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  1. The Traveler

    My plans for a new DayZRP Group

    Usually because hostile groups that try to proper get into the RP get smacked down by the hostile groups who actually know how to PvP Inb4 they are at war with every PvP group within half a week of starting.
  2. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Look at my last played boy. As I said in a previous post. This is dodgey as shit. But who gives 10 flying shits unless people actually commit to being disgusted by it. If folks arn't willing to leave cold turkey when upset about something, then might aswell meme and move on :L
  3. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Make sure there are 10 guys around u though, if not then it's ruleplay
  4. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    I'm literally picking up the point your putting down. Case by case is bullshit. And I 100% agree with ur point, so calm yo-self.
  5. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    "B... b... but....... case by case! "
  6. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    stop ruining my memes.
  7. The Traveler

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Ok i'll run down the thought process for you so we can put this to bed: Report pops up: -Involves 1 guy reporting vs 10 or so guys being reported -Guy who reported is on final warning and did actions that COULD be seen as NVFL in the right light -10 or so guys could also be seen done for ruleplay -10 or so guys are pretty decent donators who bring in the $$$ -Do we perma ban the one final warning boy ,or give a slap on the wrist to 10 or so folks who might get salty if they get pointed. -Decision made, $$$ are secured. Fin Jokes aside, it honestly doesn't matter at this point. If rolle decided to intervene and say "i don't like colour of that boy's title name" they could yeet him no questions asked. Unless dodgy decisions mean a dramatic reduction in player base, and in turn reduction in $$$$, then no amount of complaining about morally gray decisions will change shit...
  8. The Traveler

    False Report?

    Not that it's worth much, but as someone who literally doesn't give 2 craps about either party, even I have to admit this report seems pretty fucked up and honestly a bit of a piss take punishment wise. In my humble opinion folks tend to initiate at the point someone throws a punch rather than shooting the guy. Seems to me folks wanted to shit on the guy and fill him full of holes from the off rather than RP. But either way let's be real, the offender in question knew that... of course he did. Because we all know a good fire fight is more fun than insults and a fist fight in the dead of night. And yet he decided to one punch man the dude anyway. Should of ran away, got into position and initiated their arse and got a good firefight. Instead he got banned for looking for RP where he knew he wasn't gonna get any. That aside, punishment was a bit memey.
  9. The Traveler

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    Zombies make PvP too hard as is. -1
  10. The Traveler

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    But in all seriousness fair enough :L
  11. The Traveler

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    You are totally right... I 100% believe that people shouldn't be keeping their loot in bases full stop. Stashes have always been the best way to hide loot, it is the same now as it was in 2013 when bases were indestructable terrain admins would graft onto the map in the editor... Bases are not for someone to keep their m14 safe. They are there to provide good RP through cool as hell hubs for people to visit. Trade Post, Diseal plant, Raven's nest... all were hall marks of the map and it's stretched out community. Anyone who has spend 7 hours + building a base around a set of buildings near a big town just so they can hide their loot has missed the point of why base building could of been a great edition to the server. People breaking into bases and destroying walls that took hours to make? Yeah that's an issue. But folks losing their gear / having their base wrecked because they added a big "COME LOOT ME" sign in the middle of the base in the form of a big mili tent with 15 M4's and 200 bottles of mountain dew... yeah that's people being punished for their blissfully ignorant view of the server if you ask me. Considering you are telling the OP to leave it... implies he didn't know what you were working on? Have we just pararazzi'd a confession that the dev team isn't communicating with each other properly?
  12. The Traveler

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    To add to that: Don't want people to steal your precious loot? Make bases for RP purposes and don't be silly enough to keep all your shiny gear inside an RP hub you know gets a lot of traffic 0_0
  13. The Traveler

    Group cap

    Cool, but that doesn't stop literally anyone from doing it. I can write a compelling piece of literature that could tie literally any two groups on the server together like fucking brothers in arms in less than an hour. If you want it to happen OOC, you can make it happen IC. Simple as. Good idea, but gurantee if it goes through fuck all changes.
  14. The Traveler

    Group cap

    Good idea, but gurantee the 40 guys who split into two groups will be super duper allies and share the same TS. To be blunt, the "damage" is already done. 40 man social groups OOC are very much a thing and won't stop due to rules.
  15. The Traveler

    Second server and automatic locking

    Rolle cracking out the hard math for this one. I approve ^_^
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