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  1. You know that telling people that "they're not welcome here" at the moment is part of RP, right? Nobody has to be a "yes" man. You want everybody to be lovey-dovey-come-join-us-at-campfire? You link a 1 minute video and then start throwing accusations of sub-par RP, but the only thing that I see is that people in the video very quickly get annoyed on OOC level (can only assume the lack of double-mic means OOC). If you witness poor RP reach out to people via forums/dm/pm, describe the situation, better yet give a video of full situation and involve some staff if the problem is bigger.. You would be surprised how many people take constructive criticism to heart - constructive being a key word. Also why on earth any other old bases that were created with all the map changes during Lore release would be removed? It makes sense still that there are remains of the QZ 07 IG, because each of these places tells a story how the lore is developing. Also it's very popular even in goddamn BR games that the map changes tell some story... Pro-tip: Don't get annoyed, invest time and RP in building up relationships and gain trust or use good ol' competition and create something in the other part of map - if it's stellar people will come.
  2. Awesome to see the group being approved. Keep up the the good work and the RP!
  3. It was a good ride bro, shame to see you go. See you out there and enjoy! I miss you already.
  4. Me: Internal monologue: Kids do it. What can go wrong?

    Also me when the pill kicks in:



  5. How 60 days into the lore slowly start to feel like: 


    1. Eagles


      leonardo dicaprio calvin candie GIF

    2. Burak


      Wait , you dont approve the current RP on the server ?  previous lore was for American super soldiers , this lore created for Mad Max fans. Deal with it.

  6. Updated thread with: "7. Character Page Bling-Blings:"
  7. A completely unnecessary fallout themed overhaul of character page graphics (Still work in progress - gifs may take time to load). Bling-Bling, story doesn't matter: 


  8. How it feels to browse threads lately:


    1. Crim


      We're lower than the world

  9. During these difficult times please remember to take care of your pets:


    1. Eagles


      Thank you for giving me something to not do my work to my friend. 

    2. DerrickStorm


      Khajiit has memes, if you have beanz.


  10. ioKxkPm.jpg

    1. Millie


      sad peanut butter GIF by For Everest

  11. Kinda embarrassed I forgot about "Jack", one of the first people I've met and then RPd with during each visit, literally enjoying every single conversation dude. No hard feelings, right?
  12. I've managed to spend some more time around this group since my first arrival at River's Crossing and I really like to see how everything is developing. Arriving by accident to some negotiations and then witnessing different reactions from characters at the camp after it was over was something I really enjoyed. As I've managed to get short conversations with different memebers it gave me this nice contrast in how differently people perceive/digest what has happend in front of the gates - it simply made this place look alive. Theo, June, David - just off the top of my head - are the characters definitely worth meeting + many more people whose names I can't recall since apparently my brain has a storage capacity of a 3,5 floppy disk. I really hope this group is here to stay and develop alongside with the server lore and impact of other group actions, and hopefully more groups and places like this one will pop up on South Zagoria map for us to enjoy.
  13. Hearing the sirens and seeing the whole city just "stop" for a minute every year on 1st August in memory of The Warsaw Uprising it's quite something... 

    "Once a year on august 1st, the people of Warsaw pay hommage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The biggest rebellion against German Nazi occupation during WWII cost over 200 000 lives and destruction of the capital."

    1. Inferno


      poland GIF 

      Here's to those women, men, and children who
      fought to liberate their home from a foreign power.

    2. Peril


      Damn ninjas, snuck into my room and started chopping onions.

