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  1. Quick Question guys... Shaved Sides or no?
  2. *grumbles something involving "traitor-scum" and "shame to mother russia" while hiding his black hat behind his back* <3 eeeeewww
  3. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu9l_zGRHKg Everyday shit in Australia
  4. Badger

    My end on DayZRP

    See, I'd hate to disappoint, but I don't believe that the sole reasoning of accepting the role of admin was to improve the server, nor was it the main one. It may have contributed, but from what I knew of you back then, it would've only been a small aspect involved. On another note, if the construct of the rules were different, possessing the intention to rehabilitate rather than to punish, then yes, I would agree that exercising these rules against old friends would not be going against them, as I have said above, not all support is positive. But sadly this is not the case EDIT: Just read Zipcouda's post. I guess I will stop here!
  5. Badger

    My end on DayZRP

    Now if he was to become a police officer, it would make sense. But tell me, in any story, where do you see the 'police officer' and the 'bad guy' remaining friends in the end? It's impossible for his friends to put him in that position when he has in fact gotten there himself. Im not saying that Caesar's a bad dude, im saying that in the end, there's no way that the 'Police officer' and the 'bad guy' would ever be friends.
  6. Badger

    My end on DayZRP

    Oh if you can improve personally, good for you. But you don't have to receive some sort of title in order to improve. Sure from one perspective it can be seen as a recognition of your improvement. But what good is that when knowing personally you may have to go against those whom you ran with? Sure moving out of a dodgy neighborhood is all the more better, but that analogy cannot be applicable here because as I have said above, the one that moves out of the poor neighborhood will never have to one day go against his old friends. Now i don't know about you, but my belief is that friends are generally supportive of one another. Now one may argue that support is not always positive, and that is true. But the DayZRP punishment system is not structured in a way in which may support those being punished. It does not provide those being seriously punished with opportunities to improve.
  7. Badger

