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  1. DerrickStorm

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    @AndreyQ thanks for reminding me about that nostalgic video I've made. Now I feel sad again, rewatching it couple of times, huge thanks! Maybe someone will enjoy the this intro, also brings a lot of memories back, especially the playgrounds... And if I remember correctly, TImmy's Trading Post, 2015 seen at 2:30 from this video
  2. The mod itself has some nice things in it, like the hiking back pack, but I would love to see a return of the guitar.
  3. DerrickStorm

    An Pobal Media Thread

    Man, I would be dead in real life if a bear would sneak up on me like that...
  4. As a community member, you can't just refuse to RP with someone, as it would be considered BadRP or avoidingRP. You just have to make the best of the situation depending on what's going on and reach out to the party afterwards if there were questionable actions, rulebreaks or somebody is new to RP and in your opinion needs guidance.
  5. DerrickStorm

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    Just want to put this first, is he a time traveler?! Regarding the possible lore-wipe I can only speak as a LIvonian server player. It's been two months, people finally formed some relationships, settled down, got into the game. Doing a lorewipe and starting over at this point would be devastating, at least for me. I always have troubles getting into new characters, takes a lot of time before it starts to feel right. If all the character development was cut with a wipe right now, I would feel like when you PK your guy and next morning you think 'what the f*** have I done'. In my opinion it doesn't matter if you dissallow old groups, dissalow creating new groups for the first map - there are ooc groups already - close friends etc, that like to play with eachother and that's the way they play the game. And I don't blame them. Fordbiding creating old groups won't work. Mostly it's gonna be same people with different faces, backstorie, group name. Forbidding it's not the way to go. Will the ideas be fresh - sure, why not. But will they stay fresh or have that smell of the old stuff... hmm... In every discussion about lore-wipe, I've always like the idea of time warp - let's make it 30 years after the outbreak. Would be nice to roleplay somebody who doesn't know the life before the outbreak- an amazing opportunity for many great RPers. Roadmap - love the idea, involvment of Loremasters - even better, as with small events they can already create a memorable experience. Putting the countries closer together and entangle them in the Lore - nice. Ps. Please don't lower zombie count. Make it higher...
  6. DerrickStorm

    Round 2 Merge?

    Last time I've checked Livonia had at least three RP hubs offering almost guaranteed encounters upon arrival (during peak hours). I'm also having no problem randomly meeting people in the middle of the fields, even someone unique as @AndreyQ (for that random encounter you have to have 10 in luck tho and some Livonian story arc quests done). There will always be fluctuations in the player base for various reasons (be it different games, life issues etc, which sometimes simply stack), but unless one server goes 5/80 at peak hours, closing it down would be (as someone really nicely explained in previous thread) a bad idea, especially from buisness side for @Roland. Some people want to stay loyal and play Chernarus, other people seek something new in Livonia - simply let them.
  7. DerrickStorm

    Current Roleplay styles

    Almost always I've prefered "The Drifter" style of playing. I love to travel a lot, making up some mini-objectives for myself, which not only let me enjoy the maps itself (be it Chernarus or Livonia) but also makes the game itself more fun. First of all mini-objectives let me have some purpose in travelling other than go-look-for-RP, as if when I don't find any, I'll just be sad. Thanks to that I just do my own thing, live the life of my character, and thanks to drifting from place to place I encounter whole spectrum of differentRP styles, from Campfire to Hostile, both of which I equally enjoy. You know my at least a little bit Job, I'm just a scavenger with low self esteem!
  8. Huge shout out to @andysuter, @Burak, @Eagles, @Fenrir, @Morytania, @SidChaos, and people I can't seem to tag, with a big-ass shout out to the guest starring @StagsviewRB for the last night! Now let me get some nightmares and flashbacks.. Let's slap one more shout out on top of it - @Mademoiselle, @HDragon and once again people I can't seem to tag, thank you for the events from two days ago.
  9. @Burak



    @Eagles @Morytania @andysuter - he gets planks, he defends. A modern witcher-scavanger. Toss a soup to your Dima, oh Kitchen of Plenty!

    As seen in the video, Shaolin Lumberjack uses a plank as some sort of catalyst to project a deadly force towards the threat.  (previously used on the trees - see previous video) 


    1. Burak


      angry hate GIF

    2. Eagles


      Don't mind me just beating my M4 into submission as I try to kill the undead surrounding us.

