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"Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur!"

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  1. Hi!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need help with anything, please contact me or another support member for assistance.
  2. Wild Drop Bear Sighting in Dayz

    Looked back at just the right time to capture that gem!
  3. Shout out to the Date a Live background,dude.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zilly


      Ill have to give it a look.
      Just remember that Kurumi is best :3

    3. Phatal


      B-but.. 2wfvxTm

    4. Zilly


      Kurumi is best!

      No argument :V

      Although I will admit that every girl in that anime is awesome.


    • Zilly
    • Sleepyhead

    Shout out to the Mileena avatar! <3
    Your whole theme looks awesome.

    1. Sleepyhead


      ahh thank you!! I appreciate it! c: <3

  4. Decided that, since I just found out my Asian Forest Scorpion is male, Im gonna name him Caligula.

    1. Zero


      Y no pix?

      Nvm I found them, lol..

    2. Zilly


      I havent tried holding him yet, gonna wait a while before i put my hands near him. He already isnt a big fan of my phone.

  5. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Crispy hot wings,dude! My stomach isnt wrecked enough What is a scent (candle, food, drink, ect.) that you find the most appealing?
  6. New friend! An Asian Forest Scorpion.

    I dunno what Im gonna name them yet, I need to figure out what gender they are.







    1. Lyca


      Awwww ... he or she is cute! ^_^

    2. Zero
  7. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I love Garry's Mod! I usually play DarkRP, but sometimes TTT or Murder. When you arent playing games, what do you like to do with your free time?
  8. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I dont watch much TV, but I always enjoy Criminal Minds. Preferred flavor of slushie/icee?
  9. So, apparently I can play arma 3 with no real problems with my 600 - 1500 ping.

    There is a SLIGHT delay in my actions and when my bullets actually hit people, but I went with 30 kills and 19 deaths the other day so its not that bad at all. I also stormed a tower in KOTH by myself and took out the 3 defenders with no problems. 

    Im so glad I found something I can play, im gonna download ARK later and see if my ping works ok with it too.

  10. Memory loss / Virtual Memory Questions

    As Galaxy said, it is just a game side issue and for an official fix we will have to wait for 0.63 to come out, which should be in 2 or 3 months. But Ive gotten the crash a few times before, and I find that running the game in x64 mode makes them at least less common. It might just be a weird coincidence, but that is just my experience. I hope we were able to help! <3
  11. "You have no active character or it is not set to public view."

    Im assuming you are seeing this message when trying to join the server. You need to go to this page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/ and create a new character. Fill in each section and once you are finished you should be able to join the server. Make sure you set it as your active character once you finish making it. Make sure your backstory fits the minimum of 500 characters and that you set the character page to public. You character name and the name you use in DayZ must be the exact same. (I.E. if your characters name is John Park then this must also be your name in dayZ) I hope this helped! <3
  12. bye staff.

    I didnt speak to you much, but I wish you luck in your future goals! <3