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  1. Buglet

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I will help Rolle however he needs it. I know mods well!
  2. Buglet

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    To be honest I think ArmA 3: Exile will beat DayZ SA in every way possible. You can mod the medical system, working radio mods for survivors to contact each other on, combat mechanics are infinitely better with the different stances, more weapons (and weapons mods), can customize clothes, less bugs, better frames... Why isn't exile up already?
  3. I love reading, and I'm guessing a lot of people here do too, so I was wondering if anyone here can suggest some good apocalyptic novels or short stories? My favourites are The Road by McCarthy, Heart of Darkness by Conrad, and (to an extent, not really apocalyptic) House of Leaves by Danielewski! I recommend all of the, in a heartbeat.
  4. I am totally up for this. Maybe it's just because I have a TrackIR which makes first person mode in many games not only more fun, but easier! But first person, for a lot of people, is way more immersive. To have a first person only server would be fantastic for those of us who really want to role play. Role playing on third person servers just makes me constantly feel like I'm having some kind of spiritual out of body experience...
  5. Silencers/suppressors would be really fun and would encourage stealthy gameplay a lot more, but can you imagine if everyone was running around with a potato on the end of their gun? How can a bandit expect to be taken seriously with a nickname like 'spud-shot'???
  6. Buglet

    Why protect her?

    Really nice story! Loved it. I agree with the moral too, hunger does make people change. Reminds me a little of The Road.
  7. Just read it, and I think I'll need some new pants. This is a great example of a horror story that really gets under your skin. You know something isn't right and the reveal just makes you squirm!
  8. Funny, that place seems to be the only town I ever spawn in... Ever. But I love that town. Standing on top of that tower you can see really far.
  9. I tend to listen to anything that MrSuicideSheeep uploads. He has great taste!
  10. I saw a thread like this years and years ago on the official mod forums and I loved it! If you have an urban legend that you've heard around, or perhaps one you tell your friends around the campfire, why not post it here? Green mountain tends to be the source of most horror stories, at least in my experience. I'd love to hear some!
  11. I've had some bad experiences in Balota. Every time I go there I can't stop thinking about how scary that hill to the north is. I wonder if I'll see a flash next time I look... It'll probably be the last flash I see!
  12. Wherever you live, we all find love in England! <3
  13. I'd really love some survival critical vehicles in DayZ. I've always imagined that if an apocalypse hit I'd set about building myself a go-kart or buggy because they're actually pretty cheap and great for getting around, especially when there's bodies and that on the road. Trucks are always good too, but I never feel like I'm 'surviving' when I can fix up a monster of a vehicle with 8 or so parts. I really hope vehicles are made special.
  14. Hey Guys! My name is Harry, but you can call me Buglet. I'm 17 and I love in England. I have always been interested in writing, acting, and role playing in games, as well as many many different survival games. I decided to apply to DayZ RP because it seemed like the only plausible option considering how much I would enjoy the community. I plan on bringing a lot to the lore side of this community. My love for writing means I'm always eager to submit some kind of short story that people will enjoy reading, so if you're in that section of the forums, you might end up seeing my name pop up a bit. I plan on joining an acting college in September with the ambition to become a professional actor when I'm older. I look forwards to playing with you all! Harry (Buglet)
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