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"Your smile is intoxicating. It lingers, it captivates my heart."

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  1. Oh shit dude I didn't know that was you....great roleplay experience for my new character
  2. IAmJackBandit

    Well feel like shit today :( 

    1. Galaxy


      Could be worse, could be this girl!

      Related image

  3. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    @Samaritan @JAMMIELAD @Voodoo Had this idea of turning a private group into a RP group....also had to break down and by me an Asp X and I have to say I am not disappointed
  4. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    This is some of the best fucking flying I have ever seen!
  5. IAmJackBandit

    Selling a Gigabyte GTX 950 OC Edition GV-N950OC-2GD

    • Powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 GPU
    • Integrated with industry's best 2GB GDDR5 memory and 128-bit memory interface
    • Boost:1266 MHz/ Base:1089 MHz in OC Mode
      Boost:1241 MHz/ Base: 1064 MHz in Gaming Mode
    • Features Dual-link DVI-I / Dual-link DVI-D / HDMI / DisplayPort
    • Recommended system power supply requirement: 350W(with one 6-pin external power connector)

    Its only a year old, if interested PM me for details

    1. Western


      yeah im interested 

      well i know someone who is

  6. IAmJackBandit

    Anyone want to buy a GTX 950 OC Edition?

  7. IAmJackBandit

    Really need one of those financial breaks to happen right now... like hitting the lottery or something. Soooo tired of the struggle, just want that one big break you know...

    1. Galaxy


      Get a haircut hippie 

  8. Jack Pendergras

    Jack Pendergras was born and raised by his grandparents in New Orleans, after his parents were killed in a car accident when he was 10. Although Jack was also in the car, he some how survived the accident with barely a scratch. His grandparents took this as a sign of God and always told Jack that he is special and destined to do great things. Jack went on to become an officer of the law based on what his grandparents instilled in him but would later quit after seeing his partner die in front of him from a gunshot wound. He would later become a freelance bounty hunter in which one such bounty let him to Chernarus after someone tried to flee due to evading taxes...but things didn't go as planned
  9. In Viridian - Media

  10. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    First encounter with Thargoid...scary as fuck! Second encounter RIP me!
    • Ender
    • IAmJackBandit

    One of his best songs! Love the new profile <3

  11. In Viridian - Media

    REST IN PEACE JAMES KASSIDY https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantSmellyCobraVoteYea
  12. Want to thank @Eddie Sorella @Dirty Dan @Ronan and @Rory for making the death of my character one of the most intense RP sessions I have had...don't worry I am not leaving the group but I will start a new characters...you guys are all awesome https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181936233
  13. IAmJackBandit

    Rest In Peace James Kassidy


    1. SportingStrike

      He was a good lad, he will be missed. #RIPJK&MP

    2. Play3rFTW
  14. IAmJackBandit

    Well RIP the server...RIP a perfect RP session...RIP RIP RIP RIP!

    1. Dirty Dan

      It was going so well... :( Was nice to get a nearly full rp sesh with you though man, been too long!

    2. Play3rFTW


      Wait what happend?