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  1. The Traveler

    Return both servers to 80 pop.

    Lots of objects is even more prevalent when there are even more players on the server... Have 2-3 60 man servers = those bases spaced out between the servers. Remember back in day when we had ravens nest on S2 and TP on S1? Same thing but with base building ^_^
  2. The Traveler

    Return both servers to 80 pop.

    I personally welcome the newly founded DayZRP space programme. Glitched out Ladas are the only practical way to mars and the US goverment knows it!
  3. The Traveler

    Constant base raiding when offLine. What can we do?

    This 100%. Even me, someone who is not a fan of base raiding (why waste time when I could be Rping?) would take an hour or 2 out of my day to raid that shit and hand the guns out to randos. In a loot economy that sucks through reducing spawns based on stored items, this is border line disgusting...
  4. The Traveler

    Constant base raiding when offLine. What can we do?

    Bases should primarily be for RP , not a fort knox for your gear. Back in my day (Old man mod player intensifies) we used to have stashes across the map with our gear in, and our group members would get the gear we need each day (Tents if we had a trading base, medical supplies when part of the free medics) etc etc Bases are for having a centralised point for roleplay. A place to call home: -A garage to repair cars -A bazaar for players to come and set up market stalls for a small entrance price to the bazaar owner -A pub for shady sorts and hostileRPers to go let their hair down / work out dodgey back alley deals over a beer -Medical facilities to aid injured survivors that have been hurt far away from frequent medical spawns. -A forward outpost that supplies food and water to looters and scavengers going into the dangerous northern areas. If these types of places, that don't have all their shiny loot inside the walls but instead spread over KM's around the area you work out of , you won't get raided as often, as your place stops being a challenge with loot as the reward, but rather an RP hub people can enjoy... But hey, folks could just keep asking for indestructible walls and underground stashes instead... seems to be the "in" thing nowadays
  5. The Traveler

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    As a lover of schadenfreude, I am excited to belly laugh at all those poor barstools who have been petitioning for ways to stop weapons being really rare Tl;dr: KEK!
  6. The Traveler

    Whitelist improvements

    I'ma gonna be in the camp who suggest one, just a single one (as I know staff don't have ages) written out answer. Not only does it have new players put in the effort creatively, but also gives staff a feel for the sort of player they are through the way / tone in which they answer
  7. The Traveler

    The troubles of base building, and how I propose to fix it.

    The multiple server "problem" is a big yikes from me. I'd just suggest going and reading the old archived dayz mod section and see how everyone coped back in the day (Learn from your elders innit?). As for everything else? Bases should take a long time. 7 hours is 2 gaming sessions worth of play. That's frigging nothing! And that's just for one guy! If everyone could make a base solo in say half that time (3 hours) then bases would be nothing more than a gimick. But to add further points... you said urself it was for 100 walls... 100 WALLS! That's a lot of frigging walls my dude... and you want it so peeps could make 100 wall bases in 3-4 hours? Bro... -1000 from me.
  8. The Traveler

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    You can't mate, there is a contract from Bohemia that states any perks that cost money must not be beneficiary in game. It's why we don't sell backpacks and the like on the shop.
  9. The Traveler

    What's your thought on this?

    No offence my man, but your reasoning is flawed to the point of naivety. The really cool Roleplay setting with changing status quos? We used to have that back in mod times / early dayzSA. Don't get me wrong RP quality was waaaay down. But there were huge battles that changed the dynamic of the server. What slowly stopped that was the introduction to this saturated loot system. People didn't NEED anything anymore, as you could grab everything you need from a 2km radius of wherever you are on map. So: -No need for multiple settlements, as there were no advantages to setting up outside specific areas on the map. -No trade routes (unlike mod where the weapon lacking eastern settlements traded with the medical supply / industrial supply lacking western settlements) -No resource wars. (Folks used to fight over bases and areas with decent loot they could trade off to other areas of the map... man the battles a diesal plant / solnitchny garage area man...) And you want to remove the final needs players have?!? Tl;dr: I'ma be a real know-it-all prick and bluntly say you'd kill the server doing this suggestion. We'd all end up in one big hub in the middle of the map shitRPing all day as there is little to no reason to do anything once you've geared up with your outfit and gun... (Which may I remind you is roughly half of what happens right now...) Needs create motivation, need creates competition, competition and motivation creates conflicts (Social and physical), conflict = varied and interesting RP.
  10. The Traveler

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Tbh choice is pretty cool, but I don't think Roland's quite that cheap dude. He deserves some credit
  11. The Traveler

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    As someone who's had to do some pretty heavy code for free, I 100% + Aeryes concern. But to be the voice of reason: @Roland, how would you feel about 1 free item per month for diamond ranks instead? ^_^
  12. The Traveler

    Text Role Play

    I once remember trying to RP out getting a book an old character of mine used to record names / info and write in it via text RP (Because lets be real, having a book in ur hand don't make it too clear what u were doing). Realised it may not be obvious I was typing stuff so I said i'd put a "//!" in the chat each time before writing a descriptive text RP sentance. Proceeded to have the 10-15 blokes there all typing "//!" in the chat mocking my ass whilst I was trying to provide them RP (along with the exact situation they were looking for ) Yeah... I think there needs to be some rules for text rp, especially descriptive Text RP, as it's seen as a joke at the moment.
  13. The Traveler

    Craftable water tower for your base

    I agree with these two folk. But I have noticed that "priority" isn't a huge thing so far dev side. I don't mean they don't work hard. But what I am saying is we don't really have a community "list o things that are broken" to base our priorities off. Maybe it's finally time for a Dev section for the forum with a handy interactive dev map for people to see?
  14. The Traveler

    Storage Box Mechanics

    Gonna be so much easier to loot I hate bases that have their stuff hard to find due to disorganisation
  15. The Traveler

    E3 watch together.

    Outer Worlds was best part of the conference. Fite me!
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