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  1. how to improve RP on the server: Stop being a shithead and actually try to just "have fun" instead of being a party-rule abusive pooper
  2. Big thanks to @Pontiff, David, Ford, Hailey (Sorry, don't know your account names) for the awesome RP! <3 Will see you again
  3. Met Mr @Zero in Putoshka. Was difficult to not giggle from laughter while trying to RP. What a legend! This guy gets how to have fun but add dread when RPing!
  4. Oh wow, I feel like you're speaking up for a big chunk of the silent majority of the community who aren't in the big groups here. I'm glad someone is addressing this issue. The biggest problem is that people in groups tend to talk in teamspeak 3 while running around, and while this is unrealistic ( Realistic patrols just have radio checks every half an hour or so?), running around not having banter is boring too. It's still a game after all? I guess it depends on the RP standards of a group. The way I would play to avoid this is to bind a hotkey to the mute button when I'm playing in a group, and as soon as someone initiates me in game, I just mute speakers/mic completely. I think it's very logical that everybody's character isn't holding down the radio button all the time. I crave for the RP, and don't give a damn if I get initiated on. But what annoys me is that every initiation results in my character's important gear getting stolen, and I don't have that much time to go searching around again for specific items to match my character's outfit again... It's really tiresome and off putting for newer solo wannabe Hero RP players like me. As of right now I feel completely helpless and vulnerable when I'm playing solo, I literally can't do anything when I'm being initiated on by big groups and even if I stalk a prey and manage to catch a person completely alone, seperated from the group, I will also have to keep in mind the meta-gaming in these big groups (Even if it's by accident, I give the benefit of doubt). My guts tell me I have a 99% chance of dying when I'll try . It all depends on the people themselves and their personal RP standards, really. But yeah, I'm all for rules that give solo players a more fair chance against bigger groups. But convincing people to not meta-game is really hard sometimes.
  5. - Wipes some blood from his swollen nose, and responds to the message after fixing another broken radio - 45 minutes have passed since the incident " HA! I found my beret back. It's got a few holes on it and it's a bit burned, but I'll wear it back again with PRIDE" Holds down the damaged PTT, barely getting a message through " If any NATO/UN/CDF ///STATIC/// are still out there, beware the North-West Airfi ///STATIC// strip. //STATIC// clearing some infected and sharing supplies for people as they tend to go to these places looking for //STATIC//. Stay clear from this place and beware the Anarchy //STATIC// movement. Dangerous people. If anyone's still out there, don't stop fighting the good fight. I surely won't." Just as he releases the PTT, it explodes and stops working *Says a prayer for the men he met today*
  6. Thank you so much!!!! Right now I'm roleplaying as a NATO remnant. I'm planning on just sitting in the NWAF ATM tower picking off infected to make other people's looting easier Just wanna help people out! Late EDIT: Just got robbed again on the ATM tower...
  7. Your IG name and which subject are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): Johnny Zhu - Hero Role Play What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: UTC/GMT +1 How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Forums and teamspeak link If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: I'm good at being robbed. No but really I want to create immersion for other people, but sometimes struggle to do so when playing as a Hero good guy. I really just want to improve my own RP for the sake of myself and others around me. I want to BRING immersion to the fullest!
  8. - Hands are shivering from fear. Fingers are closely gripped to the trigger. Sleep deprived and anxious for weeks - " This is Lance corporal Johnny Zhu, one of the NATO survivors from the massacre at Chernogorsk. So much terrible things have happened... I'm stuck in a town called Kabanino right now... Crazy blue figures with scary masks running around everywhere. I've heard rumours from people that they're hunting down any military remnants. I must pray for the wicked. I am scared, until I heard your almost sacred voice on my radio. I am now determined that there is still hope and faith in this heathenish country." - Johnny suddenly feels a new surge of hope and life through hearing the prayer, and his faith convinced him he MUST meet this man. " A relief to finally hear another Christian spreading the Lord's word" " I must meet you, my faith draws me to you" " I must go now and hide, from the blue demons" "Amen"
  9. Born in the Capital of Beijing and stuck between walls studying languages, he eagered for more adventure and excitement in his life. His grades were THAT good that he was one of the few allowed to travel as an expat to Europe and America. He decided to join NATO forces as a war-correspondant/translator at the very frontlines for his expat resume. Little did he know that he would be deployed in ChernaRussia and using everything he has ever learned to help the combined NATO and CDF forces with logistics and communication. He was no expat student anymore. He was a young man helping other braver men fighting off the unstoppable horde. He was there when the infected struck Chernogorsk and barely made it out alive. He just wants to help any remaining survivors out there, and seeks people to help and establish communication with.
  10. where do I know you from?

    1. Lad


      I was the great JAMMIELAD, who praised the might Zhu. 


  11. I can teach you ninja sneak... or abandon you to the zombies 

  12. I'll come back when Dayz gets gud

  13. Old Geezer

  14. Beware this game is not for casuals. High skill-ceiling and one-hit kills turns a lot of newer players away. I had more fun in this game than the endless hours I spent on COD, BF4,BF1, Arma, Squad, Insurgency etc. The game is heavily emphasized on squad-commander teamwork-play, almost everyone uses a mic to coordinate attacks. Very underrated shooter.
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