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  1. cow has ascended, and become ghost. 

    1. Kevin



    2. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      You had the best soundboard and some of the best banter, it's a shame you're such a cunt. You shall be missed o7

    • Dusty
    • Cow

    o7 young cloon

  2. Rest easy

  3. o7 yung cloons.
  4. Or at all. Fixed your spelling for you pal. o7
  5. Not removing my Mr. Skele. Then do something, Oliv. Do something because we're throwing ourselves on to the fire out here and you people are just watching and giving us bullshit to read.
  6. Meanwhile at HQ.
  7. How are you not banned yet?
  8. You expect too much, likely in slack thinking of which line to tow. It's ok, some of us can wait.
  9. Try us.
  10. None of this collective shit Oliv. Mamba gets yeeted for nuggets and baby feet and Hollows gets to post a full on baby cock. Regardless of how it looks staff done fucked up during a crucial time once again.
  11. Yeah, tell the fucking peons to stop closing shit when we ain't done posting.
  12. I said it while in staff, I'll say it here. Soft shelled staff are hurting the community, too busy getting offended for others and not having the stones to be a fucking grow up around here. This is the great war of 2017, the conflict of the tendies.
  13. I personally think you should avoid posting before you end up going on break again.
  14. Me and the scientists have been hard at work and I'll be opening my very own IC museum featuring only the finest DayZRPTM SoonTM artwork and collections.