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  1. Ali Chekov was a smuggler for a family that lived in Chernarussia. The Belinsky's had hired Chekov, among others, to bring in illegal contraband into the country. One of his visits ended with him being imprisoned by the local government. He was forced into solitary after his Muslim religion made him get in to trouble with the rest of the prison population. Fortunately being locked up made it easy to survive when the apocalypse came, and the living dead could do nothing but scratch at the metal door.
  2. Uh I don't see a end in sight. Just go ahead and close this, sorry for takin' yer time helpers and sorry for taking yours Eli.
  3. Fresh reinstall just made it occur on a smaller scale (or I assume, no real math involved in this lol) . I would give up by now if I was being kept here ;-;
  4. The options I see here are to re-install Battleye by itself and re-install, if neither work just wait for next patch- right? I'll try to find time for either of those two things today.
  5. I still have the issue, just at a reduced rate.
  6. Didn't see the field tech cause they said it was a regional problem and they think they fixed it. I hopped in and lost connection after twenty minutes of playing and crashed to desktop. Not sure if its related
  7. Put in 2gbs of ram, will play tomorrow and see what happens. Going to call ISP and do the traceroute stuff that Makjel told me if no dice. EDIT: Well better fps. No changes on there connection issue, gonna see if I can call my ISP tomorrow. EDIT: A field technician is coming over on Tuesday to check it out.
  8. I restart it often, I think it helps just a bit. But no dice. I only have this problem on dayz, every server- but it's bigger on DayZRP because (I assume) it's hosted further away then the pub servers I pick. Oh gee. More programs to download.
  9. ping- 39ms down- 36.53 mbps up- 6.19 mbps No Launch parameters. My internet in theory should be fine, unless my ISP is secretly messing with me. I think my harddrive is fine. I do have Nvidia Verified cache, it is all good. Windows firewall allows DayZ. Only 2 GB of ram is listed under my system info- but there is suppose to be 4. Going to check tomorrow if the 2nd stick is working.
  10. I don't know if you ever played with me before- but every minute or so I get no message received and desync very badly or crash. That's all I know right now but I can try to answer any questions.
  11. *Tom looks over to his sister, nodding at her before pressing down on the radios button* "Heeeey... uh." *He pulls his head away from the radio and whispers to his sister "Shit how do I greet on a radio?" before putting his mouth back to the radio* "SALUTATIONS COMRADES! I am Tom Woods, and i'm with my sister Jena. We use to run a e-date website and these are deadly boring times ya know? So we decided to use our old profession and made it a hobby. So what will we do for you? Think of it like a year-long Valentines with us, delivering cutesy shit like chocolates or flowers to someone of your choosing. Hell I'll even sing and do male escort du- *Mid-sentence the radio is ripped away from Tom and the feminine voice of Jena comes on* "Helloo~, I'm Jena and yeah, just contact us here and tell us what frequency and we'll discuss any details there. Tom didn't mention we have poems too. If there's a certain service we didn't say just ask if we'll do it when we talk. Oh and no male escort." *The radio is laid on the table and small bickering could be heard between the siblings before the transmission ends* "You know dad didn't care if I whored myself out!" "They'll kill you here for that. Besides who will pay for you?" "Your ex boyfriends! Ha!" "Mo-" *It cuts off and a single song is heard coming on* [mp3]http://puu.sh/jFSpi/f0a0d55f42.mp3[/mp3]
  12. We were on Alt characters but yeah that was us I apologise for that, it was one member of our group who's a complete idiot. Nobody else in our group does stupid stuff like that. Well alright <3
  13. Oh.. you're the guys that was smoking fat blunts and had spaghetti falling out of your pockets at green mountain. top notch rp
  14. Jena (left) Tom (right) [align=justify]The Woods siblings never got along, early in their childhood both parents divorced from another and took a kid. They both believed their guardian was correct in the matter and any discussion only resulted in arguments, it wasn't until mother died of cancer and Jena were brought under the custody of their father. During this time they slowly built a relationship again and did many activities with another, even enrolling at the same college. Now at the age of eighteen Tom and his sister both took in a course about website development and design, for their final exam they created a match-maker website which boomed with popularity fast. Realizing the potential gem they had in the palms of their hands, the pair quickly left their day jobs to work full time on managing and moderating SingleMingle.com. [align=justify]It the middle of the year of 2013 when one of the site users from Russia started to chat with Tom, the chats were lively and seemingly natural. They talked until the next year came by, with the site user having no luck with the people local to her Tom decided to surprise her with his own date on the anniversary of them talking to another. Taking his sister with him they got coach tickets for a plane to Russians capital of Moscow to meet the e-date, holding nothing but excitement as Tom met a bright Caucasian woman with no Russian accent. A few spaghetti dinners later the now couple was going to fly back to the states to try and live together. Jena was strongly against it, seeing as the woman already lied about a few things- her accent, job, among a few other things; she simply didn't see the woman being the person she portrayed in the chats. [align=justify]With much protest she had no avail, in the end Tom was the one buying the plane tickets anyway. They took off after spending one more week in Moscow, their plane was three hours into the flight as it started to rock back and forward. Not much could be remember until the trio woke up inside the carcass of the airliner, no longer burning after connecting with the hotel in Chernogorsks victory square. Luckily each of them made it out unharmed except for Tom which sustained a broken arm. [align=justify]They clambered out to the sight of a city in shambles, a pick up truck nearby with a group of men looting the luggage of the plane passengers that was onboard. The group in the pick up looked gruff and worn hunter camouflage, Toms date spoke up and exchanged a few words in Chernarussian, scoring them a ride into the wilderness to where the group made their own little camp and eventually earned their way into their ranks. It wasn't easy being foreign and pretty much innocent compared to these tough survivors, they quickly brought them into shape though- ironing lessons into their head such as how to use numerous rifles and altering their mentality. They went out on numerous raids with the group, even found themselves saying "Better him then me." [align=justify]Over half a year passed- who was keeping time anyway? Things were just turning almost good and their pasts started to fade away, even played Match-Makers with some people in the camp to replace their website. It quickly turned around as remnants of a camp they raided a week ago started firing into their own place. Awaking in the middle of the night the trio ran away from the scene of burning tents and looters. Feel unsafe they stuck by another and looked for a group that held similar intentions- watching each others backs and working for themselves.
  15. PwnCaiks101

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    rip the dream That's a red sun, not star. Don't call us, we'll call you. Alright I PM'd you my AIM and Myspace account, message me.
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