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"Broken already ...? That wasn't a big deal ... Game over."

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  1. Zillysaur


    The ping/latency kick has only succeded in doing one thing; Alienating those in the community that either have unstable connects (like myself), or are from places like Australia and already have high ms. Multiple times in quite a short span I heard that some of my group mates were kicked from the game, both while in que and not, because of ping spikes they didnt even know they had.

    From what Ive seen while playing, the steps taken to 'improve' server performance with this new implementation have done NOTHING to improve performance from a player standpoint. I still see the normal desync, laggy infected, and delays in player interaction with others and the environment. Nothing has changed other than the fact that some people just can not play anymore.

    And dont even get me started on how this throws a wrench in all RP in general. I just can not wait to be in the middle of an intense or emotional situation, and then have myself or another player be kicked and have to wait through a 30-person que just because our internet spiked for all of 1.32 seconds.

    1. AlanM


      It should be changed back. This has honestly benefited no one in any way.

    2. Sleepyhead


      k on nod GIF

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