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  1. I agree with Voodoo, there is way to many people grabbing things and stashing them. We have tents in our base, for 'sleeping' quarters that people may store food or bandages or other personal items but not many, and basically only have a base to call home, grow food and RP while we're there to avoid being suddenly ambushed by either infected, wolves or hostile people. Lord knows we don't hide inside and go no where, we're out and about all the time as well. There are those times when you want to go someplace you can call your own, especially if your logging out for the evening and that's simply what we're doing, always found it kind of awkward to go find a tree and log out, but then again I'm a stickler and I like to do the whole 'set up camp after finding a good place to sleep but how can you really sleep in a tree or the middle of no where in safety. A place to relax and sit back and just RP. People have to stop treating their builds like fortresses and hide away items to simply keep others from having them or in case they 'may' have a need for them. However, as long as people hoard things away we'll always see people raiding to get the goods.
  2. I know for us we get raided all the time as well. It's not a big deal, and in fact, as we see no real reason to lock the place up anymore my friends and I are looking into just leaving our gate a gate and unlocked. What we keep in our base we'd give away anyway, if we don't want to be rebuilding all the time they why should we lock the place? It's small, in an out of the way place, and has nothing of importance there such as a well, any kind of military loot or other loot that people may want to get their hands on. We keep anything of value on us that we want to keep and even those are basically RP items such as journals, a specific weapon that goes with our character, other items needed for RP like cigarettes or what not. It's not worth the time to have to be constantly rebuilding and never finding the time to go out and look for RP. Also, cars are not as limited as some people think. I've found car after car (new ones not abandoned ones) in major cities. They're all over the place and very easy to find.
  3. So my friends and I have been discussing our base and after a situation the previous evening some options were discussed but we'd like to clear up what would be considered griefing of our base? First off, we build out in the open, we don't build in warehouses or around things of value such as water pumps or military bases and picked an out of the way location. Our base last night was broken into through the walls which is fine, but when the person who was relating it back to us told us multiple walls had been taken down, we asked ourselves if that would be considered griefing. See the screenshots attached. Screenshot 1: Shows one entire wall and the upper portion of another wall, frame still intact on the southern section Screenshot two shows a lower section of wall removed but frame still intact on the western wall. Screenshot Three is another full wall removed from the eastern wall and our car with some tires destroyed. This all happened in a 12 hour period and we're not sure the purpose behind it, as we're not sure anything was even taken and we don't know why someone would come along and just rip apart walls. We discussed our options and several other questions came up. As we don't keep much in the base, if we were to just leave the gate open when we're not online if we were to return and find more walls destroyed, even with a very clear and accessible entrance would it be considered griefing? Would any vehicle we had inside, if it were outright destroyed even with free access to come and go, would that be considered griefing (As you can see in picture 3, tires on the car were very obviously destroyed)? It seems the ONLY reason someone came in was to destroy stuff and make some things unusable for us and we currently have absolutely no hostilities or made contact with anyone hostile to warrant this. So what kind of options do we have?
  4. I think part of the issue is all the time people put in to building and now may have to spend that time once again to rebuild. I don't know about others but I'd prefer to spend my time looking for RP then having to rebuild...again. Using hours/days to bring a new base up to what we had. Part of the solution and getting people willing to move over might be offering a little assistance? Maybe increasing materials for a bit on S2 or something to allow people to not use up what time they have on server, as some people are limited.
  5. I'm a little confused as I keep hearing two different times people are quoting that it takes to break into a base. Some say 27 hours, others say 2.7. The first is unreasonable, the second is more realistic, but not to short. It gives the higher risk that those in the base may 'wake up' or come back and discover the attempted forced entry, but we've never actually had an incident of someone breaking in, they usually go over, then break out and it takes very little time to deconstruct vs. destroying. I know many of the people whom I hang out with have consistently been raided night after night...no biggy really as most people take what they need and keep the damage minor, we've only had one incident of serious griefing. We've usually figured out how folks are getting in and we've tried to improve on our base design over time. We haven't gotten to the point of building within buildings but I do understand why some do. Frankly, the whole raiding of bases when no one is there kind of leaves me a little annoyed as it gives no opportunity to RP for what in truth, for us anyways, turns out to be very little that could have easily been traded for if contact was made and a great chance to RP with new people. I at times don't feel robbed for stuff (it's all easy to replace) but robbed of the interaction chance. Some better rules in regards to how bases are handled for those offline would be nice but I don't see how people would know this so understand why it isn't something currently in place. I'd like to see more ways to set up base defences. There's very little in way of protecting your base, probably why some build in areas that can't be destroyed like inside buildings. Barbed wire although in game doesn't work and primarily is used to little. Smaller entrances other then gates where only a person can go through would also be a welcome addition.
