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  1. Itd be cool if we could get dismemberment with stuff like grenades or high-power weapons
  2. Absolutely, ill find one or two and link them below. But its all up to Roland of course whether or not he wants to add an additional mod pack. FIDOv PACK 4 (Not sure if we can monetize with this mod pack, as Ive heard some fishy stuff. Plus its quite large. But it includes more than just military stuff) [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack (WIP)
  3. Yeah i get what ya mean. I have no idea how to port animations onto guns n such either but remember that its always okay to ask other people from other communities, or just modders, for help.
  4. As far as Ive seen most people carry the AK or M4 series because of the way zombies are at the moment with their nutty HP values. If youre using a bolt action rifle or a shotgun then youre at a heavy disadvantage. But Im going to be making some suggestion threads about adding more civilian weapons soon anyways, as I would like to see some more variety as far as they go too.
  5. Update: Added links to 3D models and a link to some sound clips that might be useful.
  6. Ill search up and grab some 3D models if thatd be any help. Custom sounds too if youre down for it.
  7. Im sure most of us like the fact that zombies are actually a decent threat now with their increased HP, but I have noticed one problem. Weapons that use .45 ACP, .380 Auto, and 9mm Parrabellum are rendered almost completely useless against them. Headshots of course result in faster kills but you still have to double-tap them, and Im pretty sure that normal players dont need more than one bullet to the head to kill. So what I am asking, is that the HP for the head of the zombies be heavily reduced, or perhaps have the damage multiplier for headshots against them increase by enough that any bullet to the head, minus the .22 of course, will one-tap them.
  8. I blieve there are a couple of mod packs that have at least one or two of these weapons, but I know our devs are super talented and could probably do it themselves if they had time.
  9. The G36 family of rifles are Heckler & Koch made and, to my knowledge, were also in some use in NATO forces. As Livonia is a region with NATO support then I believe it would make sense to have these rifles added into the server. We have animations that would fit them, mostly the FN FAL animation set, I believe. And since theyre all classics, Im sure collectors, security groups, and traders would absolutely love to have such weapons around. Included pictures of each variant below. G36C Model: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/g36-c-heckler-koch G36K Model: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/heckler-koch-g36-assault-rifle MG36 Model: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/mg36-rifle Potential audio: https://www.soundsnap.com/tags/g36 EDIT: ADDED LINKS TO POTENTIAL 3D MODELS TO MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR OUR DEVS, AS WELL AS A LINK TO SOME SOUNDS.
  10. This is by far the most beautiful mod I have ever seen in my life. But I have to say no to it being added, its just way too wonky and if our actual cars are still ICBMs, then I can only imagine what sort of NASA rocket a 'horse' would turn into.
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      But what does it mean

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      u wanna fight m8

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  13. heck you

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  14. I 100% support removing the sickness from the server until it has been improved by the official developers. I dont like the reasoning as making this place a "safe space" is pretty...bad. Were playing a post-apocalyptic game where we have to deal with cannibals n shit on a daily basis. But the sickness is broken as hell. Please remove it.
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