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  1. Thank you, thank you aaaand thank you. We're still brainstorming on how to makes things interesting for others with our goals etc. Hopefully with baby steps we'll figure things out. Yeah, I've seen your post before you've edited it and I was going through it thinking "Nice... nice... wait, what? Korean?". Thank you for your feedback. I've managed to meet you guys couple times, sometimes briefly, sometimes a little bit longer encounter, but the most memorable for me was almost exactly week ago with your security advisor and civilian advisor + couple other people if I remember correctly.
  2. Yeah, a deer tanking a .308 round with it's head can be annoying sometimes. Also I wasn't aware there were changes in meat ammount gained from corpses. It would be great to see it balanced.
  3. You can always use weather to your advantage - I've ran through a medium sized town and fought only two infected: I travel alot, I love killing zombies so daily I go through a lot of them. I use knife, pump action and a winchester (good luck ME if I stumble upon a bear). If you aim for head knife takes an infected down in around four strikes. The problem is it tends to get damage quickly. Pump action takes infected down without any problem - one shot, one kill. Even if I don't aim perfectly for the head, spread on short&medium range gets the job done. Winchester is for fun and practicing, but if you aim for head, you get a clean kill. Yes, if you decided to fight a zombie with a melee weapon, and there are other zeds around, there'll be a chain reaction. If you fire a shot, there's gonna be lot of them comming - so fire it from safe place if you don't feel comfortable in an open fight. If you sprint non-stop, that one is on you (there's a small indicator in lower left about how much noise you make). I strongly disagree with a statement that zombies are OP - I enjoy how things are now because this is afterall a zombie apocalypse. They don't get invisible anymore, don't glitch too much - if you get surrounded by them, welp - mistakes were made. Ps. Maybe if there is lag involved or ghost bullets then maybe it may appear they are OP.. Also, have you been using tracer rounds? I've heard rumors about them not being as effective. + I agree hand guns should one-tap infected with a headshot.
  4. Huge thanks for all the support! I've expanded the Roster section to make it a little bit more... immersive.
  5. Thank you for all the response. Some of you may have already met us, since we've been prusuing some of these goals for 1,5 month now. With some likeminded people we've decided to expand the dynamic idea into an official group idea - huge thanks to @Burak and @andysuter. And I'm really glad you like the graphics - I do love editing videos, just recently I've decided to have some more fun with images - be it screenshots or stuff like this. If you already see some room for improvement - let us know!
  6. “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward." "Last one to die - please turn off the lights" Transition Camp 113, outskirts of Andrzejów There were dozens of camps like this one. Refugees from smaller and biggers towns squished into tiny improvised tents and huts. Every day gates of the camp would open to allow the buses to deliver new refugees and relocate the ones that were already here and needed to be moved. There was no police force within the walls - soldiers were strechted thin on the wire, fighting off infected that drifted towards this grim place, attracted either by constant flow of buses or shots ringing every couple of minutes. Or maybe they were attracted to the smell? I'm not sure what it was but I do remember that smell... The camp was saturated with this repulsive stink, a mixture of sweat, urine and death. Nobody expected the tragedy that was at our doorsteps. You could hear on the radio that we were winning the war with the infected. That we should stay at our homes, stay within the camps, cooperate and provide support to the forces that will soon clean the area from infection. Now I suppose it was a last resort measure to calm the panic down - like oxygen masks on an airplane that allow us to calm down and smoothly drift into the arms of the death upon the crash... It was short after the sunset, gates were already closed for the night. The sound of an engine was getting louder and louder as a bus was aproaching the camp with high speed, plowing through the mud and dead bodies. Soldiers didn't hesitate for a moment. Gunfire cut the silence of the night, bullets were shreding the windshield of the bus, turning everything inside it into a pulp. Did the order to open fire came to late or was it simply bad luck? The vehicle slammed through the gates like an medieval battering ram, leaving them wide open. Even when the bus finally stopped at the third tent, it wheels were still boxing in the mud, burrying the vehicle even deeper. But none of the soldiers stopped shooting. Nobody stopped until the roar of a dying engine gave place to hundreds of growls flooding the area, comming somewhere from