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"I can't beleive they let me back in."

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  1. Cow

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    This is a nice update. +29 Rolle, very nice.
  2. Hold R after the jam.
  3. Heresy indeed, the current is perfectly fine but QoL improvements are always nice.
  4. Cow

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

  5. Bit of an oddity if you ask me, kinda removes a large amount of possible RP interractions. But what do I know, I don't play.
  6. Cow


    Offical crab thread.
  7. Cow


  8. The how and why of Sammir Al Hayid Haling from a land that has seen a thousand wars and yet to see a thousand more, born in 1979 to a large tribe from the Takistan mountains, one of many sons to bless his father. He grew with the wisdom and ferocity of Allah and the true tradition of the Prophets will. Joining the local malitia at the behest of his father and his sons own eagerness to bring honour to his father where he excelled at small arms and maintaining numerous vehicles used by the jihadis
  9. Shouldn't worry really, Pepe has been a part of internet culture for years. No real issue that "bad thoughts people" post/use such imagery. Thread is pure Pepega though.
  10. Cow

    Long queues

    I want to say it's a shit idea but at the same time I think it could work thus I'd like to see it tested in the future if the option becomes available. But back to topic, a lot of people have friends and groups that primarilly make use of either S1 or S2 so it makes sense that they're willing to suffer the long queue times in order to play.
  11. Cow

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    I like to play civilians with a personality more akin to my own.
  12. Cow

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    Bring back the 2016 whitelist process thank you. Made the whole shebang of joining the community feel all the more involving to me during my time of joining.
  13. Cow

    Well done dayzRP community

    Welcome to the community, it's refreshing to see this view from new members.
  14. Cow

    Metagaming rule trial

    Good luck, people will gobble that up OOC’ly and their guard will go up wether they “heard” it or not, no matter what is attempted here it won’t work. Would be nice though, I’d like to see this kind of thing work but there are too many variables within the community for it to function in the manner it was intended.
  15. Cow

    The Time.

    I've enjoyed playing with this group so far, making it easy to bring myself back in to the community. 9/10 group, would RP again.
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