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  1. Make sure the parameter in launch options has the full name and quotation marks, otherwise the name stops after you space out the first name from the last name. Like this -
  2. Seneslav was born into an average family as the first and only child. His parents, respected folk, were the finest doctors in Chernarus, annually releasing studies and setting up charities for various patients. It was all to change when his parents, coming home from a charity party, were redirected into a ditch by a drunk driver. Having nowhere to go, Seneslav dropped school, which he was a fine student of, and went to Elektrozavodsk to live with his uncle, Borislav. Borislav introduced Seneslav into a life of crime, namely illegal narcotics. Of course, it wasn't long until young Seneslav ended up in the hands of the evil Chernarussian Police Department. Seneslav never said anything, but every investigation led to more and more bruises. Seneslav was always good at keeping things quiet, as that was more valuable on the outside than inside. Needless to say, they charged Sene with possession of an illegal firearm, possession of class A, B and C narcotics, assault and attempted murder. Seneslav was sentenced to twenty years in a maximum security prison on the island south of Kamarovo, to serve with the worst inmates of Chernarus. Thank God for the apocalypse. His story barely begins.
  3. I would like to drop the report after discussing on TeamSpeak. It seems as a minor miscommunication and interpretation of actions. I would like to thank the staff members for taking their time to review this.
  4. Flavberg

    The Division: Giveaway On March 3rd - Winners Drawn

    78, I love you, thank you for doing this.
  5. Could you please upload the full & unedited video please? And if anyone else has any video evidence to contribute, please do. None from my side I'm sorry would have had to restart the game to activate Shadow Play. Question for the op why did you run from the first encounter the doc had with you and then keep running the second time he meets you? Because he kept mentioning human experiments, plus, I did not wish to be there at the time, I wanted to be on my way, and he did mention "non-violent way" when he asked to put my weapon on my back. Therefore there must have been a violent way, which I really did not want to see, so I complied until I had a chance to pull a weapon and run off. - The entire 50 minute video (The quality will get better as it processes, give it time, it's 50 minutes.)
  6. I stated several times I did not know that IC nor could I have, and I did mention OOC-ly. Please take a second look to get acquainted to the text. As for the initiation, I had no choice, you kept following me. If you would've stopped, I would have never initiated. You wanted me to initiate on you.
  7. I had no friend to pick me up, I disconnected shortly after respawning. "I have known the doctor for weeks now so I had all the rights to do what I did." Fair enough, but it doesn't stand as a good reason. I also have reason to believe the doctor was a cannibal IC, which I had no information of, but heard him cry in the forest, but IC that would not be obvious, but as an OOC state of affairs, it is blatant baiting to have me killed so he can satisfy his character's needs.
  8. Server and location: S1, Zelenogorsk. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:20. Your in game name: Borislav Ivanov. Names of allies involved: None. Name of suspect/s: Dr. Hanz Krupt. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5NLIy-9sOI Detailed description of the events: I am trying to run towards the north where I am to reach the location of some friends, then I hit the doctor and two friends of his on the way, near Green Mountain. We exchange some words before they lead me into a forest where "human experiments" were to happen. As soon as I get my chance, I pull out my AKS and I run off, telling them that if they follow me, they die. I return back to zelenogorsk due to fear of not running into them up north, and I meet them there, at which point the doctor decides it's a good idea to follow me across the town. I warn him several times, time after time, at which point I turn and raise my weapon, telling him to back off. He raises his and begins shooting, I begin shooting as well, I go unconscious and finally dead. I am not sure why this happened, what his reason was for the entire following, I did not agree to most of the stuff, and was definitely not enjoying the role-play created. Overall, I see it as a poor excuse to use my character for their enjoyment, be it dead or alive, and a good example of blatant baiting. The video recording is the one of the second incident, with the following across town.
  9. I was a passerby when it all went down, I've got a recording, I don't know how much it can help, but, I took the time to render and upload it.
  10. Decided to join the group, Fox seems like a really great guy and nice leader, haven't had any serious RP yet due to our short time together, but I'm looking forward to the wonderful progress we'll be making.
  11. I just got kicked, now I can't see any servers. Just took me ages to get in. Wounded. The infamous 12 year-old is DDoS'ing again. People tend to be so sad sometimes that they have to waste time to waste other people's time.
  12. Why am I still the only one that never gets kicked from the server?
  13. I'm the only one on the server, damn.
  14. It also seems that the database doesn't save. If you log in and then log out, you respawn somewhere else.
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