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Jack Bandit

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"Excuse me sir...have you seen my sausage?"

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  1. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    When the sun rises I wake and chase my dreams

    When the sun set I won't regret because I live my life like I'm a beast

  2. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I have a voice that is my savior
    Hates to love and loves to hate
    I have the voice that has the knowledge
    And the power to rule your fate

  3. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    In an infinite universe everything is possible...

    1. Eagle



    2. OskuRP


      Well techincally yes 😉

  4. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  5. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  6. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    You better get up out the way,
    Tomorrow we'll rise so we fight today,
    And no, I don't give a
    Fuck what you think and say,
    Cause we are gonna rock
    This whole place anyway.

  7. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    You know its when you are at  your lowest point that you find out who your true friends are.... #ImDoneFuckYouAndTheHorseYouRodeInOn

    1. SweetJoe



    2. Dirty Dan

      Dirty Dan

      Ey man I'm here if there's anything I can do yahknow? Don't forget that talk we had, because I won't ❤️

  8. Jack Bandit

    • Jack Bandit
    • Aiko


  9. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I miss my dad @Lucius he went out for milk 2 years ago...

  10. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  11. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  12. Jack Bandit

    • Jack Bandit
    • Ender


    1. Ender


      Thanks Jack, Love you bro 

  13. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I swear my job is the only place where other people can ask for their birthday off and get it off but when I ask I have to work...weird thing is I usually work every Tuesday and for someone reason they gave me Tuesday off this week and not my birthday 😞 

    1. Pastor


      when i worked at a super market id always ask for my bday off just cuz..............fuck working at a supermarket deli but with my current job i don't mind working on my bday then again i do break shit and get paid for it....so yea

  14. EndeavourRP

    • EndeavourRP
    • Jack Bandit

    Happy Birthday! 

    1. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Thanks 😄 

  15. Ender

    • Ender
    • Jack Bandit

    here you go!


    Happy birthday Jack! ❤️

    1. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Ayy thanks homie! @Ender