blessings 😂

  13. The Traveler

    Same RP Different Day

    Depending on what you wanna do, Python is so good. Using it for my code to create the ideal Rocket nozzle for a solid fuel booster depending on atmospheric pressure and combustion conditions ^_^
  14. The Traveler

    Same RP Different Day

    Instant -10/10 ... everyone knows python is the best computing programme! Ban him! BAN HIM FUCKING NOW! But in all seriousness welcome ^_^
  15. The Traveler

    Clothing Sets for sale in the Item Shop

    I think you mis understand mate. Imagine this on for size: Buy individual items for 4 euros or however much it costs... or, as a deal Buy 3 or more items in one bulk buy, (each item must be from a separate section: Head, Top, Legs for example) you get 25% off the total price of all the items. E.g: let's say my mate was considering buying a Cowboy hat for 4 euros.... I convince him that he'd look badass in a full cowboy look... so I buy a cowboy hat, a hunter jacket and hunter pants in one go. Usually I'd get that for (4 euro for hat, 5 euro for jacket, 5 euro for trousers)..... 14 euro total However, because I qualify for Roland's super special outfit discount: I instead get it for 11.50 euro (Because 25% off for buying 3 items in one bulk that are from seperate sections).... Boom, my mate looks like a badass cowboy, you get 7.50 more euros, @RebelRP has someone he can rob now who look's like the lone ranger! Everyone's happy!