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  1. Been trying out FaceIt, seems pretty cool. If anyone got one of those ESEA 7-day invite codes, please hook a brother up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Thanks everyone. Played a couple of hours and it's actually pretty fun. Don't know why I was always so scared of Standalone. Oh and shoutout to ya' boii Zipcouda for teaching me the game
  3. Hey, I just quickly wanted to make a thread to introduce myself to all the people I haven't met, which is a lot since I haven't really been active in a bit over a year. My name is Soren, I'm 21 years old and live in Denmark. I used to be a forum warrior in this community, but kind of lost interest in the game back in early 2015 and slowly just stopped playing/posting on the forum. Since then, I've spent most of my free time on CS:GO and the entire skin gambling community and only occasionally stopped by DayZRP to check the CS:GO thread in the off-topic section. I didn't really pay attention to DayZRP as a whole, and honestly thought the community had died out. It wasn't until recently I had some nostalgia about the good old DayZRP Mod days and decided to check out Standalone which kind of caught my interest. Luckily, this community still exists and is still more popular than I would've expected. Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties with BattlEye which prevented me from playing, but luckily, with help from JimRP, I got it fixed yesterday. So yeah, this probably means you can expect me to be more active on the forum, on TeamSpeak and definitely also in-game. I never played DayZ Standalone, so I'm probably a bit of a noob, but I can't wait to meet some of you guys and hopefully have some similar fun as back in the mod. Oh, and if anyone want to play some CS:GO, feel free to hook me up. I usually play matchmaking, but have recently looked into either ESEA/FaceIt for a different experience. I'm legendary eagle (master).
  4. I think it's working! It used to give me the: BattlEye Client: Update successfully completed. Restarting... BattlEye Client: Initialized (v.1.236) But now it said: BattlEye Client: Update successfully completed. Restarting... BattlEye Client: Initialized (v.1.238) And around 60 seconds later (where I usually would get kicked), it said this: BattlEye Client: Server requiring client version 1.238. Up-to-date I was not able to delete the files after uninstalling Avast, however you lead me on the right track. Apparently I had disgusting AVG installed and straight after uninstalling that I was able to delete the files. Thank you for the help, or at least for leading me back to those files. That program is quite nifty. So weird that those random small files, from A2/OA could interfere with this in such a degree. Glad I'm finally able to play though. You can mark this as solved. Hopefully, if someone is in my situation in the future, they can get some info from this thread, and track down those files. Thanks again!
  5. I just ran a advanced uninstall in the program to get rid of everything. It removed Avast but the folder is still there and I still cannot edit or delete it. I know it will be useless for me to try gain complete rights over those files because it's not possible. I legit used hours trying every single suggestion from Google to try get rights over it, but nothing works. Just keeps saying 'Access denied'. It's so extremely frustrating not being able to delete something on your own PC. wtf actually nevermind I don't have any idea what just happened but something just allowed me to delete them.... after all of this...
  6. Alright, I tried downloading 'Your Uninstaller' but I can't really use it since BattlEye isn't listed as a program but rather just a couple of files in some folders here and there. It doesn't show up in the list in that program. About the other games - I did go in and uninstall every single game that use BattlEye, even the ones that don't (since I most likely plan on formatting anyway). I do have a little clue to something though, which is when I tried to literally delete/uninstall everything imaginable, I did a full PC search of any files with BattlEye/BE in it and deleted them all except for 3 files that I simply could not remove. It said I didn't have permission to touch those files and I needed administrator rights, which I most definitely had. Then I spent hours upon hours just going through different properties on my PC to allow me to delete those files but failed. I'm not sure if they could have anything to do with it, but I suspect it. They are all 3 located in C:/ProgramData/AVAST Software/Avast/SWCUData/Cache/InstallLocation and they are called BattlEye A2 Free BattlEye for A2 BattlEye for OA All 1KB sized.. They sound harmless, but I think they're pulling my leg here.
  7. When you say you did those, do you remember the location of the files? I found some both in the steam/comonapp folder and in the [PCuser]/appdata/local folder. There is a .dll kicking around there. You could also try restoring your PC to a previously known working point, if you haven't already and I missed it. Yeah I know about both locations for that .dll file, and I've tried it all. Tried to delete both. Tried to replace both. Tried to delete one of them. Tried to delete the other one. Tried to delete one and replace the other. Tried reversed. Everything imaginable, combined with all sorts of other things I've tried. Unfortunately this is the first time I've played Standalone so there isn't really any previous working point. Was a good idea though.