    3. Morytania


      Never have I seen anything more beautiful in my life.

    4. andysuter


      you missed the part where he just got out the car and left us trapped inside with a horde up our arse.

    5. DerrickStorm


      Yeah, he would make a great captain to a ship... If he was on Titanic, when crew would ask "Captain, there's a iceberg in front, what do we do?!" - he would already be in a raft, paddling away.

    6. DerrickStorm


      Tooossss a soooup to your Dima, Ooooh Kitchen of Pleeenty


    7. Morytania


      @andysuter That's the safest place for you lad 😛 

    8. Burak


      I just remember Andys door was opened  😂 hahahahaha

    9. andysuter


      mate, i was stuck in the back...... fat Franek was in front of me with his seat up against my knees. 


    10. Stagsview


      Glad u nerda had fun 😉

    11. andysuter


      its was epic. gave everyone a nice buzz and some good rp after. I dont know which psycho was asking for bears though.....


    12. DerrickStorm


      @StagsviewRB hearing your voice again was music to my ears and it was lot of fun man, lot of fun! 🙂

    13. andysuter


      ooo which one was stags?


    14. Burak


      who found the basement (stash) in the building..... 😂


    15. DerrickStorm


      Presenting @andysuter, a modern Sherlock Holmes.

    16. andysuter


      ah right. In my defense i havent met him in game before so im clearly no meta'ing, unlike you two haha


    17. Burak


      angry fuck me GIF

      I guess you were just enjoying 60rounders and vodka.........

    18. andysuter


      i crashed just as the stash was found 😞


  10. DerrickStorm

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    While giving me that Mos Eisley wibe, making huge steps over some dead bodies while following the host, as a humble guest I really appreciate another settlement. Especially the effort to rebuild it after the wipe. I wasn't sure what to expect when picking Sitnik as a destination. What I really like about all settlements, there's always hundreds of stories around them. Before you even venture to a new one, you get a whole spectrum of information, from safehaven to slaugherhouse - same is with groups - news travel really fast. Tho over my stay I still didn't exactly pinpoint the precise location on the "safehaven[------I---------]slaugherhouse" scale, as I was too busy chasing away flies having a family reunion over some dead bodies, I'm really glad I've managed to meet the owners of the settlement. Had couple of long and interesting conversation with different people around the whole compound. Tho at first when I tried putting words together, I've felt like a donkey kicked my in the head, thanks to @Mademoiselle and @HDragon everything felt fluent, natural etc. I've never claimed to be an expert on RP in my opinion this group hold a very nice potential and has a lot to offer.
  11. Man I miss that small crafting part, gathering fruits to color stuff etc. I've always loved the vest, especially coloured to be dark-brown. I would love to see that again IG.
  12. Some people just do crazy stuff when they get drunk... And then there's me...
  13. @Burak


    @Eagles @Morytania this is a behind-scenes recording. Look what effort is put into gathering the resources.

    @andysuter another proof of anger-managment issues? 

    1. Morytania


      Lmao I love it hahaha

    2. DerrickStorm


      You love it, I was scared shitless.

    3. Fenrir


      Faster, faster. FASTER!

    4. Burak


      angry ufc GIF

      I have no anger , i am the most gentle and peaceful lad around Livonia.

    5. andysuter


      see...... and no one believes me. Hes got issues my friend


    6. Burak


      see you soon Andrew

    7. Eagles


      Who needs tools when you cut down trees with sheer anger and determination?

  14. DerrickStorm

    Torture Techniques 101

    Nice guide. Thank you for the "Who should I stay away from" tutorial!
  15. @andysuter how about we take it up a notch? #'84bestyear


    1. andysuter


      Yes - Has all the ingredients...... catching riff, cringey video, sex appeal and most importantly - Big Hair


    2. MrsSunshine


      If I get to wear the knee high boots then I'm in!

  16. DerrickStorm

    How do long term hostages work in DZRP?

    I'm preeeetty sure that even common sense dictates that you can't force somebody to be your hostage for a week without their permission. You have to come to an ooc agreement that both parties are up for it and then it's all simple, you just have to think how to handle things (logging in, moving to different areas etc). Luckily for me I've been part of such a story and it takes some effort to organize everything but it pays off... Edit: That's 2/3...
  17. MRW I log back on to Livonia everyday


    1. Basko


      Weather is beautiful around Redwood Base, you should check it out!
      While you'r at it, take a truck full of goodies with you from poland.

