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  1. Thank you so much to @Boston, @Lyca, @Coreena, and @CaosAndEffects for giving my character the chance to develop. Thank you for all the experiences. Thank you for putting up with my stupidity.

     Id like to thank others too but some of them arent around here anymore. Now that we have the lore wipe out Ill have to make a new character. Hopefully Ill run into yall in the future.


    I mean I know ill run into Caos cuz i know the loser irl. 


    I Love you guys <3

    1. Coreena


      What was it that was carved into your back that made me want to change it to Rex for you? It was the best think, beginning of your name!

    2. Zilly


      @Coreena It was RAT, the 501st put it into my back cuz they wanted to use me as a rat for information about the groups i was friends with.

    3. Coreena


      <3 good ol times

    4. Zilly


      Yep! Ill miss ol' Rexy. But nows my chance to make something just as cool! Maybe a police officer or something. Thatd be kinda cool. Or an outdoors-ey type or maybe a shut-in turned unwilling survivalist...

    5. Coreena


      Yeah you have had him for a really long time lol. There are endless possibilities! 

    6. Zilly


      Hes the only character Ive ever had, Im gonna miss him. But hey, maybe ill get a chance to bring him back in the future. Im keeping his character page saved on a text file.