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  1. *Jumps at the sudden voice from his radio, grabbing his gun on instinct as the voice continues to speak behind the garble of sound. Taking his radio from his vest he presses the PTT. A startled, yet muffled british accent could be heard* "Holy shit...Lady whoever you are, but your voice and the way you spoke really does give off pretty bad vibes. I don't know who this Brian...Peter...Jack or whatever the lads name is. Seemed like he took some stuff from you and...Stabbed his brother? Damn." *releasing the PTT he sighs and gets up from the bed he chose to rest in.* "Well...I better go find Ryan and Nick."
  2. *Montague leans against the wall of the gun store ran by Nick and Ryan, letting out a shaky sigh. He presses the PTT and begins to speak, voice still in slight shock.* "To the Red ber---No, the French Foreign Legion....Thank you, thank you for saving little ol' me. You're Lt...Something something Royce. He was my good ol' neighbour during my time being a hostage for the Brokers. I wish to express my thanks, should you need something from me I will aid you." *The PTT goes silent for a brief second.* "I heard you were recruiting, I have a recruit named Harry who knows the two men who run the gun store in Stary Sobor. A former soldier or somewhat. Perhaps you can sort him out." *Another brief pause of silence.* "Montague, out."
  3. Zelo

    Coldwater & The person who hurt Eliane [Open Frequency]

    *He lets out a gentle sigh as he hears the various voices in the frequency. Pressing the PTT he responds.* "Just try not to burn good old Kabanino...Or is it New Paris? I am quite fond of the place." *He sets the PTT down and returns to his equipment, preparing to move into Kabanino.*
  4. *Montague looks at his radio, picking it up as he hears Doctor Suri. Pressing the PTT he begins to speak.* "Good. I'll be there. Stay alive until then, you're no good to me dead." *Releasing the PTT, he stuffs it back into vest before laying against the tree. His camp surrounded by the trees.* Blinking a few times, Vasily raises a brow, then his radio to his lips. "Well, if that's not ominous as fuck, durak. I'll be there as well." Continuing to listen, Vasily would keep his radio close by as he continued to patrol. *His brow twitches in slight annoyance. He presses the PTT and lets out sigh.* "Doc' Hope...I'm no accountant. Ans as for the male voice, I mean no harm. I have no intention to hurt the good Doctor." *He lets out chuckle before releasing the PTT.* "My...I wonder if I should wear my mask...."
  5. *Presses the PTT once more, the muffled voice slightly amused.* "That hurts Doctor, you met me...Yesterday. Mask and shades, gave you a medic kit." *He releases the PTT and goes back reading a small novel he found.*
  6. The latest transmission, coming on the heels of the new "Patient Zero" broadcast on the clinic frequency, almost startles Suri. She gives a soft huff, composing herself before rummaging for her radio's mic and pulling it out of her bag. She presses the PTT to respond. "Suri here. Of course I'll meet with you...Montague, you said? I'll be in Kabanino later on tonight, at the clinic, if you want meet up." She releases the button and sets the mic down, going back to packing up an abundance of supplies in preparation for the trip northwest later. *Montague looks at his radio, picking it up as he hears Doctor Suri. Pressing the PTT he begins to speak.* "Good. I'll be there. Stay alive until then, you're no good to me dead." *Releasing the PTT, he stuffs it back into vest before laying against the tree. His camp surrounded by the trees.*
  7. Zelo

    Coldwater & The person who hurt Eliane [Open Frequency]

