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  1. I feel that with the support from YouTubers like PsiSyndicate and others, the A2 mod will get a lot of attention and consistant players. Although SA RP was fairly popular before 0.60, when PsiSyndicate and others made videos on SA RP it gained a lot more attention. I feel the same thing could easily happen with the mod if it were to come back. I'd love to see the admins give it a chance again, I know it's come back before and failed. However, with a push from the community I feel it would gain more popularity than last time. Even if it was a trial period of a week or so to see how many players are interested, I think it would prove that many people still would play the mod version. +1 for A2 mod.
  2. DanielBond

    Official CS:GO Thread

    here is a non suspicious congrats you ugly kid
  3. DanielBond

    Get hyped

    Saw you flying around the NWAF, then heard a rather loud explosion...rip heli?
  4. a real time ???? Stop skipping year 8 English and learn to spell <3 Don't know what you're talking about bloke...
  5. Stop playing silvers and play a real team like VisualBlazeIt.net
  6. //I know that all of these pictures are meant to be from the Polaroid camera Desmond brought with him, but I did some of the pictures in 3rd person. I did this as I think it portrays the character I am trying to represent better and obviously gives a visual image of the character. So excuse that the images aren't directly from Desmond's view even though he is said to be using a camera. Apart from that I hope you enjoy!
  7. DanielBond

    [SA] Show us your character!

  8. What do you think about it now? Threads been updated.
  9. It seems to be working now. I completely wiped ARMA off my PC and re-installed and it worked. Thanks for the help guys
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