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  1. guitars around a camp fire would be awesome plus what better way to take out zombies than with an old acoustic. give a concert in Cherno
  2. I'm just happy to have found a place where there is good solid RP. It also sounds good that they are cleaning up some of the older apps right now
  3. I cant wait to get into this communities servers and enjoy some good role play. Though I have a question concerning the reviewing process of my application. Is it possible that I just keep fluctuating up and down in the numbers but never making any real progress towards being reviewed if so is there any thing set up that gives people who have been waiting a long time an edge over others who have not been waiting as long or is it strictly related to donation, activity, and quality of application? Note that I am not complaining just curious.
  4. Blazenguns1997

    [IMPORTANT] Character Deleted after restart?

    Awesome thanks for the tip this could have been the death of my character
  5. Blazenguns1997

    DayZRP Trailer Contest

    I wish i had the talent to make a trailer I guess I just have fun watching whatever awesome thing comes out of this good luck to you guys