  6. *she looks down from the high perch of the tallest guard tower down at the people milling around, some pausing to talk, others to eat, each doing something to occupy the time. Her notebook in lap, pen in hand her gaze pauses on each for a moment then down to her page as she begins to write* I think they’re relaxing a bit? Too many of them still speak as if their words are going to be the last they ever say, but I’m seeing more smiles. I never went into to many details of those here before, so I think I should note them now. I’ll start at the beginning. Mattis. He was the first one I met when I arrived here. Well not so much as met as he appeared out of nowhere to save my sorry butt. I’d drawn the attention of a lot of the infected and had been trying to escape them. They had been following to close, though, when I’d tried to give them the slip by going through that door. When I’d tried to close it they were immediately on it, trying to force their way in. I couldn’t close the door. I was beginning to think my luck had run out when another something hit the door beside me and added it’s weight. It had been Mattis. Once the door had been closed he grabbed my arm and led me up the stairs and across some roofs to safety. He didn’t say much, he never does, and frankly I think he was irritated at the whole thing. Not so much at me as maybe the situation or himself? I dunno for sure. It’s been nice to see him talking a bit more. I stuck with him to learn from him and in truth, I felt I owed him. Then there was Scott, I heard shots and as I was checking it out after I heard someone talking on the radio, needing some help. Scott was inside a house, his ammo low. I cleared out the infected around the place and lent him a hand, he gets along with Mattis really well. I’ve noticed they speak a lot to each other. There’s also Dr. Ian...I can’t for the life of me remember his last name. He knows his stuff well. He’s very easy to talk to, that beside approach I guess. If a Doc can’t inspire an immediate trust in people I don’t know who could better. Along came Guy, we ran across him and as I’ve gotten to know him he’s pretty funny, but he’s also very good at what he does. He does seem overly fond of Chips and Teddy bears...and I think he’s from a military background? There’s Holzman (not sure how to spell his last name, his first name is harder to say so I’m not even sure if I heard it right...Abbon? Amadon?) I don’t ask him because I try to avoid him. I always feel like whatever I do around him is wrong and he keeps trying to point it out to the others. *she pauses a moment as she looks again at the others milling around below, eyes pausing on those she hasn’t mentioned before turning back to her writing* I can’t forget Derek. He’s done so much for everyone, puts in maximum effort to help people. Very much a salesman, but not pushy. He’s always full of good ideas and helps coordinate big projects. He wears a maroon beret. It just looks red to me but I defer to him on this one, the shade is very subtle. Harvey, not sure what to make of him...he’s kind of secretive, but in these days and times who aren’t. Not going to question how he is much, but folks seem to be paying a lot of attention to what he’s doing. Of course there’s Lucky...always complaining about food, so he was put on cooking duty from time to time. He’s funny and ready to joke at times, don’t know much more about him but he seems OK? Nile..think that’s how his name is spelled. I feel so bad, I scared the living daylights out of him when we first met him. I was standing on the side of the road and called out a high to him as he was coming down the road. I swear he jumped three feet. I’m glad he’s sticking around, he’s interesting to talk to. Arthur...don’t know where he is right now...he’s comes and goes...acts weird sometimes, like yelling at another guy to take a pair of shoes he was offering him. Arthur was very insistent the man take them, he wouldn’t refuse the guy turning them down. Simon, he’s the soft spoken type. Doesn’t raise his voice, heck he doesn’t need to. Seems pretty easy going and laid back, he’s not around much, so not sure what he does or how he got here. Phoebe, she was introduced to us by Derek, she seems pretty cool. A medic I think she is? It’s nice not being the only female anymore. I hope she plans on staying. Finally Vandal...he’s new. He was helping Dr. Ian get to where we moved. We couldn’t stay at the gas station anymore, people kept coming by and threatening us. Don’t know why. *she pauses again in her writing as she looks out around their new home before continuing* There are others who came from time to time. I hope we can find them again, let them know where we are. We left notes, and if they can figure it out they’ll know how to get a hold of us. I look forward to seeing them again. *a deep male voice raised and calling her name interrupts her train of thought, she looks down again to see Mattis standing below and again calling, looking for her* Gotta go, we’re off to get some supplies and fresh water.