    *Montague listens to the current conversation, clearly intrigued. With an audible sigh, he presses the PTT. A man with slightly british, yet muffled, voice* "Seems you're quite distraught...Whoever you are. I don't know this Elaine, nor can I vouch I ever seen this woman. Clearly she means a lot you. I can offer my help. You don't know, you've never heard of me. Personally, I like it that way but...I will offer my help." *There is a brief pause, Montague weighing his next few words.* "I know you won't trust me....Especially considering I'm listening in on what I presume is none of my business. But I must insist..Should you consider my aid. I will help you to the most of my ability. Should it be an extra gun, supplies or information gathering. I will help." *Montague releases the PTT, leaning back against the tree once more as his eyes cast over to Kabanino once more. Taking out a soft knife he begins to twirl it around his hand as he awaits for a response. If he gets a response.*
  8. *Montague jerks slightly from the tree he was resting against as he hears the voices from the PTT in his olive vest. Realising it's another doctor he presses the PTT once more. A soft, yet detached voice could be heard.* "Doc' Suri. Glad you're all right. You don't know, you've never heard of me. But I wish to see you soon. I mean you no harm, Dr. Hope can vouch for me if necessary." *A brief pause could be heard before, Montague letting a loose sigh as he adjusts his mask. He presses the PTT once more.* "This is...Montague. I hope to see you soon, Doctor." *He releases the PTT before he leans back against the tree, hand reaching for his pistol as he begins to clean it, eyes looking over Kabanino. "What a fucking mess..."
  9. *A break in a frequency is made by another voice, the voice slightly muffled.* "Avitus...I'm glad you're still around. Still recovering from the small shock you gave me, nearly bumping into me and almost and I mean...ALMOST pulling my gun on you. There's not a lot of people out here that wouldn't take the opportunity to take ones possessions. Clearly you're the opposite." *a soft cough could be heard through the radio before the voice continues.* "Stay safe out there. Valour." *The button is released and the man's voice can no longer be heard and only a soft buzzing sound remained.*
  10. I've just come back haha. It is old indeed!
  11. ((HEY ALL! Just a small story I created about my character! It has been a few years and my writing and RP has improved BUT I have ways to go...Feedback would be appreciated!)) Jan Villaruel has been a survivor of the Infection since the day Zelenogrosk was overrun by the infected on October 7th 2014,a family man at the age of 32 his life was steady and full of brighter roads up ahead. A loving wife with the loveliest of red tresses and a wonderful little girl with brilliant green eyes and black hair matching his own. A man of Asian descent he was but an accountant for a small time accounting firm in the centre of Zelenogrosk, a man who completed minor self defence training 3 years before. The day the infection started is when times changed for the family man. Within moments of leaving his work chaos ensued with rabid like people attacking each other and the local enforcement overwhelmed, the only thought in his mind was the safety of his family. Rushing to his car and racing home, ignoring all necessary laws, he managed to reach his family time and get them to safety. It was all for nought. Within hours in the 'safezone' of the local enforcement within Zelenogorsk they were over run. Jan did all he could to try and save his family, picking up a small calibre pistol and trying to defend his wife and child, but he was only one man against a horde of undead, his position over run he was forced to run with his family but it was too late. His wife was caught and bitten in the neck, life slowly draining from her lovely green eyes and Jan and his daughter could only look in horror. The very last words from her mouth was 'I love you' until she was finally put to the ground and consumed by the ravenous horde, it broke the man and forever scarred his young child. 3 weeks on, and the man now with an axe and the pistol he found in hand he attempts to survive while caring for a child barely out of her toddler years. The girl was only 10. The girl understood, even at such a young age, that her own father was broken and the only thing keeping him going was her. Hard times were truly ahead for Jan as his nightmare turns into reality, the infected were hot on his heels and ready to eat. His child in his arms he made a desperate attempt to escape through the broken homes of former friends and acquaintances now either dead or infected and the alleys he used to move around in during his younger years, heart racing and fear for his child rather than himself fuelling him, he ran and ran and ran until he could not run no more. It was at that moment Jan collapsed, on a small office building which ironically was his former work place. A false step, a snap of breaking wood and the shouts of both Father and Daughter could be heard as they fell from the 4 storey building due to a hole within it. Blackness consumed Jan and the cold embracing arms of sleep wraps herself around him. And through it all the sound of dead could be heard, shambling closer and closer their groans louder and louder. Jan's eyes snap open, a quick snap to the left and then to the right. He calls out for his daughter's name "Illya...Illya?!" he desperately calls out to her, panic and fear overwhelming him as his eyes scan the dark cubicles of his former workplace, the place now desolate and abandoned. He takes a step forward until he feels a crunch, he dreaded to look down but he did. To his horror he stepped onto the stomach of his child, Illya Villaruel, she was pale oh so pale. "Papa...I'm cold Papa..." she whispers out to him, Jan collapsed to his knees seeing the state his sweet little angel was in, somehow she managed to fend of a single infected judging by the corpse near them. She was a tough girl, she was his wife's child after all. A bite on her ankle showed she was infected and judging by her pale skin it was clear she was close. Jan was distraught, close to a break down "Illya...My sweet, Papa is sorry. Sorry he couldn't protect you, please forgive me..." he says, tears dripping onto her tattered blue shirt. Illya only smiled at her Papa, she loved him till the very end "I love you Papa...Mama, I will see Mama now..." she said quietly, her eyes slowly closing. "No...Illya, my angel...No..." he whispers, Jan now losing all sense of emotional control as tears stream down his face. Frustration, rage, pain, more pain, fear and failure was all he could feel as he cries at his failure, his inability to protect his wife, failing to protect his little girl. Jan knew what he had to do, yet he could not believe it or believe he was willing to do it. He has seen what being bitten has done to people and he'd be damned if he'd let it happen to his little girl, she deserved better. A click, and a bang echoes across the walls of his former work place. A man once so full of happiness and smiles is replaced with a man filed with anger and sadness, as the world descends into chaos and the world slowly collapses to its knees. Jan is now survivor, cold, numb and willing to do what is necessary. A man who loved his family to the very end is a shell of his former self, eyes so full happiness are now empty and the smile, his lovely smile as his has always said, now gone. It has been a year since that fateful day, his tattered suit replaced with a more appropriate attire to avoid the dead and his weaponry varying depending on what he could use. A gun, an axe, a sledgehammer...Whatever it took to survive. A loving husband and father, broken by the cruelty of the infection his heart heavy with grief, he trudges on and on until he could no more.
  12. Hello all! It's been 2 years since I've ever set foot into DayZ RP and this was when it was in ARMA 2! Now coming back to it as I have bought DayZ SA I am quite excited to play once more. I was a terrible roleplayer then but after practicing on various MMOs such was WoW/GW2/ESO and now currently BDO I thought it was time to make an appearance once more. I doubt many or if at all any will remember me so it's high time for me to introduce my self once more. Hope to see you all in game! EDIT: I HAVE ALSO POSTED A STORY!
  13. Well then...I wonder if my bed will protect me.