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  1. Logan sits on the bed looking at what he found *pulls out radio* Hey charlie, Mathias it's Logan hey i found you guys something. Something i know you'll want very much. meet me in the town we parted ways in i'm near the medical building. haha bring something to clean these with by the way haha *sets radio down* Logan reaches into his bag and starts looking at beat and blood stained old photos
  2. Donovan looking in the mirror saying Donovans names over and over again which is Donovan hears john's bitching and picks up Donovan's radio named Donovan. presses the ptt. "Yo Donovan heard you tried to kill Donovan. If Donovan remembers correctly you are the fucking mythical creature bush that Donovan saw" Donovan lets go of the ptt and keeps flexing in front of the mirror and presses the ptt again "Donovan was just trying to promote Donovan's wife Daphne's nail salon but Donovan guesses you couldn't find your female bush friend. Either way it wasn't needed to try to kill Donovan, Donovan knows that you're jealous of Donovan and Donovan's success." Donovan starts spiking his hair with even more gel then that was already in it "Donovan is gonna go and find a new place for Donovan's gym named........Donovan just remember that the names Donovan go fuck yourself" Donovan lets go of the radio named Donovan and picks up his bat named Donovan and continues to Donovan's gym Donovan.
  3. The Past Life John Bradford was a smart man in Highschool, top of his class, wrestling state champion, wanting to prove his worth to the world. When he graduated he followed his fathers footsteps in the police academy where he discovered his love for justice. This love was something he couldn't stop, the thrill of catching criminals, the feeling he would get when he would slap the cuffs around their wrists. He was more in love with the job then even his own family. Which was probably his biggest weakness. The Rise... He would stay up late every night. Justice never rested so why should he? Through his persistence and from the eyes of others his stubborness he rose to the rank of Sgt. Detective. The youngest in the stations history to reach the rank at the age of 21. Now the pressure was truly on his shoulders and he knew he had to show everyone that he deserved this position. His arrest rate was higher than anyone else, his conviction rate made the local news papers and even got him pictures with the mayor and the president. John was truly at the top but sooner or later even the mightiest must fall. And The Fall It was October 12, 11:25 pm Bradford received a call that would make his life come to a stand still. His wife called him asking him to try to make it home reasonably early for once in their marriage when she heard a door being kicked in from their backyard. Bradford rushed home calling for all local units to arrive as soon as possible to save his wife and children. When he arrived the first thing Bradford saw was his wife dead face first on the yard. She had gotten the children to safety but at the price of her own life. She was the real hero in Bradford's eyes while he only saw himself as a monster for choosing a career over his family. That night he held his wife's cold lifeless body in his arms and just let the world slip off his shoulders for the first time. Bradford held his wife's body for hours before he would finally let the coroners take her away from him. He just went inside and sat at the kitchen table for the rest of the night thinking. The change It's been 10 years since his wife's murder and she has not received the justice she deserved. Bradford wasn't sleeping, wasn't eating, only thing he would do is drink. His children would come to see him but in his eyes he didn't deserve to see them. He should have been there he should have protected them. His captain tells him that they are letting him go due to his work performance and cuts to the station. john has lost it all, while cleaning out his desk he finds a note from his wife from a week before her murder. one word on it "London" . Bradford took it as a sign from her and moved to London where he sees an article in the paper about a man looking for a partner at his private detective agency. He meets the man named Langston along with his wife Emma. They talk and he tells them his story and his past experience. John sat in his new home in anticipation holding a bottle of scotch thinking about the past when he hears the phone go off, he got the job.
  4. Donovan picks up his radio named Donovan and presses on the ptt While his brothers in the back beat the shit out of a zombie with their bats named Donovan. ”So Mr. hobo.....names Donovan! Donovan heard you wanted to bring some moonshine over to Donovan’s brothers bar, Douglas. Well Donovan does like the sound of this.” Donovan still holding the ptt yells at his brothers to keep beating the shit outta that infected cause he knew it was talking shit about his designer glasses “so Donovan was saying. Donovan is cool with this idea but one condition. Can Donovan’s brother Douglas slap a label on the moonshine with the name Douglas on it?” Donovan lets go of the ptt and starts flipping off the now dead infected reminding it that the names Donovan
  5. Hey names Donovan go fuck yourself, So let Donovan tell you what everyone should know already. Donovan is the man! Donovan moved to Chernarus to open up Donovan's new gym its the best can you guess what its called? just try.... Its called Donovan. See Donovan knew that if you went to Donovan's gym you would have the best results possible. Then suddenly this outbreak happen and Donovan knew that it was fate when Donovan opened up Donovan. People cant get these gains anywhere else than at Donovan. People are always trying to find new ways to survive but do you want to know what Donovan is trying to do? Find new ways to maximize the gains!! But Donovan had to establish the gains market even more so Donovan asked Donovan what Donovan should do and it was simple Donovan brought his Wife Daphne and Brother Dominic also know as The Dom. Daphne was gonna help the females of chernarus looking good to impress the men at Donovan while The Dom opens up his supplement store called....Dominic. Now at this point you have to be asking Donovan one question, Donovan how are you so awesome? Its simple Donovan is Donovan plain and simple. By the way names Donovan.
