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  1. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    "Recording a couple of gameplay clips from an internal build may sound like an an easy task, but if they are supposed to be done according to a script, and connected with a developer voice over, it suddenly becomes a complicated undertaking - especially when the internal build of DayZ just decides to behave weirdly, and randomly throws crashes and glitches your way. Of course, we want to avoid showing these things in official content as much as possible, as the intent is to present the best of what the current build can offer." So the reasoning is all well and good, but I can only feel that this has been specifically pointed out in this dev status report due to the hype about BETA... As in, if you think about it, bringing up such a negative practice, and wording it in a way to make it seem alright seems a lot of work when you could just not bring it up... Which tells me he was encouraged to bring this up, to try and control the hype around Beta a wee bit... Or maybe I am just overthinking this dude saying essentially "The video may look better than the final product"
  2. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Looking at the stuff in beta and giving it a good proper think, I have made a fairly accurate list here that explains why I am not even remotely impressed with this beta build and what it represents... Not only is it 3 years late, but the point at which the devs were happy to call the game a Beta... the features that would be in the game, ready to be polished, that would mark us going into Beta, is no where near where they are shrugging and going "eh... it's beta now" Ala this list. Green is they have added it Yellow is they have half implemented it / the foundations of it. Red is simply not in the game yet... That's a lot of Red... The bottom line is the Devs are border line lazy now. This isn't some brand new game changing patch coming... It is but another example of the Devs severely lowering their expectations...
  3. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Futher addition then. Completely unpopular opinion because, god forbid it's sensible. People are allowed to think they are whatever they are / whoever they are... but the moment they try pressing those beliefs on others and demanding recompense when people don't agree with their opinions then they deserve a swift punch in the sodding gobbo (I.E: A trans person wanting to sue because doctors put them down as their "birth gender" rather than their "Trans-Gender" on their medical forms)
  4. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Not only is Beta 3 years late, but the point at which the devs were happy to call the game a Beta... the features that would be in the game, ready to be polished, that would mark us going into Beta, is no where near where they are shrugging and going "eh... it's beta now" Ala this list. Green is they have added it Yellow is they have half implemented it / the foundations of it. Red is simply not in the game yet... That's a lot of Red... The bottom line is the Devs are border line lazy now. This isn't some brand new game changing patch coming... It is but another example of the Devs severely lowering their expectations...
  5. Do people still care?

    Well I wanna congratulate everyone in this community. We did it, we did the impossible. We turned a thread about how not many people care about non-combat events, and that being the reason a lot of people's efforts are going to waste and they are burning out and giving up, even though they have been literally doing this "get in game and do good RP" everyone keeps spouting out like a record... and turned it into a thread about how it's all the lore faction's fault and enter stage right a massive argument about the UN... I just... it seems to me the 3 biggest things on everyone's minds are : Internal RP that doesn't effect the wider world, Not giving a damn about any event that isn't pew pewing at someone or beating the ever living shite out of someone or, my personal favourite, who's group's the best / worst and how we can bitch about them. I mean christ, it's like someone chucked all the Loathing, immaturity and artificial bravado / ego they could find into a blender and then put the beauty on it's highest setting and didn't stop until the words "DayZRP Typical Thread" was just about visible in the gloop that was left over... And with that thought out the way, this thread has gone way beyond it's initial point, I would like it to be closed now. Let the scrappers go dish out the one two punches somewhere else please, preferably H1Z1 or some other zombie game that encourages this BS...
  6. Do people still care?

    Legit these seem blunt at first look... but I would say these 1-2 line comments are more honest and constructive than 95% of the BS on this thread (And that probably includes a good 1/3 of what i put in the OP ffs... ) Looking back on the old pre wipe and post wipe events: -Training event (Flopped) -Court system onrunning event (Closed after 3 days) -Whisper in the Dark event: (Flopped due to mainly disinterest) -Trade Summit event in new lore (Literally noone turned up) -And lastly the fishing trip and flea maket have barely any interest. But then the only successful event that wasn't the 101 fight club (Unarmed PvP Competition) was the prison island one: The self contained island escape event that involved making new characters and no real consequences ( No offence to the event creator, it was a sick event from what I saw, even without long term consequences). And that is the point I was trying to make (A few people here said they struggled to see my point)... That event was thought out PvP if you boil it down to it's genre.... and that's what the majority of the community seems to want, and I honestly respect these 2 guys for being honest about that fact than those who say it's because of this or that reason. These 2 arn't afraid to have people think all they want is more stuff like the self contained PvP event... and that's chill! I just wish everyone else who felt that way would be up front and honest about it is all Because if the majority are honest and say so, people can stop wasting their time making events that simply do not cater to the majority of the server, and stop living in a fantasy world where they think people are genuinely here to be a part of lore progression that isn't caused by what comes out of the barrel of a gun.
  7. Do people still care?

