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  1. My name is Grace Landry, and I'm a nurse. I always prided myself on my strong immunity to whatever viral assault we were hit with in the ER because of my years of developing that strong immune system, I never imagined it would ever cause me to be half way around the world, stranded and trying to survive in a strange land swarming with the infected. I came to this place to do humanitarian work when the violence broke out and martial law was declared in South Zagoria on May 3rd, 2017. When the first patients came to us a few months later, we didn't know what it was. Obviously some sort of virus, but we didn't know it would be a global killer. The CDC stepped in and I worked with them as we made our way down the eastern coast, trying to stay in front of the spread, trying to study and develop a vaccine all the while society broke down around us. Over the next 5 months, we worked our way westward along the coast until we arrived at Balota Airfield. One of the last military checkpoints and refuge safe areas. Almost 2 years have gone by since I came to this place, and I know I will die here. The infected have taken over and only the unlucky remain uninfected. I will help them as long as there is a breath left in my body.
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