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"My name is Tenryuu. Fufufu, ya scared?"

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  1. Welcome to the community, bud! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions feel free to contact either me or one of the lovely Support staff!
  2. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    We could give it a go, of course. Hell it might be super stable as far as Exp. builds go.
  3. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    Waiting until 0.63 hits stable would be the best thing to do. If we make the server run off of an experimental build then there will be alot more restarts and patches people will have to fight through to be able to get in game. That in addition to all of the possible crashes and the lack of available content until the full 0.63 release. I say just keep it to 0.62 until 0.63 is done and up on stable.
  4. Your profile is so sweet looking, it gave me diabeetus.


  5. Whitelist question

    Applications are done in a as-they-come basis, as far as I know. Your application will be reviewed and given a decision as soon as the staff are able to. Just be patient, you'll be alerted when a decision is made one way or the other, and if you don't pass on your first attempt then don't worry, you can try again.
  6. @Honeybee @Tereus Kien @Jack the Ripper @Josei It was awesome seeing y'all today. Things didnt go exactly as I had planned, but it was still alot of fun <3 Youre all badass, love you guys. <3
  7. Love the font and the background of the letters. 10/10
  8. Khan is my lil snake buddy


    1. Chewy


      boop his snoot

    2. Zilly

      He is shy, he does not like being booped.

  9. Had an awesome time today with The Damned! <3 @Jack the Ripper @Ellie @Honeybee And everyone else who was there, I really enjoyed being with all of you. But shortly afterwards i had major lag problems and was killed by several zombies. then i died to more zombies cuz i got stuck. And just like...5 minutes ago i died due to Hypothermia and like...thirty wolves that were coming for my giblets. Props to the dude in Severo who tried to save me, but I was just too far gone.
  10. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Take care, Galaxy! I hope things go well for you. Youve always been an awesome dude.
  11. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  12. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Youre pretty damn awesome. Youre also a secret weeb <3
  13. I hate everything you stand for. And everything you are. <3 6/10
  14. Well ill be online tomorrow, so if yall are too then im sure ill see yall around.
  15. Well im still gonna tag Otto. Just because c: But yeah, you guys were awesome. Id even go so far as to say... Youre pretty good! I had trouble vocally processing my characters backstory to yall, but ive never had to tell the whole thing and Im currently gripped by the flu and a shitty fever.
  16. @Ellie @MeenMuginLovin @Honeybee @Otto I enjoyed the RP from all of you. Had alot of fun and learned alot about yall. Its been a long time since Ive have awesome hostage RP and yall gave me what I needed. Now if Otto could kindly bring me back my Skorpion...
  17. Hello?

    Welcome back, dude! I hope to see you around in game.
  18. Community Summit

    This could definitely help community members get their feelings and concerns across in a calm, ordered manner.
  19. When server maintenance interrupts a good RP chase/manhunt.



  20. Bow before Nathan, peasant.