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"A man that has something to lose is very dangerous..."

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  1. IAmJackBandit

    Guess one day I may find that right one...if they even exist

    1. Play3rFTW


      join that club meng


  2. IAmJackBandit

    I miss you, I miss you me
    I miss the person we were, and the person we were meant to be
    I miss the things we once believed in, and the dreams we once shared
    I miss the way that we loved each other, when no one else cared
    I miss the life we once lived, so happy and full of glee
    I miss you, I miss you, I miss you me
    1. Dew


      bruh are you good.

    2. IAmJackBandit


      as good as I'm ever going to get I guess...

  3. IAmJackBandit

  4. IAmJackBandit

    @SweetJoe Remember this legend bro!


    1. SweetJoe



  5. IAmJackBandit

    New Avatar courtesy of @Galaxy

    1. Galaxy


      I got chu ;)

  6. IAmJackBandit

    This is what me and @Enigma think about cannibals https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173061829

  7. Weirdos? Didn't know there were weirdos in Severograd...
  8. IAmJackBandit

  9. This happened a few days ago but it had to be the most interesting encounter I have had so far...not to mention it was so freaking funny! @Methias https://www.twitch.tv/videos/175274219
  10. IAmJackBandit

    If you could go back in time and change one thing about your life would you do it?

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    2. Mexi


      If I could I wouldn't have bothered with this community.

    3. Samaritan


      I have to agree with @Stagsview. Everything that has happened up to this point whether good or bad makes me the person I am today. Yes there are regrets and mistakes but you try not repeat them. You only learn from the mistakes you make, well I hope most people do.

    4. Iso


      Without a doubt

  11. Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    Excuse me? If anyone brings back the reapers it would be me since I created them Right @Mark
  12. IAmJackBandit

    Is it fair to say that I give up on love?

    1. Ender


      nope. i have said the same thing time and time again. I would love to say its worth it but i Have yet to find a reason that makes it worth it.

    2. Watchman



    3. IAmJackBandit


      idk...I have only had two relationship and both I produced children and shortly after the women left me...and I have never the type to just sleep around you know, I am all about that commitment and loyalty but I guess I am living in a time where that doesn't exist anymore and I have to come to terms that I am going to die alone I guess...

  13. IAmJackBandit

    Memories are a blessing and a curse...they allow you to remember great moments in your life, moments you never want to forget and if you could would relive over. But memories also force you to remember those moments that bring you so much pain, moments you wish never happened, moments you wish you could erase from existence...

  14. Hey thanks man! Your RP was great as well, although when you were telling your story my character wanted to fall asleep lol. Would definitely enjoy RPing with you again