the deep dark night... There was nothing that could stop this army of darkness. At one point soldiers couldn't tell or simply didn't care if they were shooting at infected or civilians. Some of them deserted their posts with uniform stained with fear. One thing was sure - nobody who stayed would live to see the sunrise. After couple of weeks, hungry and exhausted, we had no choice but to go back to the Camp One-Thirteen. A handful of survivors scavenged the ruins of a fallen safehaven for anything that could be useful - be it food, clothing, guns or meds. We took everything back to a small farmhouse, a place far away from major towns and roads. We knew that we could only count on eachother and the help wasn't comming anytime soon. Our fight for survival only began, yet the world quickly forgot about us. "Hope dies last" Outskirts of Andrzejów The winter of 2018 was a grim one. With supplies stretched thin we've decided to hunker down in a small village to the north of Andrzejów. There were seven of us at that point - simple people with different backgrounds. We had people that outside of the situation we were in would be at each other's throats - but the common goal united and allowed us to get this far. To function. To survive and help survive the others. It was a cold december night when the ground started to shake like it was an earthquake. We went outside, some of us not even wearing shoes. A soldier walking in front of a T-72 tank waved at us. A small "convoy" consisting of one tank and an old mercedes supply truck stopped at our doorsteps. Twelve soldiers wearing blue-white-yellow flags on their uniforms - not once we imagined that we'll have such guests. We had only warm tea and couple cans of food to offer, but it was a true feast. They've told us about LDF finally winning the war against infected, pushing them from Andrzejów region, securing more and more towns and villages every week. The unit that stopped by was a forward recon of a large supply convoy travelling to the Capitol a day behind them. A man on the radio ensured us that they'll reach us in next 36 hours and drop off military rations and guns, but now we'll need to chip in and provide all the supplies we can spare to our gests, so they can push forward. We've helped them pack up the truck with almost every can of food and crate of bullets we had, keeping only esentials to suvive next 48 hours. We stood together, smiling, looking at the unit leaving towards Andrzejów... But soon we would learn that nobody will come. After a week somebody on the radiowaves mentioned imposters travelling with heavy military equipment from town to town, offering false hope, asking for supplies in return. We weren't the only ones naive enough or simply exhausted to believe them... Paweł was the first one to give up. One day he simply stood up, thanked for the "dinner" and went to his room. Shortly after a gunshot cut through the silence. We've all jumped, Edyta started crying. A week later there were two more graves just outside our home. Some of us fueled by grief, some by hate, other by dissapoitment, we slowly drifted apart, becoming strangers to each other. Edyta left in January - packed her things and left without even a simple goodbye. It was time to make a decision. The three of us that were left divided supplies and picked different directions to go, as we couldn't even look into eachothers eyes without being reminded of the tragic weeks of December. We've parted our ways, probably never to see eachother again... "Nothing deters a good man from doing what is honorable." Nadbór Region, Livonia The handful of survivors from camp One-Thirteen resurfaced months later. The information about misterious strangers aproaching survivors and camps were comming from around Livonia. Even though the origin of each story was different they all had one in common - usually a single person shows up out of nowhere, bringing supplies, sharing knowledge, offering conversation and information, never asking for anything in return. The stranger rarely showed his face - almost always hidden behind a mask. Then he disappeared, vanishing into thin air. There were also information about care packages found on doorsteps and near water pumps, vehicles full of supplies that very ready to go with keys in the ignition, notes telling people that they were not abandoned, that they were not alone. Every place where they appeared started to prosper. Radiowaves were slowly filling up with chatter about guardian angels being spotted around towns and cities of Livonia. Some were exaggerated, some were happy, other tragic but from it all hope for a better future emerged. I was well aware of those stories. None of us considers himself a hero. We understand that even with supplies and safe place to stay, people won't survive without hope. And if the rumors or legends about us are giving strength to some people and hope to the others, so be it. In December 2019 one of the misterious strangers emerges in Biela Valley - the mission to assess the situation, gather volunteers and provide support in rebuilding the region begins... - Scout