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  1. [align=center]Now I understand that Politics and this community do not sometimes mix too well so this is only for those who are comfortable with sharing their leaning/viewpoints.[/align] [align=center]Some famous people you may know:[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Mine:[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align]
  2. o7 yung cloons.
  3. Or at all. Fixed your spelling for you pal. o7
  4. Not removing my Mr. Skele. Then do something, Oliv. Do something because we're throwing ourselves on to the fire out here and you people are just watching and giving us bullshit to read.
  5. Meanwhile at HQ.
  6. How are you not banned yet?
  7. You expect too much, likely in slack thinking of which line to tow. It's ok, some of us can wait.
  8. Try us.
  9. None of this collective shit Oliv. Mamba gets yeeted for nuggets and baby feet and Hollows gets to post a full on baby cock. Regardless of how it looks staff done fucked up during a crucial time once again.
  10. Yeah, tell the fucking peons to stop closing shit when we ain't done posting.
  11. I said it while in staff, I'll say it here. Soft shelled staff are hurting the community, too busy getting offended for others and not having the stones to be a fucking grow up around here. This is the great war of 2017, the conflict of the tendies.
  12. I personally think you should avoid posting before you end up going on break again.
  13. Me and the scientists have been hard at work and I'll be opening my very own IC museum featuring only the finest DayZRPTM SoonTM artwork and collections.
  14. I know who fucking Nirvana is you plebeian.
  15. Yeah man, you're right. Good on Hollows getting dads permission to post content that is otherwise regarded as NSFW, art or not. I'm just waiting.
  16. What did you expect? I got big love for Oliv but this towing the staff line bullshit needs to stop.
  17. Only one problem with what you just said. You said that in jest.
  18. Here you go guys and girls, it's ok according to our fuhrer.
  19. So nothing else no? We get to ride the complacency train all the way in to the dirt?
  20. I know which one I'd rather put in my mouth. It ain't no fucking baby cock. It's always poor timing, he'll have to change it at most. I'm just glad to see nothing changes.
  21. Fire up those ovens, it's Cheese Pizza time. Party Van in no time.
  22. So you get "special" permission to post a genuine baby cock and Mamba eats a ban for a chicken nugget? Fuck. You. If he does come in here it will be to say it's Gucci.
  23. Get your cocks out lads, it's party time. Unban everyone who posted their nuts.
  24. Then where's your ban? People shorter then you have spoken louder. You ain't making no statement, this is the "Rift" all the cunts always talk about within the community. I was Gucci at first to just let it lie and move on and play but this has my piss boiled.
  25. All my mates die for stupid shit yet I hop, skip, and jump on to Hollows' profile to see an album cover that was discontinued due to it's graphic content. Stella.