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  1. Zilly

    The Asylum

    Your previous mistakes can never be erased, though! Glad to be a part of the family.
  2. Zilly

    Bring back the colored cowboy hats!

    As far as Im concerned the items should not be "MY EYES!!!" bright, but the colors should still exist. I dont see any harm in having purple cowboy hats and stuff in game, as long as the textures arent super bright.
  3. Zilly

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    I love the Infected in DayZ, and Im glad theyve been buffed recently. But I dont really think we need MORE of them at the moment. It would be nice if the infected randomly spawned out in the wild though. Wandering hordes would be nice too, like 5-10 infected just randomly wandering around in the world.
  4. Zilly

    To Rex's New Friend [Open Freq.]

    *Rex excitedly pulls his radio from his vest, nearly dropping it in the process before replying* "R-Rex might be a little busy today, got a few things to do. But if he can find the time then Rex will absolutely try to meet up with y'all again! Rex will try to keep you updated if he can." *Rex slid his radio back into his vest pocket, another spasm causing his head to tilt to the side for a second before he regained his composure*
  5. Zilly

    To Rex's New Friend [Open Freq.]

    *Rex tilts his head to the side at the mans words before replying* "No, Rex does not do drugs. This is simply the way he speaks. Drugs are bad and no one should ever use them." *Rex pondered the odd man for a moment*
  6. Zilly

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    Its a -1 from me. But I DO support the idea of making canned food in general much harder to find. We shouldnt have to eat more often, just look harder or actually put effort into hunting and farming.
  7. Zilly

    What do you do while you're waiting in queue?

    I tend to just check through the forums, read reports, look at whats happening on discord and watch youtube.
  8. Zilly

    To Rex's New Friend [Open Freq.]

    *Rex was sitting up in a low tree, cleaning blood from underneath his face mask. A scrap of paper would nearly fall out of his pocket before he caught it. Rex stared at the frequency written on the paper for a moment before fumbling his radio out of his vest and, with twitching fingers, turning it to the correct frequency before speaking.* "H...Hello? This is Rex. Uhm...Rex doesn't often talk over the radio like this but he wanted to let you know that he is doing okay. Rex isn't tired anymore and is, as far as he can tell, safe! Rex should be out exploring pretty soon, so we might run into each other again! Rex is still a tad shaken up from all the stuff that happened yesterday, but he wants you and your other friends to stay safe as well. And your bunnies! Rex hopes they are doing good, and he is glad that they don't hate him anymore. Rex is gonna uhh...stop talking for now." *Rex, having finished cleaning his mask by this point, put it back on his face to hide the manged smile and teeth beneath. He didn't even bother to suppress the involuntary laugh that escaped his scarred lips as his right hand began to spasm again. When the fit ceased, Rex climbed down from his tree and set out on his way.*
  9. Zilly

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Eagle @Cookie and whoever your friend was. I had an absolute TON of fun today! My first time doing hostile RP in weeks and it was a blast. Thank yall so much. I can't wait to see yall again.
  10. Zilly


    Happy dance avatar! Yay ^^

  11. Can't we all just get along, yo?


  • Zilly

    S1 KOS Prison island

    I was given permission to post my PoV by Randy since I was a witness. Chase 'Rex' Quinton PoV: I had swam to the Prison Island because I heard a few people were hanging out there and I wanted to pay them a visit and hopefully get some good role play. Shortly after arriving I was met by two of the guards that asked me to leave because they had to transport a couple of prisoners off of the island. I refused, for RP based reasons, and they offered me that if I would help them with the situation that they would allow me to stay. I agreed and, shortly thereafter, Me and about 4 or 5 other guards accompanied two men in white arm band and the two patients to the docks. I had my rifle out at this moment because I had assumed that I was to keep an eye on the patients while they swam across.The first white arm band went into the water and, after swimming for a moment, he and his friend were initiated on by the guards who then commanded them to leave the island while the patients stayed behind. I holstered my rifle at this point and backed up from the situation as to not directly involve myself, as this had not been part of the agreement and my character wanted nothing more to do with the hostilities. The white arm band that hadn't entered the water yet did so while trash talking the guards and saying "We're gonna burn this whole place to the ground" and other threats I can not remember. He was, to my memory, commanded to stop but he did not and was promptly gunned down. The guards then began to take shots at his friend but I could not see any of them scoring hits so I assumed that they were only warning shots. The two patients voice their displeasure, repeatedly telling the guards to stop shooting at the second white armband, I do so a couple of times as well, mentioning that there was no way he could hear the order to stop. The surviving white armband then turns, for whatever reason, towards the small island near the dock. This is the point in which I and the two patients back up over the hill to avoid taking fire. I assume that the surviving white armband got to the small island and took shots at the guards because, when one of them approached me a few minutes later from that direction he was bleeding. After this I had some short RP with the guards as well as Eagle and his friend. I would like to state that the two white armbands were absolutely no threat to the guards on the island as they could not pull their weapons out. I do not believe there was any real reason to kill them. This is all for my PoV, I do not have any video evidence. I also apologize for the essay but I wanted to get it from start to finish.
  • Zilly

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    The MP5 and UMP45 are pretty damn common weapons and itd be nice if they could pack more of a punch. But Im also somewhat on the fence about it, as I love the fact that the infected take more punishment from firearms now. It also worries me that if we do buff the damage of the 9mm and .45 ACP rounds then people will start hoarding them too.
  • Zilly

    Death = PK

    Its a solid -1 from me. If we force everyone that dies from infected or other players to PK their characters then the only result will be everyone getting upset about it, and justifiably so. It ruins the many possibilities of long-term hostile RP and people can only come up with so many characters before it becomes extremely repetitive.
  • Zilly

    Jasper's Media Thread

    I love you no matter what, ya dingus
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