    That first one is an example of my own event Funnily enough it did not follow through , mostly due to disinterest. And funnily enough it's a side problem with the community. The biggest complaint I got was I was trying to do too much to change the lore and "Normal" characters should not have that ability. Stuff like the flea market and fishing competition is stuff that makes sense in the now tbh... Doing larger scale stuff so close to the beginning of the outbreak is OTT, even for me whom, as I said, tried making that event at the top of your list. Once again, it seems every event that had potential. Trying to get independant traders to have a safe hub every week to do their trading at, trying to bring a community up north via afishing trip, a summit of trading groups to try and band together... And these old events: The court feel through after 3 days from what I see here, the training seemed to have flopped after 1 page, and my event I have already mentioned didn't go through. The only one that seemed to go through was the one where people pretended to be characters that were not their main and got to escape from an island which, if memory serves, was very very combat heavy and lead to a mass killing... The interest just doesn't seem to be there friend. If it isn't a combat where you RP a different character who gets to fight or something like the 101 fight club which involves combat, people don't seem to wanna know. Its a harsh truth, but I mean your own examples prove my point. I just want people to be honest and admit it for a change. Also as a note, this is not a "Are the UN good / state of RP good" thread... keep that stuff in PM's or another thread. This thread is to discuss the disinterest in non combat events and why people have that mindset / don't have that mindset.
  8. Do people still care?

    I am known for long stupid rant posts, so I will keep this one hecka simple like... Last few weeks 2 big events have been tried to be done by two groups ( @Darra and @Rory's groups ) and honestly? The interest is poor at best. Noone showed interest in the Open Air Market at all, and only 2 participants for the fishing tourney have come forward with only 2 days left till the event... So i'ma stress I am not saying this to be dragged into the BS of "bad community spirit" arguments that have been going around of late, but I have simply got to ask the general population of this community. Do you honestly not care about none combat RP events? Cause from what I am seeing, out of the 600 views the fishing tourney has had, 2 people were interested. From the 400 views the market event got, 0 groups or people were interested. And this isn't a rhetorical question either. I legit want to see it out there, in the open, no stigma or controversy. Because if people don't like these non combat orientated events, then let it be known! Because then the people who bust their arses off trying to make them, the art work, the organisation and frankly stress from my past experience of making events, is going to burn said people out. And if noone is interested, then they are being burned out and disheartened for no reason.I am sure those amongst us who have tried making non combat events in the past, and thinking of doing so in the future, would be more than happy to accommodate the community's needs as, screw personal wishes and desires from events... those don't matter if noone comes. So like I said, say here , now , in this thread and put it on record for all those who want nothing more than to make events for this server to make you, the community happy... Do you not like these non combat events? If so why? And what sort of events would you like people to be making, if at all? Regards, The Traveler, a dude who has seen too many people dump effort into stuff for it to be wasted / underwhelming due to lack of community interest.
  9. All I'ma say is I have absolutely 0 expectations or hype for this new update... We have been let down before (remember when we were teased with aircraft over a year ago?) I will react to it when it is actually here and playable
  10. Black Lake Fishing Tourney & Flea Market (Over)

    To be fair that's what @Darra and I thought about our open air market... Seriously guys, it's a cool arse RP event... why the hell arn;t people signing up (I physically cant due to real life commitments)
  11. I just... there is no title worthy...

    I went deep into the catacombs of old DayZRP... but I failed to realize those catacombs were not sealed to keep us out... but to keep this in...
  12. Black Lake Fishing Tourney & Flea Market (Over)

    Finally again? Guese you trying to do a flea / open air market didn't count @Darra And looks like a good event
  13. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    The only problem with DayZRP at this point (Post Lore-Wipe) is entirely on the bad mindset of players who are convinced the only people who could / should be able to progress the lore in any significant way is the staff (LM or otherwise)
  14. Server 2 change

    Ok I'ma be the voice of reason. @Rolle. Give us a 7 day grace period to move bases and tents and what not to S1 please? :'( EDIT: Reread, disregard this.
  15. Lore Wipe Mulligan?

    I'ma put my two cents in on the LM's doing stuff, and relate it to what i've already said. LM's should of focused more on cool side events / helping player groups with projects they made need advice on. With that in mind there should of been 1 lore faction and that's it. 1 LM work on a lore faction, the other work on encouraging / assisting players with making and maintaining cool groups. 2 whole lore factions was way too big an undertaking. Hell, I cannot remember a lore team in memory who could pull it off... Plus 2 lore factions, means more new people / people in general join them and in turn there is less of a playerbase for non lore groups... which yes... is a bad thing. But hey, it's a done thing now, best we can do is keep at it as I said in my other comment. What we can't do is expect Chief and Major to somehow magically fix a sever with over 100 people playing every day from getting stale... Believe it or not it's up to that 100+ people...