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"My hatred, my resentment... Shall i make you know how it feels?"

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  1. Man, its so weird that phone just suddenly dropped out of my backpack like that! Good to see yall again
  2. Chase was born and raised in South Carolina, USA and left shortly after graduating from high school. Whereupon he found work as a waiter on a cruise liner, giving him the opportunity to see the world and admire the ocean he adored so much. During a stop in Turkey, Chase was asked for assistance in serving passengers on another cruise liner, the Sea Queen, that happened to be passing through the Green and Black seas towards Romania. The outbreak reached his ship when, shortly after leaving Trabzon, they happened upon an odd sight. A small, lone fishing vessel was floating about with no sign of its crew. Upon investigating the boat, they discovered a body outside the captains cabin with a knife embedded in its skull. Inside the cabin they found what appeared to be the only survivor on the vessel; a tired, pale man with a ragged bite on his arm. The man was babbling incoherently and clearly in distress so Chase and his fellow shipmates carried the man back to the cruise liner and down to the sick-bay. Soon afterward the man turned, attacking the doctor and any passenger he could get a hold of. They in turn attacked and fed upon others once they turned. The resulting chaos lasted over the coarse of a few days, with every passenger either being eaten alive, turned against one another, or drowning in the sea in a vein attempt to escape the horror. The currents carried the doomed vessel through the Green Sea. Eventually supplies began to run low and this left Chase and four survivors with two options; stay and die, or grab a life boat and row to possible safety. After sneaking through the lesser populated sections of the ship they were able to grab the last remaining life boat. Luck was both against and for them, as they managed to make their way to Chernarus, but sadly much of the region had already fallen to the infection and the region was in turmoil. Seeing this, Chase came to the conclusion that the fishing vessel that got them into this trouble in the first place must have come from this place, trying to escape. And now Chase was trapped here too. Through his time in the region Chase came across many people, one of which was an odd woman. Chase spent time with the woman, generally traveling together for a few days before one night, he awoke to a knife to his throat. The woman was actually a slave trader, and wasted no time in passing Chase off to a buyer. The buyer, in addition to being a general mad-man, was abusive towards his slaves. One night the man decided to give each of his slaves a scar so that they never forget what happened to them and so that he could easily recognize them if they were to escape. When he reached Chase he thought for a moment, considering what to carve into him. The man recalled how Chase had spoken to the younger slaves, attempting to educate them whenever possible on some of the things he knew himself, one of which was about prehistoric life. The evil man ripped Chase's shirt from his body and carved three rough letters into his back. R E X. In addition to this, he restrained Chase and had his teeth filed down into the shape of a sharks, with matching sharpness. This included a long cut through each of his cheeks, giving his mouth a slit appearance. One night the mans home was attacked by bandits, and some of the slaves were killed or taken by their new owners. Rex however was able to escape. But not before confronting the man who had tortured him for so long and tearing out his throat with the very teeth he had given Rex. After being on the run for a couple of days Rex came upon a small town. He stared for a while at the letters written into the worn metal road-sign, struggling to read the language. He eventually shrugged and settled down in an abandoned shack, tugging the old, tattered blankets of the bed over himself. He ran his fingers over the rough letters upon his back and thought to himself. Where to from here?
  3. Ill just be roleplaying as my boi Rex, as I have been for the past five years. Ill just be making some minor alterations to his backstory to fit with the start of the new lore.
  4. Decreasing the overall capacity of the Food and Water your character has, or increasing the rate at which it is consumed would just make things more frustrating. -1
  5. Personally I would like to see more types of different guns, not more of the same. -1 from me.
  6. We badly need more civilian weapons. Theres just not enough. More shotguns, semi-autos, and bolt actions would be wonderful. Id also love to see stuff like the AR-15, AR-9, and VEPR AK variants. Just restrict them to being semi-auto only, I know its possible because the Type-91 we have in the server is semi-auto only.
  7. If you know of any good mods that would add a bit more horror to the server, or you know how to/are willing to learn how to model creatures then id suggest making Suggestions post in the corresponding section of the forums. Id love to see some scary stuff in the server as much as you do but I dont think we have stuff like that on hand at the moment.
  8. Yeah, but the fact that theyre only annoying is part of the problem. Theres no fear to them.
  9. I swear if I was just running around in DayZ and a damn Necromorph jumped out at me from some bushes I would go into cardiac arrest instantly. But all in all I Would LOVE to see some types of unique or special infected around the map. Things like hazmat guys, riot cops, and the like that have something special about them. Right now we have a neat little variety as far as visuals go, with all the different clothes infected can be see wearing but nothing really changes between them, theyre all the exact same just with different clothes. The idea of infected animals sounds really nice, because it would make hunting for even stuff like deer and pigs dangerous. I dont think we could do that though, with the lack of animation tools to my knowledge. Although, if someone did find a way to import Necromorphs into DayZ with their full animations then I would 100% support it if we did a lore wipe or our lore masters could come up with some sort of explanation. The infected we have now are just boring and the only fear I have with them is that im going to start lagging near them. Little mini-events like you mentioned would be badass too.
  10. Keep their body health, but reduce the health of their heads. Or increase the headshot damage multiplier so that every bullet, minus the .22 cuz fuck the .22, is a 1-shot to the head. Im fine with them taking a few bullets to the body to kill, thats honestly nice and increases their threat level a little. But its stupid that im forced to carry high caliber weapons to deal with zombies.
  11. Something Ill also point out is that theyre not really zombies from what I recall. Theyre infected with a rage virus sort of thing, like in 28 Days/Weeks Later. But after all this time it makes sense that a lot of them would be weakened and wouldnt be able to run around anymore. So ya know, mixing walkers and runners would be badass.
  12. I just hate the fact that zombies can take 2-3 shots from a 9mm, 45 ACP, or 380 auto to the head and still just keep coming at me. Their head HP or the damage multiplier should be adjusted so that people arent pretty much forced to carry heavy duty weapons with them all the time. I think it would be really nice if we had a mix of walkers and sprinters though.
  13. I really like most of the stuff in this mod pack, the rifle slings and smaller backpacks are super nice for people like me that like to travel light. +1
  14. As much as I would love more blood in DayZ, if its going to lower server performance then we dont need it on the sever.
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