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  1. Lack of civvie loot is a problem since 1.09 landed removing spawning loot after restart. Before that you would feel the difference while looting late after restart compared to looting just after it. Spawn points would fill up nicely with loot. Now you just have to wait till the theme around your area changes and instead of fiding 3 shovels you find 3 hatchets. It's way harder to get specific items (type, color) for a civvie outfit but that's just how the dynamic loot spawning works with a bit oversaturated items ammount. For example the more types and colors of pants there are in loot table, the smaller chance you'll find correct one. At the same time you may be struggling to find tools in SW part of the map, but have 10 pairs of fingerless gloves while somebody on NE part of the map is trying to find gloves but only gets tools. Loot the same areas door-to-door for couple days and you'll notice the rotation of loot.
  2. Unsure if we need the mandalorian helmet but some of that stuff looks really cool - fore example the radio backpack and couple other things.
  3. I really loved the variations of shotgun that were added with mods, especially the ones that could hold ammo pouches (hell, every item in the game that you can personalize is awesome). If they're causing crashes sadly there's no point of adding them back, but I would love to see some more variants in the near future for civilians to enjoy. One of best civvie weapons against wolves imo.
  4. It was an awesome meeting with you @McSheepface. Thanks to travelling with @Morytania, vitnessing some random events, hearing the helicopter circle above us couple times and it staying in the general area - all of it just added to the whole situation, fueling my paranoia a bit. I'm glad you like the development of our charcters. Loved the vibe of the whole conversation. See you soon!
  5. That moment when you blame the volunteers in staff for punishing and keeping this community as healthy as possible instead of blaming people that broke the rules. How often does a force archive happens, every couple months when things escalate aaa biiiit tooo far? C'mon dudes, is this a joke? I'd rather play in smaller and healthier community and wait a bit for new people to swing by then share it with people shitting all over the place. Plus the server pop is pretty good right now.
  6. Imo it's just pure luck. I find decent ammount of jerrycans yet have only found one sewing kit since the last wipe. Others find sewing kits, dont find other things. So yeah...
  7. "Life of freshspawn"


    1. Burak


      Jim Carrey Laugh GIF

    2. Craig


      You have the best memes.


  8. Great to see this group approved. Good luck RPers!
  9. Damn, I wonder what speed will they achieve during a laggidy lag compared to the current zombies:
  10. Huge thanks for some good ol' RP @Franny @Morytania & @Watchman
  11. So... It's early in the morning so I might be missing a point, but one part caught my attention - let's remove a rule, because people are breaking it and when somebody else breaks a rule around them, they're not able to post a video to prove it, because they would incriminate themselves or their friends? Strong no. Sure it's hard to enforce, but it's part of RP. I've witnessed people double micing even when there wasn't a rule forcing to do so, yelling stuff over the radio during firefights. Keep it. 1. Follow the rules. 2 ? 3. Profit.
  12. Sweeeeet


    1. Woodzie


      This is the way!

  13. The coat and it's variants look awesome, with the layers. Good job!
  14. Hah! Awesome to see this approved! Can't wait to see how this group develops! Good luck guys!
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