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  2. I would love to carry around and distribute snacks to other survivors. Plus more food variety is always good considering weve got like 5 or 6 types of canned food in game right now. As long as its stable and wont cause any MAJOR issues, then I want it. +1
  3. Loot absolutely needs to be increased. I dont remember if the reason its the way it is now is because the loot values were turned down in the past for a more 'hardcore' style but its just nuts at the moment. If loot spawn values have been lowered, they need to be reset to default values or turned up a little. When loot of all types is so rare it makes it harder for folks to get a foothold with their characters and minds are more focused on the minuscule about of loot they can find when they are in need of it.
  4. I would personally welcome Livonia in the place of Chernarus. I really enjoyed that map but of course I dont want the loot values fucked with.
  5. Back when we had Mass for quite some time I had purchased a bunch of stuff from the item shop because I absolutely loved the cosmetics and wanted to make them a staple part of my character. But when Mass was removed, I completely lost access to these cosmetics and it feels like I kinda wasted my money. Sure I still have access to the other variants of the clothing but thats not what I paid for. I guess I can understand that this could be see as part of the 'risk' of paying for these items but I think its time to bring back Mass. It had so much good stuff in it.
  6. I would absolutely love to have Mass's item pack back. That mod was the entire reason I bought clothing from the item shop in the first place. The server does feel a bit more vanillay than it used to, which isnt exactly a bad thing of course but there are plenty of really good mods out there, we should be using more of them.
  7. Finally got around to fixing my profile music.



  8. Alright, thank you for the reply.
  9. Why were so many mods removed? I recall that we had removed the Mass overhaul mod in the past, then readded it, and now its gone again? And why was the farming mod removed? From what Ive seen plenty of folks were excited about its addition.
  10. Howdy you lovely folks, I am almost to my Twitch Affiliate goal and I would appreciate some help if you have the time.

    Im 2 followers away from 50, but Im still trying to get my average viewers count up. So if you can, please follow my channel, Id love to see you hanging out in chat! Im going to be streaming Friday and Saturday at 10:30 PM EST.

    I stream Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.



  11. I dont suppose yall have ever had an issue with hitting 'F' (or whatever your interact key is) on a modded player container (Gun cabinet, locker, fridge, ect.) and getting the name stuck on your screen along with a complete inability to interact with anything else?


    1. Rover


      Yeah, usually that happens when the game bugs and convinces itself you are holding something in your hands.

      logging out and logging in tends to fix it.

    2. Zillysaur


      @Rover Appreciate your reply my dude, but a detail i forgot to include is that even after i relog it continues to occur.
      After I relog i can do stuff normally again, but if i try to interact with those certain objections again it fucks me.

    3. Rover


      Oh, well, shit then. Thats a new one to me. It might be that specific storage is bugged, but if it happens with all storages of that type, I'd start blaming the mod that implemented it.

  12. Character Name: Chase 'Rex' Quinton Character Age: 22 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? The ragged scars scattered across his body tend to itch occasionally. Does your character have a mental disability? He has amnesia, as well as hallucinations. He also talks in the third person, not sure if that counts as a mental disability or not, but I describe it as him clinging onto the only information he knows to be true. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) He is a cannibal, but I RP it out in game rather than adopt the actual in-game mechanics. Doe
  13. Swingin' back on up in here, I know yall missed me. 


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      REX ? ? ? 

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      yeee boi @zsmith1111

  14. Yall mind if I

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