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  1. Uwe Graf here. We were just walking down the road like he said and so when he was in the middle of relogging (I was in first person because it was too dark) I hear a noise and see an immense amount of light and nothing seemingly happened. When my buddy logged back on, he had a new character. His other one never left the crouch animation, but we were able to access his gear. The guy came over and RPed a little bit, up until my client got stuck for a moment too. He told me in OOC that he was logging off soon and to take the car, and then disappeared just before server restart. I didn't even notice he was gone for a moment because of how dark it was. I didn't see his full name but it ended in Rhodes I'm pretty sure.
  2. Growing up in Bavaria, Uwe grew up poor with one brother and one sister, being cared for by their mother, unknowing what happened to their father. Uwe tried extra hard in school to try to appease their aging mother to try to get her approval, but the effects of society made her cold and withdrawn. After pulling through highschool with spectacular grades, he obtained a scholarship to Technische Universitat Muenchen for a major in Aerospace Mechanics. When news of what happened in Chernarus was spread, Uwe made a pact to attempt to aid the people attempting to flee by maintaining aircrafts, but ended up getting isolated as efforts went downhill. He took refugee with a small set family that had seen him trying to find people, but they were unable to communicate due to language restraints. They hid in the basement of an abandoned hotel that they barricaded slowly over time, until one night the family left in the midst of the night, taking everything that they could. In an attempt to find another living soul, he met two other survivors that appeared unhinged, but came off as trustworthy to him. He roams Chernarus with the two, slowly walking the path of insanity himself. Over the years, he has come to hate one thing above the rest, even after countless unmerciful beatings, hold ups, and acts of larceny. The Chickens.
  3. We heard the gunshots, but no deaths were confirmed by us, also Brady never warned us of anyone in the house. When we found him, the only two things he said was him asking what was going on, and him saying he had no ammo when I said we were gonna need him to stick around this time.
  4. ~Edited due to not seeing a 2nd page, but can't delete reply~
  5. Ramon Sander here. We were going towards Stary after meeting someone who said they were Brady Smith, that we were originally looking for, but since we could not confirm the events that had happened before we decided to leave and go down the road. We then met up with the man who had us looking for Brady and told him we just saw him. When we went back and found him, our friend "White Horse" or Forest said he heard something in the house. Marti went into the house and was instantly mowed down. I was going to through a grenade in to get them, but when I started to throw it, I was shot. Reviewing the video, it looks like I was shot from behind as a round hits the ceiling inside the house. Video evidence: [video=youtube]
  6. I had a CZ61 Skorpion on my back, which is quite small. In the video you can see there is no room in my backpack to fit the CZ61 in it.
  7. Jiri Opustil here. I met Dandy in Pogorevka, right in front of the church. We were talking about towns, that I pretended not to know the names of like Zelenogorsk, and we talked about friends. He said he had a few (later said 2) a few towns up north. There was little talk before I radioed my friend Alex in, who was right near. He immediately wanted to hold him up. He made "nice" talk, and then told him to put his hands on his head, instead of complying with 2 people (1 in front and 1 to his side), he immediately pulled his gun up and shot Alex, while I prepared to mow him down. All he had was a little pistol, while I was pointing a CZ61 to his side, and Alex pointing a MP5K right to his face. There was a clear lack of thinking, as two fully automatic guns were pointed at him. But, he valued killing Alex over saving his own skin and living another day. My POV is in this video I recorded. [video=youtube]
  8. I was Gwalima in this particular event. We were messing with the tower and the land mines, because I don't play DayZ very often and wanted to see what they did and such when these gentleman showed up while we were sitting a top the radio tower. Antoine was trying to stay in character as much as possible, while I rambled on about chocolate, thinking we had seen this guy the other day. He had a sword and the same gun of the person we had seen not too very long ago. It started as a bad reference, and it was molded into my own version of a drunk russian looking for chocolate. I did not realize that a sudden want for chocolate during the apocalypse is an offense. The two men left on their own, and we came back down when we heard some guy "wake up" from his sleep inside the building near the radio tower, not the military jail. We began talking to him, when my friend noticed that the two men had not left and had actually stayed in trees right around the compound, spying on us. My friend told them that he noticed them, and I started telling them to shoo, and to go away, as they had already said they were leaving. It was becoming clear they had no plans on leaving, and were just trying to spy on us. We went back onto the tower, and began talking from up there. Antoine fired a few shots into the ground, not near them, while muttering something that I can't quite remember. From the tower, these two men proceeded to try to antagonize us saying how they were going to shoot at us if Antoine fired again. The gun fight pursued, Antoine died, I was shot, and only fired a few times after they fired at me first. I came back down the ladder, and ran out of the compound. There were 4 men there, two looked like them, but I did not take the time to really look if it was them. I ran under the stone wall, then out the front and kept running. Edit: Also, notably, these two men had very poor "accents/voices", and changed them quite frequently, and failed to properly stay in character. They could not manage to stick with one voice, placing them out of character.
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