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  1. @Burak questioning me during CLF meeting:


  2. Good ol' DnD times pt. II: 

    "'I'm a magician, not a wizard!' shouted Fed the Fantastic as he was shoved into the invading Orcs. 'Pick a card!' he screamed as he died."

  3. Good ol' DnD times: 


  4. "An Englishman plays risk" - best thing ever.


    1. Mazer


      I fucking love those guys

  5. When I check my beanz count: QseLmXy.jpg

    1. Whitename


      stinky CLF deserves no beanz

    2. DerrickStorm


      Hey! I was the one to discover the 'H' for Houdini, Eagles was just a msger. So how about you appreciate aaaaaal the hard work!!! 😄 I can tell you that I was confused, the guy with gun was confused as hell how did I manage to loose the restrains. You could... wait, that was your plan! With that mechanics update you've wanted to get me shot, because I'm CLF. Oooooh you!

    3. Whitename


      Okay that H thing I thank you for 😄 but also I DONT thank you for it because that meant instead of sleeping I took an extra 45 minutes to fix that bug

  6. Here's a solution that worked with same crash msg. Maybe it will help, just scroll to the bottom Quote from the link: "I deleted the DayZ Folder in myDocuments and apparently it works. Played 45 min. without crashing. ". Just backup files before deleting.
  7. Tbh literally ~2h ago I did close up/rotation of that item in my inventory looking at the pack texture and wondered where did the idea come from. Nice to learn something new!
  8. @Morytania Thank you for some gooooood ol' RP! It's always a pleasure. @K2U hope you'll remember some of my great quotes and ideas! Top notch medical RP! Aaand cheers @Timbuktu
  9. Beside my little place where I lure people to RP by setting up a fire, there's plenty of peeps scattered around the map. While travelling you can literally miss them by minutes, so there's no way to assume which areas are empty. We have two well known RP hubs, rest is left to discover IG.
  10. DerrickStorm

    car stuff

    Style > Speed
  11. Thank you, thank you. I really like making these things and I'm glad that event organizers reached out to me. As a payment I accept beanz, handshakes, facebook friends requests, dayzrp wallet donation, real life money donations, dates, reassuring taps on the shoulder, "Good job" cards, marriage proposals and any offers to make my life good. I'm always happy to see events like these pop-up, as they usually lay the ground work for less experienced RPers + as any event and/or a hub is always hard to maintain with ongoing troll/poorRP problems, people organizing them will always have my respect!
  12. I've tried rebinding emote wheel to F1-F12 so many times... Would be great to be able to do so, tho maybe with the help of our mods.
  13. Thanks to @Eagles for being a strong chernarussian woman and helping me out! Also another nice encounter with @Whitename, @Drbeans & third person that name I didn't quite catch.I feel like inbetween club-like-establishment types and cooking recipes discussions we're slowly becomming BFFs!
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