    My end on DayZRP

    Forgive me if I don't take this to heart. You need to take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming other people for the consequences of those actions. You have had a tendency to demonize those not in your inner circle and blind yourself to the issues presented by those in this inner circle. You accuse me of forsaking friends for my position, I think you tend to confuse this with the fact that I strive to be fair to everyone. This includes my friends, I accepted the difficulty of enforcing the rules totally and without bias when I took the position. If you expected me to bend the rules for people I consider friends then I had to disappoint you. I hold my personal values in the highest regards and refuse to compromise on them. Many people I considered good friends and would still be open to calling friends have made mistakes, some of these severe and heavily punishable. These people have tended to project their problems on to me and blame me for their shortcomings. Ironically I am the bad guy in your mind for pulling your up on what you did wrong, did you ever consider blaming yourself for the silly things you have done? In your mind the rules do not apply to you, This was even the case in SVR. You treated the warning system and a system to be gamed and manipulated and cared only to avoid a permanent ban while you still cared. I won't be crass and say you are completely bad with no redeeming qualities. This would be a lie, you could be a very good person and very passionate. Its just this passion seems to have blinded you. I won't further drag this out by refuting your claims about those who got permanently banned, I frankly don't need to as their offences are already easily view-able. If you still want to treat me like the enemy and with complete and utter disrespect then that is your choice. I still wish you the best and am willing to leave whatever animosity we have behind and treat you with the respect that you deserve as a person. Regardless of our disagreements, I wish you well in your future endeavors. I don't think that's what he's talking about. I'm sure that he isn't denying the fact that he has done wrong, everyone has. I'm sure everyone knows that the role of an admin is to be impartial regardless of the circumstances, and that regardless of whoever a report is against, you are to remain impartial. What I think Zip is trying to say that I have to some-what agree with, is that you truly we're one of us, but in the long run, you've changed. When you were tempted by the opportunity of greater power and having better status within the server knowing full well that one day, no matter how far away that is, you would have to turn on those whom you ran with, you took it. My interpretation of this is that Zip is not angry that you had to perform Admin duties as an admin, shit, that is what is expected of you. But more the fact that you took the admin opportunity OVER that of your old friends and all of a sudden decided to act like a different person. You continue talking as if you have not broken one rule, and talk down upon those who have, not to mention acting as if you are above all of that, but what the funny thing is you were among one of the worst of us. Don't talk as if you were different to Zipcouda, The only difference between Zip and you, is that you were given the opportunity of an admin and he was not. Being perfectly honest, we were all bad, myself included. Back in the day, the shit we used to do, none of us deserved staff positions. Not me, not Zip, not you.
  8. Reppin Kavalaa boys? hell yeah Toby is not part of the Kavala Boys, Just so we're clear. We know you. You'll put up a rival gang after a while of being with us. We know how you are. Screw Toby Enterprises. Toby made kavala boys, toby IS kavala boyz. Everyone knows that Toby Enterprises is a department of Kavala boyz. You turtle poachers are all the same
  9. Reppin Kavalaa boys? hell yeah
  10. Much discussed about before, no matter how good you are, Even the best of bandits are prone to slipping up. Everyone. Remember? http://www.dayzrp.com/t-unresolved-kos-raven-s-nest It just takes that much, and im gone. I am not going out like that if i have anything to do with it. Most sane people don't 'intend' to break rules, most of the reports im sure do not have malicious intent behind them
  11. I am aware of your lack of understanding towards this case, so im going to factor it into my response here. I did not know the guy, i wasn't even certain he was in the clan. I argued with him once around 3-4 months ago back in SVR for five minutes regarding a report, other than that i knew nothing of the guy. I had suspicions due to the familiar voice, i couldn't put name to face, but i thought nothing of it. At the time i frankly didn't care about the guy, he was a randomer to me. Now, you talk as if i knew the guy, like we were buds and i hid him from everyone? Get outta heree. You speak about things you know nothing about, do your research before you comment man And you know what, it frankly offends me you talking as if i had no regard for the rules. If i had no regard, i'd have never come forward.
  12. It has a lot of merit. You're saying that you would do it better. I'm curious how you would handle it. You want to know what i'd do? I'd let those two strikes have an expiry date. That way, one day people who received them may one day not be restricted in their roleplay and readopt the roleplay style that they enjoy. Thats ultimately what i want in the end.
  13. It is obvious that the prime intention of this is to 'send a message' rather than to do what is right. If I called the shots here it would be different. Permanent bans for those who provide no benefit and constantly hinder the community, temporary bans for those that can be rehabilitated, it seems that this structure is logical, fair and yet so simple. The talk of justification of these bans is not fair. Not because I don't deserve it, I and the other SKA definitely deserve some form of punishment. But because the staff's reasons for my being banned does not have the motive of rehabilitating me, but to send a message and scare the rest of the members of this community. But then again, who am I to say that the justice system of this community is wrong? I'm just another player on the verge of a permanent ban. Why do you make it sound like it was harsher than it should be? You were given a balance between what they would call an amnesty and punishing you. People were pemabanned with no chance for an amnesty or an appeal for covering up for other players. Frankly you got it easy. If you are worried about another ban due to a mistake then fair enough. Rehabilitation has to come at a cost so I suggest you start working on showing them that you are not a risk. In time those points may well be rescinded but I imagine certainly not within a month. I expect they will want you to play on the server and not doing anything that would be classed as rule-breaking to tip you over the edge. You going elsewhere will not change that. You showing them that you are not a risk, will. Also, if you were admin how would you have gone about this? Remember you need to stay completely impartial and leave your feelings out of the decision. They are not needing to scare anyone. People already know the punishment for it and your punishment actually goes against the norm? Doesn't that make your point kinda moot? First things first, I know they didn't have shit on any of those who weren't permed, if they did, we'd all be done. Myself, and i'm sure a lot of others knew the amnesty was for those they had no evidence on, and can choose to come forward cleanly, though they did not have to. I did come forward with my suspicions out of respect for the staff, I know I did not have to. But by admitting to something this small, to only have suspicions earns myself an indirect permanent ban. Im not going to sugar coat it, the appeal of amnesty was a promise from the staff to get out of a permanent ban, but by admitting to the allegations, we were punished in a way in which we're dead men walking the minute we raised our hands. In the long run, those who had admitted to the allegation either will not last and will eventually slip, or will leave on their own accord due to the constant pressure of a permanent ban. Hence the term, 'indirect permanent ban'. I disagree that I 'got it easy'. Maybe my points have a chance to be rescinded, maybe not. But i know myself, and i know the communities outlook against bandits even better. My estimate is my points will exceed 30 before they will be revoked. And does it really matter what i'd do as an impartial admin? Im just another guy on the verge of a permanent ban having a winge on the forums. What merit does my opinion have?
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