  8. go to ...Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ Right-click DayZ.exe and go to Properties, Compatibility tab, Privilege level, Run this program as administrator. Yeah I actually just found this myself and played around with it before. Tried to run DayZ.exe as administrator - didn't work. Then tried to run DayZ_BE.exe as administrator - didn't work either. Thank you anyway though. I actually thought this could've solved it, but I guess not. Unless someone come from heaven and safe my life I think my last option is to try reboot my PC and hope it fixes it. I've literally sat for 12 hours today (and 4 hours yesterday) just raping google trying to find an answer and I've tried every single solution possibility at least twenty times each. So I think I will give up now and just cry myself to sleep and reboot tomorrow. How could this happen to me
  9. I already did delete the BE folder from that directory multiple times. I've tried different combinations of deleting and restoring all of these files over a hundred times today and nothing works. Also, what do you mean run DayZ as Administrator? I have run Steam as administrator where I launch the game, but as far as I know you can't run DayZ as Administrator any other way. Not by clicking the shortcut on your desktop either.
  10. Hi, I have been having an issue ever since I decided I wanted to play DayZ SA which has kept me from being able to play. When I try to join a server (any), I get in-game and after a while it says: BattlEye Client: Update successfully completed. Restarting... BattlEye Client: Initialized (v.1.236) Which seems all perfect, but after 20-30 seconds I get kicked with the message: "You were kicked: BattlEye failed to update" - I've looked online for every single possible solution there is to find and found tons of people who have had the same issue as myself, however all the different things that have worked for them, does not work for me. I've tried to: - Restart the game - Restart my computer - Restarted my router - Run steam as administrator - Verify integrity of game cache - Deleted all BattlEye files, then tried to launch the game to make it recreate them. - Manually downloaded the BattlEye files from their website and replaced them. - Turned off my anti virus program. - Reinstalled DayZ. - Deleted all other games that use BattlEye including all the BattlEye files that could be interfering. And I've probably tried more things that I just can't remember. Basically every bit of advise on the internet - I've tried. - So I'm going to try and ask you guys if any of you have had this issue and may have another idea for a fix. I know it's a long shot, since most of the possible solutions have already been attempted and failed. I'm just hoping one of you can help. I've spend hours upon hours trying to get it to not kick me, with no progress whatsoever. My final solution would be to reboot my PC back to factory condition which is something I'd rather not do at the moment. Or, just never play DayZ. plz halp my name is nathan
  11. The ads relate to your google search history.... hahahahahaha btw rolle my man ads are the way to go i was removed from staff for switching links up with ad.fly links because i predicted this crisis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) should've listened
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because I haven't been trolling on TeamSpeak. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think there has been a mistake. I have not been active in this community for probably over a year. I've only occasionally checked the forums CS:GO thread out of interest but usually left after a couple of minutes. I got permabanned a while ago aswell for apparently being another banned member, which turned out to be some IP shit that a GameMaster messed up. Something tells me this is what happened again. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned and left alone. I mean, I'm not active in the community anymore, but this is the second time I get permanent banned since I 'left'. You could wonder why I would appeal this if I'm not playing here anyway, and it's only because I want justice. I refuse to be permanently banned for a crime I did not do. Justice must be served. What could you have done better?: I am a victim in this situation. I could not have done anything differently.
  13. Some more new in gambling. CS:GO Blackjack currently have a thing going where all new users get $1 free to play with. It's a little opportunity to earn some cash and buy some nice skins from their shop. Really cool site, and pretty fun to play blackjack. Specially for free, but with actual rewards. No need to deposit or anything. Just if anyone were interested.
  14. If anyone here like to gamble with CS:GO skins, but don't like using your own money, you can check out csgodouble. If you log in and go to "Free Coins" and type in "SOREN" you get 500 coins for free (worth 0.5$) that you can play with. It's basically roulette, but pretty cool that you can play for free. Technically you could turn that into a nice bunch if you just play slow and steady. Ofc you can also deposit, but it's obviously more fun to play for free Be careful though, I ended up depositing skins and lost $300 on there hehehehe
  15. Should also put how much you put in. If you put in $40 for example, then it's not really anything special
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