  7. So here are my ideas on the whole ease of access that seems to be going on resulting in a lot of disquiet and discontent with our current system: 1) Forum accounts are needed to do the white list. Introduce a mandatory wait period before they can complete the white list, such as 72 hours. This stops 'spur of the moment' applications, and if the person is serious they will spend the time reading rules, lore and coming up with their character. 2) Add a team of a few individuals whose only job is to review the applications from start to finish, this would include reviewing apps, contacting the applicants if needed, all the details involved in the application process. 3) Only accept a limited amount of applications a day, saves on that teams work load and again, if people are made to wait, it shows a legitimate serious interest in playing here. 4) Revamp the white list, multiple choice is fine if used sparingly, text answers the same. Minimum required characters on any application shows a persons ability to understand and follow direction. Text answers can be reply's to scenario's they are given on how they would respond to given situations. 5) 3 Tries and that's it. Again, if someone really wants to join the server and has failed twice, they'll seek help, go to staff, ask questions and get themselves informed. It very much shows those who want to be here. Overall the quality of RP has become a real issue. If there is any RP at all. I would love to see changes made to the current system to help fix the issue, but as we're talking of returning to old systems, I would like to add as a final suggestion a restoration of the Mentor Program or something similar. New players can benefit greatly from seasoned and experienced players. They just need to know whom they can go to. I know many will not agree with some of the suggestions I've posted above, but they are only suggestions and I would love to see more added to provide options.
  8. So found this today......had a laugh...what a base!!



  9. *a woman slowly climbs a watchtower that overlooks an empty field, glancing over her shoulder to see if anyone is watching, then carefully crosses a makeshift bridge that leads to the roof of the nearby building, a grocery store. She pauses a moment, glancing once more towards that front of the store as loud and rowdy voices call back and forth. A frown appears as she listens to the merriment but is soon replaced by a wistful and sad expression. She turns back and looks out over the field, as her shoulders fall with the soft sigh she lets out, she slips the canvas bag from her shoulders and sits down, placing the bag nearby, her back to the sounds of the others. She sits down upon the roof and gazes out at the field, absently reaching for the bag nearby and unties the string holding it closed. Once opened she rummages around for a few moments then removes a small notebook and pen, setting the bag aside once more leaving both objects in her lap as she gazes out and gathers her thoughts. Finally she hunches her shoulders, opens the notebook and puts pen in hand and begins to write.* Well our trip was cut short. There was a plan to travel to a lot of places, see who we could talk to. I had been looking for the chance to get out and meet other people. When I take a step outside the base I have Holzman immediately demanding where I am going. I don’t understand him. He barks at me about not going anywhere alone, but in turn will speak of going off on his own. He mentions things that confuse me, such as knowing an area almost as if he expected I shouldn’t. How many times does one have to travel a place, and how long must one study a map before it’s considered acceptable to ‘know’ the way. I am quite capable of going alone if I wanted to, but why should I if there’s someone free to watch my back? I haven’t survived as long as I have without learning how to be invisible, to use caution, be silent, be quick, and never go in blindly. Hell these are all lessons I learned a long time ago when dealing with my parents as they drank themselves to sleep every night. Then there’s the sense I keep getting that to be in a positive mood is a bad thing. To be carefree, to enjoy the small things, to bask in others company and make them smile is wrong. Everyone, at times, speaks as if their words are the last they’re ever going to say. I remember a movie, Batman: The Dark Knight, I think it was, and a joker....think it was Heath Ledger...but the line sticks in my head…’why so serious…?'