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  1. Zoya is a clever girl. In the chaos that has come she has found a way to free herself from a bad relationship. Her ex was a bad man, and while their relationship started from love, he soon turned cruel. She takes on this new world to explore, with the mindset that she will not be a prisoner again.
  2. Chinchilla

    Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    I think this poll is way too obscure. If we're talking about subsequent rule breaks in the same report, or on the same night then shouldn't staff be looking at the intent of the accused to determine such things? For example: I start playing tomorrow after not playing for a few months. There were a few rule changes I missed, and I broke one of them repeatedly for a few hours on the night of my return. Yes you could argue that having been gone for a while I should have re-checked the rules, but having never been found guilty in a report before, why would that be the first thing I do when the RP itch struck again? In my experience from the past it's pretty obvious from the first few posts in a report whether the accused just fucked up, or was trolling, or was just a total mong. If staff that deals with reports are wide variety of players (meaning some are passive RP'ers, some are hostile RP'ers etc etc) then I'd say we're all set with how things have been done. However our community here has a huge problem with swinging one way then another at times... in terms of who is on staff, and how they view the game and RP. It seems we either have a vast majority of GM's that are either mostly all superbandits, or super anti-bandit. Meaning they're willing to punish all banditry (I use bandit for lack of a better term, and as a broad judgement of those players). This greatly changes the outcome of a verdict even with strong rules in place about almost every possible situation. It's a messy situation. It's hard to give more examples without giving exact examples from my short time as a GM.
  3. Chinchilla

    The good and naughty list

    Green name, nice list.
  4. Chinchilla

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    link doesn't work for me I too can't find a soul when I get on.
  5. Chinchilla


    Is it time to stop expecting this to happen?
  6. Chinchilla

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    11/10 Fight the Power.
  7. Chinchilla

    LiF Official Lore Discussion Thread

    I think the lore is actually too constraining upon characters we might want to make. Yes you can redefine a personality regardless of where you came from (mainland) and what race you are.... but it does somewhat pigeon-hole you into a certain way to play. Whether you're the kindest most nicest northerner anyone has ever met, you're still going to be very wary of anyone as they will immediately know that you're probably a badass and can slice and dice their whole family. I was hoping the lore would be a little more vague? I guess? I'm not sure, and it's 100% possible that I don't love it just because I thought it was going to be a little more "real world" and less "fantasy". I know it could be much more fantasy than it is, obviously. But tbh I almost would have prefered we take the real world at like 1300 or w/e the starting year is, and use real world history and just place the island somewhere in the atlantic ocean? That being said I appreciate the work that went into this, and I will make a character that fits the presented lore. I just hope we can fill the server at this point.
  8. Chinchilla


    Getting pretty discouraged over here.
  9. Chinchilla

    Updated LIF Server Rules Discussion

    Thanks for the reply Volke <3
  10. Chinchilla

    Updated LIF Server Rules Discussion

    two things: 1) I can KOS someone as long as it's the middle of the night? 2) If we're not going to do a whitelist can we get this stuff up? I'm unsure why there's anymore delay.
  11. Chinchilla

    Is Role-play Still Dead To People?

    Played a handfull of times since I've been back. I've ran into nobody 4/5 times, and the fifth time a guy tried to kill me by dropping a bunch of zomboids on me. No idea if people are out of the triangle, but I wandered around quite a bit. Save for the coast I've been to most towns.
  12. Chinchilla

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    11/10 best song EVER
  13. Chinchilla

    LiF Status Report 08-01-2017

    Excited! Thanks for the update!
  14. Chinchilla

    Should we wipe the server?

    I like the idea of a skill increase multiplier so those of us (in the case characters don't get wiped) that want to make new characters can w/e being set too far behind. Gonna go ahead and add my vote to the "wipe" section. Glad we're getting more feedback on this! Maybe a LiF team member could make a post on the actual LiF forums once we're up with a link to our server and rules and stuff... like a week or two after we've gone live with v3? Assuming we don't have a full server, this could help bring some people in. (that might have already been mentioned, as the idea strangely just came to me)
  15. Chinchilla

    Should we wipe the server?

    I'm sorry you think I'm being negative and discouraging. I'm also sorry that you want to accuse me of not reading posts when I clearly have, and you've glanced over mine with some high and mighty attitude. Opinions other than yours are not automatically "negative and discouraging". I have posted suggestions.... many of them. As one of the last few people playing, and logging in regularly, my opinions are clearly not warranted here? Awesome. Next time I'll keep it as a numbered list as to not confuse anyone. Because sentences followed by a reason has this guy all worked up. Can we stop attacking people in this thread? I make two posts, both are quoted with some BS attitude. And people are all over "Winslow" for making 1 joke. Where was this passion for the past 2 weeks in game? I've been looking for people, but just finding empty claims. Again, for the second (third?) time: --- Changing the lore, wiping the landscape, how will this keep people logging in? Is there an answer? So far it doesn't seem to be. It seems like people are excited to RP with some new lore, and that's great. Will that keep you logging in a month after it's been changed? --- Would allowing people to have a higher max skill allowance while being limited to level 1 claims help RP? --- Not everyone can RP in the middle of the day, or during their timezones "primetime" how badly will these players be effected by the wipe and "new" rules? My week of freedom is over after tomorrow, will I miss every event again? --- I want to vote wipe it, but not if it's not a 100% world/land/character wipe. If we're not wiping the characters then why bother wiping claims by people that are still playing? I doubt we want to let these people play as settlers before the *insert lore reason why everyone is here* right? So lets just wipe the characters as well imo. I'm so sorry to anyone who read through my own brainstorm and found it so RP-unfriendly or negative, but honestly, I just don't see it.