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  1. Bosco.

    Bank Robber Style Aiming

    @JackGreen2 & @shadow watcher
  2. I was not directly involved so I have no POV to add as everything above appears to be accurate as far as I can tell. I believe I was added because I assisted in the building process.
  3. In that case considering you only took a few items and didn't do extensive damage I am willing to accept your apology and drop the report, It seems you also had IC reasoning and the damage done is proportionate which seems to be acceptable by the rules. Thank you for your time and fast response.
  4. @Zanaan He didn't take anything from our base or dump items on the ground as far as I could see, however, I would like to draw attention to the fact he logged off at 01:11 and that we posted the forum report at 01:16 only 5 minutes later. It appears we caught him red handed and he disconnected from the server, not sure if that falls under the combat logging rule or not.
  5. Ah yeah I think we ran into you a couple times earlier up north. ?
  6. Server and location: S1, Vicinity of Tisy (Will give accurate location to admin via PM) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-06 between 00:15 and 01:15 Your in game name: Jacob Nguyen Names of allies involved: Yaropolk Yusupov ( @crearbin ) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Screenshots will be posted by @crearbin Detailed description of the events: We left our camp to meet some people and came back 30 minutes later with a destroyed fence.
  7. *Jacob speaks on a open frequency with his handheld radio, he has an American accent." "I am looking to trade one or more M4s - or any other items I might have in exchange of one or more metal wires. I am able to reach your location in a timely manner as well."
  8. It doesn't matter what your name in the DayZ menu is and you don't have to kill your character to change your name. Make sure you type "Tony Hinton" in the profile name box and tick it. That's located in the DayZ launcher under All parameters. Also you need to launch via the DayZ launcher and not directly start the game.
  9. *Jacob replies.* "I appreciate the offer, however I need to reach Novodmitrovsk which is quite the hike. I'm not usually in the southern parts of the region but my car was recently stolen and I'm now stranded."
  10. *Jacob transmits over a few open frequencies with his handheld radio, he speaks with an American accent.* "I am looking for a car ride. I'm currently in the vicinity of Balota airfield and I need to go north. I have a few items for trade in exchange."
  11. *Jacob overhears the conversation on his handheld radio, he presses the push to talk key and transmits over the frequency. Jacob has an American accent.* "Hey there. I'm looking for some pliers and metal wires. If you have or find these I'd be willing to trade."
  12. @w1ked We understand that real life comes first and sometimes someone needs to log off to do other things. Originally we planned on simply sending you a private message either on the forums or on Discord to tell you to be more careful in the future since you can be reported and banned for that, however, after searching your name we found that this is not your first time combat logging. That and the fact you simply logged off without asking permission is why we are reporting you.
  13. Jacob Nguyen POV: I was with @crearbin at our camp in the vicinity of Tisy when we began hearing a constant stream of gunfire near us. We spent some time gearing up for a possible hostile encounter and then departed to meet the individual. We spent a considerable amount of time carefully approaching him and performing reconnaissance of the area and made contact when we deemed it appropriate. Our intentions were to ask him what he was doing in this area but upon initiating he immediately typed in chat that he had to log off and disconnected from the server.
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