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  1. I can't blame people for putting up 10 gates or building up armories. Some may see it as hoarding, others as reasonable RP - gather resources to survive or trade. A trader will do better buisness when he can deliver straight away. Why would it even bother anybody what others have in their bases as long as it doesn't affect the stability of the server? Sure, some people prefer staying in one place, but I do travel a lot and I do meet a loooot of people on the road, scavenging, not hiding behind any walls. If people want to sit in one place for 10 hour and are enjoying the RP you call stale, what's wrong with that? De gustibus non est disputandum - there is no disputing about taste. Some people like one style of RP, others like another type. If you think by removing basebuilding people won't simply gather around a fire and do the same with loot in the mountain backpacks you may be wrong. I'm always keeping any stashes/houses that I build up as simple as possible, but (and I find myself using this phrase too often lately) people don't respect things build for RP reasons. Slow-down blocade near a hot-spot will get dissasembled, sandbags set to create a nice camping vibe or to "reinforce" a base of a building against raining will get taken too, notes will get stolen, thrown away or burned. Shit... sheds will get torn apart by accident in some cases and "by accident" in others. At this point I feel like we simply can't have nice things.
  2. People seem to forget that hostilities may be done without an actual initiation. Sure - it takes effort to not sound like baiting, but I really miss it. I'm always strongly against adding more and more rules limiting our gameplay and RP - all should come down to common sense and respect we have (or should have) towards each other. ps. One life rule would drive some people to go after a target till he's PKd. Only an implementation of soft skills that would improve either aiming, stamina or something, a thing that you would actually lose upon dying, would make people more hesitant before starting a gunfight.
  3. Some awesome stuff - would be great to see more diversity in look of the weapons. And I mean lore inspired not a hello-kitty pink AKM. I hope we'll see your skins IG soon!
  4. To be fair if you can correctly pronounce Wrzeszcz nobody will doubt you're local.
  5. You shouldn't worry about that. Some people simply switch to textRP and use {speaking in Polish}: How have you been, so others may choose if they understand it or not. I've once spoke fluent polish to a person claiming she's local, but she informed me that she's RPing as local and I just switched to textRP. In my opinion, if somebody would start fluently speaking polish and pressure you with it to check if you're really local (you're RPing as a local), that would just be badRP. You don't have to know the language to RP a native from any specific region. I've had some conversations in fluent polish in game, but I would never feel comfortable having them around a third person that RPs a native character but doesn't speak polish - it would just be an immersion breaking move, not to say a dick move. In my opinion if you have basic knowledge about the country you're native to, you're good to go! As stated above, checking somebody via fluent language knowledge is a dick move. Also, RedMills, now I have to rewatch Generation Kill again.
  6. Hey there! I've decided to archive Pathfinders for now. Hopefully we'll be able to reshape the idea a little bit and maybe one day bring it back with a strong player base in each of the timezones, on which we can develop the whole group. I want to thank everyone who we met on our travels during being official and each of the members that helped shaping this group not only since the group idea itself, but since playing on Livonia. See you out there!
  7. Barrels usually spawn in industrial places - check sheds etc. Cabinets can be often found by heli crash sites. When it comes to tents I haven't seen too many lately, if I remember correctly it's civilian housing and industrial.
  8. Positive feedback: I miss our daily meetings Marek and Sabina! But with all the work you and I have on our hands, I always look forward to visiting the camp. Since day I've met you, you guys always gave visitors some good ol' RP and as stated before, I'm really happy that this ongoing project was developed into an official group with a prefab. Becoming a hot-spot is a really tough job in my opinion, because of full spectrum of RP quality passing through your base/home. Just keep up the good work Soup Kitchen! Negative feedback: False advertisment: almost always there's not a single bowl of soup for me and always hungry friend Dima! This is a recording of us checking the cabinets for soup:
  9. It was nice to finaly meet you by running into you by accident. After a long day of @ScouseViking busting my balls about my pathfinding skills, you greeting us with "Are you guys lost?" made my day (Inside I was like "Mother truuucker!"). See you out there!
  10. I give this problem a solid FIVE on the tomatoe scale, because that's literally how many boiled tomatoes you need to survive a harsh Livonian weather. If you're not a tomatoe guy - go for a hot cooking pot that can easily still store something inside. C'mon guys...
  11. As stated above, keep something warm in pockets and problem solved. And in case of really bad storm remember that a pack of purifying tablets is enough:
  12. If I'm not mistaken you should also wash your hands if drinking directly from the well (for example after gutting an animal).
  13. Looks nice - it's compact, not blown out of propotions and seems to fit nicely into surrounding area. I like the use of concrete slabs - if you dig around the district I live in now, you'll find that most of the roads and green areas still have these under the soil as this part of Warsaw (Poland) was a military training area. The points below are just very minor finishing touches I would at, don't take it as criticism or nitpicking: 1. Concrete slabs - the road leading to your compound would quickly turn into a swamp - maybe just for a "finishing touch" you could add something like this in front of your gate, at least for a part of the road: 2. Tree in the middle - it's a nice addition to add a central piece, but wouldn't it be cut down along with any trees surrounding the area to not limit the field of view and movement freedome inbetween the sandbags? 3. Car wrecks would probably be pushed towards any holes to barricade them or just to move the wreck out of the way. Overall it's a very nice, compact base. I like the simplicity of it. //YEA
  14. With all the false reports/fake news etc, this is where I get my news from:

    Current state of Europe in units of the Simpsons


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      very true.

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