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  1. Couldn't agree any more. Enjoyed the RP everyone
  2. Was recently suggested I add this one to the group. So here it is, sorry it took so long to do.
  3. Such a slow week.. I know, not my best work but eh not every episode can be great sadly enough. Thank you everyone and please keep the feedback coming in. It'll only help me get better.
  4. Yeah I can see it too.. but as to the: Hi my name is... For Eddie that's a nervous tick for him to say "Hey, names Eddie, friends call me Eddie ya can call me Eddie too." And when leaving an area its: "Alright bye, be safe out there" at the top of his lungs. But his weapon stays in hand and he often refuses to turn his back on said person. What I'm trying to get at is being overly friendly can force people to drop their guard. I've done it on public servers and most often folks don't know what to do giving me the upper hand. Just offering a different perspective
  5. I would suspect pvp trolls are few and far between most of us. I don't want to see the fall of hostile RP nor do I wanna see people willing to fight back fall victim either. I know it sounds silly but if you've gotten to 2 out of 3 deaths in a month... lay low. I mean if you IRL know you are being targeted and out numbered its feasible to think you'd lay low stay outta sight and such. Is it cowardly? Yeah but its one thing to stand up to a bully and its another to stand unarmed in a one to five fight and they all have weapons that could or will kill you. Also with the idea that those claiming your death should be required to have some sort of proof. Be it video or the admission of the player would also negate some deaths.. it may be abused but if the person or persons that killed you don't think its worth your characters Perma it could build some kindness between us the players. And that's not to say we lack kindness in this group, but that we are human and as such can become frustrated which can turn to anger.
  6. I don't know if a lore wipe will or will not fix this issue. That being said, characters can still come forward and have a broken mind and the charisma to pull others into a group of zaniness even if it makes no sense. Granted it'll be impossible to come up with something "new" and or "unique" however I think its possible to be the villain without having to resort to your group killing people. I think that the real issue comes down to smaller bad groups tend to get beat down far to fast by both good and bad larger groups thus causing many issues and the eventual dismantle of a group. This can happen to good groups as well. An idea: Find a goal that you yourself knows to be wrong. Then try and find a way to look at said goal as reasonable and or maybe even the correct way. Remember bad guys don't think themselves the villain in their story. Just my thoughts on it.
  7. Thanks mate. Hope the next few episodes contain enough to convey the story I'm trying ta tell.
  8. Yes, use it to build yer character. Start hiding your shit and put out traps or have small stock piles here and there... just some thoughts
  9. Thanks mate I miss yer face too
  10. Sorry it took a little longer than usual.. getting the closed caption done was uh.. fun
  11. Yup, but it always tends to lead to a better story for me.. just gotta put some thought into it. Also for those that either want to or just can't understand me I have added Subtitles just hit the cc for em
  12. A little unknown secret to why EP5 ended the way it did: I actually lost connection to the server and couldn't get back onto it to continue the RP...
  13. Hey, still looking for more voices, if so let me know whatcha looking for through here or PM and I'll see what I can do
  14. I know its been said before but perhaps I can put a fresh spin on it. Perma should be through the players choice alone.. but as humans we all make mistakes and there should be consequences. Reasons for Perma-death: 1. A person chooses to let their character die off 2. If war is agreed on and declared between two parties (proof of kill is needed) 3. If you've chosen to get into conflict and are killed three times within a month otherwise death count resets. (Proof of kill is needed) Just my thought on it.
  15. I have to agree with the removal of these rules mainly because I personally would like to see role play be the #1 cause to stop people from attacking.. IE: Bandits hit GM, bounty get put out on said bandits, bandits get caught/killed {Of course as long as all pvp rules are followed} And if the bounty is marked for death then its a lifetime bounty until permma'd
  16. I wouldn't say RP is dead, I would suggest however that your random encounter RP is going to be sub-par at best. Simply because fear of the unknown person/persons and what might happen. Not that this is bad, it supports realistic RP in these situations... and people offering food tends to move others into a less hostile stance, at least in my personal opinion it does. Group RP will always be better because folks know either one of two things: One they know the person/people they are RP'n with or that there are enough people around that if shit goes sideways the player wont be the only one fighting/dying
  17. Shout out to the player of Frank Eugine, you gave me a good fright mate. Even if the chat was short it was fun. Thanks again
  18. I've been roaming for a while and mostly RP alone... I is loner.. Heh but I understand the OP its tough to find any RP but at the same time it sounds a little like you may need to take a dayzRP break. That said, Eddie offers shit right away simply to keep from being robbed. Its a cowardly thing
  19. Looking good man looking good. Might have been asked but yeah you got some school'n in media or just a lot of time.. either way I for one am envious
  20. Just a thought: Maybe add some thought captions for some of the pics of what your character might be thinking at the time of said pic
  21. Thanks man, and here ya go
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