  14. So in the end this topic should not be "Excessive bases destroying loot economy" but "Put rules in place to help us Make "The Triangle" Great Again"? I do miss Stary Sobor & Kabino being 100% guarantee to find people but times change. I've never understood building bases to hoard stuff as it's fails it purpose. A true stash is a well hidden cabinet - in previous lore I've literally had a cabinet hidden in plain sight, next to a dumpster in Nizhnoye and it lasted till persistance wipe (around month). People building bases to hoard items make things easier for others to locate their stashes. Removing doors, walls won't help with hoarding. As mentioned by @cjackson821, you'll find 10 cabinets in the middle of nowhere - no walls, same problem (tho it was already stated that hoarding does not affect the loot economy.) This topic starts to strongly remind me the community pressure to leave Livonia server and come back to Chernarus. If anyone wants to make people visit the area their group oparates in, just make it interesting. Do you really think that if RP provided is excellent it won't attract people? Really? C'mon...
  15. Settlements are what I really expect from this game - nomads, RP hubs, some with open gates policy, other closed off fortresses. Lord Humungus was pissed about basebuilding too, so he layed siege. Risking loosing loyality of his man and morale going to shit, dealing with an impenetrable base, they went for attrition war - cut off any possibility of travelling in and out of the base. That being said I know nobody can play 24h/d to achieve what sieges are supposed to or has guts to sit non-stop in one place of a road-block, but as a community, each of us has has own expectations and once again - we need to meet halfway to endulge the nomadic players and settlers together. Having a base is adventage and disadventage at the same time - you have defences but your place is quickly known to general population. Even without basebuilding people who seek shelter far away from bandits will choose a remote location and change it once it's discovered. In my opinion both nomadic groups and settlements have a good impact on the RP of the server - it's usually based on IC decisions, for example I'm gonna steer clear from a well known banditry regions, because I do value my life. If the Loot Economy would work properly that would help to - it was supposed to deal with that kind of problems - it was supposed to make regions dry if looted to frequently. Do you remember 2015/2016 hunger patch when people with full military gear, M4s etc were literally dying of starvation in triangle area? The Loot Economy kicked in to hard and made the whole region dry (picking food related loot as a main item being looted there and spawning it in other regions). Don't get me wrong, 95% of my game time I travel all over the map but there's no point in forcing gameplay style on anybody. If people unite against an impenetrable settlement - that's already an RP impact on the server and I don't see a solution that would improve the current situation that IMO is still pretty good and healthy.
  16. Well... everybody needs to meet realism halfway. How is it realistic to die in a firefight and respawn? How is it realistic to re-loot the same buildings because loot respawns? I'm all for the full realism, broken limbs, scare food, struggling to survive but that ain't gonna happen. We have a game - game has mechanics - we use it. If it's a maze of gates and walls - let admins know. If there's any AOGM - let admins know. Wipe that shit out of the server and maybe poeople will learn. But don't punish everyone for couple instances of such bases. I also fail to see how does it damage loot economy. First of all loot economy is, I'm sorry, shit - simply doesn't work. You get 'themed' towns either full of shovels, motorbike helmets or beanies and hatchets. It doesn't make an item scarce in frequently looted region at all. Since last wipe after people already had alot of time to gather tons of equipment I still don't have a problem with finding an item that I need sooner or later - ranging from common to more rare ones. As explained above, guns spawns have been tweaked to concentrate on more eastern rifles and equipment. Long story short: Report abomination-bases to admins, leave normal people alone. ps. I got an average PC and it lags more around while loading in prefabs/changes made to the map then big stashes.
  17. Dropping 8 "Acient carriers of the plates" from one tank zombie is a bit too much... But maybe add some random high-end military equipment with low % chance to drop. I like that they make visiting military areas a bit more challenging, but I would love to see the changes from one of community discussions implemented: long story short civilians zombies being easy to kill and military areas becomming real challenge. Keep the good stuff comming!
  18. Just FYI because I'm Hofers son I have to work twice as hard for everything in this group! It's like an opposite day, I should have it much easier... On a more serious note I enjoy being part of CLF since day 1. Being involved in video and graphic projects is also alot of fun and gives me opportunity to work with some really creative minds. Even with me mostly playing in a different timezone than groups peak activity time, recently I've been able to witness some really nice and detail oriented RP in person. Good stuff guys, really good stuff. Keep it up! CLF4LYF
  19. It was some good stuff! Really enjoyed RPing with you buddy and witnessing what you can provide for others! Keep up the great work!
  20. RPing with myself while looting:


  21. Great to see this group aiming to become official. I've already had the pleasure to RP with you guys and the whole interaction had nice flow, didn't feel forced and was pretty immersive and enjoyable - talking to couple of you, seeing some of you live their lives, just patrolling the castle during the night. It's solid, very good stuff. Graphics are simple and sexy, lore is maybe a bit short but it's awesome how it comes from IC development/encounters etc. Good luck! Plus I'm a sucker for details, so you guys already had me at this (just a bit edited):
  22. You're a true wordsmith, well spoken mrs... mr... mrs Burak. ommmogosh Love you bubba, the ammount of support you always show is amazing!
  23. Forum username: DerrickStorm Type of creator: Video/Graphic Thread link:
  24. Since I've joined the community, I've managed to involve myself in couple nice video and graphics projects. If you need help with bringing your ideas to life - reach out to me. As long as I have free time on my hands, I'm always happy to help - as some of you already know. I never require payment for things I do, tho any donations are always welcome. Maybe $5 is just loose change for you, but it could put me onto "The 100 wealthiest people in Poland" list. Below you'll find some of the media I've picked to display but even if you have troubles with cutting out and getting alpha background on one of your images, reach out to me. Most recent projects: 1. CFC Fightnight: A simple vision that I asked for sent in the request (in spoiler) vs final outcome: 2. Famous Bandit Hunter John Smith VHS cover (no request, just got drunk): 3. Pathfinders - graphics: More images in the spoiler below: 4. Nadbór Forest Conservation miscs: More images in the spoiler below: 5. DayZRP: random graphics: More images in spoilers: 6. DayZRP: video projects: More videos in spoilers: 7. Character Page Bling-Blings: More bling-blings in spoilers:
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