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  1. Hello Hofer We understand and we have some people already working on some graphic As well we are updating our lore and goales and hope to be posting the revised lore and goales real soon
  2. Well if this mod does not work I am talking to another moder and will pay out of pocket just so we can try it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1970728367&searchtext=Helicopters
  3. That why we make the spawn one or two. As for it breaking I mean what ever the DayZ dev put is going to break just as fast.
  4. so I think we should add this mod into the game. One we get two new cars and two we get air travel in the game. I feel this would real treat for everyone to have and see one. However I feel if we do add this I think the helicopters should be low too small to make them seem very rare. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2045950134&searchtext=Helicopters
  5. Can I be honest with you. I just like the model for that wine bottle. But I am already doing the whole water is wine thing.
  6. We are glad you enjoyed the role-play and appreciate your offer for assistance in the graphic design but we have a member that is going to go ahead and try and create us one. We hope to see you all again. Also thank's for the face mask.
  7. Thanks I'm so glad people are enjoying our Role-play. We hope to keep interaction with our group as new and fresh as possibly. As for the goes we are discussing on what to add more with out revealing too much of its intentions.
  8. Hey so I wanted to know if we can add this to the game. I feel since we have vodka we should have wine. So I vote we add this to the spawn table. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1870481515&searchtext=wine
  9. we can chose what we want to spawn in.
  10. yea I have asked in the media thread and around so we will see. Also if you ever head to topolin or soup you might see us around.
  11. Hello so that I leave for the people that play as priest to decide. Does that are templers aka our version of space Marines. Will have to go ahead and excited the order so In tearm. I am giving more control over to the players. The only rule is that the priest must preach about God in anyway they like. As well if we capture some they must give the captives of choice to let them in our ranks as a servent and will remain one till we believe they are rehabilitated or escape. If they refuse to serve God then the priest or templer must cut the sin out of then either through torture or dismemberment of any kind.
  12. so it goes like this we thoughts the virus was a spawn from hell to destroy gods creation. We found that holy words, and books would not stop these demon that have infected peoples minds. and as time went on and our brothers,Sisters, and flock fell to this outbreak. We realized that god does not speck with only words but god carries a book in one hand a sword cover with holy flames in the other . That this what he spook in his book. That this was the end of day. Not some great war of demons and Angeles but a war of our own demons and angels. That we must be our own Angeles and to strike down our own demons. So in our eyes we are the good guys believing that we have to redeem our self's and other by any means. I would like some people to take the soft hand while others take the more harsh hand.
  13. so its going to be like the Horus Heresy when Hours started to fall to chaos an marines didn't know who was still friend and who was foe .
  14. Hello I'm starting a group that has religious undertone. The group is moistly going to be like warhammer 30k just with Christianity. What I mean by that is while our mission is going to be good for those player that want to play nice hero character but also for those that don't. I want to make group that makes both good and evil character intricate with each other. Main reason I bring up Warhammer 30K is because Warhammer the perfect example of religious zealot that believe they are doing good but also able to fall and I really like that. I will be making a ranking system almost the same way. I want to make this group welcome to almost all play-styles.
  15. Yea the weapons on muchstuffpack is a bit much.
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