out Nadbór Region for any survivors and settlements in need of logistic support (Ongoing) - Offer scouting out suitable locations for small/big settlements & create more detailed maps with situational assessment (Ongoing) - Provide each of members with a mission best suiting their skills (Ongoing) - Pick two communication nodes as a drop off for carepackages and resupply them when needed (0/2) (Stage 1 of 2) (Day 984) - Establish long-term relationships with organized groups in need of our support (0/2) (Day 1014) - Meet demand with supply - try convince two different groups to work with each other regarding "provided" and "needed" supplies (0/1) (Day 1014) - Don't intervene in any local conflicts (Ongoing) - Create a map with the state of powergrid (0%) and try to keep the infrastructure safe from forest overgrowth (Ongoing) - Help lost or wounded survivors by getting them to their destination or to a nearest medical outpost (0/10) (Stage 1 of 3) - Track the movement of the infected - try to establish a system to warn survivors about incoming hordes. (Day 1021) - Investigate the reason behind the influx of immigrants from Chernarus (Ongoing) - Find necessary equipment to establish radio contant with any survivors in Chernarus (Day 1014) -Roleplay as much as possible (strongly limit ooc comms) -Create entertaining high quality RP encounters via all possible means: face to face, care packages, notes, radio broadcasts etc. -Support individualism in the group - create an enviroment that allows members to create their own storylines, pick own missions, enjoy a choosen playstyle - be it looting/travelling/socialising/outsourcing/solo or inner-group RPing. Leader: @DerrickStorm - Franek Kowalski Pathfinders: @andysuter - David Abrahams @Burak - Dmitriy Utkhuci Feel free to contact @DerrickStorm via PM/DM regarding any questions about the group and the recruitment or simply contact us IC. What I mean by individualism in this group is that... well I hope I can explain it properly: I want to support as many gameplay styles as people can come up with - be it being an advisor for another group thus spending 90% of his/her time with another group, a lonely scout 99% on patrols/away from group, or somebody that loves to play with a group and would like to spend 100% of time doing inner-group RP, a strange loner living in the woods resupplying a carepackage and receiving drop-offs from other Pathfinders every now and then, etc, etc, etc. The true hero type of group takes a specific people to build it - I'm not looking for people ready to wage an open war over a missing crate, eager to confront others, throw accusation, seek vengance, stir things up, or go "Oh welp, I've been robbed third time this week, I guess I'm gonna start robbing". You need to be ready to stay neutral at all cost, have balls of steel and tons OOC chill, kindhearted and trustworthy without a need to non-stop sprint everywhere... Feel free to use a current character, create a new one or create one from the original Pathfinders from Transition Camp 113, as group lore doesn't limit that too much.
  7. Zombies are perfectly fine from what I've experienced and usually I like to go loud and clean the places out. It would be awesome if pistols could kill them with one headshot. Other then that they seem like a well balanced threat. It would be easier to see what people mean by them being overpowered if there was some kind of a video where they go wild.
  8. Hopefully the few rules regarding BadRP, trolling and OOC will prevent such things to happen. Since Rolle already checked the logs for "strange" notes, I can only assume that effort will be made to keep things in line, so we can find only great notes/diary pages/eviction notices etc out there.
  9. It's just common sense what not to write... do we really need IG mechanics to prevent that? We... do have brains, don't we?
  10. Awww maaaan, looking at some of these notes makes me think I'm missing so many amazing storylines that led to such a development and build up to the moment of writing such a msg on a piece of paper... Hopefully there will be youtube compilations out there!
  11. How long do placed notes remain IG before dissapearing?
  12. *You can hear the same tired voice on the frequency* "Would you feel more comfortable if I said "I" rather then "We"? Me and couple of my friends try to reach out to lonely survivors and settlements in need of supplies drop offs, scouting or just where hard work is needed to be done. It's mostly volunteers, as manpower is being stretched thin through whole Nadbór Region. Everything is explained in the self-repeating recording that you can hear on frequency 106.7. You'll find more answers to your questions there." *Transmission ends*
  13. Maybe just don't eat the meat using the IG mechanics? Carry it, hold it, wave it, throw it, display it, punch it, textRP that you're eating it and voila. *takes a bite of the steak*
  14. Damn, I was always telling people that North belongs to Survivors, South to Wildlife. I guess now it's gonna be so for real.
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