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  1. Boris grew up in Novaya Petrovka in a typical Soviet household, with his father who worked in the tractor factory in the village and his mother who was a secretary for a Party member in the village. Living the mediocre but sustainable life that the Soviet Union supplied to South Zagoria at the time. However as he grew up Boris was a type of outsider and did not really fit in, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the desertion of industry from South Zagoria, Boris turned to a field that he found that he enjoyed, driving. He became a taxicab driver and did that through until the apocalypse.
  2. Shamhan grew up in Zargabad under the rule Col. Aziz, and was heavily indoctrinated into the ways of the Revolutionary Army from a very young age aspiring to achieve future leadership positions within the military. However, the US Invasion put those aspirations on hold and as the reovlutionary army quickly crumbled Sahmahn joined the insurgency and proved to be a very lethal "demolition expert". Howevewr as the US military started to increase its pressure on the insurgency, Sha managed to slip away into Chernarus under the veil of refugee status. After achieving this status he mostly stayed in the western parts of Chernarus, never really traveling to South Zagoria until the outbreak was reported. Interested in the abilities to weaponize the virus against those who opposed him, he set out to investigate the possibilities.
  3. crearbin

    Whats your occupation?

    UPS guy
  4. Normies are the most oppressed minority.
  5. "I was one of them, I worked alongside them, I know them better than most, they are not who they say, they work with smoke and mirrors and only tell the truth when they think they know no one else is around. I am an ethnic Russian, I lived through the war, I am no ethnic nationalist. I am a South Zagorian plain and simple. We all are now."
  6. *Yaropolk would grasp his radio sitting inside his recently reinhabited home. Glancing around he raises the radio to his mouth and keys the mic* (He would speak with an accent of a ethnic Russian from South Zagoria, in Russian, Chernarussian, and then in English, all while struggling to hide his true identity, albeit a little badly) "Foreign agents populate these lands more numerous than anyone has ever imagined. From our beautiful northern towns, to the western wilderness to the beautiful coastline of this great nation, foreign agents seek to destroy it. We have so far been complicit with their tasks, cooperating with their soldiers, assisting them, and tolerating them. It is time for this to come to an end. The Russian Federation through the thinly veiled guise of PAMYATI have recently been making a push to appear nice, to appear kind, to show everyone the supposed welcoming and protecting arm of their motherland. Some of us have fallen for their lies, me included. I once fought alongside them until it became obvious their true loyalties lay not with South Zagorians, but with the Russian government. I have seen these men execute South Zagorians for petty crimes, for personal disputes, and for nothing at all. I awaited the right time and left their ranks. For those still working for those agents you have time to right your wrongs. These agents want nothing good for us, their true intents no matter how nicely they phrase it is to make us subjects, to make us bow before them. They call themselves PAMYATI, but who do they remember? What for? They remember the dead, but not their cause. They do not share a cause, our brave men and women fought in the war for independence, for self-rule, not as PAMYATI would have us think--to become subjects of a nation just as brutal. It is time now to come together and reject this obvious attempt at subversion of our will, to assert our independence, to completely sever our ties with this abhorrent organization. South Zagoria deserves its right to determine its own future, and like my father I will fight for it--I encourage you to do the same. Slava South Zagoria."
  7. Like @Bosco. said we wet down to meet some people to give them some supplies and when we came back the fence was broken.
  8. You were unaware of our presence until you walked out of the clinic and walked into the woodline where I was crouched and looked at me and did not say anything, and then looked at @Bosco. on the other side of the clinic, as we were closing in on you. We chased you on foot into the barracks when you disconnected because you "were in the exit menu". You didn't have to have a reason to believe anyone was in the area, because we aren't going to walk into a potential trap with our pants at our ankles. We only decided to close in when we determined that you were in fact by yourself, as we did not want to initiate on a larger group where we would almost certainly die and violate NVFL rules. You cannot unilaterally decide to terminate roleplay, especially after you have been initiated on, we were already fairly well equipped and not there to GearRP, just to steal youor stuff and leave, we were there to have a roleplay interaction with another player, which you appear to not have been interested in despite playing on a roleplay server, and despite not necessarily having to leave due to a real life obligations. In fact, you were posting on the forums almost immediately after disconnecting. There was nothing preventing a roleplaying interaction except yourself and refusal to do so followed by your disconnection from the server. Firstly, we initiated as we are required to do so by the rules, for the reason of interrogating you, to determine if there was any threat to where we have been living. You were armed and given instructions on what was required of you in order to prevent violence. In the video we both instruct you to come out with your hands up, this does not require to put on your headset or utilize your microphone, or god forbid, if you wanted to respond you could have reached down and grabbed your headset or responded as quickly as you did in text chat to our demands, which we are both capable of reading. We only stated we were going to use violence if you did not comply, as you are presumed to in fact have negative intentions to our home, which is in fact not KOS, and is fully within the realm of IC reasoning and the established community rules on the use of kill rights. We are not responsible for you not being prepared to respond ICly to a reasonable request, it is your responsibility to be prepared to respond. We gave you what was a reasonable time period for you to put your hands up and comply with our demands. Additionally the voice chat you quoted is a response to your IC response of silence and hiding, informing you to comply immediately. You avoided every opportunity given to roleplay, ran away from us when you saw us, and disconnected after we pursued you into the building. If this is not avoiding roleplay, I do not know what is. So had we not initiated on you, as defined in the community rules, you would have remained connected and interacted with us is what you're saying? Even if we did break rules with our threat of violence, which I must reiterate we did not, it does not allow you to break community rules. We operated within the realms of IC reasoning and within the rules established for this community, in this interaction you were the only one who did not, as evidenced in the video and both my and @Bosco.'s POVs, and even your own post above. Edit: I have responded only to clarify information I stated early, and to illustrate my point better for the admin reviewing this report.
  9. What's not included in the video because it was before I started recording, was you coming out of the clinic and looking directly at both of us as we were closing in on you, then immediately turning around and running away. That is why we started chasing you on foot, and as you continued to run we made the decision to initiate since you were making all attempts to avoid us. It's clear which party has no intention of roleplaying, and which party does.
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