    2. DerrickStorm


      There are no truck spawns in Livonia. You want me to go even further west to Poland, far away from Chernarus!? Ooohhh you...

  18. I've finally found a second to render a video from 12 december 2019. My first days in Livonia - with my history of friendly fire I simply froze... Spoiler: my pants didn't survive that encounter...
  19. The following transmission can be heard on this frequency. After the transmission ends, you can hear a random Radio Refuge broadcast comming up every full hour, set up as a re-run. Radio Refuge Transmission No.6.MP3
  20. DerrickStorm

    Eagles Media Perch

    I only wish there were more peaks etc to get better view, but still there are some places worth visiting. I gotta tag along with you one day!
  21. DerrickStorm

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    As with every idea - if done correctly it might be interesting. The question I have is why would such a group appear anywhere around Chernarus and Livonia and what would be the reasing behind turning to "the old ways". If there's a good story behind it - not only in a group thread, but also supported by RP in game, I'll wish you dudes all the best!
  22. So it's 2020 already and I'm feeling nostalgic. Since 2015, thanks to DayZRP I took way more interest in video editing than before. Due to having a medieval PC at the beginning and lacking any pvp skills, I've always had trouble getting content. But beside that I think that I've managed to do some nice intros and outros of which I'm proud of. Below I'm going to post couple of videos, starting with the oldest one. In the first videos the quality won't be anywhere close to HD but hopefully you'll still enjoy it. For each video I'll post timestamps fo the moments I'm really proud of, so you don't have to go through alll theee boooring stuuuff... So... here we go: 1. DayzRP: Lore and Stories trailer (short - full) First project where I've decided to learn alot of things from scrap - regarding video editing and creating missions in ARMA 2 editor for part of cinematics. With this video and the next one I was hoping to share the now out-of-date Lore with players. 2. DayZRP: Lore and Stories: Episode 1 (00:00-05:21 intro & 31:38-> outro) Thanks to all the help comming from couple of community members with giving voice and life to some characters, I've managed to do my first large project. Had tons of fun creating every piece of the video, especially the helicopter scene and throwing pictures animation thanks to multiple online tutorials. This one was also done on my medieval PC so the video quality isn't that great. 3. DayZRP: The South Zagoria Race (00:00-02:22 intro) At that time that I just got back into DayZ once again and the servers were usually occupied by 5-15 people thanks to Bohemia. While driving our Olgas next to eachother on the "Berezino highway" with a friend, we've came up with an idea that it would be great to drag race one day. Simple idea evolved to the "server wide" mini event where we invited all interested players to join a race on NWAF. Sadly at the time I used shadoplay to record and didn't notice that my microphone was muted - that's why my lines are reconstructed with subtitles. I really like driving in Dayz (tho it's deadly), that's why I like this intro too. 4. DayZRP: Černá Liška (00:00-01:01 intro) Heavily inspired with GTA, this intro was the most fun I've ever had while editing, when it came to work + time invested = outcome. The video itself it's just some random events put together, but as always I've considered myself an intro guy - small and short projects. I love to rewatch this one from time to time as it reminds me of some great people I've managed to meet during my stay here. Overall I've always enjoyed editing, learning new thinghs (that I soon forget inbetween projects that are usually year apart) etc. So maybe if you catch me with some free time on my hands, I can help you out to forge your idea and content into reality. WIth that being said, I hope at least some of you will enjoy intros from above videos. See you in game:
  23. Fun fact: The town is called Gieraltów, there's Ó in there and it's pronounced... hmmm.... like "oo" in "oops I did it again, mispronounced polish name, got lost in the game". When it comes to main street name Promenade = Promenada sounds good, it's easy to pronounce and... just has that ring to it. My ideas, probably not the greates I've ever had: Aleja Nadziei = Hope Avenue. Aleja Zjednoczenia = Unification Ave. Aleja Królewska = Royal Ave.
  24. Well then it's, as stated before, true art of shitty behaviour while building. Yeah. Rules are rules but I still hope that people have common sense to fill in the gaps.
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