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  1. John Chevis reporting in, I was recently killed and respawned. I have not set up the character spawn since the latest patch and spawned in as a female character. I was running around looking for something to kill the character with as my female voice is terrible ( or apparently it makes me sound like a little girl playing a female impersonating a male character ) and I wasn't trying to get reported for bad RP because the voice is terrible. So I F11, respawn, and my friend in discord notifies me of this report. I log into team speak and talk to a guy named shadows in the help desk.
  2. Yes just woke up forgot about it, It's not the best angel on the situation but here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj8ukMhknxA&feature=youtu.behttps://accounts.google.com/ServiceLoginAuth
  3. We sent chuck into Myshkino Tents to look around and see if there was anything worth looting. Myself and Bill were in the woods by the northern entrance to the tents, nolan was on the back hill. We had eyes on chuck for the most part. When Nolan spotted two players heading into the tents we notified Chuck via radio to be cautious. We were informed chuck was being robbed and bill and myself started to move in towards the tents. Nolan took an available shot on the first gun man. The 2nd gun then turned and shot Chuck as he entered a near by tent. Nolan spotted the 2nd gunman in the tent and took the shot. I moved in to finish him off, found him and shot him in the head as he lay unconscious.
  4. After feeling out the questions and answers portion of the white list, one of my answers was unselected upon hitting the submit button. I'm pretty sure this is the case as I checked over all of my answers multiple times before hitting submit as I missed one question earlier and had to wait 6 hours before submitting again. So now I'm stuck waiting 12 hours. Is there an admin or someone who could help with this, or am I just stuck waiting out the 12 hours? I'm a previously white listed member that has been active on the RP site for sometime, but at some point before the white list was changed I went fairly inactive, only returning in the case of a temp ban to post in a report if I was needed, which wasn't often. Any help or clarity about this would be great. Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. I was looting the near by factory and heard Bear over steam chat saying " guys get over here " I hear something that I can't make out from another person. I walk out and see bear and another person pointing a gun at each other. I assume bear is being robbed again as this same situation recently occurred earlier in the week. I see them standing there and start to run over, I hear something I can't make out because I'm to far out of ear shot to make it out. I take a few steps and see bear open fire. I run over and we check the pulse and guy is already dead.
  6. Here's the hound and I being taken captive, will try to get the rest of the video up asap Edit: Part 1 http://youtu.be/lgFrcecUvMo (When we are taken hostage) Part 2 http://youtu.be/f1FWhE4IO74 (When Upload is available) Part 3 http://youtu.be/9gt1CGqKCTU (When available) If you have the entire video, would you upload that instead of piece mailing it as it seems to be edited, but you seem to have the entire video of the encounter.
  7. We were meeting up with our group in Novy Sobor, at which point we thought a group of 3 ( Eduard, Veera, and some guy in a black motorcycle helmet ) Back Helmet calls out “ is that dusty? “ I say I don’t know you as we approach the group. We thought they were our group with an additional person. When we got out the guy in the Helmet approached us ( the other two then ran off to a barn. ) the helmet guy then said " is that you dusty? " I assume he had not heard me as we were at a distance and he must not have heard me over the truck. At which point I replied " I'm not dusty. " We then traded him a V3S non cargo for a cargo V3S he happened to have as we had 4 group members with us. The trade went smoothly and the guy drove off. I then hear, DerpyBear say players in the barn, We went to check it out. At which point we notice a few pieces of gear we want so we surround them. The walk out of the barn, and start talking to Derpy, we then hold them up. We tell them their radios have been removed. 3 of us move the hostages into the green house ( the scene of the situation ) our sniper moves to the red house across from us. We sit them down lock doors and start to talk, removing gear and things that we want to take. All of a sudden ( Eduard ) falls over like he is stroking out. I ask " did one of you shoot this guy? " everyone says " no ". Veera says in ooc// he must have lost connection. We assume he combat logged because of the situation but whatever, we go on about our robbery. We heard a voice outside say “ People with the hostage let the hostage go and you might be allowed to live. “ or something similar. Then our sniper than calls out their position via a radio. He then saw who I assume was “ Panda “ and took the shot as the group as a whole had threatened us granting KoS rights. At which point I started recording a video that I will post for the situation and should require no more explanation from myself.
  8. Uploading Video Now will report back when video of situation is uploaded
  9. Sorry for my Tardiness in responding. This whole thing seems to be a mistake on either side. So if the admins are fine with it, I'm ok with leaving this as an apology made and accepted. Problem solved type of scenario.
  10. Agreed, I would hope the admins here would take out back and forth public apologies into consideration when making a judgment call on the situation.
  11. It's not a problem man, I'm all for someone doing as they please in RP. The fact is it was fun and good RP, some of the best I've had on the server. But the end effect is the annoying part. To be honest if any of you were offended by anything I may or may not have said while playing a character, I apologies to all of you and I'm not defending it. All of you all seemed just a little put off by my reaction to the situation, and I can't blame you. Personally I hope that you guys stay around on the servers.
  12. As has been stated in this post already by French, it's Word V Word and regardless of who said what facts remain facts. If it was bad RP I would have complied without complaint, I think if you held anyone up for any reason it would result in them not taking it in the most respectful of ways. Also when you all stopped me I was rushing to meet up with someone ( which honestly doesn't matter ) and your mics were breaking up ( also a moot point ). I never received any contact within the next hour or two I was in the same town that I spawned in. The actual point here, I accept the apology accidental or not. The only reason even reported this is because I don't want it happening to someone else. When it comes to //Can I harm you? in text, why would the same person I'm talking to use text chat to communicate something? Bate? I don't know or care, the point of this report is prevention. I personally don't want to see anyone banned, but I also don't want to see other people be killed out of stupidity. If you take a hostage, maybe check vitals or ask ( for health status ) before harming them in the future.
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