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  1. Jimmy Mack is the bastard brother of Kyle Mack, he too grew up in the hard streets of London with his brother. He shared similar interests, he also joined the fire service when he was able and served with his brother until they moved to Berezino with their family. In Berezino Jimmy was only on the hunt for one thing, Cherno pussy. He was seperated from Kyle during the outbreak but found him by chance at a firestation a week into the devastation...Kyle and Jimmy planned to stick together and survive.
  2. They didn't see us, so I believe this would be meta-gaming. I believe you should not be this hostile OOCly, for the kill was an attack on your character, not on you. I believe there should be no OOC hostility over an IC murder.
  3. Hello. I was the person that shot you. I believe I had IC reason for the murder, considering the fact you were very hostile to myself and my friend fifteen minutes prior to that. The OP raised a gun at my head, and after demands to lower it, demands made by Dwayne, she still kept it raised at my head. I believe this, considering she was demanding something from myself, was enough reason to kill her fifteen minutes later, when I was sure her friends were out of sight and that I would have no danger by doing so. If I was in the wrong, I will of course apologize, but I believe that the reasoning behind the kill was role-play appropriate.
  4. At given time, Seneslav, myself and another person were driving behind one another with trucks. There might've been some distance, but not much. At Vybor, after one of my friends drove through, I got myself stuck in a buggy whatever it was, the two of them shout "Get out of the truck or we shoot", so I proceed to drive off. Later, they kill the truck, pull me out before it explodes, one of their friends dies to the explosion, they take me to the police station and what not. Tied me up there, started talking to me, asking questions. A minute or 5 later there's Seneslav in the doorway.
  5. Should be a day or 2 if you're around 40 in the queue, from my experience anyway.
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