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  1. I don't think large groups are necessarily bad, as long as they provide proactive RP. I think the problem arises mainly when these large groups become hostile. If you have 20 people going around raiding, torturing and holding up everyone, it's not going to be very fun for the victims unless you provide absolutely top notch RP and don't rob them dry, which, is not a frequently witnessed thing. If you have 20 people, however, provide, say for example, medical, hunting, social or story-driven RP and events to others and themselves (something Asclepius has done), then the numbers are not really an
  2. Nah, it's a good way to protect yourself against groups of 20 gamers. -1
  3. Entry two. This is going to be one of those monthly things. A lot has happened. The school in Berezino was stormed by assailants, some were fortunate and escaped, some... were not. The tragedies of the apocalypse have become a common occurrence, happening to those of us that want nothing but good for others. We traveled for a while, mostly north, where we had temporarily set up before we were stormed again, and we had to move again. We've been on the move ever since, and I feel as if we're a nomadic group by now, but everything has changed. We're no longer the same. Alike a fallen No
  4. I, Flavberg, forfeit my PK rights to Dr Bradley, which may be used in a time of betraying the group and breaking one of the Pk'able rules that are listed on the group thread.
  5. Props to the cultists that found me by the abandoned hut and converted me. That was some amazing RP, thank you fellas.
  6. This whole thread is literally about that. But I appreciate the response. Thank you!
  7. Your argument is very valid and well-put together, but I seem not to be able to agree with it. I don't want to believe that there are players out there whom's immersion takes such a heavy hit upon reading one of these notes, if they are to even find them, that they honestly believe, deep down, that the player who wrote it deserves to be deprived of fun for five days. It's Machiavellian at that point. The staff team, in my opinion, should also not be this power of complete authority that would rather punish a player than guide them towards being better role-players with methods that are mo
  8. I fully agree with OP. While it does seem like a valid reason to believe it may be a rulebreak of bad RP, it is certainly not deserving of a 5 day ban. At most, it should be a warning. It's ridiculous to even take into consideration that actual rulebreaks are punished with less of a timeout compared to a harmless joke with notes.
  9. Leo grabs a hold of his radio as he clears his throat briefly, pushing down on the transmission button. He speaks into it: "I'm not sure which transmission is worse. This or Bongo the Clown's." He releases the button after, shaking his head, a chuckle quickly escaping his mouth.
  10. Entry one - 12/01/2021. It's funny. I used to suggest holding a diary to most of my patients, where they would write down their day, and what productive and worthwhile things they had done during it. I never honestly believed in it, I still really don't, but... I feel like trying it out. Long story short, I gave up the ruthless survivor attitude that I thought could keep me alive. Although, I have to admit, it did, at an unspeakable cost. A pyrrhic victory, if anything. I decided to become a better man, one that helps others instead of harming them. It's a new world - there is no past to
  11. Had a great session today with @Dr Bradley, @DrMax, @sinikas, @Fuchs, @Gurra, and @edgy Wolf. Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone, but it was nice. Thanks for the RP!
  12. Leonid seats himself on one of the chairs as he lifts up his feet, extending them to one of the other chairs, resting them there. He looks at the man, his voice deep and his accent thick: "How shall we begin? I was born? I grew up? Hah... I was born in the city of Elektrozavodsk as the first and only son to Yaroslav and Yekaterina. My father, Yaroslav, was a police officer, and my mother, God bless her, was a psychologist, a therapist. You would be tempted to think I was influenced by her to become what I am today, but that would be a lie. Truth was, I had no interest in doing much. I didn'
  13. Same here. I'm mostly on best insulation on every item of clothing but I still drop to blue after jogging from town to town, so I literally have to stop and make a fire. I think temperature should be boosted up by a few degrees, it's a bit unrealistic at the moment.
  14. Radu was born in a hovel in the infamous, gypsy-infested part of Bucharest - Pantelimon. Known for its violent inhabitants and poverty, living in Pantelimon was a challenge for Radu's parents, who were manual laborers at a local factory. Needless to say, education was not very accessible to Radu, but his parents did their best to assure that their son would have a better way of life. Radu would oftentimes get into trouble with the local gypsies on account of him not being one of them, having been mugged several times as a child. At school, Radu was bullied on a daily basis, and his only respon
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