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  1. >Be a diamond player

    >Never play

  2. I thought about this earlier and I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but here it goes, basically there could be an Item Shop for official groups where leader(s) can buy clothing items for all group members. Items would be removed when a member leaves the group or the group closes. I've been in groups before where certain uniforms or clothing was required and we'd have to find them again after dying which can get annoying. Thoughts?
  3. I feel I need to comment on that. So instead of initiating on us appropriately as per the rules you mow us down because you were scared to get killed? We also weren't heavily armed as I recall we had pretty basic gear, maybe an AKM and SKS. I also don't see the reasoning behind you mentioning the mines because there were none. If we would have been killed by mines that would have been fair game but you gunned us down instead.
  4. Ray Whitfield POV: Myself and @Gaden found a base near Myshkino military Camp and began breaking into it primarily looking for food due to both of us running low, after getting inside we heard people outside, after talking with one of the individuals for a few moments he pulled a rifle out and killed both of us without saying anything. @Kordruga-kun We stated we broke into your house to get food which we were both actually looking for due to our characters being hungry at which point @Gaden invited you to grab whatever you wanted and we would leave due to food not being in the house. I don't think the fact we were present in your house to look for food is a valid reason to kill two other players. Your life wasn't at frisk from us grabbing items from your property. Even if you did have kill rights for the sake of argument, pulling out a rifle and mowing both of us down as we're compliant and clearly non-hostile towards you doesn't make a lot of sense in my opinion.
  5. Laroche


    Duplicate of: (Please delete)
  6. Once an accomplished scientist living in the upper-class neighborhoods of Los Angeles and now a wanted fugitive Ray V. Whitfield is a 44-year-old white male native from Los Angeles, California currently surviving in South Zagoria. In 1999 following his graduation from UCLA with a Ph.D. in Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics Ray joined the ranks of Metabiota, an American biotechnology firm that engages in assessing and investigating infectious disease threats, disease detection, and threat characterization. It is also often speculated that the firm also engages in bio-weapon programs funded by the Pentagon. Ray climbed through the ranks of the firm over the course of several years however much to his dismay he didn't participate in any project he deemed significant. In 2016 Ray illegally accessed a firm's computer and transferred documents related to the Ebola virus to a personal stick drive in a attempt to later spark an outbreak by himself and leaking the documents for terrorist organisations to see, he was however tipped off by another rogue colleague that the breach had been noticed and law enforcement was looking for him. Ray immediately fled the country and eventually landed in Russia. During the course of Summer 2017 Ray learned about the outbreak happening in South Zagoria, he immediately traveled to the country with intents to weaponize the outbreak virus.
  7. The video clearly shows me standing still and only taking cover after taking fire. I also didnt really talk shit, was just pointing out facts but I suppose that depends on your perspective.
  8. None of us had access to such an agreement nor did we sign one. He absolutely did not metagame and you need to stop claiming as such and doing things in-game out of OOC spite. CrearBin and myself were made aware that the group was an SVR operation literally 5 minutes after meeting Sylva the first time in-game because he spilled the beans. We also have additional evidence that have been provided to admins where slip ups happened. This is why the radio thread is still up and was not removed when you attempted to report it. Anyway, this is kinda going off topic here. I'll stop replying unless asked by an admin or other pertinent information comes up.
  9. I sure do, and this is only what I managed to get my hands on because there was way more than that.
  10. I would like to add BadRP to the report: Clearly, this was done out of OOC spite towards my friend @crearbin which Norway claims he metagamed information that pretty much destroyed his group Pamyati. This was handled by admins a while ago and deemed that it was in fact not metagamed but Norway still holds a grudge OOCly towards @crearbin . This can be confirmed by him typing in OOC saying "Its metagamed" and "I was the leader of the group". When he learned who I was (A former Pamyati member who left due to disagreement towards the quality of their RP) and that I knew @crearbin's location he immediately gathered a large group to capture us. Norway claims that he intended to gather information by capturing us but the fact that he killed me whilst I was surrendering and then proceeded to execute @Gaden because he said he should shoot him to me proves what the true intent was here. Norway's group did make threats on their discord in the past that they would find us in game and KOS us or interrogate us for 6 hours straight.
  11. I would like to draw attention to/clarify some information. As seen in the video, we stopped nearly immediately after the person who initiated was done speaking so the whole "it took them 8 seconds to comply" is simply false. In addition to that, I myself only took cover after taking fire which is obviously a normal reaction, despite being shot at I attempted to comply regardless to avoid getting killed. As you can see I never opened fire or made any threatening moves towards the group and according to @Gaden he never opened fire towards the group either. In my opinion, the fact that they are claiming we didn't immediately put our weapons away was a good enough reason to kill us is ruleplay. I myself didn't hear the "put your weapons down" part due to talking at the same time as seen in the video. The fact that we stopped and turned around without opening fire or being threatening is a good indicator that we were willing to comply with the group's demands.
  12. Server and location: S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): South of Tisy Summer Camp, 2019-04-07, 03:15 Your in game name: Jacob Nguyen Names of allies involved: @Gaden - Brian Cahn Name of suspect/s: Vitaliy Makarovich and his group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://streamable.com/xosi5 Detailed description of the events: I went to Tisy Summer camp along with my friend to speak with The Doctors once there we met Vitaliy Makarovich where he began telling us how upset he was regarding Yaropolk leaking information regarding Pamyati being lead by the Russian SVR, he then began to say in chat that it was metagamed despite the matter being clarified by admins that it was not. After Vitaliy Makarovich left myself and Brian Cahn began asking the doctors for a neutral party to escort us to another location, a few minutes later we see several members of Vitaliy Makarovich's group approaching the gate (about 5 to 10 of them) and they demanded the gate to be opened so myself, Brian and several other individuals fled the scene from the rear. We ran away for some time hoping to lose the potentially hostile members in the woods but they ordered us to stop with a megaphone, which we did. We stopped and turned around and they began opening fire, myself and Brian took cover behind trees and I told him on IC chat to put his hands up. I then put my hands up and move from behind cover to show my intents were non-hostile and I was killed.
  13. Currently at a CDL school to become a trucker, previously I was a Food Delivery Driver, cook and security guard.
  14. Edit: I would like this report to be archived, handled it via PMs and no longer an issue.
  15. Server and location: S1, Stary Yar (near the well) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 17:30 to 19:05 Server Time Your in game name: Jacob Nguyen Names of allies involved: @crearbin Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We left our compound to gather some building materials and came back approximately 1 hour later to find most of the walls destroyed. Unsure if it was a bug with persistence but a few walls were left untouched which indicate griefing might have happened. The location like I stated earlier is Stary Yar at the compound with a well. I can provide screenshots of the remaining walls if necessary.
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