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"My hatred, my resentment... Shall i make you know how it feels?"

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    Just got home from seeing the new Godzilla a bit ago.

    It was AWESOME

    I felt like a kid again constantly smiling and laughing, rooting for Godzilla the whole time and trying not to scream KICK HIS ASS, GODZILLA! GET HIM! GET UP, YOU CANT LOSE!I was absolutely softly yelling it but honestly it was all so loud and glorious that i doubt anyone would hear me.
    The roars shook everything, the fights were heart wrenching and anytime Godzilla got knocked down i was pretty much begging Big G to get back up.
    The music was absolutely beautiful, too. I loved every bit of it.
    I would love to watch it again, but Ill have to wait until another day to do that.


    The 'official' critics that gave the movie a bad rating are full of shit and have no idea what they're talking about. Far as I'm concerned they should be fired.

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