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  1. Vik


    I dont think so. The glitches you talking about are mostly graphical glitches caused by: barbed wire,tanks traps and dead zoldier body in the corpse bag.
  2. Agree! @PrimusPalus: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-question-about-vehicle-robbery?pid=8989#pid8989 Take a look on it. I know it dont apologizes what we did but to be fair. We were talking to you! 4 Guys talking in direct communication telling you to stop your god damn vehicle. You didnt stopped. So we popped off your tires. But now Im asking you a question: What would you have done after your vehicle got blown up and you were under fire? You would shoot back right? Maybe you would kill one of us maybe not. If feel sorry for your car cuz I really wanted to have it but damn it it was blown up...so next time when we tell you to stop your car - stop it! Dont try to escape. You know this thing could also end really bad for us. You just made it wrong you should stop your car waste a bit of time and then your chopper crew would mow us down. And atleast...we are Bandits. We rob everything in our view. Deal with it. Get over it.
  3. Yes they are many people just searching for a reason to kill but atleast if the victim followed the instructions and made everything right he is rewarded with his life. But in the most cases the people are not following our/my instructions. Even if they pull out their flashlight to say Im not harmful they still got their weapon on their back and could easy switch to it and shoot me. Thats why I always hide behind a wall or something else and talk to them/giving them instructions to follow.And there is the next case.To be a badass bandit(good bandit) you cant open his backpack from distance to see if he got an another weapon inside to shoot you in the back. Thats why we mostly tell everyone we rob to drop his backpack to look inside. Yes you dont get it back cuz we are bandits. Thats what bandits do. Get over it. Now to the 5 seconds you mentioned. In the most cases I give them the instructions twice ( See this video: ) I told him to drop his hatchet twice. If he wouldnt do so I would give him atleast 10 seconds to drop it or to say yes or no to the instruction. Now to the "relax,chill": Do you know how much adrenaline is pumping in your venes when you do this? I quess not! Its quite a lot and you cant just chill! And maybe the guys Im robbing have friends around which could help the victim. Thats all I got to say to this topic.
  4. thanks for selecting this video the best part is when they ask who we are and Im just yelling "We are the fucking SDS BRAH"...(I hope I get no warning level for this) btw:this guys are all right now [WookieZ] cuz the SDS is no more... @Palus: We drove right in front of you jumped out - 4 guys telling you via direct communcation to stop your car and you just drove away so we shoot two of your tires...but yeah someone stupid shot with the M107 and destroyed your car...the video proof is there aswell if needed or required. And sorry for destroying your car but we had some new guys with us they just dont know how we operate. Back to topic: Hijacking a car isnt that difficult. All you need is an perfect planned ambush like the one in Solnichy Factory. Just make a roadblock on an high traffic road - build up tanktraps,wire,sandbags all you can find. Then hide somewhere and wait! Something will come trust me done this too many times before Maybe just a player with high end gear or a Ural loaded with tons of guns You didnt have to shoot if they following your instructions. Just leave them there without gear and get the hell out of there with your brand new ride. If you make contact to a driving car just say the following words:"Stop your car! Can you hear me? Stop your car!!" Just yell it out loud in your mic. If you are close enough(40meters) They should hear you even if they driving.Provided they have their VON high enough.(I would say it should be in the rules that everybody has his VON in the options to the max. So even if you are at the 40 meters distance they should hear you loud and clear). If they trying to escape shoot a tire or two. The tires will fix till they got out of the car and you got a brand new ride! *BlingBling* But I dont like this method of hijacking a car - the good old road block is the best and safest method to get you and your mates a new ride through Chernarus.
  5. Vik


    If you add the humvee I will be the first one who donates for it
  6. Vik

    War... war never changes...

    Solution to this problem:1. Wait in the gender selection screen like 1 min.Then select your gender. If this dont work solution number 2: Just select a other gender. So if you died with a male character select the second time a female character. If you die with this one select the third time the male character again.And after death again the female and so on... Had the same problem but solution number 2 works pretty well for me. And a bit feedback: The DM 1 server is a really good idea and I liked to play on it. Its really funny if someone comes around and screaming friendly friendly But what would be great: A another weapon at the spawn. I hate the M16A2 mainly the scope. And the server should stay online the hole time because sometimes the RP servers are just boring. I know the server will get an own home for itself. But I would like to play this map on nighttime as soon as possible Anyway keep up the good work!!
  7. If you are global banned. That means you used hacks doesnt matter if you dont hacked on RP 1. Also it could be that your account was hacked and your account was stolen and sold to cheaters all over the world. BE flagged your account and you will global banned with the next banwave. In that case you can send a support mail to BE and with a bit of luck your account will be unbanned.
  8. Seriously? You kids are lieing...We where there looting a crash site. I had a disconnect so I jumped back in and spawn pretty close to your SUV. I told my guys that they should take care cuz there is the black SUV so i ran over the field back to our UAZ. Then I saw your sniper in the red big barn in Stary. But we were like leave them alone. But Revenge said lets go down there and ask them if they are friendly or not. So Revenge went down there to asked them if they are friendly. But he got chased by a zombie he told that guys: "I will shoot the Zombie" - so he rased his gun to shoot the Zombie and then he got shot by these guys for shooting a Zombie. So all of us opened fire on these guys. In my eyes this is a clear KoS of the TINCAN guys.
  9. true story! there were like four diffrent groups fighting there. they openend fire at us - killed me. Then my teammates fighting back. so why the fuck is nykke banned? unban him immediately cuz this is a big misunderstanding. they just give these fuckers payback for killing a Wookie!
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