  6. @Chewy if I may answer that question. When Stephen and I were being held up he only said that “ this is only business I hope you understand “ but along the way we made it clear that we were with no group and in fact were wanting to come along for helping him get to Vybor. The only thing I could see being the main reason was for gear. As I stated earlier he said as he held us up “I like that backpack you got on “ after he made me kill Stephen he was wearing my backpack and had taken all the stuff inside it while giving me a backpack with just junk. He did give me an axe for protection and some food and drink I will say that in his defense. But it was mainly for gear is what I believe due to losing his previous gear. Just my opinion tho.
  7. The only reason in my opinion (at least in our case) was the fact that Alexander and Logan both know that you shot Stephen in the head. Point blank. How is Logan supposed to roleplay it out when He see Stephen again? Super soldier? Like I stated earlier I’m not completely upset about this event cause it was good rp in my eyes and good character development but I was trying to give you a way to avoid this by just letting you take our stuff and go.
  8. Logan savage pov: I went to a nearby town after just leaving the forest when I heard gunshots and decided to investigate. upon reaching the town I met alexander and shortly after I met Stephen. Alexander said he was on his way to vybor to finish some business he had with the Anarchists he told of his character had a sharp pain in his chest while him and his trading post were beginning to move the base talking about waking up at the beach with none of his stuff and told us he was on his way back there to reclaim it. I decided to travel along so I could see what adventure I could get into and get some rp out of it. along the way Alexander was reading a sign and did say in ooc that signs render in slowly for him (honestly I didn't mind) along our way I noticed alex was unusually quiet so I decided to keep looking ahead with binoculars to see if he had people maybe waiting for us, being cautious like my character is. amongst reaching novy sobor Alexander tells us to get our hands up. he tells Stephen to drop his gun and then says to me " I like that backpack your wearing (hunting backpack) go ahead and drop it" he then tells us to go into the nearby shed and puts a knife on the ground demanding we fight to the death or both of us dies. I try to reason with him saying " you have our guns and backpacks just take the stuff and go" but he replied with "either one of you dies or both of you dies" Stephen being the good man he is sacrifices himself so that Logan can live. as Alexander watches Stephen die. The entire situation itself to me wasn't too bad but its the fact that we were being forced to kill one another or we were both going to die. After Stephen had died Alexander came inside and shot Stephens dead body in the head showing me that if someone were to go unconscious that he was going to die no matter what.
  9. *After catching his breath Logan sits against the wall holding his walkie pressing the PTT* Nathan I finally lost the infected. I'm out of ammo and now low on food. Did you make it out ok? As soon as I saw all the infected rushing us I knew I had to lead them away. Still no rain coat sadly enough haha. *Logan looks around for any signs of the infected chasing him earlier* I need to conserve my energy, so I'm going to stay here for the night I'm in the town where we met I'm in a café behind some apartments. tell the others I said hi and to stay safe, also tell Emilia I'm looking for a better jacket haha *Logan lets go of the PTT and begins fortifying the building for the night*
  10. these damn things took my wife away from me. i cant help but replay those last few moments every time i sleep. the name is logan Savage im a freelance war photo journalist ive never killed someone and have very little experience using weapons. my wife sarah was part of my camera crew. when i got the idea of going to chernarus to do a story on the fall of the ussr i told my wife immediately and we were off within the day. we flew on a helicopter to get to chernarus but right as we were landing the villagers came and started attacking us they grabbed the pilot out and started beating him and killing him it wasnt until i heard her screams that i realized they were attacking sarah. i grabbed a fire extinguisher from the wall mount and started attacking them to defend her. once they let go i took sarah and we ran off into the woods. we ran for miles being chased by the villagers they howled like rabid dogs they didnt sound normal at all. all i could think of was trying to get sarah out of there and somewhere safe. it wasnt long til it happened a villager came from around a tree and bit sarahs right arm. i tried to fend him off but it knocked me out and dragged her off eating her as she cried out to me as i awoke i found the remains of sarah and could do nothing but fill my heart with hatred for these damn things.
  11. *After escaping the compound and stopping the blood coming from his chest Logan grabs the walkie and sits under a tree* (Static) i don’t know if you heard my last transmission (static) I escaped the compound... I just stopped the bleeding ( static) they are still looking for me. Something to do with me being in the Blackwood Milita when joe was alive. * Logan looks around for the torturers* I’m just outside of (static) I’m badly damaged my leg is broken and I can’t move fast without my wound reopening. I’m going to rest here and try to hide, please find me. *voices in the background* shit they are nearby. Please find me Tom I trained you well you can do it. *Logan lets go of the walkie and lays still hoping they will not find him*
  12. *Bleeding heavily from his chest Logan maintains pressure while grabbing a walkie off a dead kidnappers body* ... This.... is Logan Savage I’m broadcasting this to anyone in the area I was taken captive and been held as a prisoner for over two years... I’m bleeding badly and am low on food *Logan starts hearing voices come down from the hall of the compound* I need to keep moving... they are coming .. if you see *static blocks out the name being said* tell him I’m at the building where we first met.... Logan Savage ... out
  13. *hearing the man over the radio Donovan picks up the radio* Nah it’s not enough. All that gear is just the warm up. Also why would Donovan need guns when Donovan has these arms (flexs) ....Names Donovan by the way *sets down radio and keeps flexing while looking in the mirror saying Donovan*
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