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I just like insects
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  1. Zilly

    Get rid of the laugh/cry caused by cannibalism.

    Ive been confronted several times about the cannibal laughing, but I explain it off as just being from severe brain trauma. I personally like the laughter and dont see a very big issue with it. It would be nice if the laughs had a bit more time between them though. -1
  2. Zilly

    Jamie's Art Thread [Requests Currently Open]

    Wonderful thread, Jamie. Everything looks excellent.
  3. Zilly


    Closed at request of the OP.
  4. Zilly

    Cough centralo

    Im not sure if you're able to have two sicknesses at once, so Im hoping that my Kuru will keep the cold or whatever it is away.
  5. Zilly


    Watching a bunch of people pop out of the fog like


  6. Zilly

    Funny character glitches you've encountered

  7. Zilly

    S1 VMC 2019-02-12 22:20 No time to comply

    The staff team has looked over this report and will honor the OP's wish to close it. However we would like to mention a couple of things. First off @YungBrandonRP while the OP did appear to be non compliant you did not exactly give them very much time to register what was happening and surrender. They had all of two seconds before you opened fire. And @Sparkleznon compliance is not bound to a time, sprinting off after or during an initiation could easily be taken as you trying to get a better position to retaliate. With that said, this report will be closed. /closed
  8. Zilly


    Slowly starting to feel better. I dont feel like complete crap anymore. More like the bit of sludge you get at the bottom of the cup if you leave a cup of sweet tea to sit for too long. 

    1. Zilly


      Also new profile song. Yeeee

  9. Zilly

    S1: RDM No RP in Novaya 2/16 ~15:20

    Since the OP has asked the report to be closed and we see no reason to keep it open, it shall be closed. /closed
  10. Zilly

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Ive regularly taken on infected two at a time with nothing but a kitchen knife and gotten out without more than a couple scratches on me. I agree that infected should have stamina again, but there hasnt been a single time that Ive had a problem with the infected in the recent months unless my internet had a fit. And even then it doesnt last long. Sneaking also works 100%, I can vouch for this because I regularly attempt to sneak by zombies if theres more than a couple near me. Just crouch down and move slowly. If theyre really close, try laying prone and crawling. You can get pretty damn close to them even when theyre looking in your direction and they wont see you. And the times that I have fist fought infected Ive done so with ease. The infected suffer from stun lock just as much as players do. A solid -1 from me on the poll. Theyre fine as they are but do need their own stamina system.
  11. Zilly


    I remember running into you dudes a while back in the old lore. Its good to see yall coming back! Good luck
  12. Zilly


    Being sick sucks.

  13. Zilly

    Budget Character Profile Templates [FREE]

    These look pretty nice, dude. Hope to see more
  14. Zilly

    S1 2/14/19 21:26 KOS Baiting & No Time to Comply in Lopatino

    Hit logs: 2019-02-14 21:19:39","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi","Attacker":"Milos Valek","Weapon":"MeleeKnife","Target":"LeftArm" 2019-02-14 21:19:39","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Milos Valek","Attacker":"Artur Rehi","Weapon":"MeleeKnife","Target":"LeftLeg" 2019-02-14 21:22:39","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Steve Viper","Attacker":"Vernon McClain","Weapon":"Bullet_45ACP","Target":"Head" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",","Attacker":"Ondrej Masek","Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Torso" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Milos Valek",","Weapon":"Bullet_556x45","Target":"RightArm" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Ondrej Masek","Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"RightArm" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Ondrej Masek","Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Torso" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Milos Valek","Weapon":"Bullet_556x45","Target":"RightArm" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Ondrej Masek","Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Head" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi","Attacker":"Milos Valek","Weapon":"Bullet_556x45","Target":"RightArm" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi","Attacker":"Ondrej Masek","Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Head" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi","Attacker":"Milos Valek","Weapon":"Bullet_556x45","Target":"Torso" 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"HIT","Victim":"Artur Rehi","Attacker":"Milos Valek","Weapon":"Bullet_556x45","Target":"RightArm" Kill logs: 2019-02-14 21:23:53","Type":"KILL","Victim":"Artur Rehi",,"Attacker":"Ondrej Masek" Connection logs: 21:06:29 :Milos Valek connected Server Crash, Reconnecting 22:05:41 : Milos Valek connected - Still In Game 21:01:21 : Ondrej Masek connected Server Crash, Reconnecting 22:06:00 : Ondrej Masek connected - Still In Game Chat logs: N/A Calling in the following people for their full detailed POV of the situations: OP's party: @Jemyni Artur Rehi -POSTED- The accused side: @Para Milos Valek -POSTED- @Elmo Ondrej Masek -POSTED- Please also include any allies you had and any possible evidence you may have.
  15. Zilly

    Softskill guide.

    That particular thing is a bug, I believe
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