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  1. The proper way to find guns in dayz:


    1. Pepsi


      That's how I do to Revolvers and Shotties

    2. Eddie


      Sounds about right!

  2. People: RP is so stale RN

    Same people: 


    1. Pepsi


      Apocalypse = No Law and Order = No Police = Unchained Fun

    2. Maybelele


      Was expecting a flamingo floatie ngl.

    3. Eddie


      That bird is actually pretty talented ngl. also:

      GIF by National Geographic Channel

    4. Ducky



  3. I apple-laud your great work!
  4. When your kid has the soul of a fallen crusader:




  5. Listening to music during covid outbreak be like:


  6. @Burak reaction when he finds out that someone is hoarding canned bacon in their base.


    1. Burak


      pew pew plane GIF by Airbus

      Me rushing back when i heard my bacons are taken

  7. Borat 2077 is just a masterpiece:


  8. After reading @Eagles posts there's not much left to add. I've got 3508 hrs on DayZ. 1 hour on a public server (a requirement to be whitelisted/join the server around 2015) and about 2 hours in a different community, that I simply considered as wasted. that leaves me with 3505 hours on DayzRP. Some of you have played longer, some even more, but my point is, when it comes to DayZ, I've always thought about this place right here, DayzRP. Sadly in last two, maybe three years I've noticed how many people from good RPers became donkeys. So many circles have formed where IC hostilities would extend to OOC and actions would be driven by ill-intent. Even while not being part of drama, getting ooc hate, I felt strongly discouraged from logging in. Shit, my longest daily playstreak of playing daily actively and getting some good RP and fun out of it in 2018/2019 ended after @Roland told me that awarding any higher streaks than 120 days would be simply unhealthy (fuck me and my loyality, right?). Still, when playing dayz, I would choose DayZRP. But I guess I digress. As a bystander that usually plays underdogs, civvies, scared people etc, I've noticed alot of things that could be much better, but the main problem is, every single one of us logs into a game, this game, expecting something slightly different. Where I'm a fan of hardcore suvival, other people can be looking for easy game to socialize, someone else treats it as an FPSRP. I guess there's nothing wrong if any of these aproaches, but they clash together. When people expecting different things from the game play together on the daily basis. Only few groups/people are able to play loosing side - people don't wanna lose. If there's conflict, usually both sides wanna win. Sure, it's good IC, but not to the extend where it becomes unhealthy, unrealistic and extends beyond IC towards OOC (getting people banned etc). All the hostile RP is a quick-burn oriented. There's no long-term diplomacy, demands are set to couple days with the outcome that will usually crash the other group if it doesn't cooperate. I've seen so many threads pop up with nice group backstories and long hype trains but one thing was on paper, something completely different IG. Kinda sad loosing so much potential... There's alot left to be said, but by know I've learned I have very small impact on anything in the community. 150 people will vote against me and will want a new map, yet never actually play it. That's only one of many examples, how it is. When I used to play Counterstrike 1.5 you would hop on server that had 2/32 and play 1,5hour with 2v2 3v3, until the server filled up to 32/32. But here I hear people saying that they ain't gonna log in on server that has 10/100, and so they become the part of the problem. As my post is slowly becoming more chaotic and turning into a wall of text, I'll leave you with this quote that sets the bar of RP very high (what different people expect from the game...), and a simple gif to share my feelings. Sorry for any typos. "POV: I wake up over by vybor and run over to REDACTED. I see the main and wish to hit him with my fish, which I proceed to do so. Also does the fish do any damage. I see you have a tag for his fist but not my fish."
  9. Leader: Get in positions and keep your eyes open!

    Always hungry @Burak:


    1. Burak


      the lion king laughing GIF

  10. DayZRP 2020 recap:


    I've wanted to write a wall of text and share my thoughts and concerns on reappearing threads about map changes and community itself, but I've decided to go with a simple gif and wishes for 2021:

    To all the people te genuinely care about this community I wish you good health and fortune in 2021.

    To all the toxic dumdums with ill intent carved into their backbones I wish you that you finally grow up.


    1. Millie


      I'm out of beans so have some :clfheart: ❤️


    2. Beanarus


      cheers congratulations GIF

    3. Knight


      we tryin out here dont we.

    1. Burak


      Warner Bros Lol GIF by Joker Movie

    2. Burak


      it is literally my snack description :kekw:

    3. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      Typically polish

  11. How I feel when I play new CoD, especially in hardcore multiplayer.


  12. I still remember this beautiful vote, where over 3/4 of people were abducted IRL after release of Deer Isle: What will happen now, till 3rd december activity on the server will fall down even more as it was before with big changes since "There's no point in playing". I really wish dayzrp all the best and I hope I'll be surprised and it won't be a very short burst of activity brought back (like it was with big changes, expansion for example). People really fail to understand that the overall quality of the RP is a problem, characters that are "new" but played exactly the same way. Same conflicts, very often dictated by ooc relations. If we fail to fix that, even if Namalsk is the best map ever, it will turn to shit. Btw - Literally the best RP I've found lately was by looking for people in remote places - the kind of people that will offer you a 2-3 hrs solid non-stop RP bringing back memories from the old days and you won't hear once "sorry could you repeat that" cause the discord is sooo busy... bruh, or classic "I have places to be!". But sure, it's easier to force people by lowering the size of the map, then actually putting some offert into own gameplay. If you want a casual game, there's a lot of BR out there or try something single player.
  13. "Meal" is RP, "plate" is the map. So it's just gonna be the same meal on a different plate. Don't get me wrong, I hope I'm mistaken and it's gonna be unicorns and rainbows.
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