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  1. I don't think persistance wipe are still a thing, at least DayzRP side. As Rolle stated (if I remember correctly) due to basebuilding we have to find another way of keeping servers stable. With that being said, the crash wipes still happen.
  2. DerrickStorm

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Maybe on paper it looks amazing. Yes, a fresh start, amazing new ideas (usually based on trending games or shows...), new changes. But you say that 'WE' make a difference. I'm glad you sincerely believe, that after lorewipe all the boredom from current lore will dissapear, because apparently now "WE" are unable to make a difference but in new lore we'll make things work. New Lore = new me! It's not like the current lore is a giant wall around our RP. We have millions of possibilites what to do, yet everything is boring. Not sure if you've watched South Park (and not sure if I remember correctly that it was in that show), but in one of the episodes called "Simpsons Did It!", they were trying to come up with something original. Sadly every idea they had was shut down by "simpsons did it!", meaning that the idea/prank/story was already shown in Simpsons. By now in DayZ we're at "Simpsons did it!" point. It's hard to create something new, something that wasn't there, something orignal. Groups on forum pages look amazing, interesting, "CANT WAIT TO SEE" on the paper, but usually they are the same group of people with similiar type of RP and nothing changes. The game does not offer us new tools, even the basebuilding is not worth the time (due to crash related wipes), so how will a lorewipe change anything? Maybe for first week or two somebody will be scared of infected, somebody will be a true civilian in need of help etc, but sadly after that it's gonna fall on the same tracks. Friends from old lore will stay together, form together groups, same conflicts will re-appear under different names between "new" factions. There are literally no IG mechanics/goal that could support new lore. No soft skills to grind, no trully persistent buildings (bugs), no impact on the map (terraforming, deforestation etc), anything to work for tbh. There are no losers, people are stubborn to bend under influence of stronger groups, because only thing that can happen to them is death. And you don't lose to much when you die. I fell in love with Life is Feudal because you could build giant settlemets, capture areas with strategic resources and due to it trade. It wasn't a perfect game but at least base-building worked... but that's for another topic Listen, I won't stop anybody from the lorewipe, honestly I would love to play during the lore, when one could RP that he was born after outbreak (be it +20 or +120 years since outbreak), but it's gonna be similiar to the situation around 2015/2016: 1. Community: I wish we could remove zombies, they are really annoying, don't need them 2. Dayz Devs: Conviniently Zombies get bugged, devs leave only 2-3 zombies on whole map 3. Community: Without zombies there's no threat, no point in playing, servers get empty, sadface. Long story short: We are to blame for boring RP in current lore. In new lore there will still be "We" factor that will make things boring again. How will new lore change neverending wars/players mentality? The new lore need support of something COMPLETELY FRESH like new game mechancis, addons, etc.
  3. If you prefer not installing anything, you can use mixtape.moe
  4. Might be it, can't really help cause I barely now my way around discord.
  5. Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again. It has to happen. This is the only way I know how to survive. It's pizza night...

  6. I remember the test we've done and the megaphone could be clearly heard from ~400 m (straight direction of speaking). So yeah, I can't even see that far IG and it can make things very confusing if the initiation isn't precise enought with stating the target of initiation and the demands. It's a great tool that can help with initation but also it could be abused and/or used in a trolly way.
  7. Sunset. End of the day. End of someones life?
  8. Permadeath won't stop the endless wars. As @Eagle said, people will start introducing new characters like long-lost half brother from another mother, join the same group saying "we know eachother, ok?" and pvp go on. Only if people would lose something they've worked for during the death, only then they would think twice before going into pvp. In some games you lose XP in other you lose Skills that you've trained either overtime or by grinding an action. Without this there's no real disadvantage of dying or even PK and in DayZ there's nothing that would really hurt a player on "You are dead" screen. Also, as mentioned before, enormous ego is in the way. People don't want to surrender/find middlegrounds. I remember spending hours reading IC radio chatters as they were very interesting and a great source of IC knowledge. Now I very rarely browse that part of forum because it's just so called "big dicking" and a waste of time. Will rules change anything? I doubt it. For me the best solution is as few rules as possible, to let people play this as a sandbox. But that requires simple common sense on community members side and do we really have it? Quick edit: @Highlander you would be surprised how many people flee away from huge conflicts and try to start something simple/civilian style.
  9. So even if Person A initiates on person C and person B only points a gun at Person C without voice/text initiating, Person C is not allowed to kill Person B?
  10. Don't you just love last 30 minutes of work on friday? Literally everything can go wrong in half an hour... 

    Someones coffee mug falls down and breaks...

    Random guy outside slips on the snow and falls...

    Sirens in the distance...

    1. Craig


      Stop being a bitch Derrick, also watch out for the TK's while IG.

    2. DerrickStorm


      Thanks dad.

  11. DerrickStorm


    Great shot, great town. My favourite region of the map.
  12. If you sit down on a voodoo doll of youself, would you even be able to stand up? - some deep thoughts straight from imgur... Probably the correct answer would be "You are dead" screen. 4,5h left till weekend.

    1. DerrickStorm


      Not "even" but "ever".

  13. You've got me hyped with the minature - I thought night is back on the server. God damn your click bait!
  14. Shame S2 wasn't put on a test period with nighttime only.
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