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  1. Born in '84 in Poland, Jerzy grew up in a normal, decent family. His mother (born in Poland) – secretary in a big trading company tried to do her best in giving him, what he needs during growing up – love and good example. Dad who worked as United States military liason was never home. Those few days in month when he was, he learn his kid about life, choices he will have to make and goals he should achieve. When Jurek was old enough Dad learned him about guns. How to use them safely, shot them and about responsibility that comes when one pulls the trigger. The value of both human and every living creature life is very good known to Jerzy. His father died in 2003 in an car accident. His mother left him one year later after getting sick. Doctors couldn't help her – she just couldn't live withouth her housband. At that time Jurek was 20 years old. He had a girlfriend and was working as a truck driver for a private military contractor (he got that job thanks to his dad). He was doing pretty good and Anne – his girlfriend - really loved him. They decided to marry each other in 2007. For all savings they had, they bought a small nice flat, perfect for a young couple and, maybe in the future, for a young child. Years went by when everything changed... Recently divorced, Jurek decided not only to move out of the city he used to live in. He decided to found a new home. Far away from all the memories. Those of his wife that could'nt look in his eyes without crying. Those of a small room for his son. The room that was just waiting to be filled with life, joy and great stories about kied and his family. Since son died during delivery the stories never came to life, the life never came to that small empty room. Happines was wiped out from Jurek's heart. Anne just could'nt stand watching how Jurek is slowly dying inside, hanging on to the memories of wonderful nine months and many more that were yet to come. He started drinking.She gave him a choice – choice he simply couldn't make. He left – he run. Filed for the divorce, packed his backup and took his camera. Trying to leave everything behind Jerzy travelled from city to city, country to country, forging new memories on photos he took, on the road that shouldn't end so soon.
  2. DerrickStorm


    [align=justify]With "enemies" roster it will be hard to achieve, but not impossible. During the last year I've seen good people quickly turning to bad, groups doing the same. Some people can see your active wars with bandits as opression, even if it sounds dumb. I've always played a good guy, aimed at people only several times and only in defence and shot only once and missed - during almost whole year. It's always good to try to defuse situation and try to negotiate (it's always a great RP when people are talking, not only cursing and yelling to drop weapons) but as situation and characters evolve even if at the beginning you were all friendly and diplomatic, at the end of the road you can end up as a trigger-happy peace keeper. So watch out!
  3. DerrickStorm


    Damn I miss hanging out with the Wolves and sweating like a pig during the first encounter. Thanks for the info about the name. I don't see any reason for keeping "The Saints" since I've archived the group. Good luck with your group buddy and have a lot of fun! But remember that being Saint is a hard thing to do
  4. DerrickStorm

    New rule changes (1 Feb 2016)

    [align=justify]Since I've joined this community I've been reading every single report every few days. I have to say I've learned a lot from them about situations I've might get into etc. So I really like that people are able to follow the whole report with evidence to learn what mistakes are made.
  5. [align=justify]It's strange how people think that the players which remained active have an epic advantage. From some post I can only imagine that people think that they're gonna log in and on the starting location there's gonna be a group waiting to just kick someone ass. The funny thing that active players are neutral, open for trading and giving boost to each person they find (supplies, general help). I fail to understand why people perceive no wipe as a giant disadvantage.
  6. It's a good tip. Thank you for sharing - it will be easier to do it than relog. Hopefully it will work everytime.
  7. Side note - I would use Fraps if you're planning to record a video for editing - like a trailer, short movie or something. Fraps doesn't encode the file and thanks to that the raw recordings are better material for editing.
  8. It turns out that I have tried OBS long time ago, but I have a question - I dont quite get it how to get it recording, I've managed my hotkeys, so I understand that I have to choose the application I would like to record? Because when I press the "Record" hotkey, it says "Are you sure you want to record a black screen?" or smth like that.. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-How-to-record-with-OBS-You-re-a-bandit-A-victim-Have-a-video-for-a-report Here you go!
  9. With my medieval PC OBS was the best choice. It allowed me to record 5-7h gameplays without any pause, in decent enough for a possible report quality, not taking to much disk space. I would honestly recommend OBS and just record your whole gameplays from start to the end.
  10. Yeah I agree with that 100%, we need the admins to make something up with the bigger groups, talk to them if they are willing to join and make something or atleast talk to any group at all to do so. As stated in different threads we're currently working on some mini-events. No worries!
  11. DerrickStorm

    Raising the SkillCap

    With the current skill cap three people can build anything together, two people can build almost everything (or anything with "floating" skills that they de-level/level-up when needed).
  12. Exactly. Compared to the days when you had to spam to login for only 2 minutes to clean shit from the stables so the animals won't die, the situation now is amazing. I haven't experienced any server downtimes. The Island awaits you! Quick edit: Also with some other people we are always more than happy to help out people that return to the game, as it creates new nice RP possibilities.
  13. [align=justify]Well as we discussed we should make an annoucment about the LiF event and hopefully people will attend. You know - if they will know that at the specific time people will be online that could bring them back. And if they'll enjoy their stay then maybe they'll play more. On the other hand I understand what you mean. After getting ~170 votes in the wipe poll one could think that at least players that voted "no" will start playing : [align=justify]But since the servers are stable and hopefully will remain so we will see - if people like this game, they will be back.
  14. We're working on two mini-events like that in our settlement! No worries!
  15. DerrickStorm

    S2 is down? Why?

    New S2 server IP, for those who can't access S1: