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Jack Bandit

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"Excuse me sir...have you seen my sausage?"

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  1. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    You know its when you are at  your lowest point that you find out who your true friends are.... #ImDoneFuckYouAndTheHorseYouRodeInOn

    1. SweetJoe



    2. Dirty Dan

      Dirty Dan

      Ey man I'm here if there's anything I can do yahknow? Don't forget that talk we had, because I won't ❤️

  2. Jack Bandit

    • Jack Bandit
    • Aiko


  3. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I miss my dad @Lucius he went out for milk 2 years ago...

  4. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  5. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit


  6. Jack Bandit

    • Jack Bandit
    • Ender


    1. Ender


      Thanks Jack, Love you bro 

  7. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I swear my job is the only place where other people can ask for their birthday off and get it off but when I ask I have to work...weird thing is I usually work every Tuesday and for someone reason they gave me Tuesday off this week and not my birthday 😞 

    1. Pastor

      when i worked at a super market id always ask for my bday off just cuz..............fuck working at a supermarket deli but with my current job i don't mind working on my bday then again i do break shit and get paid for it....so yea

  8. Elk

    • Elk
    • Jack Bandit

    Happy Birthday! 

    1. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Thanks 😄 

  9. Ender

    • Ender
    • Jack Bandit

    here you go!


    Happy birthday Jack! ❤️

    1. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Ayy thanks homie! @Ender

  10. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    1. Roland


      I wanted to but then I read some threads on the Steam forums. Essentially, it seems that the technical side is garbage, the game uses old UT3 engine, runs only with DirectX 9 and you can't get stable FPS on GTX1080Ti because of it.

      I think I'll start playing ESO, seems to be the most stable and populated MMO aside from WoW right now.

    2. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Idk I think I am still willing to give this a try....only because I have played most mmorpgs and either reach max level and become bored or just don't like the content.

    3. Pastor

      i fell out of a lot of mmo's since my days in wow after i had to stop due to financial reasons one, and two being when I did return it felt like everybody was already on end game things when im not even mid content, plus the duration of time i ran a guild in neverwinter left me drained on mmo desire as i had to treat it like a job and was constantly trying to organize shit ttrying to manage everybody in the guild and the bigger pain was it grew waaaay too fast for me to handle (over 300 people were in it last I checked) and the annoying part was I picked up playing it over the coarse of 2 weeks as their was a dry up in work so i though it possible to run it when i went back to work buuuut.............lets just say demo work leaves you too tired to want to manage people at the end of a long hot day

    4. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      @Pastor yeah I used to run a guild/supergroup in City of Heroes so yeah I know what you are talking about...been kinda hyped for this game for awhile now and it released close to my birthday so hoping that one of my good friends checks out my wishlist on steam lol

  11. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • Jack Bandit

    Happy Birthday a bit early!! I hope you have a dynamite day my friend ❤️



    1. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Thank You 😄

      How have you been btw haven't spoke in awhile

    2. Nocheluz


      Been hectic af, but hanging in there. Looking forward to some relaxation and what not. Maybe get to even play a little DayZ. Nishi and me actually got on last night for a bit 😁

  12. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    Birthday in 10 more DayZ...see what I did there 😄 Going to be the big 33 but I feel 40 and look 18, not sure if good or bad. Wtbs we here at Bandit Industries will be accepting birthday gift in the form of steam games and money (Mostly money 😉 )


    1. Pastor

      so in terms of the age thing you're the michael cera of dayzrp my dude(dudes 30 looks like he still in high school) I shall do some munay giftin on ya bday(provided i have the funds to spare in 10 day....z(damn you)


    2. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      @PastorMichael Cera comparion huh....I can get down with that, wish I had his money though lol.

  13. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    I just want to thank the Creator for allowing me to see another day and to be around my family, with recent events my mindset has changed entirely and I realize that life is not promised...its not a guaranteed thing and it can be snatched away within seconds...so I want to use this borrowed time to do something positive with my life.....spend more time with my kids and family and just enjoy it while I have it. For those that don't know, about 3 days ago I was sitting at my computer when a hail of bullets came through my house, I hit the floor and army crawl to the furthest room. Thankfully I was not hit by any bullets but it was a terrifying experience. What really hit me the most was the fact that what if my kids had been there or my sister, and I can't stop thinking about it...I keep having these flashbacks like my life could have ended there...but I am thankful to be alive today.

    1. OskuRP


      Stay strong my man

    2. Brayces


      Geeze!! I'm glad you're okay, Jack! Keep your chin up, ❤️

    3. Samaritan


      Bloody hell. I just glad you're OK, stay strong bud. Make sure you have someone to talk to about how you're feeling, in person if possible. 

    4. Dark Knight

      Dark Knight

      Holy shit! I'm glad you're ok Jack and that no one was hurt. Any idea who it was and why they targeted you? Stay safe Jack, and take care man.

    5. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      @Goku no idea who it was...all I do is go to work and come home, so I don't cause any trouble with anyone. All I know is that three different guns were used and they specially targeted my house, maybe it was mistaken identity but still how can someone do this....

    6. Major


      Love you Jack. 

      Life is a gift.

    7. Genji


      Jesus christ! Glad youre okay, that's got to be terrifying! 

    8. Dan


      There are monsters out there man.

      Be safe and keep on livin life.

    9. Dark Knight

      Dark Knight

      @Jack Bandit I can't imagine what you are going through and I hope you and your family will be ok. These pathetic, wastes of air need to be brought to justice and I hope you get justice too, no one should have to go through this at any point in their life. Stay safe Jack and don't let this get to you, talk to someone if it does.

  14. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    Been thinking about returning to RP...

    1. Roach


      *A small voice is heard in the back of his head saying* "Join the Famiglia" heh

      Seriously tho, you should come back. RP has been pretty fun lately!

    2. Jack Bandit

      Jack Bandit

      Yeah I may, just had to take a break because I was a little burnt out

  15. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    Sometimes connections between people run deeper than where they are from or what color skin they have.

    1. OskuRP
    2. ItzzNate



    3. stargirl


      truth Jack