. I know at times I can be quite silly, be a ‘Piece of Work’ as Scott has called me. How do I stop being me? I’m just happy to not be alone anymore. To know I’ve seen another day, maybe get a little closer to finding the one thing I keep going on for. My grandmother said it was out there, but as she firmly reminded me, not the way you see it in movies. She had it with my Grandfather, until he passed. She always said you had to work to keep it alive. To appreciate the little things. That’s all I do really. Appreciate the little things. Look past the negative and concentrate and find the positive things. Even that is getting hard for me to do anymore. I mentioned to Dr. Ian my desire to find others, talk to them, see if I can find someplace better...or simply go back to being on my own. I have to do something because lately I find myself seeking some small corner to sit quietly...to go unnoticed...to be that little girl again who slept in the closet hidden away while my parents raged and argued in their drunken states. *the writing woman straightens up, rolling her shoulders to ease the tension there and pauses to stare out again at the field, the sounds coming from behind having diminished and quiet now letting the songs of the birds nearby flow around her. She looks back down at what she’s written, then writes something else* I’m a strong person in truth...but what always puts me on the verge of tears is when I give my best but still feel useless… *she pauses for a moment then closes the notebook with pen trapped inside and buries it back into her canvas bag, securing the opening then just holds it in her lap. She continues to sit as she wraps her arms around it, hugging it to her as she continues to watch the open field with sad eyes, sitting alone on the roof of the store as the light continues to fade into darkness*
  10. The problem with having a specific currency is that it's not all that plausible. It's a survival world and what has value is what is in need. Keeping it to trading for what is needed provides a lot of RP. The last few days my fiends and I have met numerous people simply by having items someone has need for, and in return we often ask for what we may need. This way as well there's no hoarding of the 'currency' and making it rare for anyone to find. Gotta take RP for the opportunities it gives you. So no from me for a set currency and definite no for any kind of AI trader.
  11. I can't offer much to this, I Play Megan Harris. We'd been hanging out in Pavilovo on Server 2 waiting on our friend. Soon realised he was on Server 1 so we disconnected and went over there, I went to get a drink and I hadn't entered the que when the others did. When it all happened I still hadn't logged in yet.
  12. Megan was a Canadian girl exploring Europe before settling in to a new job in real estate when the disaster hit. She had joined a group of people for awhile, trying to survive, when their camp was over run by men with guns and many brutally murdered. Only dumb luck had awoken her in the night and as she'd been walking back to the camp, she's heard the screaming and gunfire. From afar she watched the world turn against each other, and kept herself reclusive and distant. Hiding away and always watching her back. She's wandered for a long time, and will continue to wander until her luck runs out.
  13. I've noticed myself that the problems seem to build over time with the stuttering and frame drops. I'll start the game fine, play with no issues but I'll notice after a couple of hours that the problem seems to increase over time. The server will restart and when I come back in after shutting down my game and restarting it, it'll be back to smooth playing. I can only suggest that if the situation starts to get really bad, try logging out and exiting your game completely then restarting fresh, seems to work for me.
  14. I've been a long time sufferer of MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and during that long time it went untreated. Through talking to my Doctor and confiding in her she immediately knew what had to be done and started me on a cocktail of drugs that took from a very dark place to seeing things differently, and more importantly giving me someone to talk to and slowly realising that the whole thing wasn't 'just me'. That there was a real physical problem and a real solution. When I joined this community I was still taking the medication, but I made friends here and without even trying created a long term support group of people whom I call, to this day, my dearest of friends. I gradually found that I was needing the medication less and less and after years of taking it and about a year after joining this community and making the friends I did, I was no longer in need of it. I've been off the medication for about 2 years now. Sure I have to keep an eye on how I may be 'thinking' of things, but the biggest issue when your suffering from depression is that feeling you have of being alone, wondering what is wrong with you, and coming back to the same thought that the world might be better off without you. The RP is a good way to take your mind off of those thoughts, but the friends you make are the biggest value with any community even beyond RP. I know I am grateful for my friends and our friendships at times may get distant but we always keep in touch and soon are close again. We help each other and support each other. That's the real benefit of being here. The friends you make.
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