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  1. DocofPinewood


    Also great rp from @ScarletRose. Got to knock the dust off my old Role Playing shoes.

  2. DocofPinewood


    @Roach  and @Empress Nino good running into yall in "Pinewood" I mean Sin city, for the first time back in several months. 

    1. Roach


      ran out of beanz 😞

      It was awesome seeing you. When I spotted you, I just knew who it was and had to talk with ya. I hope you get more involved like old lore so it turns out like old times 🙂 

  3. DocofPinewood

    The Departed

    Actually they are hiding in the best place ever. Plain site.
  4. DocofPinewood

    The Departed

    (I have left this group for my own reasons) However if you watch any of @Roach's streams this group is constantly with that lot and has been deeply involve and there story. So just because you might not see them doesn't mean they are not there. Watch the shadows my friends
  5. John Roberts was born on November 23, 1988 to Susan Roberts and Joseph Roberts at Mid Jefferson Hospital in Nederland, TX. He lived in Port Neches, TX all of his life and joined the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in 2006 after his high school graduation. As a young man John had a fascination about the Army from old war movies his Pop would watch. His father and mother always tried to convince him to not join but to become an engineer and work at the local refineries in his area. His parents only half convinced him, hint why he became a combat engineer. John always knew what he wanted to do so the summer of 2006 he was shipped off to Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood to become an Engineer. After John finish basic and the school for engineering he was sent in with the 249th Engineer and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. His main job was assembling and maintaining barriers and barracks, doing mine sweeps, and repairing electrical equipment. After 9 years in the Army Roberts achieved the Rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6). John always believed in the engineer motto and put it into his life helping him make what seemed like impossible achievements, which is Essayons (Let us Try). On July 11th, the 249th Engineers sent Company B 2nd Battalion to Ultes to meet and join with the NATO Forces in preparation of an attack form from Russian Forces. On July 17th, John Roberts was deployed to Chernogorsk with the to set up barricades in the city and on its outskirts. On July 20th John Roberts squad going under the name Zeta Squad mission changed to transporting supplies from the NATO Fleet to and from the main land using a tug boat from Chernogorsk. On the 24th there mission changed to boarding and clearing ships that had infected or appeared to be abandon and to sweep them for explosives. On the 25th during a search of an abandon cargo ship floating towards the NATO fleet from possibly Novigrad, a massive explosion was heard from outside the ship. Sergeant Jason Staurn scream over the radio for Roberts to get out of the cargo ship immediately. Roberts leading a squad a man deep in the cavity of the cargo ship order his men out. But before they could even make it 10 feet back the placement of the ship changed completely. What was once the roof of the ship being now the floor. Water was coming in in all directions, Roberts ordered everyone to move up to the bottom of the ship. After about 15 mins of climbing ladders and stairs they made it to the engine room. They placed some C4 on the “floor” above them and blew a whole for them to escape. When the explosion from the C4 happen, it shifts the ship to its side a bit. Water starting pouring in from above them, they had only one choice to wait till the engineering room fills up. It was only about 6 minutes but it felt like hours until they were able to swim up about 10 feet. As they reach the surface of the water the biggest fear was learned, where the NATO fleet was a Mushroom cloud was now there. Even worst their tug boat was now floating upside down. Roberts ordered everyone to climb on the bottom of the tug boat. After they reached it Roberts heard shouting out in the water, it was Sergeant Staurn saying to get on the raft. They floated for about 28 hours until they landed near Miroslavl. They met up with U.N. Personnel and worked with them waiting for new orders to arrive.
  6. DocofPinewood


    At this point I feel as if my store is now a base. 


  7. DocofPinewood


    Day 2 of Working in South East Texas, U.S. Army has set up a med base inside my company garage, two chinooks landed dropping off supplies. Interesting sight to see. 



  8. Shortround

    • Shortround
    • DocofPinewood

    Ran into this yung' man on R6: Siege as "Shaushe", yung' man can play some Doc ok.

    1. DocofPinewood


      haha Damn right.


  9. DocofPinewood


    Well I have been "off" since Sunday because of this storm. Apparently according to my boss our store has about 4ft of water and last night my friend had to leave his home on the other side of town. This is his truck, note he is on a hill also. 20170830_014748.jpg?width=280&height=499


    1. DocofPinewood


      Also Rescue helicopters flying over me every 20mins or so.


  10. DocofPinewood


    Image may contain: one or more people, ocean and text


    Sad to say it didn't work. Lot's of flooding in our South East Region. Every four hours i'm getting a flood alert.

    1. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      He didn't initiate loud enough, VOIP range is fucked.

  11. DocofPinewood


    haha, Dogs Bestfriend. https://imgur.com/5qMAsSS 

  12. DocofPinewood

    DocofPinewood Photos

  13. DocofPinewood

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Roach @[email protected] And everyone who went on that amazing bus ride. That Was Amazing!
  14. DocofPinewood


    I'm curious if anyone knows what this place was in the previous lore. Hint: Early 2015



    1. Ender


      looks like Vybor.

    2. DocofPinewood


      Go west more. 


    3. Mademoiselle


      The bus station near lopatino

    4. DocofPinewood


      @Mercy Correct! At the time it was called The Refuge, protected by the 501st, 101st, and Ministry of Chernarus. Just waiting to see if a place like that or The Colony starts up again.

    5. Mademoiselle


      The place is gone now and replaced by a F.A.T digger... :/ 

    6. DocofPinewood


      Yeah I know, it saddens me. 

    7. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey


    8. DocofPinewood