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  1. Free Game! Red Orchestra 2

    Beware this game is not for casuals. High skill-ceiling and one-hit kills turns a lot of newer players away. I had more fun in this game than the endless hours I spent on COD, BF4,BF1, Arma, Squad, Insurgency etc. The game is heavily emphasized on squad-commander teamwork-play, almost everyone uses a mic to coordinate attacks. Very underrated shooter.
  2. Happy Birthday oh mighty Ming Ming Zhu, we shall never forget you!

  3. Happy birthday my favourite Belgain person. 


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  4. How about I'll make everyone cool custom avatars like mine. Problem solved!
  5. The MAIN SOURCE of Salt and Reports

    I agree that PVP is fun, but the problem is that this is exactly what I mean, what kind of RP/entertainment value does this bring for newer members, or people outside the two groups? Nothing. Why can't current groups RP more with people on the road, and do something unique? I believe there are still ways to create unique RP, when you say things are going to be the same for another 3+ months, that's just the limit of your creativity. You're assuming too much fam, I love PVP, and saving your friend from baddies is total bad-ass. But I browsed some reports and MOST less-hardcore / newer people in smaller groups (Again NOT ALL OF THEM like I stated in my POST, there are honest RPers out there) just metagame the shit out of the situation. They're just not having fun, and I wonder what these kind of people are doing on DayZRP. I'm talking about THESE people. Not trying to offend your Hardcore-RP-law-abiding-group You forget that these are all just your respect-less opinions Dusty. This was like, more of a, 60% rant and 40% of my perspective on these issues. If a problem persists, it's good to keep reminding everyone. There can always be something to learn.
  6. The Andronicus Corporation (Idea - Want feedback)

    Metro? Upvote. Make this happen! Security guards = Gorka helmet + Visors, heavily armoured and armed to the teeth. I'd pay you just to see this happen.
  7. The MAIN SOURCE of Salt and Reports

    @Castiel Right? Stop being so serious and just have fun. (Not saying that griefers/trollers add something to the community) And mister cucumber man, no, u
  8. This does not apply to all people Is the MENTALITY AND amount of time spent on LOOTHOARDING your character until fully geared, best military pants, best military pajamas with best military guns, maxed out with ACOG- spec-ops-pristine-silencer-bipod attachments. And then you get robbed. All time spent wasted. Or you decide to go out with a bang and just kill as many as you can. Or you get so tilted you decide to tell all your trigger-happy buddies on ts3 where they can kill the bastards who are taking you hostage, cuz who the hell knows you're power-gaming right? ''Oh yeah I just tell my friends where i head to in case anything happened'' STOP FOCUSING SO MUCH ON YOUR SHINY GEAR, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN. INSTEAD FOCUS ON GIVING MORE, BETTER AND INTERESTING RP. IT'S THIS SWITCH OF MENTALITY YOU NEED IN ORDER TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN ON DAYZRP, AND RAISING THE QUALITY OF ENTERTAINMENT PLAYERS CAN GIVE TO EACH OTHER IN THE SERVER. Alot of groups I see are following this pattern: Git w4apons and hoard all ammo $$$, wait until the leaders make some conflict to happen between another faction, war, give minimal RP to random strangers on the road, rob the occasional lone dude, talk about eggs and bacon near a campfire. Rinse and repeat. Creativity dying. And people dying due some misunderstanding/dynamic group yadayada and just can't resisting the need to pull the trigger, because geez I've got all deez guns and ammo I gotta use them sometime somewhere right? TLDR; Some people get toxic and will attempt to bend the rules, and later come up with excuses the moment they lose all their hard-worked gear. Stop working so hard on gear and getting attached to your NATO-SPEC-OPS-RECON-FULLY-CUSTOMIZED-GUN and you will actually have fun.
  9. Would this be allowed?

    I didn't really know where to post a topic like this so I'm doing this here. So I just read this solved report: Right before the end of OP's video, this guy who shot OP was lying and pretending he was a bystander... I thought this rule meant it was illegal to do these kind of stuff? 5.5 Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that will cause IC or OOC harm or conflict to him, his group, or their reputation. impersonating = ''to assume the character or appearance of; pretend to be'' I think it's pretty lame this behavior wasn't punished, I don't see how this makes firefights enjoyable. There are already so much things you have to pay attention to, like validating enemy ID's and all that. So if this was allowed, would this scenario also go unpunished? - Pretending to be a bystander when being a person from the group who initiated on you, only to mow down an entire group later when they have their backs turned to you... (Pretty lame) I hope not, because this is really just lame LAME LAME...
  10. I don't really know who or how you can edit the cool interactive map, but during 60/60 peaks, can there be more activity on the map? I think it really adds an immersive factor and makes DayZRP feel more alive. Things like *Bandits spotted*, *Scary looking people* or stuff like that.
  11. forever cherishing this moment 


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      Get back on RP u nerd 

    2. JohnnyZhu

    *You hear a young man panting from excitement* "You are the chosen one Pinkie has been talking about all night, yes, YOU! Finally you have answered our call, oh savior... I promise you if you truly care about Pinkie, Pinkie will care for you too, she can be very loving to people who done her good." "Give us a date, a location, and we'll be there. I hope we make it in time before Pinkie gets crazy." *Ming Ming goes to sleep with Pinkie in her hands, whispering that everything was going to be fine and assuring her she didn't need to punish Ming Ming*

    * Ming Ming jumps from excitement and responds as fast as he can before the voice fades away * "A-Are you a DOCTOR?! Please, I beg you, help me save PINKIE. She's just confused because she's so sick and bleeding, y-you'll see, but all she needs is a doctor to take a look at her, she won't need much, I promise, please help us. We'll do ANYTHING to return the favor. Oh how I BEG you on my knees! I beg you... Beg you... Help me... Anyone..."