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  1. Thank you hopefully we are able to make a comeback in the future
  2. I would like for the group to be archived. May bring this back in the future.
  3. Made some changes to the bus entrance
  4. @bur @Jackfish pls review and thank
  5. I really enjoy the lived in field that it gives off its a +1 from me
  6. I will fix that right away and your right that shrine is for Dima
  7. The Lost Highway Prefab After months of design plans, long nights, pesky files, and going back to the drawing board, the Lost Highway – thanks to the incredibly hard work of Johan and Khav – has finally developed a prefab that we’d like to implement at our place in Cherno to enhance the roleplay for our group and anyone on the server who wants to interact / get involved with us. The OOC Reason / Goal of the Prefab: One of the original goals for this group as conceived by @Griffin was to bring more roleplay experiences down to the southern part of the map. Part of what we
  8. Sup

    1. Will


      I honestly feel bad for you 

    2. tripzkill


      huh why?  I don't even know who you are?


  9. PFFT____ *Hello.....Peol.......Of cher........* Radio feed comes back in and out till you hear what sounds like static coming back through the radio *Hello People of chernarus. My name is Khavyer I am part of Lost highway and in two days that well be Thursday at 2pm PST. I would like to Invite you all to our second ever fighting contest. The winner will be crown chernarus Boxing championship if they can beat our last champion. He cleaned the floor making him undefeated last time. his head might be smooth but his hands are hard as rocks The Duchy one and only EGG HEAD BANDIT . As
  10. Ok I will take care of that right away
  11. +1 can't wait to see this in game
  12. RSVPing
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