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  1. DerrickStorm

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Thanks God people are voting "no" for fasttravel. There's still hope...
  2. Only if added with UAZ! But seeing a Humvee driving through the city would be awesome + let players mount a SAW on it, famous for its 750-1000rpm (RolePlay/minute). If only there were group logos on vehicles...
  3. DerrickStorm

    Red's random Media

    So technically spider initiated on your girlfriend and since you're in the same group you had defence rights, yet choose not to use your kill rights straight away and go for RP. Solid 5/7.
  4. DerrickStorm

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    Thanks for mentioning me @AndreyQ (/me rewrites his already done interview in case he ever gets noticed, erasing AndreyQ from it) + nothing about sirens outside your window being picked up by your mic since day one. So I'm not sure if this isn't a fake interview... If you're being held hostage Andrey bean twice.
  5. DerrickStorm

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    If it is possible, it would be awesome. I remember finding alooooot of personal journals, strange letters etc. + I loved the feedback from that mini-event. Love ya @RedSky
  6. It's a fair mistake due to like 98% signs being in Russian. Also most of the countries that were under "influence" of ZSRR have some sort of "souvenirs". Novodmitrovsk? Nope - Poland:
  7. Only 19 second video but there's something in it..  Found on reddit. 


    1. Craig


      Is it related to that one advertisement where the car crashes and then rolls on top of all the kids that got banned?

    2. DerrickStorm


      I don't know to be honest. I thought of @Unknown Entity driving style.

  8. I've managed to have two short encounters with you guys today, cheers. I really hope you'll be able to create the things you speak of in game and that I'll be seeing you more often. Good luck!
  9. Is it tho? Signs in cyrillic are just a post-soviet souvenir, at least from what I understand. For example look at hospitals (small clinic and big buildings), where on the walls you'll find informations in both Czech and Russian language.
  10. I usually throw in a single czech word or two into most english sentences. You can also speak a full short sentence in czech and then repeat it in english so everybody can uderstand. The problem that you may encounter is some people RP being Chernarussian without fluently nor basicly knowing the czech language so you speaking fully czech and them not understanding would lead to some confusing situation. You just have to find a good balance so everybody is happy.
  11. Maybe it's the discord app/server itself. Sadly I fail to see how following the guide you've linked, which contains steps to linking your DayzRP account with your discord account would help, as the official dayzRP channel works for me perfectly from day one, but the guide itself looks plain and simple. Problems I have described appear on one of the dayzrp group channels and completely unrelated to DayzRP Apex channel. The "bug" is constant, doesn't matter if I restart the app - it's always the same two channels. Please live this topic open for next 24hrs, maybe some good soul with similiar problem will post a solution, as I would love to avoid reinstalling the app itself.
  12. DayZRP channel works prefectly from day one. This is from one of the channels where I got my invitation through a PM or different way, clicked connect and it looks like that from the start. When I view the same channel throught the browser everything is fine.
  13. Hey, I've noticed that on some of the channels that I've joined they look like this: The blue text says "Load more msg" and doesn't do anything. When I view the same channel throught the website instead of the app, every user shows up without a problem. Have any of you ever encountered such a problem and is there some simple solution other than reinstall? 90% of the channels work perfectly fine, only some of them look like this.
  14. DerrickStorm

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Nice, nice, nice. Can't wait for some yt compilations!
  15. @Pepper @baskorthuis once again thanks for providing some good quality roleplay!
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