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  1. Great to see Prud is back! Absolutely love the edition of a lil secret camp somewhere! Always a great thing to implement new areas for us to explore and RP at! ??? Armor balancing is a pointless, if u care about it ur a pvp sweatlord (this not flaming it is a joke dont @ me) I'm only going to focus on head shots here because if you are shooting zombies at center mass you've got other problems ? Zombies need to be at a point where realism and difficulty plays a factor. I don't want to be that guy who cries realism in a video game because some genius will get endorphin releas
  2. Colman

    I shall name it..

    ? Bos Taurus
  3. +1 plz nu god mode safe zone, but let me use shekels to buy steam community mod clothing we can't buy in item shop from an NPC behind window.
  4. This seems good to me. A change like this doesn't seem like a big deal but I understand we want clarity in rule changes. I don't see a real problem with adding a few words to more clearly specify what the 4.5 rule is stating. Looks like a small quality of life improvement to me and i'll take all of those I can get!
  5. Colman

    Final version of Mad Rin

    *insert sexual but comical innuendo here, as to not get points*
  6. @DaRsnn No one is against raiding, we just want balance as stated before.
  7. This definitely sounds like it could be a viable option until we can implement something that doesn't rely on the trust of role players.
  8. That sounds like it could work, how did the actual implementation work, was it a mod added or a rule added, or maybe something i'm missing?
  9. This is not realistic at all, which is why this discussion exists. To brainstorm and fix the issue at hand rather than just tell everyone not to have a base. Yes, a change is going to be made eventually, what do you think would be fair and balanced solution we could implement?
  10. You're clearly missing the point of this thread, this is about finding a way to bring balance to the community. Here we are trying to focus on what will happen in future implementations and making sure such implementations are balanced for all role players. If you would like to share your thoughts, I recommend doing it in a way that you do not belittle others ideas or role play. P.S. If you would like to speak in discord we can, this is no place for bickering.
  11. This is just wildly unrealistic for many peoples role play, just because it's how you experience this server does not mean everyone wants experience the same. Take the folks at Prison Island for example, they provide solid role play as they hold a position, they definitely have a set way of experiencing their own character role play. Not everyone is a cookie cutter role player, we all have our own goals and ambitions. Sorry walking around for hours isn't my idea of good or fun role play. (neither is sitting in a base all day)
  12. None of the mods posted above have anything to do with gear except storage I guess, most of these are highly used and functional, permissions allowed quality of life improvements. (and they are still a rough collection) No one wants janky new gun textures and poorly made items, it's about quality of life.
  13. I would like to bring the conversation back, this is NOT about items, this is NOT about anyone storing high tier loot and it's most definitely NOT about base immunity. I've said it before and i'll say it again. All this server needs is Balance. The Issue Is: Raid Time/Effort vs. Build Time/Effort
  14. No one is sleeping through someone sawing a metal chain and beating or metal or wood wall down with a sledge?
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