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  1. Sometimes I move around to towns I don't usually visit. Get up to a solid vantage point and bring your binoculars to see if there's anything interesting happening around. Shoot some Zombies, travel back to the coast, make use of walkies, use radio-chatter section to reply to or make your own broadcast, look for some clothing/something essential to your character, join a group if you'd like to. I'm sure there's some more stuff I couldn't think of, but that's some of it
  2. Tweak the day/night cycle a tad for us EU and Brits?

    This is what I've experienced too during other restarts.
  3. Tweak the day/night cycle a tad for us EU and Brits?

    I've never had night time during the last couple of days. Would be nice to see at least some night time back in my opinion.
  4. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    Of course, it's a good thing we're not all alike and that's why we end up having these discussions. I'm by no means a fan of somebody random is going out there to execute you. If you have a longer history of a tense, violent conflict I'd give the opposite party the right to permadeath my character without thinking twice. Not only is my death going to spark some internal RP within my group, but it would possibly affect others I've come to know along the way. For the sake of immersion and realism I'm for permadeaths, especially if the conflict has gotten to the point where execution is a thing.
  5. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    Yeah, I understand. As the of today's rules all I can do is hope to encourage as many as possible to permadeath their characters when they are executed. It allows for some great RP being able to actually talk about people that have died, especially if they made an impact out there in the world. It's supposed to be harsh and I feel weird when certain characters never pay for their "crimes". I just wish people would loosen up a little bit about their characters and talk more OOC'ly with eachother, even if they are part of an ongoing IC-conflict. For me, it's as simple as "It's just a character".
  6. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    If the actions are severe enough I personally think that death is a both a fitting and realistic consequence.
  7. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    I think this kind of boils down to what @Tony mentioned in his rant. Realism and the roleplay of the entire server vs individual gain. If you for some reason would go around torturing, beating and scarring people you came across without any history leading up to it, I think you should also prepare for permanent death, because it makes sense. This is the same case when it comes to longer lasting conflicts between groups and individuals. Smart characters involved in larger conflicts would have to be more cautious about how they approach situations and how they would deal with things such as traveling alone. Groups and individuals in an ongoing conflict should in my opinion be able to permanently kill each others characters. I think a little bit of OOC communication could go a long way. Everyone nowadays seem to value RP over gear, now I think the next step is to value RP over a character "winning". In the end it's up to you how you choose to play your character and if you're going to play a character that's going to end up in larger conflicts then I think dealing with the consequences of being executed should be a no-brainer. I do agree with you and I think there should be some history and motive behind every execution, but I personally feel that deciding how your character is going to die is still hurting the realism. I don't know if your character has been executed before or if you're involved in any large conflict, but I dislike the idea of planning your death. This is very true. I don't see a point in executing someone if they're just going to play it off as a wound. If I want someone to be wounded I would just wound them and send them on their way. There is absolutely no need to send someone to the coast just to play it off as a wound. It's dumb and unneeded.
  8. PHOTOS: My trip to Japan

    Didn't realize you had put these up until now. These are awesome and makes me wish I'd travel more. Beanz to you sir!
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  10. Good run with @Murdercool @Geoa @Kuki @BillyR. Nice running into Mikey and "Jacob" and showing Mikey our camp. Also had a run-in with some people from Bastion twice today, both encounters were nice
  11. Untouched Media

    I'll be around for the next tournament, I promise!
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  13. Untouched Media

    Just some random screenies from the last couple of days.
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