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  1. Sorry I am only so good at discovering this type of thing on a consistant timeframe. I dont have the resources the staff do to do their job for them. But its typical that when things are discovered that 'stray from the norm' that people circle the wagons and instead being fair and consistant, they change things to counter the balances.
  2. Just overlook the rule breaks...g.g. a deciding factor is eligibility.
  3. Rules are rules and rulebreaks are rule breaks. I am but a humble messanger.
  4. Actually, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, its come to my attention that even the third candidate, Bran, has received a strong verbal warning for a rule break in a report as well.
  5. I was not aware this 'issue' was so detrimental to the development of spectacular roleplay. I mean, Ive been washing my gear in the creek when I could have been roleplaying that one of the many washers sitting haphazardly everywhere in Chernarus could actually work? What a dope am I..... When I was part of the UN Expedition from Iceland we used sat phones all the time. So...its already part of the lore that the countries surviving would likely have access to the technologies.
  6. They are worth it if you always plan to be within 50m of your foes. They are horrible for snipers as grass stops loading in at about 75m. You stick out like a sore thumb after that .
  7. Named as suspect. Posts a POV. Laziness lists entire group as guilty. Its okay, i got your back Administrator Alex.
  8. I am calling for the disqualification of Lyca for Clean sheet of the Year based on the following report verdicts: and Found Guilty, but given a verbal warning. This would disqualify her based on the rules of the nomination " have shown outstanding understanding of the rules ".
  9. Okay, so I watched videos when I got home, and so far, looks like Ark, but worse.
  10. Yeah well, I'll stick with Allstate, Mayhem. Better luck next time.
  11. Im intrigued to say the least. I'll definately look more closely at the game when I get home.
  12. I disagree. Tolkien's work is the grandfather of all fantasy worlds, but Conan is such a specific genre. Its only going to appeal to fans of the work.
  13. One medieval game genre is enough. I dont see that much of a difference to have both Conan and LiF.
  14. Oh good. I was worried. In that case, I will refuse to participate like the radio chatter forum. Thank you.
  15. Right here in the OP. Highlighted in red for your enjoyment.
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