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"Broken already ...? That wasn't a big deal ... Game over."

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    A smol


  2. Zillysaur

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    Youve just been hecked

  3. Zillysaur


    We out here with another new profile theme!

    Spooky this time

  4. Zillysaur

    Max amount of Reports open Suggestion

    Current system works just fine as far as I can see. No need to change or modify it at the moment. -1
  5. Zillysaur

    Increase AR spawn.

    We need more civilian weapons and they should be more common. Id love some civilian M4 and AK variants (ADAR and VEPR)
  6. Zillysaur

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    If we turn up car spawns then theyll have the same fate as every assault rifle/carbine and marginally "Good" weapon in the game. Theyll be hoarded in bases owned by large groups and youll never see them again. I think doubling stamina is a better idea personally.
  7. Zillysaur

    S1 KOS by landmine 8/15/19 04:11

    Chaos and I were looting through NWAF and were planning to head to Novaya to look for some duct tape or a leather sewing kit to fix up some of our stuff. We had just finished checking out the tents area when Chaos stepped on a landmine that had been placed in one of the exit paths out towards Bash (the up-hill region of NWAF). Ive included a screenshot below of where the landmine was.
  8. Zillysaur


    Sitting here trying to download the RHS mods for Arma 3 and Steam decides to start its Tuesday maintenance. Feck.



  9. Zillysaur

    Baguette or Roll?

    That is very clearly a baguette.
  10. Zillysaur

    Supply Crates

    The supply crates seem like a nice way to have a chance at getting more valuable cosmetic items. I dont know if I would personally buy a bunch of them, but when I get a chance I might grab one to test my luck.
  11. Zillysaur


    Finally got around to a new profile theme. Yeee


  12. Zillysaur


    It was good to be back in-game today. Seeing DayZ on maxed out graphics for the first time ever (with a good frame rate anyways, 60-100 fps depending on where i was) was so awesome.

    Ran over to Kab and met the people there. Seemed like a nice bunch.

  13. Zillysaur


    Ya boy finally got his new PC.
    Currently installing all the important stuff.
    I should have DayZ installed tomorrow and Ill be OwOing as Rex again.

    1. Major


      I'm glad man. House fires suck.

    2. Halliz


      Thats good.

  14. Zillysaur


    Ordered my replacement PC yesterday. 

    I7-8700 CPU

    GTX 1070 8gb GPU

    16gb of RAM

    $700 marked down from $1400 cuz of airflow issues that i can fix with some longer screws or just a new case.

    Made out like a fuckin baaaandit. Should have it by the 7th and my new mouse&keyboard will be here on the 9th. 

    (Got it from Walmart online)

    1. Watchman



  15. Zillysaur

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Ive been here since 2015 and every bit of its been a blast! Ive met so many awesome people over the years and made so many stories. Happy birthday DayZRP! Also, i won't be able to play for a while due to my PC being damaged in a house fire about a week ago. How long will the gift be claimable for?
  16. Zillysaur


    For those of you that are curious, my PC got yeeted in a house fire about a week ago. No one was hurt and we are currently staying with a friend. Hopefully ill have a new PC in about a week here. 

    1. FalkRP


      Hope everything goes well

    2. Major


      Let me know if you need anything, I'm nearby. 

  17. Zillysaur

    *UPDATE* What SHOTGUN would you like to see added? (Multiple Choice)

    SPAS-12 all the way. Ive always loved that thing in just about every game ive used it in. Its got such a nice look to it.
  18. Zillysaur

    What old school pistol would you like to add?

    I would personally love to get the Luger in-game, but for the sake of having more weapons that fit into the region Im voting for the TT-33. The addition of a new round would be nice, and as Otto said it opens up the way for us to add the PPSH-41 as well.
  19. Zillysaur


    I really need to play more, least for a couple days. Might hop on this weekend or something and see whats going on with everyone else. 


  20. Zillysaur


    Just got home from seeing the new Godzilla a bit ago.

    It was AWESOME

    I felt like a kid again constantly smiling and laughing, rooting for Godzilla the whole time and trying not to scream KICK HIS ASS, GODZILLA! GET HIM! GET UP, YOU CANT LOSE!I was absolutely softly yelling it but honestly it was all so loud and glorious that i doubt anyone would hear me.
    The roars shook everything, the fights were heart wrenching and anytime Godzilla got knocked down i was pretty much begging Big G to get back up.
    The music was absolutely beautiful, too. I loved every bit of it.
    I would love to watch it again, but Ill have to wait until another day to do that.


    The 'official' critics that gave the movie a bad rating are full of shit and have no idea what they're talking about. Far as I'm concerned they should be fired.

  21. Zillysaur

    A Simpler, Faster, Way of Joining The Server (With additional beginner guide!)

    Added a screenshot with color identifiers for what the server port and IP are in a spoiler. My dumb self never thought about the fact that some people are new to PC gaming and dont know what a port or IP are.
  22. Zillysaur

    Ping limit and those left behind

    The ping limit does nothing good. I dont think I've seen any sort of positive feedback from community members since this was introduced. In my eyes its very clear that the majority of the community does NOT want it.
  23. Zillysaur

    Ping limit and those left behind

    The ping limit/latency kick should absolutely be removed. The only thing I can see it causing is disruptions in the RP of the ones being kicked and the people around them. Someone in the discord a day or two mentioned that they were kicked while restrained during a hostage situation, so their character died as a result due to how the game handles disconnects while restrained. That ruined the RP both for the hostage and for the takers. I guarantee this will only get worse and continue over time.
  24. Zillysaur


    The ping/latency kick has only succeded in doing one thing; Alienating those in the community that either have unstable connects (like myself), or are from places like Australia and already have high ms. Multiple times in quite a short span I heard that some of my group mates were kicked from the game, both while in que and not, because of ping spikes they didnt even know they had.

    From what Ive seen while playing, the steps taken to 'improve' server performance with this new implementation have done NOTHING to improve performance from a player standpoint. I still see the normal desync, laggy infected, and delays in player interaction with others and the environment. Nothing has changed other than the fact that some people just can not play anymore.

    And dont even get me started on how this throws a wrench in all RP in general. I just can not wait to be in the middle of an intense or emotional situation, and then have myself or another player be kicked and have to wait through a 30-person que just because our internet spiked for all of 1.32 seconds.

    1. AlanM


      It should be changed back. This has honestly benefited no one in any way.

    2. Sleepyhead


      k on nod GIF

  25. Zillysaur


    Might get a new profile theme soon. Anyone got any ideas?

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